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Renault extending the Clio Gordini lineup

Just a few weeks after extending the Wind Roadster lineup to include a temptingly budget-friendly 1.2-litre version, the growing Gordini range now takes in two extra Clios, which have a starting price of £14,000. The Gordini lineup has been proven to be an immense hit, as demonstrated by the performance of the Clio Gordini which comprises 27 per cent of overall European sales of Clio Renaultsport and more than 10 per cent in the United Kingdom.

The latest variants of the iconic Gordini badge let buyers in the UK get the feel and look of the 200hp flagship Gordini, but with lower emission, fuel consumption, and running costs. They will debut in three-door form with the diesel 1.5 dCi 106 and petrol 1.6 VVT 128.

Putting a little extra appeal and power to the bestselling model range of Renault, the petrol model embraces the rev-loving engine from the former GT, itself slightly detuned from the Twingo Renaultsport 133.

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2011 Renault Clio Gordini: official details, photos, specs and price

Renault is adding the Clio Gordini to its lineup. While there has already been a Gordini-badged version with the same name that has come out previously, this is different. The old one was a 200hp hot hatch while this new model is more practical and is based on the Clio GT. The Gordini uses the same body and engine options while it adds a few more white stripes.

Consumers can choose between petrol (1.6 16V 128 hp, Euro5, 155g of CO2/km) or diesel (1.5 dCi 105 hp, Euro5, 110g of CO2/km) powertrains. According to Renault, the Gordini range has been very successful. About 36% of the sales for Clio RS were from France.

This model wore the double stripes down the body. Clio Gordini can be viewed at French dealerships that have joined Renault’s Portes Ouvertes operation, which is set for Sept. 15-19, 2011. Order books have been opened in the Hexagon.

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2011 Renault Wind Gordini gets cheaper in the UK! Priced from £12,995!

Renault’s Wind Roadster has brought in a new Gordini flagship as well as shaved off up to £2,215 from its cost as Britain experiences another hot summer. Perfectly scheduled to coincide with open-air summer driving and the forthcoming launch of the two new Gordini versions, the company has also reduced the list price of Dynamique and GT Line versions of its coupé-roadster, turning the entry-level variant to just £12,995 now.

With its ingenious roof that rotates closed in just 12 seconds, the chic two-seater is more than able to cope with weather changes.

Being the third Gordini to join the line in the guise of Wind Roadster, it welcomes the trademark Malta Blue metallic paint with the twin white Gordini stripes and the usual Gordini badges on the side pillars.

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Renault will display Wind Gordini at 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Renault is expanding the coupé-roadster range with a variant that features the best equipment available on the two-seater. Watch out for this exclusive model at the Geneva Motor Show that opens on March 1. It seems that after the successful launch of the Twingo and Clio Gordini models, Renault now wants the Wind Roadster to get the “French touch.”

Bearing the Gordini colors, the coupé-roadster truly is a driver’s car. Its look is enhanced with a set of 17-inch black diamond alloy wheels and it features Malta blue bodywork with trademark twin white stripes, Glacier white door mirrors, grille trim and rear wing, and a gloss black roof.

Completing the Gordini look is a badge marked with a “G”. A lot of work was put into interior design. The cabin of the Wind Roadster Gordini has special “Gordini” black and blue leather upholstery, blue and white door straps and a blue leather steering wheel with the signature white stripes on the centreband.

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Finally, Renault revealed today the brand new Twingo Gordini R.S., a brand new vehicle that marks the revival of the legendary Gordini brand from the French manufacturer. As you can see from the photos, the new vehicle features a Malte Blue lacquered metallic finish, plus two white racing stripes, keeping with tradition.

Also, the front and rear bumpers by black details, in contrast with the foglamps surroundings, exterior mirror housings and the lip spoiler, all in white finish. The kit is completed by a choice of either blue or black diamond effect 17-inch aluminium alloy wheels.

Inside we have Renault sport buckets which deliver extra lateral support and have a black quilted Gordinig badge, blue leather door panel inserts, blue and black leather steeringwheel with two white stripes to indicate the centre point, blue gearlever bellows and Gordini-badged gearlever knob, blue rev-counter with white surround, trimmed dashboard cowl with visible stitching.

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After Renault was reported to have shelved its plans to revive the iconic Alpine brand for a new stand alone sports car, comments from a senior executive caused hopes to be raised with the hint that the Gordini name will instead be brought back.

Gordini was an independent carmaker started by Amedee Gordini which was responsible for tuning a number of Renault models in the 50s and 60s.

It was reported that Renault will be coming out with some sporty new models beginning next year with the presentation of a Gordini brand in-house tuner.

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Last week we spoke about the intentions of Renault to revive one of its most popular sporting badges: the Gordini. Now it seems that everything is ready! The carmaker aims to provide a competition to the top selling MINI which has been enjoying great success with the Cooper and Cooper S versions.

The Gordini, which sits just below the Renaultsport performance range, will create a new lineup of hot hatches which will provide customers broader opportunities for individualizing their vehicle. The revived brand will come with a wide-range of paint finishes, body stripes and a combination of alloy rims.

It's a strategy that worked well for MINI (and Fiat with its Abarth lineup) and which Renault wish to take advantage of. First in line will be Twingo Gordini which is set to be introduced next year. Close behind will be hot variants of the Clio together with the Megane Coupe which comes with the well-known Gordini blue paint scheme with striking white stripes contrasted by black alloy rims.

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Renault has introduced the Clio Gordini RS at the Geneva Motor Show, extending its range further. Essentially, the hatch is a Renault Clio RS.

Powering the car is the same 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine, which produces 203 hp and 215 Nm. Customers can opt to have the engine mounted on a Sport chassis or on an optional extreme Cup one.

The Clio Gordini boasts a distinct personality; it has a Malte Blue color that features two heritage white stripes. Gloss black highlights are featured on the car's front bumper and rear diffuser. Its exterior mirrors and F1-inspired front ornament are dressed in white to create a contrasting image.

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Order books for Renault's Clio Gordini RS, which will start selling in June, are now open. The Clio Gordini RS is priced at EUR26,400 in France. Basically, this vehicle is a Renault Sport model similar to its smaller sibling, the Twingo. Expect for the Clio Gordini RS to have the same features as the top-ranging kit from the mainstream Clio range.

It even boasts of having features exclusive to the Gordini range. The body color is Malte Blue and there are white stripes with a "G" motif, as well as white and gloss black details like the front bumper center section and rear diffuser.

The Clio Gordini RS, which is produced at the Alpine-Renault factory in Dieppe, Normandy, is fitted with all the features developed by Renault Sport Technologies for the Clio RS.

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To go on sale at dealerships in the United Kingdom this April is the new Renault Twingo Gordini Renaultsport. With a price of £14,500, this Twingo model actually costs £,2100 more than the standard car. Only 200 of these cars will be sold in the UK.

The new Renault Twingo Gordini Renaultsport, which is based on a standard Twingo Renaultsport 133 Cup, received several styling modifications that include metallic blue or black paintwork, two white racing stripes, gloss black front and rear bumper sections, and a white finish on the fog lamp surrounds, exterior door mirror housings and rear tailgate spoiler.

Moreover, the new Renault Twingo Gordini Renaultsport comes with 17-inch alloys, with their inner rim finished in blue or black. At either side, we can see a Gordini Series badging that is reminiscent of the 1960s at the Gordini Cup in France, when the qualifying heats of the different race meetings were known as "series.

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To give its lineup more of a premium edge, Renault has officially announced that it is bringing back the iconic Gordini badge. The revived brand will mean that Renault can go up against the likes of the Mini Cooper and Abarth 500 by offering extensive personalization of its hot hatches. This doesn´t mean that sharper versions of the Twingo, Clio and Megane will follow.

Renault’s new Gordini range will still be mechanically identical. The modifications include new wheels, colors and interior options for a premium over the Renaultsport cars.

The first to be given this treatment is the Renault Twingo Gordini RS, which is based on the Renaultsport Twingo 133, due to be unveiled on November 25 on the Champs Elysees. This move is said to be included in Renault's masterplan to shake up the respected Renaultsport brand.

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