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Gumpert Apollo is a super sports car like no other!

With 650 hp, a top speed of 360 km per hour, and acceleration capability from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in only 3 seconds, it is easy to see why the Gumpert Apollo is any sports car driver’s dream. It manages to combine track racing with the practical side of everyday driving in one vehicle and as soon as you know what it’s capable of, you’ll realize that it comes at a reasonable price.

Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur prides itself on its ethos of precision and exclusivity. Encompassing the word ‘manufacturer’ within its name, it is clear to see the company has a passion and drive when it comes to manufacturing of its vehicles.

It has developed a reputation of skilled craftsmanship and hand-produced products. Managing Director and Founder Roland Gumpert has inspired his employees to combine engineering excellence with racing prowess. Gumpert is an established name in the motorsports environment.

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Gumpert recovers from insolvency as it receives new orders for Apollo supercar

The recovery has been slow for Gumpert, the German automaker, after having filed last August for a provisional insolvency. Gumpert was able to resume production while it was under the insolvency administration. But then, the number of orders it has received is increasing. The insolvency proceedings began right as scheduled, on Oct. 16, 2012.

It sold its first new car just a few days after. According to insolvency administrator Mr. Görge Scheid, he is confident that with the many orders in process, its operations will be able to continue sustainably and permanently. Notably, the first negotiations with investors have taken place. Even with the slump in the car industry, there’s still a high demand for the sports car Apollo.

This proves that the market still has a place for an independent sports car manufacturer. The apollo has an advantage over small series producers, which are facing insolvency like Melkus and Artega, since it features the highest level of self-contained technical developments. Germany has a small and elite fan base for the super sports car.

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2012 Geneva Motor Show: Gumpert Apollo R is a purebred race car

Gumpert, the well-known German supercar manufacturer, unveiled two new vehicles at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show: the Apollo R and the Apollo Enraged. In this article we’ll focus on the Gumpert Apollo R, the so-called purebred race car. According to the manufacturer, the Apollo R is powered by a 4.2-liter V8 engine delivering an impressive 860 hp thanks to a higher supercharging pressure, ignition and control time adjustments, optimisation of the intake air ducts and a special racing exhaust system.

Still, the manufacturer says that the maximum performance can be obtained with the use of racing fuel with correspondingly high octane levels. Moreover, the car features enhanced engine and transmission cooling system due to the fact that it will also be deployed in Asia and it will face higher temperatures. Furthermore, the chassis was extended with a titanium blade stabiliser on the rear axle.

The Apollo R has a weight of only 1,100 kg, with an empty tank. Regarding its design, the car features a black-red-gold foil dress, while the driver and passenger doors are each graced by a griffin, a cross between an eagle and lion and therefore the lord of the air as well as the earth.

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2011 Geneva Motor Show: Gumpert Tornante by Touring redefines the supercar term

The Gumpert Tornante by Touring is the product of the collaboration between supercar maker Gumpert and Italian coach builders Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. The vehicle is powered by a 700-PS biturbo V8 engine that enables it to reach a top speed that exceeds 300 km/h (186 mph). Its V8 was tuned even further for a Fast Touring model.

Its engine weighs just 196 kg (432 lbs) and is paired with a six-speed TT40e semi-automatic gear box that may be controlled with paddle shifters. This two-seater is fitted with aluminum or forged 19-inch wheels up front, and 20-inch wheels in back, all center locking, and covered in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

In Gumpert’s press release, the company claimed that "an alternative powered Tornante" will be presented next year. The car was designed by Touring Superleggera and constructed by Gumpert. It was created out of a need for more interior space. It features 200 liters (7 cubic feet) of cargo space, which is restricted by the space needed for the crash box. Even so, its space is still 16% less than what’s offered by the Ferrari 458 Italia.

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Gumpert has released a teaser image for the Tornante by Touring Superleggera model that will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Fans surely know the Gumpert Apollo to be one of the most powerful hypercars in the world so any new release is bound to generate some excitement. This image was intended to give the impression that the car is being seen in a dream. It is believed that the Tornante by Touring doesn’t offer as high a performance as the Gumpert Apollo.

However, the car is still expected to offer a high level of “go-fastness” but in a more relaxed manner, combining this with a GT attitude. Italian design house Touring Superleggera signed the design.

2011 Geneva Motor Show will be the setting for another exceptional world premiere. Specifically, TOURING SUPERLEGGERA will be revealing its latest design concept -- the GUMPERT TORNANTE. This static style model was planned and engineered in order to complement the V8-powered driveline and its new central engine chassis.

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At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, German supercar maker Gumpert will debut the Tornante beside the existing Apollo Sport hypercar. The Gumpert Tornante, a two-seater touring superleggera, is based on a new central engine chassis and V8-powered driveline. Gumpert said that the new hypercar will open a “new class of automobiles born for the extremely dynamic and fast voyage, the Fast Tourers.”

The full details are not yet available but reportedly, the Gumpert Tornante features the original Superleggera construction principle: composite body panels on a space frame with carbon fiber monocoque.

Gumpert has set new benchmarks for driving dynamics of street legal cars with the apollo but Gumpert has requested the Milanese designer to include space, elegance and comfort to their typical sheer performance attitude. Gumpert claims that the product boasts a combination of “very Italian sporty elegance and German high-end engineering.”

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