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Hamann unleashes meaner BMW M2 package

A BMW M2 gets a meaner look, thanks to Hamman Motorsport’s outrageous “personality package”. The German auto tuner recently unveiled the complete set-up, which initially came as a teaser. It seems the guys at Hamman know the perfect time to unwrap the whole thing and saved the best part for all of us. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at Hamman Motorsport’s tuning program made exclusively for the BMW M2.

To begin, the highly anticipated aero kit includes a front spoiler that extends throughout the entire width of the car. Carbon fibre inserts can be installed along the base of the bumper or just below the grille. This is truly impressive as it does make the mesh grille more unique.

The M2 clad in white and blue combination is just one of the best works that came from the tuning specialist. Hamman Motorsport has been known to deliver more than just auto tuning. For over thirty years, the company has been notoriously developing and personalising vehicles at their best.

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BMW X6 (F16) gets upgraded by German tuner Hamann

Looking for a place to tune your BMW X6? Well, why not try Hamann, a German tuner known for specializing in offering tuning kits for vehicles made by BMW. Hamann does not only offer to turn a typical BMW into a monstrous one in terms of performance and dynamics, the company also offers to install well-designed body parts – truly turning a BMW vehicle into a performance machine inside and out.

As for the BMW X6, this piece of machine is already a hardcore unit. Thus turning the X6 into a meaner machine could be quite a challenge as it may look too cheesy in the end. For now, Hamann fitted some of its wheels into the BMW X6, and just that alone changed its look.

The wheel-set alone managed to make a difference in terms of looks. Even in standard colors -- EVO Black Line with silver lips, the Anniversary EVO line in silver and the Evo Hyper Black – the Hamann wheel-fitted BMW X6 now bears quite a different look.

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Hamann offers meaner BMW X6 with new set of wheels

The BMW X6 has a polarizing design. In fact, some people say that the new X6 has an ugly design while some praise the vehicle for its new looks. Whatever the debate is all about, it boils to one thing: people have different preferences. Well, if a customer really likes the BMW X6 except for its looks, he or she could always approach any of the thriving tuning companies.

For a more specific tuning, there is a tuning company specializing in BMW vehicles – German tuning firm Hamann. In fact, the company managed to offer a battalion of options and kits for the old E71 X6. For the new version of the X6 – the F16 – Hamann is surely not letting this tuning opportunity pass by.

For starters, Hamann fitted its own wheels into the BMW X6. They were not just factory-based 19-inch wheels, but 23-inch rims in various designs. They look very good on the BMW X6, especially the multi-spoke Edition Race rims in dark finish.

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Hamann is offering kit for BMW 3-Series Touring (F31)

German tuner Hamann surely knows what products to offer. Typically, Hamann would have been seen offering kits for BMW’s more expensive models, and the company still does. What may come as a shock to many is that Hamann is also looking to offer kits to less expensive and also less known BMW products like the F31 3 Series Touring.

The kit, while decent looking, definitely changes the vehicle’s appearance not only on the front but also on the rear. It may be surprising to see Hamann offer such a kit on such a model, but the fact is that not all people are driving sedans, and quite a number of drivers are into wagons.

In terms of practicality, wagons, touring and estates definitely have the edge against sedans, but may not be the sole reason why some people love Touring models. For these wagon-lovers, these vehicles look much better than the other types.

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Hamann revealed the first photos with its tuning program for the BMW M4 Coupe and Cabrio (F82/F83). As you can see from the photos, the programme includes a new carbon fiber front lip spoiler, a brand new hood, redesigned side sills, a fixed rear wing as well as a rear lip spoiler for the rear bumper.

In addition, new alloy wheels are available which can be easily distinguished thanks to the multi-spoke design.

There are no details regarding any engine improvements, which means we will find the same 3.0-liter high-revving six-cylinder in-line engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology that generates 431 hp and 550 Nm (406 lb-ft) of torque.

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Not impressed by the looks of your brand new 2014 BMW X5 (F15)? Then you probably need to take a look at the new wide body kit unveiled by Hamann, the well-known tuning company.

As you can see from the photos, the BMW X5 gets a completely new look thanks to the new body kit consisting of a front bumper with integrated LED daytime running leds, side sills, front fenders, enlarged front and rear wheel arches, a rear roof spoiler and a redesigned rear bumper with integrated exhaust system and air diffuser.

The design is completed by the new multi-spoke wheels offered in any colour you want to. There are no details regarding any engine upgrades, which means you will have to stick with the 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel engine offered on the X5 M50d that comes with three-stage turbocharging and common rail direct injection.

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HAMANN Motorsport has introduced its latest modification package for the Lamborghini Aventador, which is popularly regarded as one of the most powerful sports cars ever made. German firm Hamann made use of its own body concept. It also tweaked the performance of the car. The HAMANN NERVUDO is all about individuality. The front spoiler has ducts built from carbon fibre, allowing it to suck fresh air.

The two-piece front spoiler is built using ultra-light, high-strength motorsport material. This spoiler gives more downforce to the front wheels, resulting in an intensified grip. It has optimized aerodynamics, courtesy of its new side skirts. As a result, the airflow on the underbody is stabilized. Furthermore, the inlet apertures made from carbon give cooling airflow to the 12-cylinder unit, which gets as much air as it requires from the air inlet covers on the engine compartment.

HAMANN used glass panels, giving us a view of the powerhouse inside. But panels made from visible carbon are also available for those who don’t want this seen. Numerous improvements were done to the rear. It got a new rear spoiler. The rear diffuser was also replaced with something built from carbon fiber. Even the adjustable rear spoiler is built from this material. As a result, its aerodynamic is improved.

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Hamann is well-known for its tuning kits developed for cars such as the Bmw X6 or the X5, but it appears that the German tuner now focused its attention to smaller models. As a result, it revealed today its customization programme for the Bmw X3 (F25). The first visual impact with the car, shows the impressive 22-inch Anniversary EVO wheels, but for those who want 21-inch wheels are also available.

Both versions are wrapped in high-performance Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R tyres in 265/30 ZR 21 size. These tyres can break the 300 km/h (186 mph) barrier. As expected, Hamann also offers some ECU upgrades for the petrol engines (X3 xDrive 20i, 28i and 35i).

For example, the 3.0-liter petrol engine found on the X3 xDrive 35i now produces an impressive 348 hp (266 kW) instead of the standard 306 hp (225 kW), and the maximum torque jumps from 400 to 449 Nm.

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The standard BMW 6-Series Gran Coupé is one of the most sophisticated luxury cars ever made. It features noble lines as well as fascinating proportions which make it recognizable as one of the appealing cars in BMW’s production lines. The designers at HAMANN-Motorsport gave this model a more glamorous look with adequate individuality as well as sportiness.

For over 25 years of customizing luxury cars, the Laupheim specialists in Germany managed to put up one comprehensive customization package with their expertise in shapes and figures. This package includes the car’s stylish overall aerodynamic profile, striking set of alloy wheels and a sports exhaust with contorted sounds.

HAMANN’s efficiency in clever customization is evident in this Gran Coupé’s aerodynamic components. Its front design also highlights the design language the brand is known for and adds a dose of athleticism. Its front grille also features two LED daylights which are integrated, as well as an improved front bumper and a carbon bonnet which is lighter than ever.

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Hamann unveiled today the Mclaren Mp4-12C “memoR”, an exquisitely colourful piece of art based on the well-known supercar. Although the McLaren Mp4-12C is already an awesome supercar, Hamann decided that it can improve the design and added stylistic borrowings from the 1995 winner at LeMans, the McLaren.

As a result, the front end was modified and received new carbon mudguards, air outlets and expressive front apron replacing the original components. Moreover, Hamann added a new set of LED daytime running lights as well as a new carbon front spoiler. The kit also includes new side aprons and larger air inlets on the flanks but also a new carbon bonnet.

The rear end includes a new wing, new rear apron with recesses for the three tailpipes of the exhaust system. The design is completed by the "UNIQUE FORGED formula" forged rims wrapped in high performance tires. Regarding the interior, Hamann promises that it will modify it in order to match the needs of the customers. Pricing for the conversion of the McLaren MP4-12C starts at 95.000, - Euro plus tax.

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HAMANN Motorsport’s latest project is based on the Range Rover Evoque. This aerodynamics package comes with improvements to this engine performance as the result of cutting-edge technology and excellent craftsmanship. The enlarged wheel arches get stunning XXL rims. It also offers an exclusive set of interior features.

HAMANN made sure that the Range Rover attracts attention whether it’s on or off the road. HAMANN has displayed what its dynamic front construction does. The HAMANN SUV is more masculine due to its side wing extensions.

When supplemented by the side sill set, these make the series body wider by 70 millimeters at the front axle and 80 millimeters at the rear axle. It is equipped with the HAMANN central rear panel rounds and offers some space for the resounding double-pipe stainless-steel muffler. Besides excellent sound, the renowned specialist places particular value on a rich performance increase.

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Hamann unveiled today its tuning program for the all-new 2012 Bmw M5 and as expected, the new car is more powerful, more attractive and has an interior that can be customized as the customer wants. The first visual impact with the car shows a new body kit consisting of a new front bumper with integrated daytime running LEDs, new side sills, a rear roof spoiler, a rear trunk spoiler and a new rear bumper with integrated air inlets. Moreover, the wings of the car were extended by 25 mm on the front and by 30 mm on the rear.

The design of the car is completed by the new 21-inch Hamann Unique Forged II wheels, wrapped in high performance Continental Sport Contact 5P tyres. In addition, the car’s centre of gravity has been lowered by 30 millimetres thanks to the new special chassis springs. The 4.4-liter twin turbo V8 engine has also been upgraded using a high-performance sports muffler, as well as a new engine-management system.

As a result, the total output delivered by the engine is 720 hp and 800 Nm of torque. For those who don’t know, the standard M5 delivers 560 hp and 680 Nm of torque. The interior of the car has also been customized and now features the finest leather as well as a new set of aluminium pedals.

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Hamann Motorsport has decided to make a customization package for the Roadster version of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Dubbed the Hamann Hawk Roadster, this vehicle gets a powerful engine, a unique body design, and a matte-red lacquer finish. It boasts a stunning look as well as a sound that’s soothing to the ears.

It comes with aerodynamic parts that reduce the upthrust, stainless-steel exhaust systems with a sporty sound, remarkable 21-inch light-metal rims and deluxe interior revisions to enhance the individuality of this series vehicle. The stock SLS already offers an outstanding engine output but Hamann has added power reserves to this V8 engine.

Its engine also has been given a high-performance exhaust system made of stainless steel. With the help of a sports air filter, this system generates an earthy and strong sound from its 6.2 litre aggregate. Its parts were subjected to precise adjustments with the aid of a new engine characteristic map for motor electronics.

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Although the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show will open its doors next week, Hamann decided that it can’t keep the surprise anymore and showed us a preview of its customization program for the 2012 Bmw 6-Series Cabrio. As you can see from the photos, the car comes with a new front spoiler with integrated daytime running lights, new side sills, a new rear trunk spoiler as well as a new rear bumper with new air inlets and integrated air diffuser.

The design is completed by the new 21-inch Anniversary Evo wheels but also by the new exhaust system. Still, Haman also offers the Edition Race Anonized wheels, showing matte black anodised spokes and titanium bolts.

Regarding the engine of the vehicle, this will be boosted to an impressive 510 hp. Of course, we are talking about the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine (650i) that delivers 300 kW/407 hp and an impressive 600 Nm of torque in the standard form.

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Tuning group Hamann got a hold of the newly designed 2012 BMW 650i convertible and gave it several tweaks to make it sportier. The drop-top is offered in two different designs. The “Anodized” race edition design features a set of 21-inch alloy wheels, a high-gloss and chrome-plated rim flange with offset black spokes and titanium screws, and 20-inch matte black wheels.

Those who prefer something more subtle would probably go for the “Anniversay Evo” design, which features wheels in silver or matte black in 20-inch or 21-inch size.

To boost its sporty look, Hamann gave the model some aluminum pedals and a footrest to replace the black rubber factory ones. This lends an appearance that’s more high-performance and it also gives a better grip. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and it has an output of 400hp and 450 pound-feet of torque.

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HAMANN-Motorsport has created an estate car version of the new BMW 5 Series. The Touring has been given an aerodynamics package, which includes a range of designs, a sports exhaust system, light-alloy wheels and interior modifications. The HAMANN makeover is offered for several versions for the 5 Series Touring.

The first features a front spoiler lip for the stock Touring. It gets the M-technology package and a front skirt that HAMANN developed with four integrated LED daytime running lights and larger air inlets.

It also features sporty side skirts and a diffuser-rear skirt with inserts for the four-tailpipe exhaust system. The downthrust is boosted with the presence of spoilers at the rear and at the roof. The 5 Series Touring is made more impressive with a set of 21-inch light-alloy wheels dubbed as the "ANODIZED" EDITION RACE DESIGN.

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Hamann has always been known for its slogan of “Nothing is impossible.” This was proven when Hamann revealed the extensive parts programme it used for the Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Based in Laupheim, the company has been around since 1986, developing products aimed at improving sporty automobiles. Technicians of the company used the knowledge gained from the numerous successful motor sports races and it is this competence that they use which becomes the foundation for the Hamann refining programme.

The different results include having a firm sports brake system, aerodynamic parts that help lower the uplifting forces, and powerful performance improvements. Extending the product range even further are the exquisite interior modifications that include carbon and aluminum as well as the light XXL alloy rims. With its new design, the Hamann Guardian is now an attention grabber that gives on-road and off-road driving pleasures.

Highlighting the quality of its aerodynamics kit are the perfect surfaces and the custom-made production. The front part is now more dynamic with the main feature being the front apron that has been extended farther and that houses the large air inlets. While the full beam headlights and the fog light already come with LED technology, the addition of the integrated daylight running lights, which also use LED, boost the passive safety of the vehicle.

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With just two days ahead of the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Hamann revealed the Hawk, an extreme version of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The first visual impact with the SLS AMG Hawk shows us an exciting car body design coloured in Everose Gold.

Also, the car features a new body kit consisting of a new front apron with larger air inlets and daytime running LEDs, a new carbon fiber bonnet, enlarged front and rear fenders (60mm on each front side and 70mm on each rear side), a new rear apron with integrated exhaust system with four enormous end pipes each measuring 90 mm in diameter and an impressive rear wing made of checkered flag carbon.

The design is completed by the 21-inch wheels wrapped in high-performance tires. Moreover, the car also received a coilover kit which can lower it by up to 30 millimetres. Inside, the car features the most delicate leather and ultra-suede, applications and embroideries.

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German tuner Hamann is offering a tuning package for the Lamborghini Gallardo that’s dubbed the Victory II. The tuner put fender flares that contain vents and outlets that blatantly disregard the placement and aesthetic of the factory vents. Around the car’s lower flanks, Hamann placed new rocker panels, a more aggressive front spoiler, and a revised rear diffuser.

Hamann added a roof vent that pulls air from the front of the roof and moves it to the rear of the roof, similar to what Lamborghini meant with a stock, ventless Gallardo.

A pedestal-mounted rear wing was placed at the rear of the car, creating additional downforce. The Victory II features the typical Lambo-style scissor doors. Hamaan was able to fit a scissor door with an outward swinging hinge. As a result, it takes a significant amount of space but is expected to draw a lot of attention.

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HAMANN-Motorsport is previewing at the 80th Geneva Motor Show the Hamann TYCOON EVO M, a masculine reinterpretation of the BMW X6 M. It is powered by an enhanced version of the X6 M’s serial engine that has been made more powerful in terms of output and torque as well as sound, thanks to a stainless steel high performance exhaust system with metal catalyzers. Hamann employed a newly programmed map for the serial motronic, thereby lifting the speed limit from 250 km/h to 300 km/h.

These tweaks allowed the Hamann TYCOON EVO M to offer up to 670 hp (493 kW) of output available at 6,000 rpm (plus 115 hp) and up to 780 Nm of torque available at between 1,500 and 5,650 rpm (plus 100 Nm). These figures allow Hamann TYCOON EVO M to sprint from zero to 100kph in just 4.2 seconds. This potential is well conveyed by its striking shape and the stunning exterior design of the Hamann TYCOON EVO M.

For instance, the Hamann TYCOON EVO M features front and the rear wing extensions -- made from light composite materials – that expands the body by around 20 mm. Moreover, the sides of the vehicle are fitted with newly designed side skirts while the front end is marked by an apron with four LED daytime running lights. Ventilation for the engine of the Hamann TYCOON EVO M comes courtesy of enlarged air inlets in the front and on the carbon bonnet.

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