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2019 Honda Insight boasts hybrid engine that returns 55mpg (city driving)

The all new 2019 Honda Insight is finally here, recently after the prototype made its debut at the Detroit show. Honda’s new hybrid is finally going to be seen in the sheet metal. The Insight is scheduled for an official showing at the 2018 New York Auto Show. Honda’s newest entry into its growing fleet of electrified vehicles is also one of its most advanced.

Just like the rest of the Honda’s range, the Insight gets design elements from other models. This includes the “flying wing” grille, the low profile LED taillights and headlights, and the coupe-like roofline. As for pricing, the Insight will be positioned between the smaller Civic and the larger Accord.

What keeps this running is an efficient two motor hybrid powertrain, similar to the one in the Accord Hybrid. There is a 1.5 liter gasoline engine paired to an electric motor and a lithium ion battery pack that delivers 151 horsepower (112 kilowatts) and 197 pound feet (267 Newton metres) or torque. This also features three driving modes namely Normal, Econ, and Sport. The new Insight also has the ability to return up to 55 miles per gallon in the city.

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2019 Honda Insight Prototype will be introduced at the Detroit Auto Show

Honda disclosed that it will officially debut the 2019 Insight Prototype during the upcoming 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. While the brand’s range of electric-powered vehicle continues to grow, this will be the first time customers get to see Honda’s latest model.

It can be recalled that it was in the same show last year that Honda revealed its Electrification Initiative. It was also during this time that the brand revealed that by 2030, two-thirds of its vehicle sales worldwide will be composed of electrified vehicles. This is not limited to battery electric models but it also includes fuel cell, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid versions.

The Insight boasts high fuel efficiency, combined with a refined driving performance along with a sleek sedan design and a cabin that offers space for five passengers. Furthermore, it clearly positions itself higher compared to other standard compact hybrid models.

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Honda is reviving the Insight nameplate for 2019 model year as a five-passenger sedan

Try and try until you succeed. After not achieving the expected success with the first and second generation of the Honda Insight hybrid, the Japanese carmaker will once again try to resurrect the nameplate associated with its hybrid technology. But before the third generation of the hybrid vehicle is released for the 2019 model year, a prototype version is getting unveiled early next year at Detroit.

The Japan-based company will be unveiling the new Honda Insight Prototype to the global public on January 15 at the 2018 North American International Auto Show (Detroit Auto Show). According to Honda, the prototype version will be the forerunner to the all-new 2019 Honda Insight. Essentially the prototype provides a glimpse into the final production version of the next-gen Honda Insight, although it is expected that there will be a number of differences between the two models.

When launched, the 2019 model will be latest of the three generations of the Honda Insight, although all of these iterations are different cars. Nonetheless, all of them are hybrid vehicles; with the first two Insight generations employing Honda's hybrid car technology, Integrated Motor Assist (IMA). Honda introduced the first generation of the Honda Insight in 1999 for the 2000 model year. This is the first Honda model to employ the IMA system and is the first hybrid vehicle in the United States. It was one of the most efficient gasoline-powered vehicles – as certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – a distinction made possible by its hybrid system, its lightweight aluminum structure and its optimized aerodynamics.

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Dropping Insight is part of Honda’s revamped US sales strategy

Honda Motor Co.’s decision to scrap the Insight hybrid in the United States is part of a revised strategy to expand its lineup of fuel-saving cars and light trucks in the country, the Japanese carmaker said. In a statement, Honda said its efforts will be "focused on further advancing fuel-efficient and alternative-fuel vehicle technologies that are better aligned with customer needs and that strengthen the company's U.S. sales momentum."

Insight production will end this summer, said Honda, which intends to focus on a new lineup of so-called Earth Dreams technology engines, transmissions and electromotive technologies over the next three to four years. Its hybrid product strategy in the US, meanwhile, will focus more on expanded uses of the two-motor hybrid system.

"No manufacturer has more experience with electromotive technologies than Honda and we are committed to applying our expertise to a wide range of products in the coming years," Mike Accavitti, senior vice president of auto operations at American Honda, said in the statement.

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Honda Motor Co. will terminate output production of the Insight model due to slumping demand and continued lag against the Toyota Prius. Honda informed its dealers in November 2013 that the current generation of the Insight will be discontinued this month, asking them to halt taking orders, according to Yuka Abe, a spokeswoman for the Japanese carmaker.

The Insight was the first hybrid vehicle in the United States when Honda rolled it out in 1999 -- seven months earlier than the Prius. The Toyota Prius, however, rode on a good sales momentum and eventually became the best-selling hybrid car of all time, with cumulative sales of 3.19 million vehicles as of January 2014. 

In comparison, Honda has only sold 280,629 Insights globally as of the end of 2013, of which 157,275 were delivered in Japan. Honda saw sales of the Insight drop 18 percent to 4,802 in 2013, making it the second-worst selling car in the Honda brand lineup.

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Because of the weakening demand, Honda will terminate sales of its Insight and CR-Z gasoline-electric hybrids in Europe. The carmaker is selling off its remaining European stocks of the Insight and CR-Z, a spokesperson told Automotive News Europe.  The cars are listed in France and the United Kingdom but are not in Germany, Spain and Italy, according to a check of Honda's Web sites in Europe's top markets.

The pullout means that the hybrid version of the Jazz will be the only Honda model to offer the alternative powertrain, but the Japanese carmaker has said that no decision has been made on whether it would sell in Europe the Jazz hybrid that will be rolled out in 2015.

Honda has sold around 125,000 hybrids in Europe, but recent sales have been performing badly. Honda logged a 62-percent drop in sale sales of the Insight to 1,242 Insights in 2013, a 66-percent plunge in sales of the CR-Z to just 695 units, according to figures from market researcher JATO Dynamics. According to Honda, it sold around 4,500 Jazz hybrids in Europe in 2013 from 7,500 in 2012.

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There have been several tweaks done on the 2012 Honda Insight, including a redesigned set of 15-inch wheels and a new lower front fascia. The hybrid hatchback can’t be considered to be an all-new design as it was launched recently in 2009. The 2012 Insight has a starting price of $19,120, more expensive than a 2011 model by $150.

It has an improved fuel economy rating of 41/44 mpg city/highway, a 1 mpg improvement in the city and on the highway compared to the 2011 model. Honda said that this is due to modifications done on the engine and CVT that reduces friction. The 2012 model, similar to the 2012 Honda Fit, offers better noise insulation. Honda believes that the car’s aerodynamic efficiency is improved by 2% due to its modified front and rear bumper fascias.

The 2012 Honda Insight base model has a price tag of $19,120, $150 pricier than Honda’s new-for-2011 base model. Similar to other 2012 Insights, it gets a 0.6-inch increase in rear seat headroom. Improvements are seen on the appearance of the instrument cluster as well as its rear visibility due to a slimmer rear wiper motor housing and a thinner rear spoiler.

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Honda is currently preparing to present the 2012 Honda Insight at the Frankfurt Auto Show. So far, only one image of the facelifted Insight had been released. Honda claims that it has accomplished visual as well as technical improvements.

Honda aimed to raise both the appeal and the efficiency of the vehicle but while it has yet to announce the complete details, we know that its CO2 emissions level has fallen from 105 to 96 grams per km.

The exterior revisions include a redesigned front fascia, which also boasts of enhanced aerodynamics. Honda said that better materials will be used on its interior. It has also been equipped with a climate control system that is made more efficient by using a better thermal isolation.

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Honda dealers can now resume orders for the Fit and Insight as the carmaker is working quickly to fill the U.S. inventory that was disrupted as a result of the Japan disaster.

John Mendel, the executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co., said that Honda has “turned the corner” from the effects of the earthquake on its output. Mendel also urged dealers to become “aggressive” in advertising and selling its products.

In a memo sent to Honda’s retailers, Mendel said that by the end of summer, Honda's manufacturing operations in Japan are expected to reach nearly normal levels.

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Sales of the second-generation Honda Insight hybrid-electric vehicle surged as it benefited from the rising gas prices, boosted advertising and the spring-car-buying season. In the past two years, its sales were steady but low. Ward’s data reveal that in March 2011, its sales increased by 62.2%, compared to 2,782 units in March 2010.

This is actually the highest monthly jump for the latest Insight since March 2010, when deliveries climbed 179.2% compared with March 2009, which is when a new model was launched. Last month, the Insight’s sales were higher than the 52.0% increase for the Toyota Prius.

However, the Prius hybrid got the bulk of the sales, with 42,779 units sold in the first quarter of 2011 compared to 6,058 units for the Insight.

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Honda’s base Insight hybrid model for 2011 has a starting price of $18,950 (including destination charges), standing for a $4,610 pricing advantage over the base Toyota Prius. The 2011 hybrid model is priced $1,600 lower compared to the current Insight LX, which previously served as the base model. Honda is hoping that this radical price adjustment would enable it to gain ground with the Prius.

Demand for the Insight this year has been flat. It had sales of 17,789 year-to-date, compared with sales of 17,530 units for the same period in 2009. Meanwhile, sales of the Prius have fallen slightly to 115,065 year-to-date from 118,290 during the same period in 2009.

Honda’s decision to cut the price of the Insight meant that sacrifices were made. Some features from the LX model, such as standard navigation system and Bluetooth connectivity, were removed. Honda also used less expensive seat fabric and a stereo system that only has two speakers.

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The fact that the Honda Insight is one of the lowest-priced hybrid vehicles on the market makes a lot of potential customers put it on their list when considering the purchase of a new car.

But after Honda tweaked its stop-start system, its British arm has been emphasizing another very significant characteristic: its improved fuel efficiency.

The modifications enable the engine to be switched off for up to three times longer. The system’s old version has a software management system that features worst-case scenario default settings for rain, vehicle loads and other weather conditions.

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The production version of the Insight hybrid that Honda introduced at last week's Detroit Auto Show is specifically intended for markets of North America. However, Honda has also released lately the details and specifications for the European version of the Insight showing that fuel consumption is an impressive 53.4mpg (4.4-liters/100km) for the combined cycle compared to its American sibling of only 40mpg in the city and 43mpg outside city limits.

Europe will be a significant market for the Insight hybrid that's why Honda developed the vehicle as a five-door hatchback, the configuration that is popular in that region.

Besides being more aerodynamic, the hatch design is highly competitive to other European eco-cars and Honda expects to sell more of them in Europe.

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The reason why most hybrid cars are not aesthetically attractive is because the focus of their design is fuel-efficiency and low emission. However, one tuning firm is keen in changing this conventional hybrid image with a package of accessories that aims at improving external presentation to the level of striking.

Mugen has currently in development a set of accessories for the 2010 Honda Insight that does just these. The Mugen parts, besides eliminating lift, also boosts appearance and comes with new front grill design, a large rear spoiler, and ventilated visors.

Changes were not restricted to appearance only but extended to handling as well, with sports suspension that includes sports-tuned springs and dampers which are able to lower ride height by 20mm maximum.

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The Toyota Prius, the best-selling hybrid in America, will face a potential rival with the return of the Honda Insight hybrid for the 2010 model year. The aim of Honda is to offer the Insight with a price tag under $20,000 and, according to the company, it has already succeeded to do that. The new Insight will be priced at $19,800 exclusive of destination fees.

With the required delivery fees the Insight's final tag is $20,470, which is about $2,300 less than the Prius base price. The Honda Insight comes in two trim levels, the LX and EX. The Honda Insight LX is available with standard elements like automatic climate control, tilt and telescoping steering column and power windows.

The EX version, the more upscale of the two, comes with Vehicle Stability Assist, alloy rims, cruise control, up enhanced audio system and steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

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Honda announced today that it has improved the specification and settings of its Insight hybrid helped by customer feedback. The changes include a new suspension adjusted to improve ride comfort and NVH levels as well as high-spec interior with leather and Sat nav.

Honda also announced a new, top-of-the-range, EX model, featuring black leather upholstery and DVD Sat Nav and hands-free telephone equipment.

According to Honda, the Insight also received a number of chassis changes such as adjustments for the recoil rate of the springs, changes for the rear camber angles as well as V-shape rear suspension brace and adjusting mounts. Honda has added rear parking sensors to ES-model Insights and above, and has changed some trim to smarten the interior.

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Toyota announced that it will cut the prices of its latest Prius in order to compete with the less expensive Honda Insight. The base model of the third-generation Prius is priced beginning at 2.05 million Yen ($20,637), which is below the original 2.33 million Yen ($23,456) sticker price intended.

The Honda Insight has met with resounding success in terms of sales in Japan with its 1.89 million Yen ($19,027) introductory price. The new base Prius comes with an introductory price matching that of the mid-range Insight.

It was announced by Toyota that it will continue selling the second generation Prius together with the new model, with a price tag of 1.89 million Yen ($19,027) which is exactly the same as that of the entry-level Insight.

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Just recently, Honda has provided the first look at the American specification, production variant of the brand new 2010 Insight hybrid which will be introduced to the world at the Detroit Auto Show this January.

The most current image of the US variant of Honda's production hybrid demonstrate how the Insight Concept, originally displayed in October 2008 in Paris, will be converted into an aerodynamically motivated, sporty looking street vehicle.

The new five-door, five-passenger Insight is propelled by a lighter, more compact variant of Honda's IMA hybrid system which, come spring, will be available for customers.

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At long last, all the rumors and conjectures halted at the introduction of the brand new 2010 Honda Insight hybrid today at the Detroit Auto Show which comes with Honda's latest state of the art hybrid technology called Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) and an Ecological Drive Assist System. Having be produced with the most cost-effective methods in the Honda arsenal, the Insight will truly be an affordable green alternative for many.

The EPA rating for the vehicle for city driving is 40mpg and 43mpg on the highway. This superb ratings are made possible by an ECON mode that optimizes control of the constantly adaptable automatic transmission (CVT), powerplant and related components.

The new Insight is powered by a 1.3-liter SOHC aluminum-alloy i-VTEC powerplant and CVT, together with the latest of the IMA system. The IMA integrates a 13hp (10kW) electric motor and a compact Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) which recaptures and stores kinetic energy from braking and deceleration and providing more energy for acceleration when required. The system is capable of exclusively utilizing the electric motor in low- to mid-speed driving situations plus the deactivation of the cylinder in a gasoline powerplant during deceleration and to shutdown the engine when it detects the vehicle in full stop.

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Japanese carmaker Honda has developed a new technology – the Ecological Drive Assist System -- aimed at helping drivers achieve better fuel economy. To start with, Honda will install this new system on the new Insight family hybrid car that will be released in spring 2009.

When released, the Ecological Drive Assist System will be the world’s first system that combines three different functions to improve fuel economy. One of them is an ECON Mode that controls engine, transmission and other powertrain parts to support more fuel-efficient driving.

Just by pushing the ECON button on the dashboard, this mode can be activated right away for a more fuel efficient driving. ECON mode doesn’t only control the engine, CVT and other powertrain components, it also makes the needed adjustments on the air conditioning unit and extends idle stop time.

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