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This black H1 Truck #002 is Mil-Spec Automotive’s first customer truck

When Mil-Spec Automotive unveiled the Launch Edition of its own makeover version of the Hummer H1 in May this year, the restoration/modification shop managed to attract not just the attention of the few. From its exterior to its interior, the Mil-Spec H1 Launch Edition definitely takes the Hummer H1 military-based civilian four-wheel drive utility into a new level. Now, the company is upping the tempo by releasing Truck #002 of the Mil-Spec H1.

The Mil-Spec H1 Truck #002 is essentially a follow-up to the H1 Launch Edition. The H1 Launch Edition was very impressive to the point that a customer eventually called Mil-Spec and asked the ute restoration/modification shop to build an iteration that suits his tastes and preferences. For this customer, ordering a Mil-Spec H1 truck seemed to be the next logical thing to do. So, here comes the H1 Truck #002, which exemplifies the company’s design, engineering, and execution capabilities

Being Mil-Spec Automotive’s first customer vehicle, the H1 Truck #002 features a number of distinct elements not found on the production Launch Edition series. These elements were basically fitted or installed into the H1 Truck #002 as specially requested by its discerning customer.

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Mil-Spec’s in-depth makeover of the Hummer H1 is impressive

H1 is the first-ever model Hummer developed for the civilian market. The four wheel drive utility vehicle was originally made for the military, to conquer all types of terrains and obstacles. This is why it has got a tough and rugged exterior.

Back in 1992, the H1 suffered backlashes during its production, mainly because it had an uncomfortable cabin and a shortage of power from its engine. Despite its negative traits, the Hummer continued to sell for years, until the automaker called it quits in 2010.

Some people cannot let go of the past though, for instance, Mil-Spec Automotive, a Ute-restoration/modification shop decided to just work on the H1 by looking at its strengths and weaknesses, so it could create the ultimate superstar SUV. And what we could say about the outcome is that it looks impressive!

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Tupac’s 1996 Hummer H1 sold for over three times the starting bid

Tupac Shakur once said, “It’s the game of life. Do I win or do I lose? One day they’re gonna shut the game down. I gotta have as much fun and go around the board as many times as I can before it’s my turn to leave.” And some fun he had. Ranked as one of the greatest artists of all time in various magazines such as the Rolling Stone, Tupac is one of the most influential people in the music industry.

He was active in the campaign against racism, inner city violence and hardships, and other social problems which were usually used as themes in his songs. He also became involved in the East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry and later on took part in various conflicts with other rappers, producers and record-label staff members – the most notable among them all are The Notorious B.I.G. and Bad Boy Records. On September 7, 1996, he was gunned down in Las Vegas, Nevada and died six days after the incident.

Tupac’s life was a rollercoaster kind of ride; he’d been in and out of prison and was involved in different kinds of scandals yet up to this day, his music lives on. However, it’s not just his music that has survived even after his death. Just recently, his 1996 Hummer was auctioned off on the 12th of May up to the 19th by RR Auctions.

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Video: EVS Motors Search & Destroy Hummer H1 braves floods in Houston to send help

Hummer H1 is basically the civilian counterpart of the four by four military light truck M998 Humvee. Created by AM General in partnership with General Motors, these four-wheel-drive utility vehicles were originally made strictly for military use but due to popular demand, was released to the civilian market. It was produced from 1992 until 2006 and is apparently the first of AM General’s Hummer line.

The versions of the Hummer H1 are powered by either 5.7-, 6.2-, 6.5- or 6.6-liter V8 engines combined with either a 3-, 4- or 5-speed automatic transmission. It inherits items from the Humvee such as the brakes, axles, frame and major body panels which makes it all the more capable of going through various terrains. The H1 has a ground clearance of about 16 inches and is able to ford 30 inches of water as well as climb through a 22-inch step.

A channel in the central space between the left and right seats enables the H1 to tuck in its driveline components and features such as inboard brakes and portal gears enable it to give a higher placement for its drivetrain’s half shafts; all these give the H1 greater ground clearance. The radiator is positioned up high at a sloping position over the engine inside the forward-hinged hood and the air intake system is mounted in a higher.

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Strange things have fallen out from the sky, from cows, to fishes, and even human beings. For some reason, we even wish for things that we think would benefit our whole human existence like money, a lover or even a brand new car. Whatever these things are, we sure hope it comes with an “if damaged, return to sender” policy.

Recently, there came an addition to the list of the most bizarre things that have fallen out from the sky courtesy of the U.S. Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade. In a practice drop that took place in Hohenfels, Germany on the 11th of April, three Humvees fell out from the sky. In particular, they fell out of U.S. Air Forces Europe C-130 Hercules tactical airlifters and didn’t make a safe touchdown.

The Humvees were part of the annual combat training center certification exercise called the Sabre Junction ’16. Each vehicle was supposed to be placed on metal pallets and strapped on to three 30-meter wide parachutes. Each had wood and honeycombed pads beneath them that serve as shock absorbers during the landing. A few of these vehicles successfully landed with not one scratch, save for three others who met their unfortunate fate.

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Despite the fact that GM stopped Hummer production, it appears that the brand is not actually dead. According to Benjamin Hunting over at TheCarGuide, who spoke with a GMC designer in the past week, the brand owned by GM is in the process of putting together a new model that will be a successor to the Hummer.

Still, do not expect a rugged version of the current Terrain as GMC is actually preparing a brand new vehicle that will challenge the Jeep Wrangler.

Moreover, there are no details when this new vehicle could hit the dealerships but if this is true we should see a concept version of the new Hummer successor from GMC. We do hope that GMC will not follow the same path it did with the Granite Concept though…

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Concerns regarding the environment restrain Tengzhong's plan to purchase Hummer. This was based on a recent report by the Chinese National Radio.

Tengzhong, while still working on the deal, released a statement that CNR (Chinese National Radio) report has no basis in as much as there wasn't any information from the government regulatory body.

Last week, in its report, CNR floated the idea that it is still possible for Tengzhong to get government approval. Speculations are rife that the company will get the nod to acquire Hummer given the fact that three options are being proposed to conclude the deal.

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No off-road race is too grueling for HUMMER and Robby Gordon Off-road. They have teamed up one more time to take on the 2010 Dakar Rally, which is known for its brutal terrain and extreme environmental conditions.

Team HUMMER will have Gordon lead it from behind the wheel of his HUMMER H3 race truck.

Gordon is renowned for being the first American to win a stage at Dakar and has, since then, been a formidable Dakar challenger. Gordon had earlier on been actively participating and had even built his Dakar HUMMER for the 2006 Rally.

Read the entire article Robby Gordon Off-Road Dakar Hummer revealed has released its own version of the Hummer H2, proving that the regular trim could still be improved further when it comes to off-road capabilities and looks. Instead of the regular wheels with their 8.5" x 20" rims encompassing 305/60 tires, the "H2 Bomber" will have the Mattracks 88M1-A1 rubber tracks at each wheel.

The specialists from Munich gave this SUV these massive structures, 40cm wide and 150cm long, that ensure amazing traction on basically any type of terrain. The vehicle can function well whether it's used for agriculture, emergency services or expedition.

With its powerful 8-cylinder engine, the car is able to deliver 398 bhp and 574 Nm of torque. claims that even extreme gradients can be handled without a sweat.

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It was announced by GM that it has come into a memorandum of agreement with a potential buyer for its premium off road brand HUMMER. This comes as a result of GM's calculated evaluation of the HUMMER brand and the firms continuing restructuring moves.

It is expected that the sale will be finalized by the end of the third quarter of this year and will undergo the regular closing situations consisting of receipt of relevant regulatory approvals.

The agreement is anticipated to guarantee in excess of 3,000 jobs in the US in the field of manufacturing and engineering and at dealerships nationwide. The agreement also consists of the intentions of the investors to fund future HUMMER product agendas.

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The sale of Hummer to Sichuan Tengzhong had failed to prosper but reports are now saying that General Motors Co. is eyeing two separate offers for the brand.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the two companies being considered have actually made their bids earlier but had been rejected to favor the Sichuan Tengzhong deal. Insiders say that GM is reviewing the previous bids. 

Although it has not been announced who these two bidders are, speculations abound that one is a private equity firm since several such organizations were interested in the brand when bidding started in 2009.

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The new H3T Sportsman Concept is a midsize truck that is ideal for the outdoor enthusiast who spends his time in the field or stream. HUMMER designers made it a point to improve the H3T Alpha's inherent functionality through powertrain modifications, suspension enhancements and a balanced selection of Genuine HUMMER Accessories and aftermarket components.

The engineers used a new H3T Alpha, adding nearly 70 horsepower to its 5.3L V-8 via components available in the aftermarket. Included are LS2 cylinder heads, a higher-lift camshaft and supporting components. A custom, 3.5-inch exhaust system also enhances performance.

Getting its cue from the playbook of the HUMMER stock-class race program, the H3T rides on 35-inch-tall BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A tires mounted on HUMMER Accessory 20-inch wheels. Also featured on the concept are racing-proven stock and aftermarket suspension components, including Light Racing JounceShocks and 2-inch-diameter Rod Hall Racing piggyback reservoir-type performance shocks.

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The H3 Moab keeps true to the HUMMER reputation of being the ultimate vehicle for the independent spirit. The H3 Moab takes inspiration from trails such as the Steel Bender, Moab Rim, and Poison Spyder. In essence, the H3 Moab pays homage to one of the world's greatest landscapes and off-road enthusiasts' playground.

The vehicle has a 300-horsepower, V8-powered H3 Alpha with factory-installed front- and rear- locking differentials. It has an array of production equipment, available aftermarket components and specialized modifications.

At the center of the H3 Moab's design is the interesting combination of a Rancho four-inch front suspension lift and a custom rear spring-over conversion inspired by current HUMMER engineering test vehicles.

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Joining with Hummer, Four Wheeler Magazine designed and created an H3 Alpha with an all-business look and improved off-road potential, while maintaining fuel economy and driver comfort. "Trailhugger" as the project is intimately called, began with a "de-glossing" of the H3.

That meant painting over the chrome and bright trim flat black and revising the factory's shiny Victory Red clear coat finish with an improved PPG flattening agent mixed with clear to provide it with a satin-like appearance.

Also added by the editors are Hummer's brush guard, roof lighting and rocker protection parts. Then, Four Wheeler exchanged a set of nitrogen-charged, 2-inch diameter Rod Hall Racing associated reservoir-type high performance shocks and Light Racing JounceShocks.

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The surrounding wilderness of Las Vegas has lured many off-road enthusiasts into its embrace. And nothing comes close to the Hummer as the final expression of off-road capabilities as it comes to Vegas and the 2008 SEMA Show with two other specialized versions that are sure to excite anyone whose vacation itinerary includes places like Baja and Moab.

Hummer unveils two versions, a new H3T pre-runner model equipped with a horde of performance and appearance accessories, and the H3 X Concept, an application for the final H3 X version. The last is a modified H3 Alpha that was created by Four Wheeler Magazine as a continuing project comprehensively detailed in several issues and also online.

Hummer CEO James Taylor said that "Hummer has always been about unmatched capability and that's exactly what these concept vehicles deliver. More importantly, they are based in reality with mostly bolt-on components attainable by any enthusiast who wants them. They are more than concepts; they're thought starters for enthusiasts who want to express themselves via their H3 or H3T."

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The Hummer H3 X Alpha is a tasteful yet fully capable vehicle coming directly from the factory, but the H3 X Concept brings style and uniqueness to a whole new level.

Manufactured parts include bright-colored roof crossbows; fuel filler door in chrome, brush guard and assist steps; matching color grille and cover for the spare tire; 18inch wheels and beautifully embroidered headrests.

The outside appearance is enhanced by a characteristic Canyon Metallic color from PPG that is brilliantly accented by black chrome details and 18-inch wheels. Featured on the interior are black leather trims on the seats, console armrest, door armrests and shift knob made attractive by orange stitching accents.

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