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Hyundai is increasing prices of 2014 Equus by 3%

The 2014 Equus is now 3 percent or $1,750 more expensive than the previous model. Hyundai is raising the prices of the 2014 Equus to reflect additional standard equipment now available on the sedan, as it now features a revised grille, bumper, instrument panel and LED fog lights. The starting price for the Signature trim line is $61,920, including $920 for shipping while the base price for the Ultimate model is $68,920, including shipping.

Hyundai is expecting the Signature line to account for around 70 percent of 2014 Equus volume. Hyundai launched the Equus in late 2010 to provide a new offering that is at least $10,000 less costly than the Lexus LS, Mercedes-Benz S class and other large luxury sedans.

The luxury sedan is sold in a separate showroom within 400 of Hyundai’s 826 dealerships in the United States. For those will avail of the sedan, they could receive perks like free loaner vehicles for oil changes and vehicle repairs.

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Hyundai unveils Hermes-customized Equus in Seoul

Hermes was tasked to customize an extended Hyundai Equus sedan, which was launched at the Seoul auto show. This project is proof of Hyundai’s continuing aim to have an upmarket appeal. The interior uses premium materials. In fact, its cabin is covered by leather that is of the same quality and workmanship as Hermes’ Birkin leather bags that have a price tag of between $9000 and $15,000.

A special top coating is used for the exterior. Hyundai is hopeful that the one-off Equus will appeal to the ultra-wealthy around the world.

Hermes has customized just three Equus sedans for Hyundai. It can be recalled that five years ago, Prada had customized three Genesis luxury sedans, which debuted in downtown Seoul in a glass tower that was specially built.

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Hyundai unveils 2014 Equus at New York Auto Show

Hyundai unveiled Wednesday its 2014 Hyundai Equus flagship sedan at the New York Auto Show. Hyundai endowed the refreshed Equus with enhancements in almost all aspects.  The exterior of the 2014 Hyundai Equus now has thinner front grille bars while its front fascia now has lower air-inlet openings, with the headlights sporting a jeweled design.

The LED fog lamps comes as standard. The sedan also sports new 19-inch turbine-style wheels with a polished silver finish. The interior of the 2014 Equus receives a redesigned instrument panel and center stack, now having a new button iconography for easier feature recognition. The 2014 Equus’ steering wheel now comes with new buttons and icons.

Rear passengers receive a new console layout that comes with available 9.2-inch seatback video screens. The suspension of the 2014 Equus received a rework, improving its ride and handling attributes. According to Hyundai, the Equus’ normal mode is now more comfortable while its sport mode is sportier with the air suspension.

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2014 Hyundai Equus Facelift teased ahead of 2013 New York Auto Show

The 2014 Hyundai Equus full-sized sedan will feature more-refined interior materials and an improved ride, according to the South Korean carmaker. Hyundai Motor America chief executive John Krafcik said via Twitter that the 2014 Equus will also receive 19-inch “turbine-spoke” rims.

Hyundai said in a statement that the new Equus will also bear changes in its exterior and interior design details, driver displays and safety technologies. The Equus is considered as the carmaker’s most expensive nameplate for 2013 model year, with its high-line Ultimate trim level having a price of over $67,000, including shipping.

Hyundai, however, has yet to divulge pricing details for the 2014 Equus models. Hyundai started selling the Equus in the United States as its flagship vehicle in the fall of 2010, venturing into prestige territory. Hyundai decided not to create a separate brand and dealer network for the Equus and its other premium vehicles, the Genesis sedan and coupe.

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Hyundai Motor Company has launched the facelifted Equus in Korea. The styling and features of the Hyundai’s top flagship sedan have been upgraded so that it could be more competitive globally in the luxury segment. The Equus, which uses the Centennial in some markets, made its debut in 1999 while the second generation came in 2009.

Hyundai made use of the reactions of its target customers to determine the changes for the facelifted Equus. The vehicle is aimed at a group of busy leaders who are concerned about their social status but still need functional space and features. Hyundai improved different aspects of the first generation Equus, such as design, performance and convenience features.

The new Equus features a more refined and modern appearance with less chrome on the front bumper, some newly designed wheels and LED rear combination lamps.

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Those in the livery and limo business should watch out as Hyundai is entering this segment with very attractive incentives. Just last week, Hyundai was at the International LCT Show in Las Vegas to make a pitch to coachbuilders and livery operators. This niche market is dominated by Cadillac’s Escalade and Lincoln’s Town Car.

The LCT show (which stands for limousine, charter and tour operators) is a yearly event that is considered the biggest convention in the world for this segment.

At this show, automakers will present models; conversions are shown by coachbuilders, and those in the livery business go to place orders. News in this industry is covered by LCT's trade magazine and Web site, which recently reported that Hyundai introduced its Genesis and Equus sedans at the LCT show.

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The Apple iPad won’t be offered anymore as the owners’ manual for the Hyundai Equus luxury car, according to a report from Drive On. Starting with the 2012 model year, there won’t be a free iPad that would be placed in its glove compartment.

These new cars will begin arriving in September. What owners can rely on when they need to look up information about their car is the paper version of the manual, according to spokesman Jim Trainor.

He explained that the iPads were part of a one-year promotion. The Equus started selling in the U.S. around one year ago.

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has named Hyundai’s Equus full-size flagship luxury sedan as a Top Safety Pick for 2011. The Equus’ pricier rivals have not been given the Top Safety Pick rating but that’s only because the IIHS has yet to conduct full tests on these luxury cars. To earn this reward, a vehicle needs to have a good rating for front, side, rollover, and rear crash protection. It also has to have electronic stability control.

It’s a known fact that tests on high-end luxury cars aren’t as frequent as other vehicles. The IIHS has given the current-generation Lexus LS a good rating in the front crash test but it has yet to be tested in the three other categories. To date, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not yet tested the Equus.

Similar to other models in its class, the Equus features a pre-collision warning system. Its nine airbags are fitted as standard and one option that’s offered is a lane departure warning system.

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The "Elegant Equus" from Mummbles Marketing is being aimed at high-power executives who wish to be the envy of their peers. The VIP luxury vehicle is powered by a 450hp, high-performance engine and features the most advanced technologies. Mummbles Marketing has installed Equus with some of the best performance products available on the market.

Tweaks were made on the Equus’ engine, interior, exterior, brake, wheel and suspension. It also received some highly exclusive audio and video modifications.

The Equus' V8 performance is improved with a turbo kit and carbon fiber accessories. An Apple iPad was installed to control aspects of the vehicle such as ride height, luxury curtains, stereo and windows.

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It appears that Rhys Millen Racing and Hyundai get along just fine, as they partnered for the 2010 SEMA Show, for the third consecutive year. This year, the team brought the RMR Signature Edition Equus, a special edition of Hyundai’s flagship sedan which brings exterior, interior and performance upgrades.

Regarding its exterior design, the car comes with a new carbon fiber front lip spoiler, new rear deck spoiler as well as a new set of carbon fiber mirrors.

The most interesting thing seen on this car is the paint: developed by BASF, the car comes with a two-tone carbon fiber and Red Bull Racing blue satin clear paint.

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Hyundai and DUB Magazine teamed up once again, for this year’s SEMA Show, and created a customized version of the Equus flagship sedan. As you can see from the photo, the new car comes with a new paint scheme, a redesigned front bumper with integrated daytime running LEDs, new front grille inspired by Rolls-Royce dubbed Trex DUB Design mesh grille, as well as a new set of black wheels.

Furthermore, the car features a custom two-tone, gloss black-and-matte charcoal paint job. The design is completed by the 24-inch TIS modular style 10 wheels wrapped in Pirelli Pzero Nero tires.

As expected, inside we find a world-class Lexicon audio system that comes from the factory, but the most interesting part will be found in the trunk, where DUB will install Infiniti Kappa components including nine Infiniti Kappa Series speakers, KAPPA ONE mono and KAPPA FOUR four-channel amplifiers.

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In order to make customers feel its presence in the luxury segment, Hyundai announced that it will include valet service, loaner cars as well as wear-and-tear maintenance in the price of its Equus flagship sedan.

A valet service means that a valet will pick up the car at the owner’s home, while loaner cars refers to the fact that Hyundai will drop off a Genesis or Equus loaner, if your car is in trouble.

‘At Your Service’ program includes oil and filter changes, wiper blades, brake pads and rotors and car batteries for five years or 60,000 miles.

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Hyundai announced today that the 2011 Equus will be priced from $58,000 (Equus Signature), while the top-of-the-line Equus Ultimate will cost you $64,500 - $900 freight charge not included.

According to the manufacturer, every Equus will be offered as standard with "At Your Service," Hyundai's revolutionary approach to the luxury ownership experience that provides complimentary valet service and covers all maintenance needs for 5 years or 60,000 miles. The new car will hit the U.S. dealerships in December.

Some of the key standard features of the Equus Signature include the 4.6-liter DOHC Tau V8 engine mated to a Six-speed automatic transmission with SHIFTRONIC, Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering (EHPS), Electronically controlled air suspension with Continuous Damping Control (CDC) as well as 19-inch chrome alloy wheels and Four-wheel disc brakes with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and EBD.

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At this year’s SEMA Show, Hyundai will show us the latest customization programme developed for the Hyundai Equus flagship sedan. Dubbed RMR Signature Edition Equus, the new car will be refined by Rhys Millen Racing and promises to reveal a new exterior, interior and performance upgrades that will enhance the already luxurious sedan.

The exterior will include carbon mirrors, front lip spoiler and rear deck spoilers. BASF will create a special two-tone carbon fiber and Red Bull Racing blue satin clear paint, while the design will be completed by the HRE 21-inch P40 wheels.

The V8 engine which delivers 385 hp in the production version, will get new air intake and exhaust, that will bring 30 hp.

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All eyes are on how Hyundai’s Equus sedan fares in the luxury car segment and how it compares to the launching of the Toyota's Lexus LS 400 in 1989 and Volkswagen's Phaeton experiment in 2003. The Equus sedan, which is priced below $60,000 in the US, is being matched up against the models produced by these volume brands that were considered risky at the time.

On many accounts, the Equus sedan appears to be better groomed than these two models. Hyundai’s volume goals for the Equus are modest. The company plans on boosting promotion at its mass-market dealerships for the big luxury sedan.

Notably, there isn’t as much of a gap between the Equus and Hyundai's Genesis (which has soaring sales) than the Phaeton and the VW Passat or between the LS 400 and Toyota's range-topping Cressida sedan back in 1989.

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The latest replacement for the Hyundai flagship Equus is currently in the works and advance images of its exterior have surfaced. Dubbed as the 'VI' sedan, the upcoming vehicle is set to premiere in South Korea at the end of February, and no plans have been set to offer the car to either Europe of America.

The VI will be powered by a lineup of V6 and V8 gasoline powerplants, which include the 3.8-liter Lambda V6 and a 4.6-liter Tau V8.

A long wheelbase variant that will also be available will come with a 5.0-liter variant of the Tau V8 engine.

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Official photos of the Hyundai Equus flagship replacement have leaked showing a new and large luxury saloon. This happened after the vehicle was introduced this week at a South Korean press event. The new version maintains the Equus name in the local market but recent reports show that the car could also reach markets in the US.

The original Equus started production in 1998 and have received very little revision since that time. Mitsubishi, a co-developer of the Equus, sold the model in Japan as the Proudia. The current version is patterned after the Genesis Rear-Wheel-Drive platform and will come with a lineup of V6 and V8 gasoline powerplants.

There are conjectures that Hyundai will be using the success it received when it won the 2009 North American Car of the Year award to launch the Equus in the United States.

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A replacement of the Equus flagship has been developed by Hyundai in the form of a new large luxury saloon, images of which have been leaked after its launch in South Korea lately. Although the new car keeps the Equus brand name there is word that it will reach US markets too. The preceding Hyundai Equus initially began production in 1998 and have almost been unchanged since that time.

It was developed in partnership with Mitsubishi, which sold it in Japan as the Proudia. The most current model is derived from the Genesis rear-wheel-drive platform and is offered with a lineup of V6 and V8 gasoline powerplants.

There are growing speculations that the Equus will be sold in the US following the carmaker's winning of the 2009 North American Car of the Year award for its Genesis Sedan.

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The premium full-sized Equus sedan has finally arrived in the showrooms of South Korea and more details were released by Hyundai. It has been made known that the Equus will come with two powerplant options of gasoline engines: the 3.8 liter V6 Lambda, which can generate 285hp and 358Nm of torque, or the 4.6 liter V8 Tau, which can produce 360hp and 439Nm of torque.

Although these numbers are strong enough, it is still no match against the triad of German premium brands: Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. This does not mean, however, that the Equus is devoid of any competitive elements.

Balanced ride is provided by the 5-link suspension paired with the Amplitude Selective Dampers (ASD) with the high-tech relief valve. It also comes with some technological treats such as the electric parking brake, lane-departure warning system, smart cruise control and a 3.5 inch monitor screen for the user info system.

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Hyundai Motor Co. revealed today the long wheelbase edition of the Equus flagship sedan, planning to take on the Lexus LS460L and the Mercedes-Benz S500L.

As you can see from the photos, the stretched edition of the Hyundai Equus offers several upgraded features from the normal sedan version and this including differentiated exterior designs and longer overall length.

The Equus Limousine, as it is named in Korea offers a new level of interior volume: longer than major competitors by as much as 310 mm and with backseat legroom as much as 376 mm longer.

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