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A Range Rover Sport got totaled after transporter tried going under a bridge in Scotland

Each and every time a vehicle hits a large object, it always loses. In the recent incident that happened in Perth, Scotland, three Land Rover Range Rover Sports units and a Jaguar E-Pace were the casualties. No, they were no directly involved, but the transported they were riding was. The transporter, however, sustained no damage.

According to a report by The Courier, a transporter operated by haulage firm Carlson tried to pass under the bridge on Marshall Place just outside the railway station at Perth. It was just a few minutes after 8:00 in the morning when the driver of the transporter seemingly forgot that the vehicles being transported on his lorry were higher than the clearance of the railway bridge. It might also be that the driver miscalculated the total height of the transporter plus the Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, and assumed that he could pass under the bridge safely without any major incident.

The attempt made by the driver was pretty disastrous. While the low railway bridge seemed alright as well as the transporter, a Jaguar E-Pace and three Land Rover Range Rover Sports models were damaged. One of the Range Rover Sports actually lost its head – it was totally scalped by the incident. The two vehicles located on the top front of the transporter were heavily damaged.

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Jaguar E-Pace rendered by X-Tomi as a high-performance RS variant

The 2018 Jaguar E-Pace is the leaping cat’s first venture into the compact SUV segment, and sure enough, it didn’t take long before an artist rendered a wilder version of the small SUV. Enter the Jaguar E-Pace RS by X-Tomi Design - the artist’s own interpretation of the SUV with unusual performance.

To start off, X-Tomi enhances the size of the small SUV’s front bumper and side skirts. Perhaps, these are done to match the ideal standards of a possible Jaguar E-Pace high performance RS variant. There are also some visibly larger wheels, black accents and bits of carbon fiber to complete the high-performance look.

Being the newest member of the brand’s growing range of SUVs, the E-Pace is designed as a five-seater, small SUV that offers plenty of space as well as the latest connected technologies available. Among them are the infotainment system’s 10-inch touch screen monitor with 3 adjustable controllers for the fan speed and temperature setting, a head-up display screen as well as a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel. The storage space between the two front seats is at 2.2 gallon while the rear area has a capacity of up to 22.4cu.ft. Using the 60:40 split folding set up, the storage space can be expanded even further.

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Jaguar reveals the new E-Pace small SUV

"It has every reason to succeed" -- this is what Finbar McFall, global product marketing director, has to say about the new Jaguar E-Pace small SUV. He said this during an interview when asked if the small SUV could outsell the current favourite, which is the mid-sized F-Pace SUV.

Jaguar developed the E-Pace to go up against the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA. It is not just a smaller version of the F-Pace as it is completely unique in its own way. In terms of size, it is very similar to that of the Audi Q3.

The E-Pace, also known as "the cub", was built with some inspiration from the Range Rover Evoque. After 3 years of development, combined with Jaguar XF's suspension hardware, the company came out with a sporty SUV. Chief engineer Graham Wilkins made sure that the E-Pace drives just like a Jaguar.

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Coming in early 2018: Jaguar E-Pace that is priced below $40,000

The new Jaguar E-Pace crossover will soon hold its official launch on July 13 and is expected to arrive at the showrooms by early next year. It couldn’t have come at a better time since its larger version, the F-Pace already outsells the British manufacturer’s other models within its first year in the market. With a sticker price of only $38,600, the more compact E-Pace will surely help in maintaining Jaguar’s thrust in the crossover and SUV segment.

While what we have is a lone teaser image of the crossover, Jaguar at least stated that the E-Pace will be offered not only with an all-Ingenium range of petrol and diesel engines, but with the standard all-wheel drive set up as well. Also, there will be a long list of connected technology and convenient features to look forward to once Jaguar formally launches the E-Pace next month.

Though small, the E-Pace bears the leaping cat’s powerful performance and the looks of a sports car. Put them altogether and it will definitely stand out in a crowded segment just how the F-Pace has done so in the past several months. For 38,600 USD, the E-Pace is cheaper by 3,465 USD than its larger sibling which of course has more space to offer than its newest entry.

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