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Chrysler steps up effort to recall older Grand Cherokees and Libertys

So far, owners of only around 120,000 vehicles MY1993-MY1998 Grand Cherokees and MY2002-2007 Libertys have responded to Chrysler Group’s recall. As of early November, 96,449 Liberty and 22,943 Grand Cherokee owners had responded to the Chrysler’s recall letters and visited dealerships for service, disclosed spokesman Eric Mayne.

This has prompted the carmaker to further its efforts to reach owners of up to 1.6 million vehicles, who have to respond to Chrysler’s letter in August to bring in their units for inspection and possible installation of a free trailer hitch assembly.

The assembly should protect the gasoline tank in case of low-energy rear collisions. Mayne said that around a fourth of vehicles already brought in had adequate trailer hitch assemblies installed thus needing no additional service.

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NHTSA closes probe into fire risks in older Jeep Grand Cherokee, Liberty vehicles

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has closed its probe into fire risks in 2.7 million older Jeep vehicles. The closure of the probe effectively ended a rare public standoff between US regulators and the carmaker over whether a safety recall is justified.

In spring 2013, NHTSA asked Chrysler to recall Jeep Grand Cherokees from model years 1992 to 2004 as well as Jeep Libertys from model years 2002 to 2007, saying the vehicles have an increased risk of catching fire since their gasoline tanks were mounted behind the rear axle.

In NHTSA’s letter to Chrysler dated June 3, 2013, the agency said its investigation revealed a number of fire-related deaths and injuries. NHTSA remarked that its defect investigation office believes that the concerned vehicles "contain defects related to motor vehicle safety."

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Chrysler Group to end production of its Jeep Liberty SUV next week

Chrysler Group is set to stop producing the Jeep Liberty SUV on Thursday. Since this SUV started production 11 years ago, it has undergone two makeovers. Chrysler said that it will start to produce the Liberty’s successor this spring. The new version will be built on the same platform as that used by the 2013 Dodge Dart. It will be equipped with an exciting powertrain – a new 3.2-liter V-6 engine that will be partnered to a new nine-speed automatic transmission.

Jeep hasn’t named its new mid-sized SUV yet. Many people in the industry look at the outgoing Liberty and see how it is kind of caught in between larger older models such as the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee and younger and less impressive models like the Compass and Patriot.

The outgoing Liberty was the product of the failed collaboration between Chrysler and Daimler AG. This model actually shares the problems that other Chrysler models had during that time.

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Chrysler’s replacement for Jeep Liberty remains sketchy

Although Chrysler has yet to divulge details as well as images of the vehicle that will serve as the replacement for the Jeep Liberty, there are some hints offered.  The Liberty replacement, which has been referred to by some Internet guys as the Liberkee (a combination of Liberty and Cherokee), is believed to be a vehicle that promises to provide more than the outgoing Liberty. 

The replacement vehicle for the Liberty is said to be built on a stretched version of the platform that’s used on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The replacement vehicle for the Liberty will be powered by a new 3.2-liter version of Chrysler’s V-6 Pentastar engine. Power will be transmitted to the front wheels though a transverse nine-speed transmission. There are some hints that the replacement vehicle for the Liberty will be fitted with a version of the Fiat MultiAir system.

Chrysler’s engineers reportedly have been improving the Fiat MultiAir system to the point that that the system is almost unrecognizable. Chrysler plans to produce the replacement vehicle for the Liberty at its Toledo, Ohio site, the traditional home of the Jeep. Chrysler is investing $500 million in the Toledo North plant to upgrade its production ability.

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The U.S. safety regulators’ probe on Jeep Liberty sport utility vehicles for potential inadvertent airbag deployment is inching towards a recall after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration upgraded its investigation to an engineering analysis. A total of 386,873 Chrysler SUVs from model years 2002 and 2003 units are affected by this issue.

A recall will be announced if the agency finds that the automaker has to address a safety issue. And speaking of recalls, more than 52,000 older Tribute SUVs are being recalled by Mazda Motor Corp Motor Corp. for potential brake fluid leaks.

Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz has started to investigate consumer complaints of fuel odor that may be a leak in about 8,000 older E55 AMG sedans and wagons. With regards to the Chrysler matter, the agency has found 87 reports of unintentional driver or passenger front airbag deployment, leading to 50 alleged injuries, such as burns, cuts and bruises to the upper body, according to online documents.

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A year-long experiment done in Chrysler Group's Toledo, Ohio facility where it manufactures the Jeep Liberty SUV -- previously sold in Europe as the Cherokee -- has been a success. European automakers struggling to find new ways to reduce costs to cope with fading domestic markets should consider taking a look at the plant.

The facility operates 10 hours each day for four days each week to build the SUV. Even when automobile output matches that of a conventional eight-hour-a-day, five-day workweek, the costs of production are lower because equipment is idle one more day each week.

Also, costs of labor remain unchanged because the workers are still working 40 hours each week, but have regular three-day weekends and a 20% reduction in their commuting costs and time. Moreover, the environment is benefitted, as emissions from the employees' vehicles and from the facility is lessened. The new work schedule started in January 2011 as a two-month experiment.

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Chrysler Group has revealed a $1.7 billion investment that’s for the development and production of the next-generation Jeep sport-utility vehicle a.k.a. Jeep Liberty successor, which will debut in 2013. The Jeep SUV will use a broader platform that’s based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, which is a car produced by Fiat S.p.A. that will also underpin Chrysler's upcoming car and sedan range.

Chrysler's turnaround plan relies on this joint platform. Chrysler is hoping that the fusion of the operations of Fiat and Chrysler would reduce costs and widen their reach globally.

Chrysler's Jeep plant in Toledo will assemble the first Jeep SUV using this platform, which will be exported throughout the world by 2013. The Toledo plant presently produces the Jeep Liberty and Dodge Nitro.

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Proving its loyalty to Jeep’s legendary 4x4 heritage, Jeep Liberty offers two Jeep Trail Rated four-wheel-drive systems namely: the Command-Trac II and Selec-Trac II. Command-Trac II is a part-time four-wheel-drive system – the standard 4WD configuration. On the other hand, Command-Trac II can be operated in 2WD, 4WD Lock, 4 WD Low and Neutral.

It has also been revealed that the optional Selec-Trac II is a full-time, active on-demand four-wheel-drive system and the Select-Trac II operates in 2WD, 4WD Auto, 4WD Low and Neutral.

The Liberty is equipped with independent front suspension with rack-and-pinion steering and a five-link rear suspension. What powers all Jeep Liberty models is a 3.7-liter V-6 engine, which is offered as standard.

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On Nov. 16, Chrysler Group will be revealing details about what it is planning for its Toledo North Assembly plant. This is the date that CEO Sergio Marchionne is set to visit the plant to inform workers and local politicians about the plan to replace the Jeep Liberty.

Filings with state and local governments show that Chrysler is prepared to invest a minimum of $365 million in the 10-year-old plant and it also intends to create 1,105 jobs in this facility to make the successor to the Liberty.

Toledo North was built by Chrysler right before Toledo Supplier Park, the newest assembly plant.

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The new 2012 Liberty Arctic Special Edition from Jeep has been launched. The Arctic is a package based on Liberty Sport 4x4 models and shares several features with the Wrangler Arctic. It is offered with the following exterior color options: Winter Chill, Bright Silver, Bright White and Mineral Gray. The “Arctic” badges on the front fenders are shared but the Liberty edition exclusively features the “Arctic” decal on the hood.

It features a set of semi-gloss black 16-inch aluminum wheels with center caps that have a semi-gloss black paint.

They are covered in P235/70R16 OWL all-terrain tires. This special edition also comes with deep tint glass and tow hooks, blacked-out headlamps and standard fog lamps. Its black and Arctic Orange color scheme is similar to what’s used in the Wrangler. Its seats have a black vinyl covering with a Gortex embossment.

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Even as Chrysler celebrates its full repayment of government loans with no less than President Barack Obama this Friday, it faces some pretty risky challenges as it designs the third generation of its Jeep Liberty. Chrysler’s executives will participate at a joint victory lap with the US president at its Toledo assembly complex this Friday.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the Liberty. It is one of the first vehicles in the U.S. to be built on the CUSW architecture that’s derived from Fiat. There’s a lot at stake on this upcoming Liberty version.

At the Detroit auto show last January, Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said that it’s necessary for this vehicle to be “perfect” for two main reasons. First of all, Chrysler has to take the lead again in the mid-sized SUV segment.

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In “about 40 days,” Chrysler will make a decision on the replacement for the Dodge Nitro and Jeep Liberty SUVs, according to Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne. These two vehicles, which are produced at Chrysler’s Toledo North Assembly plant, belong to the mid-sized SUV segment. Marchionne refers to this as the “most significant hole” in its product lineup.

The Nitro and Liberty are lightly regarded; in fact, they trail segment leaders such as the Honda CRV and Ford Escape.

As a result, the Nitro and Liberty were not included in those that were revamped for the 2011 product offensive. Marchionne said that the Nitro has to be replaced but not necessarily by a Dodge-brand SUV. He added that Chrysler is conducting customer clinics on replacement vehicles and has it about 80% right.

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After letting us see the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit, Chrysler also wanted us to see the 2011 Jeep Liberty Jet appearance package at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The 2011 Jeep Liberty Jet package will come with a price tag of $1,495 on Liberty Sport models and $995 on Liberty Limited models.

For individuals who desire the 2011 Jeep Liberty Jet, this model will be offered in four exterior colors: Charcoal, Bright Silver, Blackberry and Brilliant Black.

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After we saw the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit, Chrysler also wanted to show us ahead of the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show the 2011 Jeep Liberty Jet appearance package. The special edition comes with a brand new set of 20-inch polished aluminum wheels wrapped in P245/50R20 all-season tires.

Furthermore, the appearance was improved using a new chrome lower fascia opening, body side moldings, license plate brow, roof rails and mirror caps, new blacked-out headlamps as well as unique ‘Jet’ badging.

For those already interested in this special edition, they must know that the 2011 Liberty Jet will be offered in four exterior colors: Bright Silver, Dark Charcoal, Brilliant Black and Blackberry.

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