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2019 Kia K900 debuts in New York packing lots of tech

A couple of weeks ago, we heard that Kia took the covers off its newest K900 in their homeland in South Korea. Now, the automaker does the same for the North American model at the 2018 New York Auto Show. The automaker claims that this model will go on sale in the fourth quarter of 2018, and pricing details will be revealed as we come closer to the launch date.

New K900 just made its debut in the United States, looking pretty much like its South Korean sibling, where the sedan carries the name K9. The design is quite conservative and it maintains a traditional three box shape, and it seems to not want to move towards the sleeker, coupe inspired elements like that in many modern sedans.

The new grille is one thing that Kia is quite proud of, featuring a wavy mesh with 176 cells. Apparently, this design was made to release energy moving away from its center, similar to how ripples in water move away from the impact of a splash. The poetic concept is not very obvious when looking at the real thing though.

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2016 Kia K900 comes in 3 new trim levels: V6 Premium, V6 Luxury, V8 Luxury

The new Kia K900 continues to challenge conventional trends just as it did in 2015 by bagging the award ‘International Car of The Year’ by Road and Travel Magazine. It also set the highest record score in its segment by achieving the Auto Pacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Award.

The all-new 2016 K900 is filled with upgraded features and there are three new variants: V6 Premium, V6 Luxury and V8 Luxury. A new addition for the 2016 model is a new 3.8 liter, 311-horsepower V6 engine that’s offered as standard.

Other V6 standard features include navigation, panoramic sunroof, and leather seating. The exteriors of all models have been enhanced by adding an 18-inch wheel for the V6, 19-inch chrome wheel or V8, enhanced rear-end-design with updated chrome trim, front grille, taillight design and an all-new bumper.

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Restyled 2016 Kia Soul will share features with K900

The MY2016 Kia Soul will be donning a new style and new features – some which are found on the Kia K900 luxury sedan. For the 2016 model year, the new Soul can be availed in three distinct trim levels -- Base, Plus, and Exclaim. Each trim level adds new features for the MY2016 Soul. Coming as standard for all models are alloy wheels. On the other hand, features like 4.3-inch color touchscreen, SiriusXM satellite radio, and integrated Rear Camera Display will come as standard for Base models with the Convenience Package.

The Plus model builds on the Base trim level, adding gloss black bumper “tusks,” fog lights, and integrated Rear Camera Display. Buyers could avail of a new Designer Collection package for the Plus model, thereby adding two visually striking two-toned color combinations: white with a red roof, or red with a black roof. The package also includes 18-inch alloy wheels with black spokes, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearshift knob.

Meanwhile, leather-trimmed seats are now installed as standard on Exclaim models. For this trim level, buyers could avail of the Premium Package, which promises to enhance driving experience with convenience features like Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). The LDWS is a camera-based system that helps monitor the Soul’s position, and when the vehicle swerves too close to the lane markers, the technology will send visual and auditory warnings to the driver.

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Lebron James becomes the Kia K900 luxury ambassador

LeBron James is definitely considered as one of the best basketball players on Earth, having etched a name in the National Basketball Association even in his young age. Outside the basketball court, however, James is a businessman and a philanthropist as well as a trendsetter.

He is also an ambassador for Kia’s K900 rear-wheel-drive luxury flagship sedan. Yes, James inked a multi-year partnership with Kia Motors America (KMA) as K900 Luxury Ambassador. In fact, James himself is an owner of a Kia K900, which is now part of his exotic car collection.

Interestingly, Kia is also the Official Automotive Partner of the NBA. In August, James posted “Rolling around in my K900. Love this car!” online with photos of the luxury sedan. James remarked that he was already a Kia K900 driver and fan even before partnering with the South Korean carmaker, adding that he is excited to be Kia’s first-ever luxury ambassador.

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2013 LA Auto Show was the place where Kia decided to bring its 2015 K900 rear-drive flagship sedan. This new model is poised to challenge the full-size rear-drive luxury sedan segment and will be offered with a V6 engine or a V8. The 3.6-liter Lambda V6 engine produces 311 hp, while the 5.0-liter V8 is rated at 420 hp. Both engines are mated to the same eight-speed transmission.

The power is delivered to the road via 19-inch chrome alloy wheels on the V8-powered model, while the V6 rides on 18-inch alloy wheels shod with P245/50R-18 tires. The design of the flagship sedan is not new as Kia already sells this vehicle on other markets as the Quoris. The K900 has a 119.9-inch long wheelbase, while the width is 63.8-inch front and 64.1-inch rear track.

The first visual impact with the car shows the Kia signature grille, adaptive LED headlights (offered as standard on the V8-powered model) which feature 16 LED bulbs, LED fog lights, trapezoidal taillights featuring defused LEDs for the brakes and bright LEDs for the turn signals. The rear end comes with dual chrome-tipped exhaust ports that mimic the shape of the taillights.

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Executives at South Korean carmaker Kia have detailed plans to bring in a new flagship to the United States early 2014 during a national sales meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, dealers who attended the event told Automotive News. The introduction of the flagship -- the K900 full-sized, rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan – will be a test case on whether Kia’s formula of offering attractive and feature-rich vehicles at value prices can entice premium car buyers in the US.

K900 is expected to carry a tag price of between $50,000 and $70,000, making it the most expensive nameplate that Kia will sell in the US.

Kia K900 will also be the carmaker’s first rwd sedan in the country. Kia will time the US debut of the K900 with a Super Bowl launch. The K900’s US debut comes less than a year after Kia launched its previous flagship, in the US.

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Kia is bringing in a new full-sized rear-wheel-drive flagship sedan – the K900 --in the United States in early 2014, the South Korean carmaker confirmed to dealers. The K900 is the same sedan sold as the K9 in South Korea and as the Quoris in other overseas markets. Kia’s first-ever rwd sedan the US will feature advanced safety technologies and luxury features and will boast power of 420 hp, according to dealers who attended Kia's national dealer meeting.

The K900 is expected to have a starting price of between $50,000 and $70,000. According to Don Hobden, chairman of Kia's national dealer council, Kia officials called the K900 "a 7-series value for a 5-series price." He added that the K900 will be rolled out in the US in early 2014.

Kia told dealers that it will advertise the K900 during the 2014 Super Bowl, according to people who attended the meeting.

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