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2019 Kia Optima gets minor refresh and technology update

It has been months since Kia began making noise about its new sporty Stinger, as well as the redesigned K900 flagship sedan that is among Kia’s biggest reveals at the 2018 New York Auto Show. But of course, the 2019 Kia Optima will not allow itself to be overshadowed. This is why the long standing compact sedan received a minor update that primarily adds new equipment and tech to the familiar design.

At first glance, it is not easy to spot the changes on the Optima, but if there is one thing that will truly catch your attention, it will be the new Passion Red exterior paint option that help identify the 2019 Optima. The car wears Stinger inspired LED daytime running lights. On one hand, the S models will be getting new fog lamps in a tweaked front fascia, together with LED tail lights, and a couple of gloss black trim for the grille and the side sills.

The EX trim level, on the other hand, gets new leather sport seats and a new ambient interior lighting option. Moving up the higher trims, the SX will be dressed in two-tone red/black leather “European style” sport seats, and the SXL model will be a little more upscale with a new two tone bronze/black interior with Nappa leather.

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European-spec 2018 Kia Optima gets new engine options

After many years, Kia finally decided that they would get rid of the Optima’s former 1.7 liter CRDi engine to make way for their new 1.6 liter diesel engine. This new engine will be offered in the European spec model, and is substantially cleaner than its predecessor - thanks to the Selective Catalytic Reduction active emissions control technology, allowing it to meet even stricter rules than the ones applicable for the Euro 6d TEMP emissions standard.

As for output, the model develops 134 horsepower (100 kilowatts) and 320 Newton metres (236 pound feet) of torque. This gives it the exact same amount of output as its predecessor, but with 4 Newton metres (3 pound feet) less torque.

Meanwhile, if you prefer a gasoline engine, you’re in luck because Kia plans to introduce a turbocharged 1.6 liter unit with 177 horsepower channeled to the road through a seven speed, dual clutch automatic gearbox. This 1.6 liter will be positioned in between the naturally aspirated 2.0 liter and the more potent 2.0 liter turbo that you could get in the range topping model.

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Kia reveals the latest Niro, Optima Sportswagon Plug-In Hybrids in Geneva

Kia Motors has officially unveiled the plug-in versions of the Niro compact crossover and Optima Sportwagon at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Including the lithium-ion battery packs, both models will be covered by Kia’s 7-year / 100,000-mile warranty which could offer some assurance to hybrid shoppers who are interested in Kia but are also concerned over the brand’s limited history in the hybrid genre.

Michael Cole, Chief Operating Officer of Kia Motors says that the new Kia vehicles on display in Geneva highlight the ambition and increasingly broad appeal of the company and its cars. He further commented that new plug-in hybrid versions of the Niro and Optima Sportswagon will help Kia achieve its 2020 target to improve fuel economy by 25 per cent over 2014 levels.

Featuring more convenient options like touchscreen infotainment system that controls the hybrid system to show total range and nearby charging stations, Niro and Optima Sportswagon models are expected to go on sale in the third quarter of 2017.

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Euro-spec 2017 Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid confirmed for 2016 Geneva Motor Show

The all-new Kia Optima Plug-in Hybrid will likewise be premiered in the prestigious 2016 Geneva Motor Show. A key feature to this new vehicle is its new hybrid powertrain, which the company will introduce in all its D-segment line-up highlighting the company’s effort in providing low-emission options for buyers.

This new Optima Plug-in Hybrid can go 33 miles of pollution-free travel using an all-electric power, which is a longer pure electric range then pervious hybrid models. This is achieved by the higher battery capacity of the vehicle while a highly efficient 2.0-litre GDI (gasoline direct injection) engine provides additional power when needed.

This efficient combination results in a low CO2 emission of just 37g/km. Michael Cole, Kia Motors Europe Chief Operating Officer, stressed the need for Kia to join the hybrid market in Europe noting that hybrid sales for the last five years alone have more than doubled.

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The motoring world is abuzz with excitement on the March 1 global premier of the all-new Kia Optima Sportswagon during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. This would be Kia's first D-segment tourer, with the D-segment being the European Commission classification for large cars, and is inspired by the 2015 SPORTSPACE concept which made its debut last year during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Optima Sportwagon bears a striking resemblance to the well-received 2016 Optima Saloon in terms of exterior appeal and the premium interior. However, being a wagon, it has that added cargo capacity which makes it more practical and certainly more appealing to those tourer-inclined buyers. Michael Cole, Chief Operating Officer of Kia Motors Europe, explains that the Optima Saloon signals the brand's design-focused shift for its next generation vehicles.

The SPORTSPACE concept was just a prelude as to what Kia planned to do next with the high-successful Optima Saloon which is to morph it into a sporty station wagon to introduce more practicality and style. For the moment, this eye-catching Sportswagon seems to be specifically targeted to the European market.

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The enhanced 2017 Kia Optima Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), which comes with a new hybrid powertrain that aims to surpass the fuel economy of its predecessor by 10%, was launched at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show as one of Kia Motors America’s (KMA) EcoDynamics offerings.

2017 Optima Hybrid is equipped with the new driver assistance system, Eco-DAS, highlighting the car maker’s first use of Coasting Guide.

The purpose of the feature is to maximize fuel economy by instructing the driver about when to coast and brake through the instrument panel. The system has an icon that blinks for four seconds and gives off a one-time audible alert.

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Kia Motors America has added a new model to its ever growing line of eco-friendly vehicles with the 2017 Optima Plug-in Hybrid. Along with two other fuel efficient vehicles, the 2017 Optima Hybrid and the 2017 Niro Hybrid Utility Vehicle, this brings the number of models under its EcoDynamics eco-friendly sub-brand to three. This is however, the first PHEV offering from the brand and was unveiled during the 2016 Chicago Auto Show.

The 2017 Optima PHEV will have new features and will exhibit new technologies like a stronger and more intelligent telematics system and a hybrid engine that is even more powerful. It also carries improvements on its exterior and interior.

All of these give customers the best hybrid drive experience. According to Orth Hedrick, the company’s product planning vice president, it was important that the company’s offering included a plug-in hybrid as it is part of the plan to make sure that its whole product line would experience an increase in the fuel efficiency by as much as 25% by 2020.

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Marking Kia’s 7th straight year commercial spot appearance in Super Bowl, KIA collaborated with Academy Award-winner Christopher Walken this year to introduce its next generation Optima, a standout in the midsize sedan category amidst the mostly unremarkable offerings from other companies.

The commercial playfully titled “Walken Closet” is scheduled to be shown during the fourth quarter of the games. It is considered to be the flagship of Kia’s marketing campaign across multiple platforms and will push the 2016 all-new Optima to the spotlight with its refined and sophisticated features, a sharp contrast to other cars in the same category that can best be described as dull and uninspired.

As everyone knows, there is no one quite like Christopher Walken, whose acting skills and breadth of roles across all movie categories easily make him one of the most recognizable actors globally. This makes Walken the perfect ambassador for the all-new 2016 Optima as they’re two of a kind. In the commercial, Walken reveals that for him, there are only two kinds of people in world – those who monotonously blend with everyone else and those who want more than just the ordinary.

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Satire and comedy are about to come together with the new television commercial for the Kia Optima sedan. This is because NBA All-Star Blake Griffin has been tapped to be the face of four commercials for what is considered as the “official vehicle of the NBA.”

Griffin will be playing four different roles in the commercial series – as a chess player, as someone trying to make the perfect jelly-and-peanut-butter sandwich, as an ordinary person looking through a newspaper, and a weather forecaster reporting on an impressive basketball performance.

All throughout the commercials, Griffin will attempt to maintain a perfectly calm demeanor. The commercials, which will be posted also in digital and social media avenues, are set to be introduced during Kia’s NBA Tip-Off 2015.

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Kia Motors Europe unveiled the Kia Optima GT to the public for the first time. What makes it different from the previous Optima models is that the Optima GT has a more athletic design both on the interior and exterior. When officially released, the Optima GT will have a bolder body style, new design for its wheels, and redesigned ‘tiger-nose’ grille.

The interior has the same high-quality and refined feel in standard versions. However, the execution this time is more dynamic giving no doubt as to the car’s real sporty character. The on-road performance of the Optima GT has also been made more dynamic.

Though the production-model of the Optima GT is still in development, the new model being shown is the result of the collaborative effort of Kia’s European R&D center located in Rüsselsheim, Germany, and the Namyang, Korea-based global R&D centre.

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At last, the 2016 Kia Optima was unveiled at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, a game-changing midsize sedan that will continue the success of the current model. Regarding the design, the 2016 Optima retains the identity of the outgoing model, but at the same time is a move forward in order to keep the car modern and fresh.

Kia extended the wheelbase of the new Optima by 0.4 inches, to 110.4 inches, while the width was increased by 1.0 inch to 73.2 inches. According to the manufacturer, these modifications bring more headroom, shoulder room and rear seat leg room, as well as more cargo capacity in the trunk.

The 2016 Kia Optima SX and SXL trims get the company’s tiger-nose grille that is hot stamped and composed into a sophisticated pinpoint design, inspired by the K900 flagship sedan. In addition, the new Optima receives Kia’s first application of bi-functional HID headlights with available Dynamic Bending Lamps and High Beam Assist.

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Kia intends to uncover the new Kia Optima T-Hybrid (turbo hybrid) concept at the 2014 Paris Motor Show on October 2. This version of the Optima features the first application and demonstration of the Kia new mild hybrid powertrain. To start with, the Kia Optima T-Hybrid concept is powered by a 1.7-liter CRDi turbo-diesel engine found on the diesel-run Optima. It is complemented by a small electric motor powered by a 48V lead-carbon battery.

Just recently, Kia provided a glimpse of the diesel-electric powertrain concept at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. This mild hybrid powertrain allows the Optima T-Hybrid concept to run in electric-only mode at low speeds and when cruising. During deceleration, a system allows the battery pack to be recharged.

Kia chose to use lead-carbon batteries for the mild hybrid powertrain since they don’t need to be cooled actively and are easier to recycle at the end of the unit’s lifecycle. Further advancements found on the Optima concept are a zero-emission stop-start system and a new belt-driven starter generator that takes the place of the conventional alternator to achieve a noiseless and vibration-less engine restart.

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Kia officially announced that the Optima T-Hybrid Concept will be unveiled next month at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. The new Optima Turbo-Hybrid uses 1.7-liter CRDi turbodiesel engine as well as a small electric motor that takes its energy from a 48V lead-carbon battery pack. Just like any other hybrid vehicle, Kia says that its Optima T-Hybrid Concept can be driven in the electric-only model at low speeds and when cruising.

What’s more interesting is that the vehicle features lead-carbon batteries instead of the popular lithium-ion batteries. Why? Because lead-carbon batteries do not require any active cooling and are easier to recycle.

Moreover, the South Korean manufacturer says that its hybrid system allows the installation of an innovative electric supercharger for the CRDi engine, in addition to the conventional turbocharger in order to boost torque and engine response.

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Kia Optima received some upgrades for the 2015MY but don’t expect design changes as there are none. Still, the 2015 Kia Optima arrives with a Smokey Blue metallic paint, as well as the Sparkling Silver and Platinum Graphite which replace the Bright Silver and Metal Bronze, respectively.

Moreover, the acoustic laminated windshield which was offered only on the Optima SX Limited is now available across the Optima lineup for 2015.

Same engines are available on the 2015 Optima: a 2.4-liter GDI four-cylinder or a 2.0-liter GDI turbo engine. Kia offers the 2.0-liter turbo GDI engine on the SX and the SX limited, while the LX, EX and SX models get the 2.4-liter GDI engine.

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Kia Motors America (KMA) has unveiled the 2014 Optima Hybrid at the Chicago Auto Show. Building on the advancements of the gasoline-powered Optima, the new Optima Hybrid mid-size sedan is one of three environment-friendly vehicles that Kia unveiled at the show. It will be offered with its own exclusive upgrades like updates on its front and rear fascia for higher aerodynamic efficiency.

Other upgrades include new wheel designs, and distinct grille and lighting elements. Customers can avail of the new Optima Hybrid in LX and EX trims.

Design enhancements found on the conventional 2014 Optima have been further refined to increase the Hybrid version’s fuel economy. For instance, Kia introduced aerodynamic improvements by adding more vents in the Optima Hybrid's distinct front bumper, thereby increasing airflow and reducing drag.

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2014 Kia Optima was treated to slight updates to keep up with the swiftly changing family sedan class. In a statement, Kia revealed that the 2014 Kia Optima has a base price of $22,300 (which includes destination costs) for the LX model with a six-speed automatic transmission. This is $150 higher than the 2013 model.

The Optima is already a very stylish midsize sedan but Kia gave it a subtly redesigned front and rear fascias together with new alloy wheels. Its interior also got several revisions, including new brushed metal, black high gloss, and chrome trim all through the interior. It has been fitted with a bigger 4.2-inch LCD information screen for the gauge cluster. The SX Turbo models get a revised D-shaped steering wheel.

There are four trim levels available for the 2014 Kia Optima. At the bottom is the LX model that’s priced at $22,300. The price tag on the EX model says that it is $24,700 ($250 more expensive than the current model). The EX features a standard keyless entry and pushbutton start system aside from its previously standard features such as leather seats and dual-zone climate control. Even if the SX model was formerly only offered with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the 2014 SX comes with the same 200hp, 2.4-liter four-cylinder as LX and EX models.

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At the 2013 New York Auto Show, Kia unveiled the 2014 Optima, a refreshed version of its popular mid-size sedan that features updated front and rear fascias. Available in LX, EX, SX and SX-Limited trims, the Kia Optima will arrive in Kia retails showrooms in the third quarter of this year. As we said, Kia updated the front and rear ends with a new tabbed grille, striking front LED positioning and fog lights, a new rear diffuser and a sweeping trunk lid.

Moreover, the 2014 Optima comes with newly designed LED rear lamps. Inside, the 2014 Optima offers two new displays: a 4.3-inch TFT LCD instrument cluster and optional high-resolution 8-inch navigation and telematics screen, featuring UVO eServices, an 8-speaker Infinity sound system, HD Radio, SiriusXM Satellite Radio and SiriusXM Traffic.

The seats were also updated in order to ensure a comfortable drive in the powerful and spirited sedan, while an optional new Blind Spot Detection (BSD) system, which includes rear cross-traffic alert and rear parking sensors, improve convenience and peace of mind. Every 2014 Optima promises to offer a generous roster of standard features. As a result, the Optima LX offers dual exhaust with chrome tips, solar glass, exterior mirror turn signal indicators, front fog lights, exterior heated mirrors, chrome accented exterior door handles and new 16-inch alloy wheels fitted with 205/65R16 tires and a six-speed automatic transmission.

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Kia’s Optima Hybrid for 2013, which will be available with numerous powertrain refinements, is expected to be critically praised similar to the ones that came before it. The Optima midsize sedan has earned awards for Kia Motors America because of its excellent design, performance and value. The Optima Hybrid that came out in 2011 ushered in a new standard of efficiency to the name plate.

Kia has announced that the updated 2013 Optima Hybrid uses a powertrain that’s more performance-driven and fuel-efficient. It also comes with premium features as well as offers a bigger cargo space. The 2013 Optima Hybrid offers smoother handling and has improved drivability due to its more powerful 47 HP electric traction motor, a stronger Hybrid Starter Generator (HSG) and a more robust 47 kW Lithium Polymer battery.

Even if the combined 199hp rating is a bit lower than before and was dropped from 206, the combined 235 lb-ft of torque is much higher (than the 195 lb-ft it produced previously). The result is an Optima Hybrid that has more power and is more responsive. The Optima Hybrid is offered in two trim levels: base and EX.

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The sixth super hero from the Justice League that Kia will pay a tribute to is Superman. This will be the sixth one-off Kia Optima patterned after a super hero. To make this possible, Kia teamed up with the Super Street magazine staff. It got a stock 2013 Optima Hybrid and gave it some muscular flared fenders.

It was then painted using Superman’s colors. Most of the vehicle is painted blue but there’s a metallic red stripe around the side windows and out over the rear fenders to remind us of Kal-El’s cape. In addition, Superman’s logo is stamped on the hood. In a press release, Kia said that the beveled red grille supposedly resembles Superman’s belt, while red-tinted headlamps “glow with the same intensity” of Superman’s heat vision.

Kia isn’t just doing this for kicks. Kia is also hoping to raise awareness and possibly raise funding for DC Entertainment’s We Can Be Heroes campaign, which seeks to relieve the suffering of families in the Horn of Africa who face famine and drought.

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A Batman-inspired Optima will go on display this week at the Time Warner Center. Kia Motors America (KMA) partnered with DC Entertainment and RIDES magazine in creating this model. This signals the start of a 10-month team-up based on the iconic characters in the Justice League. The Kia super hero vehicles are influenced by the artistry of comic book icon, Jim Lee.

They are meant to raise awareness of DC Entertainment's a giving campaign dubbed "We Can Be Heroes", which is a relief effort aimed at fighting hunger in the Horn of Africa ( Kia's top-of-the-range Optima SX Limited matches Batman’s dark and mysterious personality. It gets advanced technology and premium features in a sleek, bold design personalized with several distinctive Batman elements.

Kia, DC Entertainment and RIDES magazine worked together to design and assemble the Batman-themed Optima. The exterior was transformed, using a matte- and piano-black paint scheme, a radically lowered coilover suspension and muscular ground effects kit, big Ksport performance brakes for extreme stopping power, custom-designed 20-inch black wheels and a performance exhaust system.

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