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Two newly built Koenigsegg Agera Final Editions to appear at 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Hearing the words “Koenigsegg Agera” immediately brings music to the ears of hypercar fans and enthusiasts. After all, Koenigsegg Agera has been lording it all over the world of hypercar for already around eight years. Now, Koenigsegg is marking the end of the Agera era with two new final examples – the Thor and the Vader.

Actually, Thor and Vader are part of a three-example Koenigsegg Agera Final Edition series. The Final Edition series designation was applied to the three last Agera models in March 2016, with permission from their respective owners. The first of the Agera Final Edition series has already been built and shipped to its owner, while Thor and Vader were just recently completed this by Koenigsegg’s expert team at the carmaker’s factory in Angelholm, Sweden. In a sense, Thor and Vader are the real final examples of the Koenigsegg Agera.

Both Thor and Vader Final Editions are based from the Koenigsegg Agera RS. Interestingly, all options that were availed by the owners of these final Agera models were provided at no extra costs and charges. Even the many aerodynamic elements installed in Thor and Vader were at no additional cost.

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Christian von Koenigsegg claims that 300 mph is possible for the Agera RS

Not that long ago, we witnessed the Koenigsegg’s Agera RS set the record as the fastest street-legal production car in the world. It took the title after proving itself on a long stretch of road in Nevada, with a two-way average speed of 277.9 miles per hour (444.6 kilometers per hour).

Another record it broke was the highest speed recorded on a public road, with 284.55 miles per hour (457.49 kilometers per hour). But would you believe the automaker if it claims that this vehicle could push itself even further - to 300 miles per hour (482.8 kilometers per hour)?

Currently, it would be the Agera RS’ tires that would be the biggest challenge for it to be able to hit 300 miles per hour. But with the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that it was equipped with, the Agera RS was able to hit 284.55 miles per hour. This means to say that when fitted with regular tires that are meant to be used on the street and without the use of unique compounds or racing slicks, the Agera was able to perform outstandingly.

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Bugatti Chiron loses title of fastest road-legal production car to Koenigsegg Agera RS

Bugatti is no longer the automaker that carries the fastest street legal production model after the Chiron was overtaken by no other than the Koenigsegg Agera RS. The new champion posted an average speed of 277.9 miles per hour (444.6 kilometers per hour) after doing two runs going in opposite directions as part of the Guinness’ requirements. It was Niklas Lilja, Koenigsegg’s factory driver, who was behind the Agera’s wheel when he broke the record at Pahrump, Nevada. All the figures were recorded and verified by Racelogic during the run last Saturday.

A couple of months ago, Koenigsegg was already talking about taking the crown from the Bugatti, which had Chiron’s 0-240-0 record. Drive Tribe had provided some of the details of the record-breaking feat. It reported that Agera RS was in Nevada, where it was put through a number of tests on a closed section of a road somewhere between Las Vegas and Pahrump. To make this possible, the Swedish automaker had to get permission from the Nevada Department of Transportation so they could close the particular road for the high-speed run.

In 2010, an unrestricted Bugatti Veyron Super Sport made a record of 267.81 miles per hour (431 kilometers per hour) at Volkswagen Group’s Ehra-Lessien test track. It was driven by Pierre Henri Raphanel, who was the automaker’s official test driver. It wasn’t long after that moment that a road-legal production model, which was the Veyron Super Sport World Record Edition, was launched. However, it had an electronic top speed limiter that lets it do just up to 258 miles per hour (145 kph) to preserve the integrity of the tires.

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Koenigsegg surprises New York with bespoke Agera RS1

Koenignegg surprises us by revealing another model of the Agera. It has only been weeks ago that the Agera RS Gryphon was released at the Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed the Agera RS1, this model is commissioned by an American owner and his son who have been intensely involved in the specifications and the design of the car.

The RS1 looks so gorgeous with its Arctic White exterior paint with carbon fiber accents all over - black side intakes and a black stripe that runs along the roof of the car, combined with blue canards, calipers and side strakes. The cabin is finished with the same shade of blue in alcantara which contrasts with the polished carbon fiber and black anodized aluminum. It also has aerodynamic features as you would see on a standard Agera RS. This includes the integrated front spoiler, the side skirts, and of course, the rear wing.

Similar to other Koegnisegg models, the RS1 comes with a removable roof that is lightweight and can be stowed in the luggage compartment under the hood of the car. Up to date with technology, this includes a digital entertainment system, a climate control, Bluetooth integration, electric carbon fibre sports seats and many more features.

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Four thousand, three hundred and sixty. Nope, it’s not just a number. Koenigsegg showed off all its rivals at this year’s Motor Show as its three cars have outputs that add up to a total horsepower of 4,360. That is equivalent to 3,251 kilowatts. It sure can light up a whole motor show!

Ok, so what are those three cars, you ask? After introducing the prototype last year, Koenigsegg showcased the first two customer Regeras, fresh from their factory in Angelholm, Sweden.

The first of the two sports an iconic green carbon fiber finish that represents the British Racing Green. Its interior, from the seats, the door panels, all the way to the dashboard is a basket-weave like leather in light Saddle Brown. The sleek design and the colour combination kind of gives it an ironic vintage-modern feel to it. Very unique, unlike your usual sports car.

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On its own, the Koenigsegg Regera is already a masterpiece. One major reason is found under the hood -- the twin-turbo V8 engine capable of 1,500 hp (1,118 kW).

With its three electric motors, the Regera is guaranteed to offer the highest possible output for a production hybrid model.

Koenigsegg is upping the ante by offering two production versions of the Regera during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

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Have you ever heard of the name Kris Singh? If you’re passionate about cars, you’ve probably come across this name at some point while you scour reports about the latest and the rarest supercars to be built. Kris Singh is actually an American businessman who works as a Managing Director for Tequesta Investments, a Florida-based investment firm. His net worth? Well, let’s just say it’s roughly around $200 million dollars. Amazed already? Wait ‘til we get to the juicy bits.

He’s basically filthy rich and what exactly do rich people like him do with their excess cash? Apparently, he has a keen eye for excellent rides and has a penchant for collecting cars. He used to be one of your typical car collectors but in January 2014, he made international headlines after he purchased one of four brand new ultra-rare Lamborghini Venenos.

The car is by far the most expensive production car to date but Singh and three others were lucky enough to get their hands on it. It was required for Kris and the other owners to pay for the car in 2012 before they even got the chance to see how it looked like; they bought the car for $4.11 million and were then flown out by Lamborghini on a private jet to the 2014 Geneva show where they finally laid their eyes on the Veneno. A few weeks after the event, the cars were then delivered to their rightful owners.

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Koenigsegg Automotive AB is proud to reveal the "Agera Final," a bespoke limited edition. As the name implies, it will be the last version of the Agera model line and only three units will be made. All three have been sold even before it was announced at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

The Agera RS has been a major contributor of the company’s success and was first unveiled during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The 25 units, which were set for production, were sold within 10 months. This made the Agera RS the fastest selling model in the company’s history.

"Agera Final" celebrates this success and is a fitting end to the Agera model line. Under the Agera Final program, owners will be given the opportunity to provide input to the design and even the specifications of the customized parts.

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There was a recent report about a Koenigsegg Agera R being involved in an accident in China. Although, it was initially difficult to get more details on the model of the car involved, it was later confirmed that a chassis #082 Koenigsegg Agera R had crashed in Chongqing city in China.

The Swedish hypercar allegedly was being driven at a high speed when the driver suddenly lost control. The aerial photos of the incident show evidence of fluid around fifty metres on the highway’s right side with the car coming to a halt in proximity to the central reservation.

In the photos, it appears that no other vehicles have been damaged but this has yet to be confirmed. This particular model was probably from the first batch of China’s imported Koenigsegg Agera units and one that served as a model in the early promotional pictures used by Koenigsegg.

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An Agera R has been put up for sale, providing a rare opportunity for car aficionados and collectors to acquire one of Koenigsegg’s most prominent automobiles. The car, labeled as Unit #105, is the last Agera R model ever produced. This means that the car is a recent specimen, and employs the latest technologies Koenigsegg has come up with for its hypercars.

These include the signature brake and ABS system, in addition to the ESP and TC systems found inside the car. Other revolutionary features are the Koenigsegg Aircore Carbon wheels and the new Koenigsegg/Sima gearbox.

The gearbox is noted for its excellent shifting and comfort in using. The paint in this particular specimen by the Agera R by Koenigsegg has openly been inspired by the Speed Racer theme.

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Besides the Regera, Koenigsegg also brought to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show the new Agera RS, an updated version of its well-known model that offers a new level of performance. Using advanced technology from the One:1 program, the Agera RS maintains all the features and functionalities of previous S and R models, but also keeps the Agera’s everyday usability such as the luggage compartment, rear window as well as the detachable and storable hardtop.

The Agera RS arrives with a lightweight sound insulation, a new front splitter optimized on the track, front winglets, side skirts, an advanced dynamic underbody flap system and a dynamically active rear spoiler, which can generate 450 kg of down force at 250 km/h or 155 mph. In addition, there are improved side air outlets located behind the front wheels.

Compared with the standard model, the Agera RS is more powerful, while the rpm limit was increased. Despite the additional functionality and equipment, Koenigsegg managed to lower the curb weight using advanced chassis and body composites and lay-up.

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Koenigsegg announced that its Agera One:1 hypercar will make its dynamic debut at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed. For those who don’t know, the Koenigsegg Agera One:1 was unveiled back in March at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, but at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed the Swedish carmaker will bring not one, but two vehicles.

One of them will be driven in the Michelin Super Car run Lord Mach’s event, while the other one will be on display at Michelin’s booth. The Agera One:1 is Koenigsegg’s masterpiece, a hypercar that has a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1. The vehicle is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine that delivers 1341 hp (986 kW) and has a weight of just 1341 kg.

According to Koenigsegg this is the world’s first Megacar, because it has a 1:1 power to curb weight ratio. The Agera One:1 uses a 7-speed gearbox and an electronic differential and it is able to accelerate from 0 to 400 km/h (248.5 mph) in just 20 seconds and it is able to stop from that speed in just 10 seconds.

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In order to mark its 20th anniversary, Koenigsegg introduced at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show the new Agera One:1 a.k.a. world’s first Megacar. Why One:1? Because this is the first car in the world that has a 1:1 power to curb weight ratio homologated production car (1,341 kg/ 1,341 hp).

Under the hood we find the revised 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that generates 1,341hp (986 kW) and an impressive 1,371 Nm (1,011 lb-ft) of torque.

Why Megacar? Because it generates 1 Megawatt of power and it is again a first for a homolohated production car. According to Koenigsegg, top speed was not a priority as this is a track-focused car. Still, it is not slow as it achieved a simulated top speed of over 440 km/h or 273 mph.

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At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Koenigsegg brought the Hundra, a unique one-off Agera S built for an excited car collector. Based on the right-hand drive Agera S, the Koenigsegg Hundra whose a clearcarbon finish, 24 carat gold leaf inlays, creating an intriguing mix of traditional and hi-tech craftsmanship.

Under the impressive design, we find the standard 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, developed in-house by Koenigsegg and capable to deliver 1030 hp and 1100 Nm of torque. With a total weight of 1400 kg, the Hundra is not as fast as the Agera R, but still the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) is made in 2.8 seconds while the 0-186 mph (300 km/h) -0 is made in an impressive 22.5 seconds.

The Koenigsegg Hundra has a price tag of $1.6 million plus local taxes and it is likely to see it in Hon Kong as the lucky guy who bought it is currently living there.

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Koenigsegg launched the 2013 Agera at the Geneva Motor Show, unveiling eight new features that are simply awesome. The Agera R models of the Swedish exotic automaker use the world’s first hollow, one-piece carbon fiber wheel. Koenigsegg has developed this distinctive wheel via a proprietary method named Aircore Technology.

These new wheels will save 44 lbs in unsprung mass. Actually, the tire valve is the only metal part on the entire wheel. The world’s first production engines with nano-surfaced cylinder sleeves are offered in both the Agera and the Agera R.

The other modifications that enhance the performance changes include a newly developed engine management system, a slight increase for the rev limiter from 7250-rpm to 7500-rpm, and a power increase from 940-hp to 960-hp on 93-octane fuel or 1115-hp to 1140-hp on E85. For its suspension, Koenigsegg has partnered with Öhlins Racing again.

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Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg has finally divulged the details of the Agera R and its high-speed ski box that were unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The Agera R can sprint from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in only 2.9 seconds, while going from zero to 200 km/h (124mph) takes just 7.5 seconds. 

Going from zero to 200-0 km/h (0-124mph-0) is accomplished in only 12.7 seconds, due partly to its ventilated carbon ceramic brakes. It also boasts of a top speed of over 420 km/h (261 mph).

Powering the Agera R is a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 engine that generates 1,115hp at 6,900 rpm when running on E85 ethanol. The car also runs on 95 octane petrol (940HP), or 98 octane (1,050HP).

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Koenigsegg announced that at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show will bring the mighty Agera R, an extreme version of the Agera supercar. The car will be powered buy an impressive 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine delivering 1,115 horsepower and 885 lb-ft of torque on E85, while using the 95-octane gasoline you will get ‘only’ 940 hp.

The engine is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Although no numbers were released, the car is expected to hit 60 mph (96 km/h) in just three seconds and a top speed of 250 mph or 402 km/h, which means that the Bugatti Veyron Supers Sport will be the car you will see it in front of you when you will hit the top speed.

Regarding the design, the car will come in an interesting paint scheme which was requested by the owner. Also, the owner of this beauty is a skier and as you can see the car also features a custom carbon fiber roof box developed in conjunction with Thule.

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For those who don't know, Koenigsegg will celebrate 15 years of making supercars and in order to do that the manufacturer released its latest masterpiece, the Koenigsegg Agera.

The name Agera, comes from the Swedish verb "to act" and has been chose by the manufacturer because it symbolizes Koenigsegg's intentions to strive forward and seek new challenges beyond limitations.

Then name also comes from Greek word Ageratos, which in ancient Greek means "ageless". New Agera uses the same shape and concept of the Koenigsegg CC, created 15 years ago but it feels and performs like something belonging to the future, with all new content.

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