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Automobili Amos Delta Futurista is a reborn Lancia Delta Integrale with heavy modifications

Finally, someone thought and succeeded in reviving back to life one of the legends of rallying -- the Lancia Delta Integrale. This comes months after another rallying icon – the Lancia Stratos -- was resurrected by Manifattura Automobili Torino from the skeletons of a Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Now, Automobili Amos is introducing the heavily reworked Lancia Delta Futurista.

The Lancia Delta Futurista is derived from a 1989 Lancia Delta Integrale. Eugenio Amos and his company Automobili Amos embarked on a project to create a car that is “pure, analogic, raw, and essential,” in contrast to today’s vehicles that heavily employ computer.

Amos’ pet project employs the chassis of the 1989 Lancia Delta Integrale as the base. From there, the company worked to make the Delta Futurista stay faithful Lancia heritage in terms of overall. While keeping in line with Lancia’s iconic looks, the Delta Futurista has nearly everything updated. Amos called Delta Futurista as his “romantic vision,” as he has been in deep adoration with the original model since he was just seven years old.

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You need to have at least $720K to get your hands on the newly revived Stratos

At next month’s 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT) will showcase the revival of the iconic Lancia Stratos. Getting your hands on the New Stratos alone, which is only available in 25 examples, will be very costly.

According to Automotive News Europe, one of those will set you back 500,000 euros (around $618,000 at current exchange rates). But even if you have that amount of money, you still won’t get the New Stratos, not unless you supply a Ferrari 430 Scuderia donor car. Currently, that car has an estimated value of $108,821, according to Kelly Blue Book.

Once you’ve provided MAT with everything they need, they will chop off 7.9 inches (200 millimeters) out of the Ferrari’s wheelbase, while adding a modified intake and exhaust. The 4.3 liter V8 engine will not be able to carry out 533 horsepower (397 kilowatts), from its original output of 503 horsepower (375 kilowatts). If this is not powerful enough for you, then you can go for additional options that will boost its power to as much as 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts).

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1974 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale up for grabs

Lancia Stratos has long been recognized to be an Italian motorsport icon. Even if it was a road-going rally car, it was accredited to be part of the World Rally Championship held in 1974. Not only did it win the Group 4 championships on its first year but also won the two years after that. Under the homologation standards, it was important that 500 units be scheduled for production. However by 1978, only 492 such units rolled off the production line.

Like any limited production models, finding a well-kept unit is not only almost impossible. But when one is available, it is shockingly expensive. Those who are looking for a Lancia Stratos are in luck as a pristine version of this rare rally car has recently been listed on Bring a Trailer. This website is a platform to sell classic and vintage cars online.

As of this writing, the highest bid for the 1974 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale stands at $360,000. There are still five days left for the auction so there remains the possibility of the price going up.

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Rare Bertone Lancia Stratos watch has just been sold on eBay

Renowned Italian coachbuilder Bertone designed the surreal Lancia Stratos Zero Concept that was displayed at the Turin Motor Show. It showcased a different dimension with its futuristic concept, a deviation from the production model that bears the same name, but it was still as eye-catching as ever. Due to its one of a kind aesthetic, it even made a cameo appearance at the 1998 Michael Jackson movie titled Moonwalker.

The fully-functioning prototype was powered by a Lancia V4 engine that belts out a robust 115hp with 2 twin-choke Solex carburetors located under the crazy triangle-shaped engine cover in the center of the concept car. The futuristic design also flaunted a row of headlights across the front with 55 watt bulbs. Its turn signals were consecutive, going from the center to its edges.

Also, the back ribbon of lights has a strip of 84 mini bulbs. Inside, the seats had a near horizontal position, with its windshield extended overhead to provide a great view of the road and of the sky above. The revolutionary instrument panel, positioned to the left, displayed info in green acrylic glass. But the impressive bit that comes with this original concept is that it also generated a range of limited edition watches a few years later after it was displayed.

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Lancia recently took out its European websites except for one, that of course is the Italy-based website, which is where they originate. According to recent reports, the company is not selling any more of their vehicles outside Italy - that gives you another reason to visit the country if you are a fan of the brand. Though there has not been an official statement from the company, the rumours seem pretty much accurate.

We have to admit that we saw this coming. The fact that its parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles hasn’t really been taking care of the brand, and has not really marketed the brand globally. Let us be honest, how often do you hear about Lancia developing new models?

Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and other EU countries currently display this on their websites “Thank you for your interest in Lancia. Already own a Lancia? Click here for after-sales service”. Smaller countries such as Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, on the other hand, do not have an official site for Lancia.

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles chief executive Sergio Marchionne has decided to build and market only a single model for the Lancia nameplate within two years. Fiat Chrysler plans to sell Lancia’s sole model – the Ypsilon -- only in Italy. Lancia, which allure has slowly faded in time -- became expendable in Fiat Chrysler’s quest to gain global recognition and volume.

Gianluca Spina, dean of Milan Polytechnic's business school, told Bloomberg that Marchionne’s decision to downsize Lancia is a rational decision for a global carmaker since the brand has no appeal outside Italy.

The Fiat Chrysler CEO is instead focusing on expanding its upscale Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands and on introducing Jeep vehicles around the world as he bids to end the carmaker’s financial bleeding in Europe and increase its global profits.

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Aimed at the urban male buyers, the 2014 Lancia Delta hatchback saloon was seen at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show for their consideration. The updated hatchback saloon offers both style and personality. Its exterior gets side skirts, body-colored front and rear bumpers, and twin chrome exhaust pipes. On the other hand, the interior offers more sophistication and has glossy black trim on the central console and climate control display.

It also uses matt black trim on its steering wheel insert, instrument panel, buttons and central console. The 2014 Lancia Delta is 4.5 meters long and has an elegant and luxurious cabin. It features rear seats that can recline into chaise-longue. Furthermore, its upholstery has quality textures.

The saloon is fitted with a sliding rear seat with reclining backrest that can be tilted to 25°, increasing the space of the boot. It’s typically at 380 liters but increases to 465 liters with the sliding rear seats; and 724 liters when the rear seats are folded. Furthermore, the seat can be pushed towards the back and bent back to achieve absolute relaxation. With these features, it’s clear that the Lancia Delta is the only hatchback saloon to provide an adjustable the rear seat backrest and slid-able seats, making the ride very comfortable to its passengers.

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Lancia will unveil its 2014 Delta hatchback saloon at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The 2014 Lancia Delta is designed to attract male metropolitan customers who are seeking both style and personality. The exterior of the updated hatchback saloon features side skirts, body-colored front and rear bumpers, and twin chrome exhaust pipes.

The interior, meanwhile, is now more sophisticated and features glossy black trim on the central console and climate control display as well as matt black trim for the steering wheel insert, instrument panel, buttons and central console. Boasting a length of 4.5 meters, the 2014 Lancia Delta features a cabin that exudes both elegance and luxury, as evidenced by rear seats that can recline into chaise-longue.

In addition, its upholstery reveals quality textures. The saloon features a sliding rear seat with reclining backrest that can be tilted to 25°, allowing the spacious boot (380 liters; 465 liters with the sliding rear seats; and 724 liters with the rear seats folded) to become even roomier.

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The Lancia Ypsilon is now available with a new Elefantino trim level and comes with a starting price of 10,450 EUR. This is the model’s new entry level variant. With its affordable price tag, it is aimed at a younger group of people. It could be available in any of these colors: Neve White, Sabbia Beige, Pietra Grey, Aurora Purple, Turquoise and Turquoise/Vulcano Black two-tone.

All of these come with a glossy black tailgate. The door mirror covers come with several fuchsia elements. It also gets body-colored door handles and original-colored wheel hub caps. Its interior gets leather steering wheel and gear knob and black fabric seats with fuchsia stitching. The dashboard gets chrome finishes.

The following features are standard: electric front windows, door opening remote control, height-adjustable driver seat, 50/50 split rear seat, climate control, 15-inch steel wheels and radio with CD/MP3. For safety, this model features ABS with EBD, front/side airbags and ISOFIX attachments. Buyers can ask for the Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino with the base 1.2-liter engine that delivers 69 HP (51 kW), a 0.9-liter Turbo TwinAir with an output of 85 HP (62 kW), a 1.3-liter MultiJet with a rating of 95 HP (70 kW), a 1.2-liter 69 HP LPG, or a 0.9-liter Turbo TwinAir Methane that produces 80 HP (59 kW), available from 16,500 EUR.

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We’re introducing the Lancia Voyager range, consisting of three trim levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum. This lineup, which is described by the company as the benchmark of the large MPV segment, is available with two engines. These are the new 178 HP 2.8L Euro 5 turbo diesel and the 283 HP 3.6L V6 Pentastar petrol engine.

Set to make its debut on the Lancia Voyager is the 2.8 common-rail turbodiesel engine with the unmatched 178 HP (131 kW) version. The engine is equipped with an impressive fuel supply system, which because of the maximum torque of 360 Nm produced on a highly extensive operating range (from 1,400 to 3,400 rpm), makes the vehicle more flexible and responsive in any driving condition.

The four-cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder and dual overhead camshaft with belt control comes with a high pressure 1,800 bar common rail injection system with piezo injectors and a variable geometry turbocharger.

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Chrysler won’t be shutting down Lancia, according to spokesman Scott Brown who denies rumors of its closure. Lancia will continue operations in Europe while the Epsilon will have its production in Italy and Chrysler will make the remaining models in North America. Marchionne said that Chrysler will make the Lancia Epsilon in Italy while the other models in the Lancia portfolio will be co-developed with the Chrysler Brand and those vehicles will be made in North America.

Brown said that there are changes but it won’t be the end of Lancia. German automotive news source Automobilwoche said that Lancia, the storied Italian automaker famous for building such fan favorites like the Stratos, 037, and Delta Integrale, might be discontinued.

It’s rumored too that Fiat will have a reorganization so that it can be more competitive against Mini and so that Jeep will expand its reach worldwide. Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne made the announcement during a recent conference call in Europe. If this is true, the most significant change to Fiat’s operations would be the discontinuation of Lancia, which has been doing poorly in the European market for several years.

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Lancia has launched the Flavia convertible, which is intended to add romance and incite more Italian flair. Lancia is Fiat’s near-premium brand. Saad Chehab, global head of the Chrysler and Lancia brands, believes that the Flavia cabriolet revives the La Dolce Vita spirit. In Europe, this four-seat convertible will be available with a soft-top roof.

In the U.S., this model is known as the Chrysler 200 cabriolet, which comes with a retractable hard top. Paolo Gagliardo, head of the brand for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said that Lancia is expecting this model to sell around 1,000 units in the second half in Europe. It also expects sales of between 1,600 and 2,000 in 2013.

The Flavia is available with a single trim level but buyers will get to choose from various color schemes for bodywork, interior and soft top. There are actually two other Chrysler models that were rebadged as Lancias in Europe. These are the Thema sedan and the Voyager large minivan, which both started selling last November. JATO Dynamics said that both of these models have failed to reach expectations.

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The new Flavia Cabrio stays within the stylistic realm of the Lancia brand and ensures an excellent driving experience unrivaled by others in its segment whether on long out-of-town trips or going on the daily routes. The Flavio Cabrio is an interpretation of the Chrysler 200 model that is being launched in Europe.

After having reaped praises from the public and from critics alike at the major motor shows, Lancia now offers the final version that is available starting in March from the primary markets in Europe. It is built at the Sterling Heights plant in Michigan (USA).

The Lancia convertible is a viable choice for consumers who enjoy the features of a coupé but don’t want to give up the perks of driving an open-air car. The new Lancia measures 4.9 meters long, 1.4 m high, and 1.8 m wide. It’s positioned at the top of segment D and it provides the best in interior space.

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The Lancia Ypsilon Black&Red Edition will be revealed on Dec. 3 at the 2011 Bologna Motor Show in Italy. Fiat Group has not exactly been impressing consumers with its sunroof edition. Its new Lancia Ypsilon has not been winning a lot of consumers over. This new edition is aimed at young males but it is only available with either a 1.2-liter engine that delivers 69 hp or 1.3-liter turbodiesel that has 95 hp.

It is offered in the following colors: Argilla Red, Vulcano Black, Fiamma Red and two-tone Argilla Red with Vulcano Black roof. Meanwhile, its interior has been given a two-tone red and black makeover. Its standard spec is equipped with a set of 15-inch alloys, an improved sound system and standard electric windows up front.

"Twenty-five years and more than a million and a half cars on the road later, the new Lancia "mini flagship" confirms the basic personality of previous versions, comprising a distinctive character that seduces with its good looks and elegance, boosted by cutting-edge technology applied to engines and comfort which not only delivers reduced emissions and consumption - thanks to technologies such as TwinAir, MultiJet II and Start&Stop - but also offers optimum comfort through features unique in this category, including the brand new "Blue&Me-TomTom LIVE" and the "Smart fuel" system, in addition to the innovative Magic Parking, Xenon headlights and LED tail lights. " said the press release.

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Lancia announced that the original Flavia Cabrio will go into production and will soon be launched in Europe. It will have the styling cues of the Chrysler 200 model. The Lancia convertible was well-received at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show where it was hailed as an excellent alternative for those who prefer a coupe but are not willing to give up the enjoyment of having an open-air car.

The Lancia Flavia Cabrio, which measures 4.9 metres in length, 1.4 meters in height, and 1.8 meters in width, is at the top of segment D.

It could carry as many as four adults and offers on-board comfort with a 276-cm wheelbase. The elegant and dynamic Flavia Cabrio features a sculpturesque front with an exceptional grille that has the Lancia logo and the original front headlights and fog lights.

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There are reports that Lancia has cancelled plans to produce the Flavia, a rebadged 200 that is also the brand’s smallest model. At the Geneva Motor Show, Lancia displayed three badge-engineered Chrysler models that were designed to fill open slots in Lancia’s range. The Flavia was showcased as both a four-door sedan and a convertible.

Meanwhile, the Thema was shown as a rebadged 300C. The third is the Grand Voyager, which is related to the North American Dodge. The three cars certainly appeared to be ready to go into production but Lancia had been cautious and referred to the Flavia as a concept.

It is rumored that the Flavia has been scrapped because it won’t be profitable enough, according to LeftLaneNews. The 200 evolved from the Chrysler Sebring, a model that European consumers have not widely supported. Critics assert that nothing will change if it gets a Lancia badge.

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The modern production version of the Lancia Stratos will not be a copy of the one-off model. Over 40 people from Europe and other countries have expressed interest in the 25 samples of the New Stratos being planned for a limited production run.

Italy-based car design company and coachbuilder Pininfarina had built a one-off running example based on the Ferrari 430 Scuderia running gear in 2010 to serve as a follow-up to a concept that came out in 2005.

At the New Stratos Web site, a statement reads that Pininfarina, together with “any other Ferrari-dependent suppliers,” was prevented from building a limited run of the cars by Ferrari.

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The alliance of Fiat and Chrysler in Europe introduces the fourth-generation Ypsilon, which serves as one of the benefits of the cooperation between the two companies.

Bearing the winged badge of Chrysler, the almost-premium subcompact will be the first Lancia model sold in Ireland and the UK since 1984. The return of the Lancia to these two markets is made possible through the alliance because Chrysler has 46 dealers in the area.

The right-hand-drive Chrysler Ypsilon will be put up for sale beginning in September, which is three months after the vehicle model's launch with a Lancia badge in mainland Europe.

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Olivier Francois, head of Chrysler and Lancia, confirmed that Chrysler had turned down the idea of bringing a Chrysler-badged version of the Lancia Ypsilon to the U.S. Francois was interviewed at the 2011 New York International Auto Show. He said that they rejected the idea because an Ypsilon-based Chrysler would be a close rival for the recently presented Fiat 500.

The Lancia Ypsilon will have two petrol engines: a 69 hp 1.2-liter unit and Fiat’s 0.9-liter TwinAir that could develop 85 hp.

There will only be one diesel engine that will be feature the 1.3-liter Multijet that develops 95 hp. Lancia will soon offer a bi-fuel 67HP 1.2-liter unit that will run on petrol and LPG. Stop and Start technology is featured on the engine as standard, while the TwinAir will also be offered with a DFN semi-automatic gearbox.

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The order books for Lancia’s all-new Ypsilon in Italy have just opened. Delivery will start in June in major European markets. This September also marks the start of delivery of the Chrysler version of the car in the UK and Ireland.

The new-generation Ypsilon, which comes with a five-door body for the first time, is offered in three trim levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum). It will also be offered with a choice of 17 body colors (four are two-tone schemes), six upholsteries, three types of alloy wheels and three engine choices.

Initially, the citycar will be offered with two petrol engines - a 69 hp 1.2-liter and Fiat’s innovative 0.9-liter TwinAir that delivers 85 hp. For now, the only diesel in the lineup is the 1.3-liter Multijet that generates 95 hp.

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