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Music and nature inspire Lincoln Continental’s new Black Label Rhapsody interior theme

The interior of the new Lincoln Continental just got more stylish with the availability of a new theme – the Rhapsody. Of course, there is a reason why Lincoln chose to indulge the luxurious Continental with this new color theme.

Rhapsody will be the third theme that is available as part of the Black Label packages for the Lincoln Continental. It serves as the third option from Thoroughbred interior theme (black and brown) and the Chalet interior theme (cashmere and espresso). The premium brand calls the Rhapsody as a unique monochromatic interior with rich, layered tones of blue.

According to Lincoln, the Rhapsody Blue interior theme is founded in the world of music, sound and style. It was named after the famous classical (jazz) piece by American composer George Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue – to which the designers of the Continental were listening to while working on this theme. Lincoln adds that the deep hues of Rhapsody interior emulate the velvet sky of twilight as evening transitions into darkness. Marcia Salzberg, senior designer for color and materials, remarked that the Rhapsody interior theme simply captured the tempo of life for the Lincoln client.

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Lincoln stays competitive in China by meeting premium demands of the market

Signifying the importance of the Chinese auto market, some companies have recently introduced models that were specifically designed to meet Chinese preferences. One such car is the reborn Lincoln Continental. The new car is designed to be chauffeur-driven, with its long wheelbase and spacious rear seats, a fact that would be appreciated by the high-end Chinese customer this car is obviously designed for.

This premium treatment for the rear seat passenger is shown in the feel of the leather seats as well as a "chauffeur" button. Lincoln China deputy general manager of marketing Pei-Wen Hsu explains that Chinese customers have very high demands specifically in the areas of craftsmanship, fit and finish.

The new Lincoln was refined with those premium requirements in mind. The leather in Continentals for the Chinese market was made to feel tighter. This is because the American preference for plush seats is seen as sloppy by Chinese standards.

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2017 Lincoln Continental makes comeback in US, China markets

In a bid to bring luxury back to its fleet, the Lincoln Motor Company has decided to revive the much-loved Lincoln Continental Sedan. Through this full-sized sedan, Lincoln is offering not only luxury, but also comfort and unparalleled power and performance to clients in both the United States and China. Featuring a mix of contemporary design, safety features and impressive craftsmanship, the Continental sedan returns to the market starting fall of 2016.

According to Kumar Galhotra, Lincoln’s president, the company aims to give its corporate and high-end clients the personalized luxury and comfort that they need from their sedans. Galhotra said the decision to bring back the Continental is based on the brand name’s long-time association with being the pinnacle of every Lincoln vehicle’s luxury and beauty.

The moment a driver starts up the Continental, he or she is treated to a lighting sequence that’s known as the brand’s exclusive feature. The headlamps trigger the activation of a signature lighting scheme once it detects the driver and the car’s unique key. The lower front fascia and the rear portion of the sedan are subtly illuminated by LED lighting as well.

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Lincoln Continental Concept gets official ahead of 2015 New York Auto Show

Just ahead of the 2015 New York Auto Show, Lincoln took the wraps of its all-new Continental Concept. As expected, the new concept previews an all-new full-size sedan that will arrive next year and according to the company, the new Continental Concept blends meticulous craftsmanship and technologies.

The first visual impact with the new Continental Concept shows a sleek silhouette and a new centered chrome grille, as well as a raised Lincoln badge surrounded by a span of repeating polished aluminum Lincoln Star emblems. What’s more interesting is that the vehicle features the stylish E-Latch door handles.

Lincoln says that the doors open effortlessly with the touch of a button located on the underside of the door handle wings. Regarding the new technology found on the new concept, Lincoln says that the vehicle is sensing your approach and lights up to greet you inside and out. Moreover, the headlamps feature powerful LED matrix technology with laser-assist high beams.

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Observers noted the irony of North Korea's Kim Jong Il being brought to his final resting place on a 1975 or 1976 Lincoln Continental limousine hearse. He was known for his opposition to U.S. capitalism and yet, there are reports that he was a closet fan of American culture. It is believed that his collection of Hollywood films amounted to over 20,000 movies.

With many mourners on the side of the road, a procession of Lincoln luxury limos passed.

On the first Lincoln limousine is where Kim’s flag-draped coffin lies. The second had a giant poster with an image of the Dear Leader. And on the third limousine is a very big funeral wreath.

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Ford announced today that it is currently working on a flagship, large sedan that harkens back to the Continental as part of its effort to overhaul the Lincoln brand.

These plans were also confirmed by two dealers, who were at the Ford meeting. For those who don’t know, Ford executives began meeting with 900 representatives of 700 of its U.S. Lincoln dealerships at its Detroit area headquarters earlier Monday.

According to the latest reports, Ford wants to cut at least 200 Lincoln franchises in major metropolitan areas, in an attempt to inject more luxury into its last remaining premium brand.

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