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2017 Lincoln MKZ gets makeover to target younger generation [w/video]

2017 Lincoln MKZ is the latest entry into the fleet of Lincoln cars. It is an exemplary model that uses intuitive technology combined with distinctive design and efficient on-road performance, summed up by Lincoln as “quiet luxury.” Lincoln has focused on important areas like quality, performance and style which are the most sought-after qualities by present day luxury midsize sedan customers.

As stated by Kumar Galhotra, President of Lincoln, the new Lincoln MKZ has all the qualities that customers are looking for in a luxury midsize sedan – the latest technology that makes everyday travel easier, an eye-catching design, and impressive power output that make driving pleasurable.

All these attributes and many more make the new Lincoln MKZ a highly competitive member in the luxury car market. Buyers who are seeking a world of difference in the luxury car segment have been kept in mind while designing the new Lincoln MKZ.

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McConaughey ads return with 2015 Lincoln MKZ sedan on the focus

Matthew McConaughey is once again the star of a new set of ads for Lincoln. This time around, he is behind the wheel of an MKZ sedan, a shift from the MKC that he rode for the first set of spots. According to Lincoln, the new commercial will bear the same style and tone as the original McConaughey ads, which were able to gain a lot of attention largely because of the parodies by “Saturday Night Live,” Conan O’Brien, Ellen DeGeneres and others.

Andrew Frick, Lincoln’s group marketing manager, said in a statement, remarked that the response to the McConaughey ads “sparked truly great awareness for Lincoln.” He noted that McConaughey’s natural storytelling ability “perfectly complements” the Lincoln story.

The ads also proved a great help for Lincoln’s success so far this year. In the first 11 month of 2014, Lincoln posted a 15-percent surge in sales in the United States. Ford’s luxury brand launched the MKC in the spring and the model became its best-selling nameplate in November.

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Lincoln MKZ is not shortlisted for 2014 North American Car of the Year

A bungled launch of the Lincoln MKZ cost the Ford Fusion-derived luxury car the honor of being named one of the nominees for the 2014 North American Car of the Year. It could have eased the agony that the Lincoln went through just to be able to launch the car.

Four months passed before Lincoln finally had the chance to roll out the MKZ, no thanks to parts shortages as well as quality issues. The Lincoln MKZ was originally planned for launch last fall and Ford ran an aggressive successful campaign to have it on the ballot for the 2013 North American Car of the Year award.

But not for 2014, and the bungled launch was all to blame. Lincoln only managed to sell a few units in December, and it took until spring before the MKZ started posting significant sales. According to Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press auto critic and a member of the panel of automotive journalists that gives the award, the rule is that a vehicle cannot be on the ballot twice.

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New Lincoln ad campaign pits 2014 MKZ vs Lexus ES

Lincoln is launching an advertising campaign wherein its 2014 MKZ competes with Lexus. The campaign, which is themed "Luxury Uncovered," consists of commercials that will run through at least the end of 2013 and will be aired on prime time network and cable TV shows. The campaign will also be launched in social media networks.

Lincoln executives, however, have said that the commercials will not be aired during the 2014 Super Bowl, although the brand did run spot on this year's Super Bowl in advance of the launch of the redesigned 2013 MKZ. Lincoln is launching soon its MKC luxury compact crossover, although officials have yet to disclose when a production version will arrive.

Several of the new spots that feature the 2014 MKZ sedan show young couples on a couch in a studio asking some questions about the Lincoln MKZ and the Lexus ES.

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Sales of the Lincoln MKZ sedans were higher in April compared to the first quarter of the year combined, according to Ford Motor Co. This means that April is actually the best month ever for the MKZ. The increase is attributed to the recovery of the luxury brand from extensive delays to the model’s production and distribution.

According to Jim Farley, Ford's executive vice president of global marketing and the head of Lincoln, U.S. sales of the MKZ would be about 4,000 units. For the period from January to March, 3,758 MKZ units were sold. This is 47% lower than its sales in 2012. Farley also said Lincoln’s total sales will increase by at least 10%. Due to a revitalization plan, Lincoln is now known as the Lincoln Motor Co.

Ford as well as the other automakers is expected to post sales on Wednesday. The MKZ was launched in 2007 as a new name for the Zephyr sedan. In a conference call last Tuesday, Farley said that this is an encouraging sign but that there’s a lot more to be done. The launch of the 2013 MKZ was plagued with many obstacles, with several dealers reporting that customers were forced to wait for several months before they got the cars they ordered. The MKZs built in Mexico were sent to a facility in Flat Rock, Mich., to undergo quality inspections and repairs.

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Before Ford sends its Lincoln MKZ luxury sedans to dealerships, they will be shipped from its Hermosillo, Mexico plant to Flat Rock, Michigan, to undergo final quality validation, according to Bloomberg. Ford is doing this in order to avoid the recalls that afflicted its Escape and Fusion models. The Flat Rock plant assembles the Ford Mustang and several Fusion models, together with Hermosillo.

The same platform is used on the Lincoln MKZ and the Ford Fusion. Ford has declined to comment about the precise figure or portion of units that are sent from Hermosillo to Flat Rock as part of the enhanced quality validation process. Considering the high number of pre-orders for the model, the new 2013 Lincoln MKZ has gotten the highest amount of interest of any new model in the brand’s history.

Dealers were unable to cope with customer orders because of the lengthier quality-control process. It’s vital for Lincoln to have a popular model. January 2013 was its lowest sales month in over 30 years, with just 4,191 units sold.

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Lincoln will be offering cash assistance to its dealers in an effort to help them retain customers who experienced delays in receiving their Lincoln MKZ sedans. The payments are expected to help dealers compensate customers who rented cars after their leases expired or who had to extend their leases while they waited for their Lincoln MKZs.

Kevin Cour, Lincoln sales and service manager, acknowledged that a number of customers who have placed orders have extended their existing lease multiple months as they wait for their new vehicles. Cour said that the cash assistance will allow dealers to become financially flexible to take care of customers in a personal way. He said that Lincoln will assess how much of the dealers' total new vehicle business is attributable to the MKZ.

Then Lincoln will provide a payment relative to assessment. Ken Czubay, Ford vice president of US marketing, sales and service, told dealers last week that Lincoln had already shipped batches of MKZs from Ford’s Hermosillo plant in Mexico to its Flat Rock site in Michigan for quality inspections. Lincoln would do the same for all of the Hermosillo's Lincoln output from Jan. 28 to the week of Feb. 25, 2013.

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Ford’s Lincoln brand surely knows how to attract customers for its all-new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. It does so by flaunting its mileage advantage over its key competitors. Lincoln is really telling the truth, since the US Environmental Protection Agency has certified the MKZ Hybrid to deliver 45 mpg on city, highway and combined driving.

This makes the MKZ Hybrid a leader in mileage category among luxury vehicles in the United States. It is also leading against its key rivals in the luxury midsize sedan market. The MKZ Hybrid offers an advantage of 5 mpg city and 6 mpg highway over Lexus ES 300h; 18 mpg city and 13 mpg highway over Infiniti M35h; and 20 mpg city and 16 mpg highway over BMW ActiveHybrid 3.

It also boasts an advantage of 2 mpg city and 5 mpg highway compared to the smaller Lexus CT 200h. The 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid also boasts of being more fuel efficient than Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles.

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The new Lincoln MKZ sedan that will come out this fall will be going up against the very popular Lexus ES, a new rival. Lincoln’s brand managers said that the mid-sized 2013 MKZ has a retail price of $36,800, which includes freight. This makes it a bit more affordable than the Lexus ES, which was also redesigned for 2013.

Lincoln’s marketing strategies are targeted at new demographic groups as it aims to be aligned with a luxury import customer base. In addition, the brand is reforming its retail chain to acquire the type of concierge approach to customers that Lexus started in the early 1990s. From January to July, Lincoln sold 48,937 units in the U.S., a 2% drop.

Meanwhile, the overall market has improved by 14%. Lexus sales in the U.S. have recovered by 23% to 126,367 units this year after its inventory experienced shortages due to the impact of the earthquake in March 2011. Lexus is preparing a plan to boost the market position of the ES.

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By putting a $36,800 starting price on the 2013 Lincoln MKZ mid-sized sedan, Lincoln has made it go against the Lexus ES 350. Shipping charges are included in this price. Lincoln said that it has started to take dealer orders for the MKZ, which will arrive at showrooms in late fall. Lincoln’s Web site enables potential customers to configure their own MKZs.

The 2013 Lexus ES has a starting price of $37,600 (which includes shipping costs). Lincoln’s press release states that the MKZ offers more features and a starting price that’s lower than the new Lexus ES 350. The MKZ is offered in four trim levels -- Premiere, Select, Reserve and Preferred. The top-of-the-line Preferred package costs $45,125 (which includes shipping).

Lincoln’s MKZ Hybrid won’t have a premium price in line with the same principle used in the current MKZ. The highlights of this model include its retractable panoramic roof, which is an option available on all models for just $2,995. Lincoln chief designer Max Wolff, with his team, was tasked to design the MKZ. Lincoln has referred to the car as the first of a generation of new Lincolns that signifies the start of the brand’s reinvention.

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Today is a big day for Lincoln as the manufacturer unveiled the all-new MKZ, a car that marks a key milestone in brand’s reinvention. As expected, the 2013 Lincoln MKZ is a production version of the MKZ Concept unveiled back in January at the Detroit Auto Show. The design of the car looks really impressive and as you can see from the photo and features crafted headlamps that include energy-efficient LED lighting, new full-width taillamp graphic, rearview mirrors that stand on door-mounted, sculpted pedestals as well as a split-wing grille, which was first seen on the 1938 Lincoln-Zephyr.

At the interior, the MKZ features bold architectural elements, rich natural materials and fine details. Innovation is the word that describes the interior as the MKZ comes with a new contemporary five-button interface that replaces the traditional mechanical transmission shift lever.

The individual buttons of Push Button Shift engage Park, Neutral, Reverse, and forward gears in two modes, Drive and Sport. Moreover, the interior features a full-color 10.1-inch LCD instrument cluster operates with the latest version of SYNC with MyLincoln Touch.

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Making its global debut at the New York Auto Show is the 2013 Lincoln MKZ sedan that’s said to have been subjected to a redesign that will preview the future vision of the luxury brand. Many have remarked that the 2013 MKS sedan is not as sexy as the MKZ, which has made its debut and is already being shipped to showrooms.

The MKZ will start delivery towards the end of the year. A generous array of new electronic technologies is offered on both cars. Platforms are shared by all Lincoln cars and crossovers and their more common Ford counterparts. However, other luxury brands such as Mercedes and BMW don't need to share platforms with volume sister brands since their platforms are all dedicated ones.

But now, Lincoln’s engineers are confident of their technological expertise to put Lincolns into the same performance level as costly luxury imports but without having to do imitations.

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Production of the redesigned 2013 Lincoln MKZ sedan started last month but it’s faced with the formidable task of restoring the brand’s image as a competitive luxury brand. The production version is on display at the New York auto show. It’s in the small-luxury segment where many customers enter the luxury market.

Since its introduction as the 2006 Zephyr (which was renamed as the MKZ), it has fallen behind its rivals in the segment dominated by the BMW 3 series, Mercedes-Benz C class, Infiniti G and Cadillac CTS. GM is hoping that with the addition of new technologies, it will be able to close the gap. Some believe that the MKZ is just one of the steps for Lincoln.

It joins the updated MKS sedan and MKT crossover in the brand’s current offering. Lincoln will be offering seven new or revamped Lincoln products by the end of 2014. The MKZ is the first to demonstrate its new identity. C.J. O'Donnell, Lincoln group marketing manager, said that around 40% of present Lincoln sales are conquests.

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Ford Motor Co. is confident that the latest model Lincoln MKZ sedan that will arrive later this year will lead to incredibly high sales. The MKZ sedan features a retractable glass roof. You could view this vehicle on April 4 at the New York Auto Show. C.J. O'Donnell, the brand's marketing manager, said that by simply pushing a button, the 15-square-foot glass roof will recede over the MKZ's rear window.

He said that the resulting void that spans two-foot by two- and-a-half foot is the largest biggest opening of any glass roof in the car business. He said that this is part of a trend of moon roofs being replaced by so-called panoramic roofs." O'Donnell said in an interview that what people want is “to bring the outside in.”

He pointed out the trend in architecture and the design of increasing natural light in homes as well as in offices, restaurants, and hotels. Ford is optimistic that Lincoln will soon break records. Its sales fell by 63% since rising to a peak in 1990. O'Donnell said that "a signature design element” is needed for Lincoln’s move t to get younger, wealthier buyers to consider the seven new models that will be launched by 2015.

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The vehicle that was the most discussed at the Detroit Auto Show is the 2013 Ford Fusion. The exterior styling is what would catch people’s attention first and even upon closer inspection, it doesn’t have a bad line anywhere. On the other hand, the MKZ concept sedan from Lincoln is said to be its fraternal twin as they share Ford's new mid-sized, front-wheel drive, global platform.

This MKZ was supposed to be a reinvention but there was no hint of that. The problem it is that its front and rear overhangs seem to be identical and the wheelbase also seems to be the same.

There is a marked difference from General Motors’ vehicles such as the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, 2012 Buick LaCrosse and the 2013 Cadillac XTS that are all built on GM's front-wheel-drive Epsilon vehicle platform but have different dimensions. The overall length differs among the sedans, even the wheelbase. There are various lengths for the front and rear overhangs. This is why the silhouette on each car is unique.

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Lincoln had a clear task for the 2012 Detroit Auto Show: to unveil a new MKZ Concept and make a buzz with its new design language. Looking at the photos, we must admit that the American manufacturer did an impressive job and the new MKZ Concept will definitely outperform the competition. The new MKZ Concept hints at the production model that will arrive at the dealerships later this year.

The design shows a new interpretation of the split-wing grille, introduced on the 1938 Lincoln-Zephyr. The concept also features a panoramic glass roof spans uninterrupted from the windshield to the top of the backlight.

The rear of the car comes with an extremely thin and distinctive full-width taillamp graphic, while the exhaust tips are cleanly integrated in the rear fascia. The interior looks warm and inviting and comes with innovative features such as push-button transmission gear selection, an open, tiered center console and liquid crystal instrumentation.

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A Lincoln concept that displays the new styling direction for the brand will be unveiled this Tuesday at the Detroit Auto Show. This concept has got so many people excited since it’s supposed to signal the brand’s reinvention, according to Blue Oval insiders. This concept is basically the next-generation MKZ – the most affordably priced sedan from Lincoln.

The new car will be different from the existing car since it won’t be a dressed-up Ford Fusion. This has been what some of Ford’s officials, including Derrick Kuzak, Ford's global product guru, have been saying.

It will be built on Ford’s new global front-drive platform, which is also used on the Fusion, Ford Mondeo as well as several other models. The production version that will be released later this year will feature the greenhouse, sheet metal, luxurious interior, powertrain tweaks and technology. It will also bear different overall dimensions. In the future, some Lincolns’ wheelbase would be different.

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As you may know already, Lincoln is going to unveil a concept version of the upcoming MKZ sedan next week at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS). And this is not all, as the American luxury brand is going to use a new and alrger display are in order to highlight its relaunch. "This is the biggest statement Lincoln has ever made at an auto show," Max Wolff, Lincoln's director of design, said in a statement.

"Our NAIAS display represents more than a vehicle debut. It represents the reinvention of Lincoln," he added.

By 2014, Lincoln is going to add seven new or significantly modified vehicles to its lineup. The new MKS sedan and MKT crossover will go on sale this year and they will bring significant upgrades, but the new MKZ will be the first true all-new vehicle from the team created a year ago to completely overhaul Lincoln's lineup.

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Ford insiders said that this January at the 2012 Detroit auto show, Lincoln will debut its replacement for the current MKZ in concept form. Lincoln’s new design director Max Wolff, who transferred from Cadillac, was able to influence the MKZ’s styling. Instead of a dramatic departure, the model could be described as an evolution of the present design language.

A new platform will be used on the 2013 MKZ. This platform is also set to be used for the next Ford Fusion and the Mondeo, its European counterpart. The next MKZ will retain a front-wheel-drive platform, and will probably still offer optional all-wheel drive.

A hybrid version may be offered again to supplement a lineup of V-6 and turbocharged four-cylinder engines. The termination of Mercury in 2010 had allowed Ford to commit more resources to Lincoln.

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The arrival of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ will be delayed until the second half of the year, according to Ford Inside News. Ford is hard at work on the all-new CD4 platform where the Fusion, Mondeo and Lincoln MKZ will be built. But while the Fusion and Mondeo will arrive in the first quarter of next year, the MKZ had been delayed.

It’s not because of technical difficulties or a switch to a more economic engine. Rather, the primary reason for the delay is cosmetics.

The current generation Fusion and MKZ are clearly siblings, especially when you look at the side profile. The executives want the hybrid MKZ to have a different look compared to its standard sedan counterpart. There will likely be changes with the colors, the chrome hue for its grille, and other revisions that show off the efficiency.

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