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Lumma Design unveils new widebody kit for new Mercedes-AMG G63

While Mercedes-Benz is still gearing up to unveil the Mercedes-AMG G63 at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show this month, well-known tuner Lumma Design is already previewing a bespoke tuning program for the new AMG version of the Mercedes G-Class. This preview comes in the form of the new Widebody Lumma G-Class.

As its name indicates, the Widebody Lumma G-Class is fitted with a widebody kit, as complemented by heavy-duty alloy wheels and a number of performance upgrades. It is derived from the AMG G63, which boasts of delivering up to 585 hp of output and up to 850 Nm. While Lumma Design might not be the only tuner that would take on the new AMG G63, its extensive personalization program for the luxurious G-Class performance flagship could be very appealing to those who have extra money to spend.

The new AMG G63 performance flagship is actually a fusion of robustness, near indestructibility, passion, perfection and power. This is why Lumma chose this performance flagship as the base for the Lumma CLR G770 widebody kit. One of Lumma Design’s latest creation, the CLR G770 is composed of different parts and components made from ultra-light carbon fiber. These include carbon fiber body panels as well as a full carbon fiber bonnet that features specially designed vents. The CLR G770 kit also includes carbon fiber wheel arches that extend the width of the AMG 63 by 40mm on each side.

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LUMMA CLR GT shows its forest green wide body kit for Range Rover Velar

Just a month after the Range Rover Velar’s debut at the Geneva Auto Show, photos of the said model have been circulating around the internet, with a wider body and a Lumma Design logo.

The Range Rover Velar originally had a clean, minimalist design. But now with an integrated rear spoiler, flush door handles, striking proportions, and a foil stamped grille on its face, it offers a distinctive look.

Lumma Design, a German company founded in 1987 that specializes in tuning vehicles, got their hands on a Velar and decided to give the vehicle some tweaks here and there. The company initially gave the Velar a digital makeover, before building the actual thing. And now that it’s out, people seem to be digging the new design by Lumma.

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Bentley Bentayga receives new wide-body kit from Lumma Design

Bentley launched its Bentayga ultra-luxury SUV not too long ago. In fact, the Bentley Bentayga is still on its second model year, following its introduction in 2015 as a 2016 model. It quickly became a symbol of true opulence as it perfectly combines power, luxury and grandeur. However, if you think that the Bentley Bentayga has become old news or just needs some extra frills, you can always turn to Lumma Design.

Based in Winterlingen, Germany, Lumma Design has been known for creating customized elements for different vehicles of different builds and makes. For the Bentley Bentayga, Lumma Design has created an exclusive wide body kit for both the SUV’s W12 petrol and diesel versions.

This customized creation -- called as Lumma Design CLR-B900 Wide-Body kit – further heightened the grandeur of the Bentley Bentayga. Likewise, this Lumma Design CLR-B900 Wide-Body kit made the Bentley Bentayga appear wider, resulting to a more imposing presence on the road.

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LUMMA Design offers customized work for the 2013 Range Rover

Tuning company LUMMA Design is now offering customized solutions for the new Range Rover, which is bound to be rolled out into dealerships in 2013. The German firm has designed the exclusive CLR R body kit just for the new Range Rover. The body kit features a front spoiler-bumper that has a large vent in the center and an integrated cup spoiler sword.

The body kit also features lateral design frames that enhances the daytime running lights. LUMMA Design also remodeled the front grill of the new Range Rover, giving the sports utlility vehicle a sporty yet dynamic look. This look is seamlessly continued, as indicated by LUMMA Design’s extra lightweight and sturdy full-carbon hood construction.

Interested buyers are given the option of having carbon fiber hood or a paint-finished one. LUMMA Design’s Range Rover also featured hot curves, as evidenced by the wider wheel arches on the front and rear axles as well as the extended side skirt panels that underscore the vehicle’s dynamic look compared to standard models.

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The program for the Porsche Cayenne has been expanded yet again by LUMMA Design. The program’s diversity is emphasized with the introduction of three vehicles that are already done and have been custom-tuned according to the customer’s preferences. Lumma Design has established new standards in terms of comfort, elegance, dynamics, and sportiness.

LUMMA Design workshop may be small but it demonstrates its outstanding abilities and has proven its adage: ‘First Class in Design, Execution and Power'. The S Hybrid got a power boost to 450 BHP, the base for the special "orange metallic" painted LUMMA Cayenne. From the rear, all that we can see is its striking centrally positioned three-tube system.

These components are incorporated on the exterior with the use of visible carbon fibre, together with the LUMMA Racing 3 9.5 x 20-inch forged wheels, which were sprayed in the same color as the car body. It reinforces this completely tuned vehicle's claim to offering complete exclusivity. The sporty CLR 1 hood has also been built totally from carbon and sprayed in the same color as the car body.

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Tuning company LUMMA Design will be offering a tuned BMW M6 at the end of 2012. BMW is set to roll out the fastest Coupe/Cabriolet variant of its 6 Series, the new BMW M6, in the fall. LUMMA tries to raise the excitement for its new BMW M6 by providing a glimpse of the body and the interior options for the tuned car.

LUMMA Design is planning to make the BMW M6 sportier and more attractive. In order to transform the BMW M6 into a sports coupé that carries a distinct design language, LUMMA Design will be installing a complete aerodynamics kit that includes a front spoiler and large air inlets, wheel arch extensions to the front and the rear, carbon fibre engine housing and a rear diffuser with a central double-pipe exhaust.

The tuned M6 will also don LUMMA sports rims, with dimensions of with 10”x21" on the front axle and 12.5”x21" on the rear axle. LUMMA Design made sure that the tuned BMW M6 is not only sportier and elegant on the outside but also on the inside.

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The Porsche Cayenne II is considered as the logical continuation of Cayenne I, its precedent vehicle model, with an even enhanced appearance. The Cayenne II is a bit longer than the Cayenne I, increasing the wheelbase, with around 180 kg (400 lb.) less of weight while still having approximately two metric tons.

LUMMA Design, a traditional tuning factory based in Winterlingen, Germany, launches its variant of the new Cayenne, an SUV with conscious vehicle body kit dubbed as CLR 558 GT.

It consists of spoiled front bumper with air inlet frames, which can be found together with side sills with door supports, front and rear wheel arch enlargements, and diffusers on the rear bumper. Furthermore, an installation kit for fog lamps is optionally available in LED technics. In addition, the engine bonnet with its lateral air outlets is composed of carbon/Kevlar, which is weight optimizing.

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The aftermarket industry will be represented well in the Geneva Motor Show. Recently, reports came out that Lumma Design will debut the Porsche Cayenne-based CLR 558 GT at the show. Lumma will also bring a modification pack for the BMW X6, in the form of the CLR X650 kit. The X6 competes against the Cayenne.

Similar to what Lumma did with the Cayenne, its aftermarket program for the X6 will use a diesel engine for the aftermarket program.

Lumma will install its D-Box engine modification kit, including a sport exhaust system with four tail pipes, an ECU remap and a custom accelerator pedal module. In stock form, the X6’s 3.0l diesel unit delivers 306 hp but after being modified, it now offers 340 hp.

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Fans of the Porsche Cayenne will be pleased to know that several tuning kits for the model will be seen at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Techart has said that it will display its Magnum Cayenne modification package at the show. Lumma Design has also announced that it will present its CLR 558 GT Cayenne modification package at the show.

This kit targets the engine, suspension, exterior and interior of the SUV. Lumma Design offers the D-Box tweak for the car’s three liter six-cylinder engine, boosting the output from 240 to 276 hp and the torque from 550 to 630 Nm.

Lumma Design also set up its own accelerator pedal module, as well as a custom exhaust system that features a triple-pipe configuration, with the middle tailpipe of a diameter of 100 mm flanked by the two 80 mm ones. The Cayenne will be given technological modifications, including an electronic lowering module for the air suspension, lowering the Cayenne by 40 mm.

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An extensively revided Porsche Cayenne GTS will be revealed by Lumma Design, a German tuner at this year's Essen Motor Show in Germany. Schedules to be introduced near the end of the month, the Lumma Design CLR 550 R takes the latest Porsche Cayenne GTS and gives it a new aerodynamic profile, as well as enhanced power and handling to make the Cayenne GTS even more powerful.

The modification that is most eye catching wide body kit, which provides the SUV a more ferocious appearance. Decorated in a simple monochrome color scheme, the body accessories include a larger, open-mouthed grille to feed air into the revised engine and display an even more intimidating appearance.

There are also new side skirts, front and rear spoilers, vents on the hood and a very visible rear diffuser in between the custom exhaust tips. In the meantime, under the hood Lumma Design begins with Porsche's already potent 4.8L V8 engine, which in standard form generates almost 400hp.

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LUMMA Design, the tuning arm of BMW, has the knack of getting men excited.The quality of his products are personally guaranteed by Horst LUMMA, demonstrating that cars like the BMW E92 and E93 are in the best place for a transformation. LUMMA has the habit of converting premium cars, which are already unique in OEM standard.

With the front fender, which have been developed from composite fiber material, meeting OEM quality standards (850 Euros), the installation of the original M3 air vents and the LED signal lights, LUMMA Design is setting a new standard.The addition of carbon fiber external mirror caps (395 Euros) provides a more sportive appearance, together with carbon front sign (339 Euros).

In order to accommodate the power of the car, LUMMA Design has equipped it with a striking and wide set of wheels (4,900 Euros) measuring 8.5x19 and 10x19 wrapped in high performance tires with measurements 235/35 19 up front and 265/30 19 at the back end.

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A second coup CLR X650 GT followed the introduction of the BMW X6 from Lumma Design at the 2008 Essen Motor Show. This points to the fact that the think tanks of Lumma Design are not idle.

Succeeding with tuning packages for the BMW X-models, Horst Lumma continues an upgrade CLR X650 GT. The external looks of an X6 receives a fast-looking configuration of the its lines with the aero pack CLR X 650 GT Speed.

The package includes a fiber lip spoiler at the front, extra sporty side skirts and carbon fiber race air spoiler at the rear.

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A slightly revised design on the Lumma Design CLR X 650 M has recently been completed by the engineers in Winterlingen, Germany, based on the BMW X6 M. The SUV clearly gets its inspiration from the 1980s-era Rieger widebody tuning jobs, giving the SUV a look that may not be pretty but is definitely cool.

The latest model features a 3% rise in power, boosting engine output to 670hp (493 kW). Instead of maxing out at about 830 Nm, torque will now peak at 850 Nm.

These figures stand for a 20% increase in hp, and a 25% improvement in torque when compared to the standard BMW X6 M.

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The latest addition from the German tuning house Lumma Design is the CLR X650 based on the popular Bmw X6. The enormous body parts are extending the Sports SUV 5 cm on each side by fender expansions, the front bumper with it's day light running lights is adding the CLR X 650 an athletic appearance, the individual rear bumper with Carbon diffuser, a Carbon sport look front hood with air ducts and the sportive side skirts complete the whole package. 

Design mirrors optimized aerodynamically in carbon, headlight eyelids and tanned tail lights, enhance the sportive appearance of the Lumma CLR X 650. The corresponding, newly developed and designed wheels measuring with 11x23", Lumma Racing 3, along with Michelin 315/25-23 both on the front and rear, are making out the CLR X 650. 

Together with the Lumma lowering sport suspension, reducing the ride height of the car approx. 35 mm, for cars with or without air ride system, the wheels appear even larger than they are. A lower gravity center and improved handling are the secondary effects of such a height reduction.

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Would you like to upgrade your 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Classe W 212? If so, here is Lumma Design's E50 CLR package for your consideration. The tuning specialists at Lumma have brought aesthetic modifications as well as a power upgrade. To give the sedan a sportier look, Lumma made several aerodynamic changes.

Modifications to the car's appearance include the following: a front spoiler bumper with integrated daylights, slightly unnoticeable side skirts (optional available with LED-entrance lighting) and design sport fender with integrated vents and a high gloss polished fin made of aluminum.

To its bodykit, Lumma also added a lip spoiler and a sporty rear valance bumper with separate diffuser (optional available made of Carbon). The trunk lid now has an integrated rear spoiler tearing edge and elongated changeover to the bumper, which is made of Carbon/Kevlar.

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LUMMA Design in cooperation with G-Power took a BMW M5 model and turned it into a "unique, extreme, and spectacular" super sports limousine.

The LUMMA Design CLR 730 RS is clearly associated with racing and is riveting with its stylish exterior and awe-inspiring performance. The car is able to produce 730 hp and 700 Nm of torque from its G-Power's V10 bi-compressor engine.

Aerodynamics play a huge role in the car's capability of getting a top speed of 367,4 km/h and of going from 0 to 100 km/h sprint in only 4.2 seconds. 

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