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Upcoming Maserati SUV will not use the Kubang name

The production version of the eagerly awaited Maserati SUV will not use the Kubang moniker, which is the name given to the 2003 concept and to a show car that was introduced in 2011. Robert Allan, Maserati director of product planning, said that from the start, the Kubang name was only meant to be used on the concept.

They had planned to divulge the official name as the production of this model approaches. It’s believed that the production model will share many similarities with the 2011 show car. Within the past few years, Maserati has trademarked four seductive names: Ghibli, Milia, Cinqueporte, and Levante.

It’s not probable that Maserati will apply the Ghibli name to the polarizing SUV, Cinqueporte (“five-door”) would be following the naming precedent set by the four-door Quattroporte at the very least. Many reports have used the Levante name to refer to the upcoming sub-Quattroporte sedan but upon close examination of the trademarked names, it seems likely that “Levante” is meant for the SUV.

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Maserati Kubang will receive a diesel engine and use its stereo to deliver proper sound

When the new Maserati Kubang will be launched, it will be the first diesel-powered model offered by the Italian brand. Set to go on sale in 2014, the Maserati Kubang will use its stereo system to provide drivers with a sportier engine note. That’s right, so this means that you will have to accelerate with your windows closed in order to hear a proper sound for the engine.

According to Roberto Corradi, vice-president of product development, this is the only way that Maserati will be able to keep its reputation for building great sounding cars. Despite the fact that Corradi didn’t want to give any details regarding the diesel engine that will power the Kubang, it is believed that the same 3.0-litre V6 diesel found on the Jeep Grand Cherokee will also be found on the first Italian SUV. Still, this is expected to be more powerful than the version found in the Grand Cherokee, which delivers 237 hp.

The Maserati Kubang will also be available with a V8 petrol engine in order to show its real power, maybe some of you want this! [source: WhatCar]

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Maserati Kubang SUV Concept makes final appearance at Auto China 2012

Maserati has disclosed that the Beijing car show will be the fourth and last motor-show appearance for the Kubang SUV Concept. CEO Harald Wester disclosed that they will retire the concept after Beijing. The SUV will reappear in its production version and with its "final name in due time," he told Automotive News Europe on the sidelines of the Beijing car show.

According to sources, the production form of the SUV will make an appearance at the Detroit motor show in January 2014. The Kubang was unveiled last September at the car show in Frankfurt. It also has been showcased in Detroit and Dubai. 

In Beijing, the Kubang was found near the Lamborghini Urus Concept -- one of its rivals in the future. Maserati, Bentley and Lamborghini want to enter the SUV niche 10 years after Porsche entered with tradition and launched the Cayenne in 2002.

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Maserati Kubang will be built in Detroit

Maserati introduced a luxury SUV at the Detroit Auto Show – the second time in nine years. The difference this time is that the executives plan to build it. Chrysler Group's Jefferson North Assembly plant in Detroit will build the luxury Kubang SUV, which will be built on the same platform as the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The SUV will be exported throughout the world. This SUV will be powered by an engine built in Italy by Ferrari.

It will be mated to a new eight-speed automatic transmission. Harald Wester, Maserati's CEO, said that his company will also develop the interior parts. Fiat S.p.A. (Chrysler Group's parent company) owns Ferrari and Maserati. In 2003, Maserati had presented a luxury SUV concept in Detroit but the vehicle never got the green light.

The concept vehicle on display in Detroit is the same one that had its global debut this September at the Frankfurt auto show. Maserati has yet to release the pricing, specifications, and name of the SUV.

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Maserati’s Kubang SUV concept will make its North American debut this January at the 2012 North American International Auto Show. The Kubang was first seen at the Frankfurt auto show held in September. Maserati spokesman Jeffrey Ehoodin wouldn’t confirm if this concept SUV would be the Kubang. He also didn’t give the details of this vehicle’s production plans.

But then, Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne pledged December that it will produce a vehicle similar to it in Detroit. This Maserati’s underbody would be the same as the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango SUVs produced at Jefferson North. The difference is that it will feature a unique sheet metal as well as a Ferrari engine.

Maserati, a unit of Fiat, has scheduled a press conference to be held in the Fiat-Chrysler stand. About 53.5% of Chrysler is owned by Fiat. The Kubang is one of around 40 new cars and trucks that will be unveiled at the Detroit auto show. There was no space reserved for Saab, which had filed for bankruptcy, at the Cobo Center. Joe Rohatynski, spokesman for the Detroit Auto Show, said that news of Saab’s bankruptcy won’t affect the show.

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Maserati Kubang is a sport luxury SUV that shows us how the carmaker will expand its product range and further its foothold in the sports luxury market.

Unlike high-end luxury and sports cars, SUVs are perceived to be weak when it comes to providing an elegant atmosphere and great driving experience. And this is the perception that the Maserati Kubang is trying to dispel with its luxury and sport SUV concept.

The idea is something that Maserati has been toying with for a long time. The car brand launched the Kubang concept in the 2003 Detroit Auto Show. At that time, most other carmakers were not even thinking about offering a sport luxury SUV.

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