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Mercedes-Benz reveals the new GLS Grand Edition

As the rivalry between Volvo and Range Rover’s premium SUVs continue, Mercedes-Benz throws in the new GLS Grand Edition, a new trim option for its flagship three-row SUV model. The Grand Edition Euro-spec sport utility vehicle will be featuring brand new interior and exterior packages available for the GLS 350d, 400 and 500. The list consists of 20-inch alloys, several choices of colors for the body paint and a choice for leather lined interior.

To help draw the line between the standard GLS and this new level trim, Mercedes will be adding special GLS Grand Edition badges within the front end of the SUV. This will be placed next to the front wheel arches or on the side of the wings. The German marque will only make this available in Europe which will cost about $3,001 for the exterior and another $7,764 for the interior using the current exchange rates. In Germany, each package will be sold at €2,300 and € 5,950 respectively.

Nevertheless, the upgraded version will be offered with high end premium features such as the trim-exclusive porcelain and espresso brown cabin color motif and posh nappa leather seats with diamond quilt design and brown stitching. Its dashboard will likewise get the same leather material with light stripes and open-pore wood trims while the velour mats in espresso brown color are enhanced by the SUV’s special ambient light. On the outside, the 20-inch AMG-style black alloy wheels will be featuring ten-spoke design in high gloss finish.

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Mansory reveals dark yet more powerful version of Mercedes-AMG GLS 63

Mansory is one of the aftermarket tuners that could turn a vehicle into an extreme creation. Its makeovers usually don’t only entail dramatic visual modifications but also include performance tweaks. Now, a Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 had such honor to receive one of Mansory’s extreme makeovers, and it looks menacingly splendid.

The Mercedes-AMG GLS63 is easily the S Class of the SUV world. In terms of power, luxury, spaciousness and even technology, the GLS63 could be considered as a dominant model. This is primarily why the GLS 63 premium performance SUV is one of the favorite vehicles that aftermarket tuners like to tweak. Brabus has already released its own turned version of the AMG GLS 63, the Brabus 850 XL. Now, it is Mansory’s turn to showcase its own interpretation of the AMG GLS 63.

Compared to the guise of a typical AMG GLS 63, the appearance of Mansory’s version simply looks more dominant and aggressive. Its more menacing looks aren’t just because of its dark finish, but also thanks to its wider body. Mansory widened the body of the AMG GLS 63 by 25 mm on the front and 40 mm on the rear. Moreover, the side skirts of this tweaked AMG GLS 63 were designed to lend the SUV lower yet more stretched looks.

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Latvian carmaker Dartz offers ultra-lavish AMG GLS63-based Prombon Black Alligator

An SUV that is lavishly comfortable and has a practical nature. That is how we could describe the Mercedes-AMG GLS63. It is easily the S Class of the SUV segment, which makes it among the most generously luxurious utility vehicles in the world. When specified with available options, AMG GLS63 won’t lose easily to other premium seven-seater SUVs in the world, both in terms of luxury and sportiness. Even the price of the AMG GLS63 is already opulent, with a premium of around $30,000 over its Mercedes-Benz GLS550 sibling.

However, the luxurious character of a typical AMG GLS63 pales compared to a recent creation of notorious Latvian auto firm Dartz whose ancestor company was responsible for building luxurious coaches for Russian Tsars. Now, Dartz is continuing this legacy and its own notoriety by offering extra-luxurious creations, the latest of which is the 2017 Dartz Prombon Black Alligator that is based on the AMG GLS63.

Before you make any quick conclusions, this AMG GLS63-based work has been dubbed as the Prombon Black Alligator but it is not just about the looks. Yes, this bespoke creation – judging from the teaser image provided by Dartz – looks like a black alligator ready to pounce on its prey. However, that is not all. This Prombon Black Alligator actually uses alligator skin for its interior – including on its seats and on the steering wheel. Moreover, Dartz seems to be a fan of the “name it, we have it” business philosophy, as it also offers the use of materials derived from the skins of stingrays, sheep, ostriches, crocodiles, pythons and sharks. No wonder Dartz has gained so much notoriety.

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BRABUS 850 XL based on Mercedes-AMG GLS 63

Since some customers prefer a car that is both super strong and extra-large, BRABUS decided to focus on Mercedes-Benz’s GLS-Class top model which is the GLS 63 4MATIC. This has resulted in a supercar that best symbolizes BRABUS and is called the BRABUS 850 XL. Powering it is the eight-cylinder twin-turbo engine with displacement increased by six liters.

Maximum output is at 838 bhp (625 kW/850 HP) with peak torque of 1,069 lb.-ft. (1,450 Nm). In terms of power, this is higher by 261bhp (195 kW/265 HP) when compared to the engine in the previous model. Acceleration from zero to 62 mph (100 km/h) is possible in 4.2 seconds despite having a weight of 2.6 tons.

However to ensure safety, its maximum speed has been electronically limited to 186 mph (200 km/h). With the power output possible at 5,400 rpm and toque coming in from 2,500 rpm and up to 4,500 rpm, its performance is indeed closer to a full-blown sports car.

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Those who want to buy the ‘S-Class among SUVs’ – the new Mercedes-Benz GLS – can now place their orders for the seven-seater premium SUV. GLS features a starting price of £69,100 OTR, with initial deliveries in the United Kingdom set to commence in March 2016.

Those eyeing to buy one in the UK could choose from three available models, all of which feature luxurious comfort, excellent safety and superb power and agility. These models are the GLS 350d 4MATIC AMG Line, the GLS 350d 4MATIC designo Line and the new Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC.

Featured as standard on all GLS models are AIRMATIC air suspension with adaptive damping, LED Intelligent Light System with Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus, and the latest generation of COMAND Online including an eight-inch screen and touchpad, as well as Harmon Kardon Logic 7 surround sound system. Moreover, the GLS is blessed with the panoramic electric sunroof, lane tracking package including Blind Spot Assist and Lane Keeping Assist, parking package with 360-degree camera, THERMOTRONIC climate control with three zones, and Keyless-GO comfort package.

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Mercedes-Benz is offering its premium customers one of the most luxurious SUVs on the market -- the facelifted and upgraded version of the new Mercedes-Benz GLS seven-seater.

It’s well known that the new Mercedes-Benz GLS offers a great blend of luxurious comfort, roominess, agility, dynamics and safety.

Likewise, the new Mercedes GLS is now more fuel efficient and features highly advanced assistance systems as well as the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz telematics that includes remote-start capability and Internet access.

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Mercedes-Benz has taken the liberty to adopt a new nomenclature for its model series. This will be hard for some customers, fans and enthusiasts of the brand who have familiarized themselves with names such as GL, ML, SL and MLK. It will take a while for them to get accustomed to these new names, but at Mercedes, the new nomenclature signals a more transparent and logical structure.

As we already know, the Mercedes-Maybach has been confirmed as a sub-brand of Mercedes. This results to the Mercedes-Maybach S600. In the new nomenclature, core model series such as the A Class, B Class, C Class, E Class and the S Class will retain their respective names, and so are the CLA and CLS four-door coupes. However, the new nomenclature will see Mercedes connecting its more rugged models to the G Class (Gelandewagen) SUV, which will retain its moniker. This means that the brand’s crossovers and SUVs will gain a G prefix. The third letter of the moniker will be connected to the core model series.

The GLA is currently connected to the A Class as the GL A-Class. As a result of the new nomenclature, the GLK becomes the GLC, which connects it to the C Class as the GL C-Class. The ML (or M-Class) becomes the GLE, as linked to the E-Class (GL E-Class). The flagship GL becomes the GLS, connecting it to the flagship core model S Class as the GL S-Class. The new nomenclature effectively kills the M-Class moniker.

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