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Mercedes-Benz unveils market launch campaign for new GLA

The market launch campaign for the new Mercedes-Benz GLA is focused on the demanding and bold characteristics of the model. The campaign -- underpinned by the banner "Always restless" -- positions the new GLA as a flagship for a sporty yet versatile lifestyle. It is targeted at a modern and active target group.

During the campaign, Mercedes-Benz will have digital communications serving as the basis on which to expound other communications activities. As part of the digital campaign, an interactive web special will have new GLA showcased as the central figure of a road trip through the desert.  The user would undertake the road trip in search of the main character's lost memories.

The user then would navigate through the site by just scrolling, collecting and patching clues as to what has occurred along the way. At the end of the story, Ryan would discover with the user's help how and why he has ended up in the desert.

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