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Newest member on MINI lineup will be an electric car

Peter Schwartzenberg, BMW's board member in charge of MINI, previously announced that MINI will be further modifying its business approach and will primarily focus on its "superhero" models.

For now, only 4 models have been unveiled to the public, but the 5th member is still shrouded in mystery. Only recently it has been rumoured that the 5th "superhero" in the likeness of an EV will supposedly launch in 2019, or so the sources say.

In previous months, the British automaker was developing and testing a pure electric vehicle but it is not certain if it will be launched to the global market as a volume unit or if it is intended as a niche model in selected regions, but it seems it will be the former.

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Adventurers will love this roof tent built by Autohome for the MINI Countryman

Are you the type who loves traveling and exploring? Or are you one of those people who go on out of town trips spontaneously? If you are, we think this is the perfect car for you. Photos of the new MINI Countryman have been circulating around the net, and it is looking cooler than ever.

The British automaker says that this model is about the spirit of discovery. And we totally agree with them. MINI Countryman fits five passengers, it has a huge trunk capacity, an optional all wheel drive system, and now, it adds comfort and a more homey vibe to its passengers with its convertible roof tent.

Mini collaborated with Autohome to come up with this genius idea. Autohome is an Italian company that has been around for over 50 years, with a specialization in roof tents for automobiles. The inspiration of the design comes from both Mini’s product portfolio, combined with Autohome’s signature design.

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Mini Designs an Eco-Friendly Home

Named after its size and compact qualities, we all know that Mini has been making the most out of space for some time now. So, what’s new with Mini, you ask? Nope, not a concept car, or a new Countryman. Instead, it seems like the automotive manufacturer took a break from building cars and is taking some time to explore green living and architecture.

The automotive company teamed up with New York based company SO-IL, to build what they call “MINI Living - Breathe”. The prototype was installed in the middle of a narrow courtyard in Italy for the duration of Milan design week, that was from 4 to 9 April 2017.

This installation, made with translucent white mesh exterior walls, is supported by a modular metal frame, and stands at four stories tall. It can accommodate up to three people and hold a total of six rooms, plus a minimalistic roof garden. This is definitely something we have not seen from Mini before.

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David Brown Automotive recreates classic MINI with the perfect blend of retro and modern

Riding under a banner as an auto retro specialist, British specialty carmaker David Brown Automotive is introducing its second project after reinvigorating the coach-building market with its Speedback GT. This new retro model – the Mini Remastered – was intended to celebrate the best of British motoring and blend it with high-quality, traditional coach-building and modern technologies.

Just as its name indicates, the Mini Remastered is a modern reinterpretation of the classic icon, wrapped in a modern package yet handcrafted like the old days. To remaster this iconic vehicle, David Brown worked to retain its classic design and personality – as penned by legendary British-Greek designed Sir Alec Issigonis – while installing a new aluminum grille inspired by the company’s design language as well as chrome bullet-style door-mounted wing mirrors with LED puddle lamps. Its rear end features jewel-like LED rear light clusters and indicators, as framed by aluminum surrounds. David Brown also removed the bodywork seams.

Measuring 3,055 mm in length, 1470 mm in width, 1,330 mm in height and with a 2,035 mm wheelbase, the Mini Remastered features a completely new structure as well as exterior body shell, which means that while it looks and feels like the classic Mini, it is more rigid and more reliable. According to David Brown’s Web site, the Mini Remastered is powered by the original 1275-cc four-cylinder Mini engine that has been retuned and reconditioned to develop 78 bhp of max output at 5,700 rpm and 91 lb.-ft. of peak torque available at 3,900 rpm.

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Do you want to have your MINI customized in the exact way you want it? Well, the brand can do that for you but you have to be willing to pay a small fortune. After the success of the crossover segment, Mini decided to release its second-generation Countryman - this time, with a wide range of equipment to choose from.

The entry-level model comes with a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder with 134 horsepower (99 kW) and 162 pound-feet of torque. As with the top spec that has an engine of 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that can yield 189 horsepower and 207 lb-ft torque, the price begins at $31,950. The standard is a six-speed manual, and to upgrade to an eight-speed automatic, you will have to add $1,500.

The Fully Loaded Package, which costs $6,000, is the most expensive add-on. It’s a combination of all the equipment you’ll get from the Technology Package, Premium Package, and Convenience Package. Plus many more including a luxury Harman Kardon stereo, parking assist, real-time traffic info, power hatch, and heated front seats. And if you want an adaptive cruise control feature, that’s another $1,000 out of your wallet.

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Each time that Mini launches a new generation of the Countryman crossover, a John Cooper Works performance version is always expected to follow. When Mini unveiled the next-gen 2017 Mini Countryman at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, people were also expected the carmaker to release a JCW variant – especially that the current generation had one.

Now, it is official. Mini will be offering John Cooper Works version of the new-gen Countryman. Bound for launch for the 2018 model year, the new Mini John Cooper Works Countryman takes the Mini Countryman to a whole new level, both in terms of looks and performance. Mini is planning to unveil the new Mini John Cooper Works Countryman to the global public the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2017, with sales in the United States set to commence in the same month.

Even at a glance, the new Mini John Cooper Works Countryman exudes a fusion of athleticism and versatility. It is also laden with a number of features that distinguish it from a typical Countryman. Measuring 169.8 inches in length, 71.7 inches in width and 61.3 inches in height, this performance version of the Mini Countryman has been given a number of model-specific features like the John Cooper Works Aerodynamic Kit. This kit includes the large air intakes in the front apron and a model-specific roof spoiler. The Mini John Cooper Works Countryman is also provided with LED units as headlights.

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Let’s just admit it – the MINI Countryman John Cooper Works is a crossover that is not just hot-looking but is also an elegant sporty performer. This is why each time that Mini unveils a new Countryman crossover, sporty minded customers are already watching out for the John Cooper Works performance version of this vehicle.

Just recently, Mini unveiled the next generation Mini Countryman – starting 2017 model year -- at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show. And since the previous generation had a JCW version for almost every model year, the next-generation Countryman is also heavily expected to have its own variant. Right now, Mini is probably in the final stages of completing the John Cooper Works version of the Countryman. Not a few are expecting that the Countryman that has been tested at the Nurburgring throughout the year is the next JCW version.

However, it remains a mystery how the next Mini Countryman John Cooper Works would look like. At the Nurburgring, the Mini Countryman believed to be the JCW was wrapped in camouflage so the appearance of this performance-oriented version was far from being totally exposed. However, the camouflaged Mini Countryman clearly reveals larger air intakes on the front bumper, new side skirts, a modified rear bumper and newly designed alloy wheels.

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Just recently, Guinness World Record made official the record for the fastest two-wheeled side wheelie. Done in late August this year, Vesa Kivimaki achieved a top speed of 115.742 mph (186.269 km/h) with his BMW 335i Coupe to set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest two-wheeled side wheelie. This is a difficult feat, even though it was made at a flat runway.

But how about doing a two-wheeled side wheelie on the Nurburgring Nordschleife? This would be a greater challenge, in terms of either distance or speed. However, Chinese stunt driver Han Yue – piloting a prepped MINI Hatchback -- has just set a new distance record for two-wheeled side wheelie at Nurburgring.

The Nurburgring has been regarded as a definitive one-lap test that has become a yardstick that measures the true worth of production cars. This 12.93-mile (20.81 kilometers) circuit -- technically a public road sans the speed limit – features sweeping curves, significant climbs and drops as well as variable surfaces, and a straightaway that stretches for more than a mile. Truly, Nurburgring is a challenging course where many have tried and continue to try setting new records in terms of distance and speed. And to try to set a new distance record while doing a two-wheeled side wheelie at Nurburgring is a very amazing feat indeed.

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Back in 2011, Mini introduced what was then the Mini Paceman Concept at the North American International Auto Show and not long after, the British automaker brought this subcompact, three-door crossover SUV to production. The production model was unveiled in 2012 with similar choices as those of the Countryman, ranging from a two- or four-wheeled version to a 1.6-liter petrol or diesel engine and a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder diesel-powered engine.

BMW then announced in early 2015 that the Mini Paceman will no longer continue its line of quirky crossovers. It was reported in September that this unconventional crossover SUV will go out of production by the end of this year, leaving behind only three generations.

However, a new report from AutoExpress says that a “spiritual successor” of the Mini Paceman might be introduced in 2018. We learned this after an interview with BMW Group design chief Adrian van Hooydonk hinting that the British automaker is considering a new lineup for the Countryman which will serve as an “indirect replacement” for the Paceman and will be named the Countryman coupe.

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MINI is giving out an early Christmas treat for their fans – a brand new hybrid drivetrain for its first hybrid model complete with an electric range of 24 miles and a 1.5-liter turbo-three engine.

It is by far, the most important feature of the second-generation Mini Countryman, built from the experience of creating the all-electric Mini E as well as the lessons learned from BMW’s i3 and i8 plug-in vehicles. Complete with all the functionalities of a standard car as well as an all-wheel-drive capability, the new Cooper S E Countryman is made extra special with a healthy dose of efficiency.

This new plug-in electric vehicle is installed with a dual-powertrain setup in such a way that a turbocharged, 1.5-liter inline-three engine sits right under its hood while an electric motor sits pretty right under the luggage floor around the back of the car. The former is capable of producing 134 horsepower and 162 lb.-ft. of torque, with all of this power sent to the front wheels via its six-speed automatic transmission.

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MINI revealed that it will be premiering its 2017 Countryman during the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, specifically on November 18, 2016. The MINI, as a brand, has long been known for following tradition. With the 2017 MINI Countryman, the brand is revealing what may be the most versatile and, likely, the biggest, offering in its 57 years of operation.

In addition to being newly developed, the 2017 Countryman shows innovations when it comes to premium qualities, a sporty appearance, space, and functionality. Through this new model, the brand hopes to move its strategy forward under the premium compact segment.

When fitted with the all-wheel drive system the MINI Countryman is able to attain excellent figures with regards to efficiency. The all-wheel drive is available to all engine types as an option. This newest AWD boasts of being compact while being able to deliver on a new level when it comes to internal efficiency. The brand revealed that the AWD system can even react fast and do so in a precise manner should the situation change.

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Mini has just provided the world with a preview of its first hybrid model that employs petrol-electric power to propel its wheels. Derived from the second generation of the Mini Countryman that is bound to be released for the 2017 model year, the Mini plug-in hybrid would mark the brand’s first entry into a system of propulsion that employs not only a conventional engine, but also an electric motor.

The preview of Mini’s first hybrid vehicle – albeit in camouflaged form – was conducted by Sebastian Mackensen, head of Mini brand management, and Peter Wolf, head of Mini series management preview. This preview comes as the new Mini hybrid is now in the final phases of series development. This means that soon enough, there will be a new hybrid version of the Mini among the brand’s elegant offerings.

At a glimpse, it would be difficult to recognize the prototype as a hybrid model since Mini has discreetly integrated the charging socket for the high-voltage battery in the left Side Scuttle. To start the Mini hybrid, the driver just has to press the yellow start/stop button in the center of the dashboard. Making use of the electric motor’s silent operation, the Mini hybrid is set to start in electric mode, provided that the battery has enough electric charge.

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The arrival of the new MINI John Cooper Works Clubman will mark another milestone in the British brand’s exclusive line-up. In fact, its world premiere is expected at the upcoming 2016 Paris Auto Show. Given that, it probably won’t hurt if we’ll have our own sneak peek and see what MINI has added to boost its iconic premium compact segment.

Just like any other John Cooper Works models, the Clubman is equipped with a sports car-themed cockpit, aerodynamically enhanced exterior plus its exclusive package of engine and suspension systems. Other model-specific standard features include the advanced steering wheel and cruise control w/brake function, Radio MINI Visual Boost, Comfort Access, Park Distance Control, MINI Driving Modes and the iconic LED headlights.

Aside from the fully enhanced power transmission (both on the rear and front wheels), the Clubman now has the new Performance Control system among its standard features. Moreover, the 2nd generation model now comes with a great deal of equipment such as the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) unit with Dynamic Traction and Electronic Differential Lock.

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MINI has unveiled a Vision Vehicle that epitomizes what the marque considers as an entirely individualized, permanently available form of urban mobility of the future – the MINI Vision Next 100. Presently, the MINI is considered as the ideal premium compact car for the modern urban world. However, rapid changes have been observed, especially with the advancements in terms of digitalization and connectivity.

Personal mobility in the future would be greatly different from today, but MINI expects it to be defined according to the changes that continually occurs. With the new MINI Vision Next 100, MINI hopes to find the perfect response to those changes. The MINI Vision Next 100 is underpinned by a core philosophy that entails thoughtful use of Earth’s resources in providing personal mobility. Moreover, the motto "Every MINI is my MINI" depicts the brand’s take on the future of car-sharing. In this vision of the future, MINI sees its customers able to call on a MINI that suits their personal tastes anywhere and anytime.

This means that the MINI of the future would be able to pick up its driver at any hour and at any place in a fully automated manner and would be to adapt itself to his or her tastes, interests and preferences. This is where fully connected digital intelligence comes in.

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MINI is heralding the arrival of the latest iteration of the MINI John Cooper Works Convertible, offering to deliver intense driving dynamics and exhilarating open-air riding pleasure.

Created to accommodate four persons, the MINI John Cooper Works Convertible features a stretched silhouette and dynamic surfaces designed to further optimize intake of cooling air and the vehicle’s aerodynamic attributes.

It boasts of a suspension technology derived from MINI’s racing expertise and certain bracing elements that allow for greater agility and more precise handling. Regardless of whether its textile top is opened or closed, the new MINI John Cooper Works Convertible conveys a definite high-quality look, no matter the point of view.

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MINI is introducing the first design model of the latest MINI generation that freely expresses a clear fusion between the brand’s characteristics and individual values as well as exclusive design features complemented by top-class equipment options – the new MINI Seven.

This new model highlights the unique character, British roots and tradition-laden vehicle concept of the original Austin Seven vehicle that marked the start of production of the classic Mini in 1959.

The new MINI Seven is wrapped in MINI Yours body finish in Lapisluxury Blue, an intense non-metallic blue tone finish. Customers may also avail of the three other paint finishes – Pepper White, Midnight Black and British Racing Green. Regardless of the body color chosen by the customer, the vehicle’s roof and exterior mirror caps are finished in Melting Silver. The bonnet stripes are specified in the same color finish, thereby harmonizing with the tone of the roof and exterior mirror caps.

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MINI UK has been encouraged by the recent success of the MINI Clubman, which was launched in the UK last October, and the latest revelation of the MINI Clubman ALL4 that is why it is introducing another addition to the range, the MINI One D Clubman.

Offering the standard specifications of the MINI Clubman range such as Bluetooth, MINI Navigation, MINI Connected, DAB, and Cruise control, the latest model appeals to all consumers as it also comes with a low combined emission of 99 g/km. Consequently, drivers can enjoy a low BiK rate of 17% in the 2015-2016 tax year.

Moreover, the signature split rear doors of the range are also included in the MINI One D Clubman. The four full-size side doors enhance the daily accessibility and functionality of the vehicle. The five-seater model was built with first-rate materials and classic styling language, making it highly innovative.

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MINI has released a limited edition MINI Open 150 Convertible in celebration of the new MINI Convertible's launch. Only 150 models will be exclusively available for purchase in the United Kingdom (UK) starting this month.

The interior of the MINI Open 150 Convertible is exclusively made with the new Leather Chester Malt Brown upholstery. The dashboard is built with a unique Open 150 Edition plaque while the door entry strips come with special Open 150 Edition badge.

The limited edition MINI vehicle is integrated with standard equipment such as MINI Yours Soft-Top, 18-inch MINI Yours Alloys, and heated seats. The MINI Open 150 Convertible also features a Chili Pack and a Media Pack, which include satellite navigation system and LED headlights.

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MINI revealed that its Hatch models have received various improvements on their standard specification. The brand will also be launching new personalization options but this will be exclusive for UK customers. For instance, the LED headlights and foglights will now be part of its Chili Pack, the brand’s flagship option pack.

The Chili Pack offers so much savings that more than 50% of Hatch customers and 75% of Clubman customers buy this pack. In addition to the improvements done to the Chili Pack, the brand also revealed that the MINI eCall and the MINI Teleservices will now come as standard starting March on all the MINI Clubman and MINI hatch models.

With the Teleservices, the driver will be able to keep a close watch on the service condition of the car all throughout its life. When the system detects problems, the MINI Teleservices can then send the issue to the chosen MINI Retailer after which the customer can set a convenient schedule to have the matter solved. Since the MINI Teleservices is now standard in the MINI Hatch, drivers can now avail of significant insurance discounts with the MINI FlexiMile Insurance through the MINI Financial Services.

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If you’re a fan of open-air driving, you’re in luck as the new MINI John Cooper Works Convertible will make its debut this spring. In this latest model of John Cooper Works, some features found in the previous model have been retained: the 2-litre TwinPower Turbo engine, as it is in MINI John Cooper Works Hatch, is retained completely with the extraordinary 231 hp and 320 Nm of torque.

The new model is a lot better than the outgoing version; it is the most recent super sportscar added to the MINI Convertible range. It has a top speed of 150 mph; and is capable of accelerating from 0 to 62 mph in 6.5 seconds.

To utilize optimally this strong engine, the suspension, braking and cooling specification of the MINI Convertible have been appropriately improved. Built with model-specific suspension settings, the MINI John Cooper Works Convertible has a braking system that can be customized, and larger intakes to increase cooling capability.

Read the entire article 2016 MINI John Cooper Works Convertible breaks cover, priced from $35,600

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