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2017 Mitsubishi Mirage – a blend of pre-loved features and new innovative attributes

Fans of the Mitsubishi Mirage will be pleased to find out that the 2017 model year will continue to retain the attributes that they love from the hatchback while also debuting new features like a revamped exterior design, better overall performance and redesigned interiors.

Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. had recently made such details available for the fuel-efficient hatchback, whose new version will start appearing in dealers by spring of next year. According to the MMNA’s executive vice president, Don Swearingen, the 2017 Mirage will build on the popularity that its predecessor has achieved.

The new features will simply be an expansion of that appeal, without sacrificing the traits that made the hatchback popular – affordability, fuel efficiency and practicality. Here are the new features that fans can expect from the new Mirage.

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Rockford Fosgate Edition of 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage priced at $14,945

A fuel-efficient, non-hybrid, gasoline powered vehicle made by Mitsubishi Motors is now available. The Rockford Fosgate Edition, a new trim for the 2015 Mirage, boasts a combined fuel economy of 40 mpg.

It has an MSRP of $14,945, and incorporates a custom-engineered superior audio system and other features which provide consumers with a high-end model in a sub-compact car.

It features the Mirage DE as well as a 300-Watt, Rockford Fosgate ecoPUNCH sound system, together with steering audio control, Bluetooth hands-free phone system and audio, special badging, cruise control, alloy wheels, and a leather-covered steering wheel.

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Mitsubishi hopeful that Thailand-built Mirage will do well in US

Mitsubishi executives are confident that customers in the United States won’t care that the Mirage subcompact hatchback is built in Thailand, as they will care more about its features -- 40 mpg, easy handling and efficient use of interior space as well as its sub-$14,000 sticker price. The Mirage also allows Mitsubishi to plug a hole in its US lineup and provide dealers a new vehicle to sell to consumers.

However, it is still an issue whether the Mirage’s three-cylinder, 1.2-liter engine would be good enough for U.S. highways. Likewise, US consumers may prefer a sedan version of the Mirage. Mitsunori Kitao, COO of Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Co., remarked that they first have to know how well US consumers would receive the Mirage and how well the subcompact hatchback would sell.

After all, Mitsubishi has already started production of a sedan variant, called the Attrage in Thailand and the Mirage G4 in the Philippines this summer. While Mitsubishi is studying the launch of the sedan version in the US, this version is much heavier than the hatchback, which means more strain on the Mirage’s small engine.

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US Mitsubishi dealers get Mirage instead of new product

While Mitsubishi's dealers in the United States are aching for a compelling new product that will revive the brand in the country, the Japanese carmaker is sending them the Mirage, a pint-sized economy car designed for the developing world. This hints that the US holds little influence in the carmaker’s global strategy and product portfolio, delegating the country as a backwater market.

After all, Mitsubishi considers North America its smallest market. The Japanese only expects to sell just 64,000 vehicles in the US in its fiscal year ending March 2014, after selling 57,000 units in its previous fiscal year.

In contrast, Mitsubishi sold 357,000 vehicles in Southeast and Northern Asia in its fiscal year ended March 2013. The regions accounted for 36 percent of the carmaker’s global sales. Mitsubishi last posted such sales in the US in the 2002 calendar year, selling 345,111 units.

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Mitsubishi Motors Corp. will show a sedan version of its Mirage compact car in Thailand to North American visitors to see whether it is suitable for export to the United States. The Japanese carmaker has started producing the Mirage sedan version at its Laem Chabang site in Thailand and will roll it out in the country next month.

The Laem Chabang site builds the Mirage hatchback for Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and Japan. Mitsubishi will export the Mirage hatchback to the US this fall, and is mulling whether it would also do the same for the sedan version, a person familiar with the carmaker’s plan told Automotive News.

According to the source, Mitsubishi is concerned whether US drivers will receive the small three-cylinder 1.2-liter engine of the Mirage sedan. Since the sedan is slightly heavier than the hatchback, it will have a worse power-to-weight ratio. Aside from that, the layout of Mirage hatchback and sedan does not allow the installation of a larger engine.

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The new Mitsubishi Mirage five-door hatchback will return 40 mpg in combined city and highway driving, according to estimates of Mitsubishi Motors North America. The Mirage minicar will return 37 mpg for city driving and 44 mpg for highway driving when equipped with a continuously variable transmission, Mitsubishi estimates.

The Mirage will be powered by a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine that could provide up to 74 hp of output and 74 pounds-feet of torque. Mitsubishi is targeting the Mirage against other small cars like the Chevrolet Spark, Nissan Versa and Toyota Yaris.

According to Masatoshi Hasegawa, executive vice president of corporate planning of Mitsubishi Motors North America, they expect to sell around 500 to 600 Mirages in the United States every month. The US Environmental Protection Agency still has to approve Mirage's fuel economy figures.

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Mitsubishi will launch a new compact car, which is dubbed Mirage in several markets, at the Paris Motor Show. This model, which will be released for the European market, is focused on high fuel efficiency, affordability and compactness. The Mirage will probably be available with a different name in the UK. It’s rumored to be named the Colt but so far, the automaker hasn’t given any confirmation.

The global compact car was last displayed at last year’s Tokyo motor show. It was received well in south east Asian countries and Japan. It is scheduled to be launched in February 2013 in the markets of Europe and Australia, among others.

Mitsubishi is timing this launch to benefit from Europe’s increasingly higher CO2 standards and the rising demand for efficient city cars. It is equipped with the 1.0-litre 3-cylinder MIVEC engine that could emit just 92g/km.

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Mitsubishi will start selling the new Mirage small car in Japan on Aug. 31 and will be released next in Europe, Asia and Australia. This hatchback, the latest addition to the automaker’s product lineup for the U.S., is a key model for Mitsubishi’s global comeback plan. For this fiscal year, Mitsubishi is hoping to achieve sales of 200,000 Mirages globally.

It is planning to expand worldwide production capacity to 500,000 at its plant in Thailand. A new factory in China is being considered. President Osamu Masuko isn’t so keen on presenting the model in the U.S. since it’s too small for their tastes. However, he acknowledges that the developing and the mature markets are likely to embrace this global small car.

During a recent event in Tokyo, Masuko had said that various “market voices” said that this type of car would do well in terms of sales. He clarified that the company is still evaluating if it would be received well by Americans.

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Mitsubishi is undecided on whether it will offer its new Mirage minicar in the U.S. Its annual earnings presentation given last Friday indicated that the Mirage will be launched in North America in the first quarter of 2013. The Mirage nameplate has not been seen in the U.S. since 2002.

Mitsubishi spokesman Roger Yasukawa said last Friday that the car will be offered in Canada but whether or not it will be available in the U.S. remains “under consideration."

Yasukawa said that it’s “still 50-50” now. As Mitsubishi ended the run of the Eclipse, Spyder and Endeavor last year, it would seem to make sense that the automaker has to give its dealers a new product.

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The new subcompact by Mitsubishi Motors that’s meant for Europe recently debuted at the Bangkok Auto Show. This car would be the replacement for the poor-selling Colt that’s presently produced at the Born, Netherlands plant. When compared to the Colt, this model has greater length and width but is actually lighter.

Production at Mitsubishi’s Born plant will end this year and will depend instead on its low-cost factory in Laem Chabang, Thailand. This will compete with the other models in the subcompact segment, Europe's largest segment in terms of volume. Market researcher JATO Dynamics said that in 2011, sales of the ageing Colt fell 14 percent to 31,263 units last year.

Outside of Europe, this subcompact will be named the Mirage. Mitsubishi has yet to announce the name that will be used in Europe where it will start selling early next year.

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Thailand consumers will be glad to know that the all-new Mirage “global compact car” from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is available starting this month. A revolutionary concept was used in the development of the Mirage to meet the needs of rapidly expanding markets as an entry-level car as well as those of the eco-conscious advanced markets with its fine environmental performance.

A brand-new factory at Laem Chabang Plant -- the biggest MMC plant outside of Japan – will make the Mirage. This is the company’s third plant at Mitsubishi Motors Thailand’s (MMTh). The Thailand market is where the Mirage will first be offered.

It will then be offered in the ASEAN countries, Japan, Europe, followed by a continuous release from numerous outlets. Its products include the Mirage’s Product Features. It offers a high fuel efficiency rating and has low CO2 emissions due to its all-new MIVEC engine and thoroughly reduced aerodynamic resistance and rolling resistance.

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Production for the Mitsubishi global small car is set for next year in Thailand, and is bound for the U.S. as early as 2013. The company has dubbed the vehicle as "the Mirage," resurrecting a subcompact nameplate that was dismissed in the early 2000s. The hatchback replaces the Colt, which is being removed from the lineup.

The company is aiming for a fuel economy of 30 70 mpg and a sticker price of about 1 million yen or $12,800. The Mirage depends on an enhanced engine with idle-stop innovation, better aerodynamics and weight loss to increase fuel economy.

It is 10 percent lighter than the Colt. It is run by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine coupled with a continuously variable transmission. The company intends to commence manufacturing the Mirage at a new factory in Thailand in March. However, huge flooding in the country could push back the start of production.

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