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Mugen presents the Honda Vezel Concept for those who want to get noticed

At the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon, Mugen a.k.a. Honda’s tuning division revealed its customized version of the Vezel. The new vehicle was unveiled as a concept but we do hope that this is not the final version as it really… really needs a redesign! As you can see from the photos, the new Honda Vezel comes with a new body kit consisting of a redesigned front bumper, a new front grille, enlarged front and rear fenders which make the vehicle look weird, new side sills, a rear roof spoiler and a new rear bumper with integrated dual exhaust system and air diffuser.

The suspension was also upgraded as well as the braking system. The exterior design is completed by the new 20-inch alloy wheels. Mugen also upgraded the interior but we don’t have any photos in order to show you the new design.

In the standard form, the Honda Vezel is powered by a 1.5-liter direct-injected engine and for those who want even more, we are sure that Mugen will prepare something. The model you see in the photos is actually the hybrid version of the Vezel, which is powered by the same 1.5-liter engine but also by a high-output electric motor. [source: Honda]

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Mugen does the Honda CR-Z RZ

As you may know already, the Honda CR-Z is quite popular in Japan and the model recently received a facelifted version at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. But for those who want even more, Mugen prepared the RZ version of the CR-Z and as expected it will be offered in a limited edition of just 300 units.

Each unit will cost ¥4,494,000 or $57,000 and will come with a special body kit consisting of a new front spoiler, revised grille, new side skits, a new rear roof wing and a new rear apron with integrated air diffuser and exhaust system.

The design is completed by the 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in high performance Dunlop Direzza Z II tires. Behind the wheels we find the high performance brakes but also a new adjustable suspension.

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Honda teams up with Mugen Euro to launch sporty CR-Z ICF

Honda (UK) is working with MUGEN Euro to launch a 130+mph sports hybrid CR-Z, which boasts of Civic Type R performance. This initiative follows a successful program launch at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011. This 175 PS1 "pocket rocket" hybrid has nearly 50 percent more power than the regular vehicle. It marks the strengthening of the engineering partnership between the two companies following the limited edition Civic Type R MUGEN in 2010.

Engineers at MUGEN Euro worked on the 1.5-litre power unit, keeping the 3-button IMA modes. They also added a centrifugal forced air induction system, induction system, charge-air cooler and a MUGEN Euro-mapped ECU. With these features, the vehicle has a remarkable power to weight ratio as well as an enhanced torque helping to deliver 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds -- over 3 seconds quicker than the regular vehicle.

According to Head of Honda (UK) marketing Martin Moll, the "MUGEN Euro magic" has developed a "super responsive yet eco-conscious model building on our sporting credentials."

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2011 Honda Civic Type R Mugen 2.2 gets more power

Enthusiasts in the United Kingdom got a chance to own the Honda Civic Type R MUGEN in 2010 as well as a limited edition production run of 20 hand-built, motorsport-derived machines. But now, the Northampton-based MUGEN Euro technicians have produced a unique version with even greater torque and power.

The cylinder stroke and bore have been boosted to produce an overall capacity of 2,156 cc, giving the name to the vehicle, the Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 2.2. With the revamp, a boost in engine output is achieved from 240 PS to 260 PS. Additional torque is also available across the rev range.

Now, peak torque is 240 Nm at available at 6,000 rpm. The torque and power are higher by 30 percent when compared with a standard Honda Civic Type R.

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Mugen, Honda’s in-house tuning arm, has doused all hopes that we will see the CR-Z Mugen RR edition on the roads. Mugen explained that this car was only made for show purposes and that there are no plans for more production. Last July, Mugen debuted the new design concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Mugen said in a statement that the CR-Z Mugen RR edition concept was only made to show off MUGEN’s capabilities when it comes to function, style, performance and agility.

It also said that the CR-Z Mugen RR featured numerous bespoke prototype parts, some of which were built from carbonfiber such as the bonnet, passenger doors and rear tailgate.

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The Honda RR Edition, which is based on the MUGEN CR-Z concept, made quite an impression at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It surprised the visitors since it wasn’t divulged that Honda was working on a prototype for a model that’s built for racing, dubbed the MUGEN CR-Z Concept RR.

Honda CR-Z MUGEN RR Concept attached the “RR” logo to its name, which stands for MUGEN racing spirit. Honda wants this car to be perceived as being drastically different from CR-Z.

MUGEN seeks to make the most of the supercharger and IMA system. MUGEN has been able to attain flat power and torque curves throughout the rpm range to enhance drivability and to improve fuel efficiency further. Weight was also reduced to enhance handling and acceleration performance. The other modifications include the use of carbon composites for the bonnet and doors, the elimination of the rear seats, and the shift to full bucket seats.

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Mugen Euro wants to build a hot, more hardcore version of the Jazz supermini. Mugen Euro, Honda’s performance tuning division based in Northampton, UK, is known for having built a supercharged version of the CR-Z hybrid that may go on a limited run. Mugen Euro has said that it seeks to build the unlikeliest of hot hatches. In Japan, Mugen has already offered several styling updates and tuning components for the Jazz (where it’s known as the Fit).

However, the upgrades to its performance are minimal. Now, Mugen Euro management seeks to boost its performance by using either the CR-Z’s supercharged hybrid powerplant or a normally aspirated, high-revving 2.0-litre VTEC unit comparable to what was used in the latest Civic Type R.

Mugen Euro’s general manager Colin Whittamore said that they’ve long wanted to create something that’s based on the Jazz. He said that it “wouldn’t be much of a stretch” for the Jazz to be powered by the 197bhp supercharged version of the CR-Z’s 1.5-litre hybrid motor. Mugen is presently dyno-testing this vehicle in the UK before it makes its public debut at the Goodwood.

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The MUGEN version of the CR-Z hybrid has been hyped extensively but only recently have pictures of this model been released. There also aren’t many details available about it yet since this project is ongoing. So far, the first tests have been very promising when it comes to the performance and fuel consumption.

Tests made earlier on a prototype car based on a standard CR-Z and given a mid-tune engine show that it can have an acceleration time from zero to 60mph (0-98 km/h) that’s comparable to the Civic Type R due partly to supercharging.

This means that it has a sprint time that’s somewhere in the mid six-second range. MUGEN said that this was achieved by adding 15% more power to the engine compared to the ‘stage 1’ level of tune. Even with the big wing attached to its back, the car is lighter by about 50 kilograms (110 lbs).

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Expect the arrival of a highly tuned version of the Honda CR-Z hybrid from MUGEN Euro very soon. The CR-Z MUGEN is expected to deliver Type-R-like performance and possibly better fuel efficiency. This development from MUGEN Euro will feature improvements to its 1.5-litre i-VTEC petrol engine and the Honda IMA system for enhanced power and torque as well as bespoke brakes and suspension for better chassis dynamics.

The anticipated revisions in the CR-Z’s engine, exhaust and induction may possibly lead to better fuel economy and lower carbon dioxide emissions in certain conditions – although final power, torque and fuel economy figures have yet to be known as the CR-Z MUGEN is still in the early development stage.

MUGEN Euro will aim to lower the vehicle’s overall weight by using lightweight components, including a carbon fiber bonnet and cut unsprung mass by employing MUGEN alloy wheels. MUGEN Euro will also try to enhance the CR-Z’s aerodynamics and give it a more sporting look by installing MUGEN body parts like front and rear bumpers, and a spoiler.

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The reason why most hybrid cars are not aesthetically attractive is because the focus of their design is fuel-efficiency and low emission. However, one tuning firm is keen in changing this conventional hybrid image with a package of accessories that aims at improving external presentation to the level of striking.

Mugen has currently in development a set of accessories for the 2010 Honda Insight that does just these. The Mugen parts, besides eliminating lift, also boosts appearance and comes with new front grill design, a large rear spoiler, and ventilated visors.

Changes were not restricted to appearance only but extended to handling as well, with sports suspension that includes sports-tuned springs and dampers which are able to lower ride height by 20mm maximum.

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Do you have a Honda Civic and have been wanting to upgrade? Then, you're just the person that principal Mugen stockist and leading Japanese tuning house Torque Developments International Plc is targeting with its full range of Honda Civic Type R FN2 upgrades available for the performance aftermarket.

The Mugen Civic Type R FN2 product range covers engine, chassis, braking and visual enhancements. Its items have passed arduous design, testing and quality control tests, ensuring that the Mugen FN2 product portfolio offers enthusiasts the ultimate in performance and reliability.

First to be launched from the Mugen range is the FN2 with front and visual enhancements attached to the Civic Type R Mugen concept. It is lightweight, distinct, and of high quality.

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Honda's exhibit at the 2009 Specialty Equipment Market Association's (SEMA) show is made all the more special because it is celebrating its 50th anniversary in the United States. Honda brings a special twist to the event by displaying a variety of historic and accessorized Honda vehicles.

It also showcases the 2010 Accord Sedan equipped with MUGEN accessories. Bruce Smith, vice president of Parts Operations for American Honda Motor Co., Inc., said, "Customized Honda cars factor strongly into SEMA history and are a big part of Honda's 50 years in America."

Smith added that Honda's growing accessory lineup, which includes MUGEN kits for the Accord sedan and Fit, proves its commitment to supporting personalization of its vehicles into the future.

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