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2015 Nissan Nismo Note unveiled, debuts in Japan this autumn

Nissan Motor Co. has unveiled the sportiest version so far of the Nissan Note – the new Note Nismo. The Japanese carmaker has disclosed that it will implement a minor model tweak on the Fairlady Nismo and add a new Nismo RS grade to the Juke Nismo in the fall of 2014.

Since introducing the Juke Nismo in February 2013, Nissan’s specialty division Nismo has been adding more vehicles to its stable. After the Juke Nismo, Nismo added the March Nismo, Fairlady Z Nismo and Nissan GT-R Nismo. Now, a Nismo model is joining the lineup of vehicles injected with the sportiness that Nismo gained from its motorsports activities – the new Note Nismo. Nissan is planning to release the new Note Nismo to the market also in the fall of 2014.

The Note Nismo is the fifth Nissan model marketed under the revived Nismo production-car banner. When launched, the Note Nismo will be available in two grades – the standard Note Nismo and the sportier Note Nismo S, allowing Nissan to cater to the demands of both sports driving enthusiasts and hardcore motorsports fans.

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Nissan Note presents the self-cleaning paint technology [w/video]

Ever heard of a self-cleaning car that repels everyday dirt? The all-new Nissan Note is. The world’s first self-cleaning car features Nissan’s Ultra-Ever Dry paint technology that repels water, mud, dirt and oil. It is a specially engineered super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint and is featured on the new Note.

Nissan Technical Centre Europe will commence testing the self-cleaning Note over the next few months in a variety of conditions, to gauge the real-world effectiveness of the Ultra-Ever Dry paint as a potential aftermarket application. Nissan created a protective layer of air between the paint and environment, which prevents standing water and road spray from creating dirty marks on the vehicle surface.

The already features a ‘self-cleaning' technology through ‘wash and blow dry' function on its rear view camera. The ‘wash and blow dry' function employs water and compressed air to automatically keep the camera lens free from dirt. The Ultra-Ever Dry paint -- marketed and sold by UltraTech International Inc. -- has so far effective against rain, spray, frost, sleet and standing water.

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Nissan builds Note Boat to show off its new technologies

Nissan demonstrated the technology on its new B-segment car in a most exciting manner. It built a Note Boat, which was seen at the Eton Dorney Lake (the 2012 Olympic venue) during a media event last month to kick off the start of sales of the Note car. At the event, three superstar Olympic rowers were on the Note Boat.

With the Note Boat, Nissan found a striking and enjoyable way to showcase its new technology. Nissan tweaked the Note Boat so that it could be rowed at the venue. Similar to the car, the boat has a sliding rear seat. The rower has a single stroke seat. The rear doors open to nearly 90 degrees, necessary because its oars would have to be moved through an entire rowing stroke.

The boat is equipped with Around View Monitor 360-degree parking system and Safety Shield technology so that the rowers, who have their back to the lake, know where they’re going and so that they stay in the lane.

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Nissan expects double deliveries for sleeker Note

Nissan is expecting sales of the now sleeker and safety-tech laden Note subcompact to double. According to Nissan, the Note's so-called Safety Shield is the first in the segment that offers consumers affordable assistance features typically found only in larger, much expensive premium cars. Safety Shield monitors movements from all angles, providing blind-spot warning, moving-object detection and lane-departure warning.

While competing systems depend on multi-camera and radar technology, Nissan’s Safety Shield uses data sent from a single wide-angle rearview camera. While the outgoing Note sports a boxy look, the new subcompact boasts of a sleeker design.

Thomas Hausch, chief of Nissan's operations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, remarked that the Japanese carmaker is aiming the car at the heart of the subcompact segment. The new Note bears a starting tag of EUR13,990 in Germany – a pricing that is aimed against the Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta. Nissan has sold 472,000 units of the current Note in its eight-year life cycle.

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Nissan has commenced producing the new Nissan Note at its Sunderland site in the United Kingdom. The new Note will further boost production at what is considered as the biggest car plant in the UK, following a £125-million investment by Nissan, secured for the country with a £9.3 million grant from the government's Regional Growth Fund.

The official start of production was at a ceremony on Line 2 at the plant by John Martin, Nissan’s Senior Vice President for Manufacturing, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management in Europe. Gracing the event is UK’s Minister of State for Business and Enterprise, Michael Fallon.

Even before its launch, the new Note’s design and technology has enticed a number of customers across Europe, with Nissan dealers receiving more than 14,000 pre-orders since order books opened in July 2013. Martin remarked that the new Note is providing mainstream B-segment customers with an “unprecedented combination” of design, technology and safety features which used to be only offered in luxury brands.

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The new Nissan Note marks the carmaker’s commitment to create innovative technology that makes like easier and safer for drivers. At the launch event of the new Nissan Note, the carmaker allowed journalists to experience Nissan Safety Shield, which is a network of three safety features providing drivers with outstanding visibility and protection.

The Nissan Safety Shield’s Blind Spot Warning feature gives warnings to the driver on a vehicle in either blind spot at the at the rear of the Note. Once a vehicle is detected, the system will illuminate a warning light in the glass of the Note's wing mirror. It also provides light and audible warnings when it detects a vehicle in the danger area if the driver indicates changing lanes.

The Lane Departure Warning feature detects road markings, allowing the Note to determine whether it is drifting out of position without indicating.

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The all-new Nissan Note has been unveiled before its scheduled launch next month at the Geneva Motor Show. With this model, Nissan hopes to attract sales away from the top-selling Ford Fiesta. The new second-generation Note won’t be a mini-MPV. Instead, it will be a more conventional hatchback, while having the same interior space and raised driving position.

Herve Genin, the marketing manager for the Note, is confident that the British-produced Note will be able to achieve the same level of success as that of the Qashqai and Juke by competing with the more traditional models using a very different proposal. Genin said that just like the Qashqai and Juke, the Note combines the best of both worlds. It’s highly responsive but it still stays spacious and comfortable. It also keeps its good looks inside and out.

Note, which is produced in Sunderland, will arrive in the UK this autumn with three available engines. These include two three-cylinder petrols and a four-cylinder diesel. It will come with a five-speed manual as standard, while a CVT is optional on all engines.

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Back in July, Nissan unveiled the Invitation Concept, a vehicle designed for the B-segment and announced that it will build the car at the Sunderland plant in the U.K. Today, the production version of the Invitation Concept was unveiled: this is the all-new Nissan Note. Set to go on sale in Japan this fall and in Europe in early 2013, the new Nissan Note promises to become the most user-friendly car in its segment.

Furthermore, the Note comes with Nissan’s advanced Around View Monitor (AVM) which is a premiere for a compact car from the Japanese manufacturer. In terms of design, the Nissan Note features a striking character line, known as the ‘Squash Line', as well as a distinctive front grille, headlamps and rear combination lamps.

As expected, the vehicle features a spacious interior and according to Nissan, this is beyond expectations for a car in this class. Some of the highlights, include the flowing line above the instrument panel.

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An upgrade has been given to the Nissan Note supermini-MPV range for 2012. The British-built range will have a new luxury N-TEC+ grade as one of the major changes. Instead of 15in alloys, the mid-range Nissan Note Acenta will receive new two-tone 16in versions. It will also get chrome-effect door mirror covers and front fog light surrounds.

The interior gets a new seat fabric while climate control, automatic headlights and rain-sensitive wipers are all offered as standard.

Nissan Note N-TEC+ and the Acenta trim have the same specifications but the N-TEC+ has rear parking sensors and the darkened rear privacy glass and the ‘Connect’ touch screen satnav/audio system that’s used on the existing N-TEC trim.

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