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Opel begins production of 2017 Insignia Grand Sport

We can already smell success for Opel, even if it had only recently inked its marriage with the PSA Group. The Insignia, being one of Opel’s best selling cars of all time and having sold at least 940,000 units to date, will soon have a second-generation model out in the market.

The 2017 Insignia Grand Sport, one of the latest cars developed under General Motors, has finally started its production at the factory in Rüsselsheim, Germany. The assembly plant was updated with an investment of over €500 million ($540 million), allowing for the start of production of the sedan and wagon variants of the model.

The very first unit that was produced was a Grand Sport, painted white, and equipped with a turbodiesel 2.0-liter engine that can yield 170 horsepower. There’s a lot of pressure on this car as it has to live up to its predecessor, or better yet, prove that it is a better version of the original. It has big shoes to fill. After all, the first generation was crowned 2009 European Car of the Year.

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Opel offers 'unlimited' color choices in Exclusive program for 2017 Insignia Grand Sport

Opel revealed it has sweetened the pot for 2017 Insignia Grand Sport customers with the Opel Exclusive program. Through this program, the brand hopes to introduce a wide selection of colors that will clearly highlight the already elegant style.

However, it is not just about having colors to choose from as Opel wants to ensure that the second-generation Insignia customers will be able to stand apart from the rest. As such, Opel is offering an “unlimited range” of colors that are all based on the preference and style of the customer. This option though is not free and will come with additional cost.

Three finishes will be made available with the first one being the metallic finish which allows more incident light to be shown. The second is tri-coat finish which gives the vehicle a smoother look. Finally there is the pearl finish which makes use of a fine layer of crystals that are then embedded to the finish to give it a more natural shine.

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2017 Opel Insignia Grand Sport now with AWD and torque vectoring

The 2017 Opel Insignia Grand Sport, one of the newest members of the all- wheel drive set-up, is set to hit the roads this winter. Opel’s latest flagship model has yet to have its official public debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. But it seems the introduction of an all-wheel drive system will stir up excitement even more.

Having been introduced late last year, its engineers were quick enough to install a GKN Twinster AWD into the midsize sedan. Instead of placing a differential, Opel used a newly developed AWD arrangement with rear drive module and dual clutch system altogether.

Even so, the new Opel Insignia Grand Sport with all-wheel- drive is just as beautiful as its front wheel drive counterpart. At least now, you have more choices of variants to choose from. This new model is also a great alternative if you’re considering other AWD vehicles just like Ford Mondeo’s intelligent all-wheel drive as well as Volkswagen Passat’s 4MOTION technology.

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This is how a 2018 Holden Commodore Ute would have looked like

Less than three months remain before Opel and Vauxhall unveil the new Insignia Grand Sport – the second generation of the Insignia – to the global public at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March 2017. The new Opel/Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport will have other versions as the Buick Regal (North America) and the Holden Commodore (Australia).

In the Land Down Under, the Holden Commodore has a utility (ute) version, which is basically a Commodore transformed into a coupe-like pickup. However, Holden has decided to stop production of the Commodore in Australia. Instead, Holden will import the Opel Insignia Grand Sport and rebadge it as the Commodore. Because of this, Holden practically killed off the ute version of the Commodore. This means, that for the next generation of the Commodore, the ute will no longer be available.

Perhaps knowing that the new generation of the Holden Commodore won’t have an ute anymore, a certain rendering artist named Theophilus Chin created his own – albeit through visual graphics. Chin’s eagerness to see an ute version of the Commodore and the frustration that it won’t be available anymore could be why he made an effort to imagine and render an ute version for the Australian auto market.

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While Opel has earlier updated the Insignia Grand Sport with a much wider wheelbase and new engine line-ups, X-Tomi on the other hand has got something more interesting to show us.

As expected, a very handsome concept has been rendered for the new Opel Insignia Grand Sport. Proposed by X-Tomi Design, the Insignia Grand Sport OPC has additional features that differ from the regular sedan.

If only we could have it our way, we would love to see the rendering artist’s “performance version” in real life. To start off, X-Tomi’s redesigned front grille with bigger vents on the lower bumper gives the sedan a more powerful look. There is obviously an improved low centre of gravity with the new side skirts in place.

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Just a few short moments after it unveiled the new Insignia Grand Sport, GM is up for another astonishing revelation. Apparently, the 2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport will be getting a new V6 engine version for Australia. So let’s all welcome the new generation Holden Commodore for the land down under!

Blame it on the different time zones. Others have thought that Holden was the first to reveal their V6. Whatever the case may be, we think both are sure winners. Hyped as the “most advanced Commodore” yet, Australia’s rebadged Insignia Grand Sport will be powered by a 308 hp V6 3.6 litre naturally aspirated engine with up to 273 lb-ft of torque.

In that case, there may be a slight difference from the current Commodore’s engine specs. The new version gets an additional 27hp and 15 pounds feet of torque aside from the standard AWD layout and GM’s first ever 9-speed AT gearbox.

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Nearly a decade after Opel and sister brand Vauxhall introduced the Insignia large family car, these companies are now getting ready to unveil the second generation of this offering from General Motors. The second generation Insignia – now dubbed as the Insignia Grand Sport -- boasts of a new design marked by elegant lines and best-in-class aerodynamics as underpinned by a new platform and loaded with new systems and technologies.

For now, Germany-based Opel and United Kingdom-exclusive Vauxhall have only released images of the new Insignia, and the second generation model is no less than awesome. Full details will likely be disclosed when the new Insignia Grand Sport is formally unveiled to the global public at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March. Some details, however, have been released together with the official images of the Insignia Grand Sport.

Derived from the 2013 Monza Concept, the new Insignia Grand Sport is as long as the first generation Insignia. However, thanks to a wheelbase that is 92 mm (3.6 inches) longer, the Insignia Grand Sport offers more legroom for those sitting in the rear cabin. However, the Insignia Grand Sport looks sleeker and more imposing than its predecessor, simply because its track has been widened by 11 mm (0.4 inches) and its roof has been lowered by 29 mm (1.1 inches).

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2017 Opel Insignia model will come with 16 LEDs for each side of the headlamps. That’s about double the number of light-emitting diodes being offered in the Astra if you can just imagine. The IntelliLux LED headlamp (initially came with 8 LEDs) was introduced in the Astra K production model in the previous year. For the second generation Opel Insignia, a total of 32 diodes will be available with the latest optional matrix.

Like the Astra, the adaptive LED will self-adjust to the surroundings. That way, the light beam’s range and light distribution will suit the current traffic condition. This highly advanced lighting technology doesn’t need help when switching to different modes of traffic. It doesn’t matter when you’re out on the highway, on a country road or just cruising around town. Night-time driving will seem like a morning drive with the matrix headlamp’s latest functions. Plus, you don’t have to worry about dazzling other motorists with these bright new headlights, as it knows what to do.

The optional matrix LED was initially visualised in the Opel Monza Concept. That was almost three years ago. The 2017 Opel Insignia has better illuminating effects as it can go as far as 1,312 feet. It is more intuitive in a way that it can adjust the intensity of light coming from the high beam according to the angle of the steering wheel. This would significantly improve visibility when taking turns at the corner.

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Opel revealed that the 2017 Insignia Grand Sport has entered the final stage of development. While the brand continues to hide this five-door sedan from prying eyes, there is no doubt that the new model brings with it a unique greatness. Since this new model utilizes a new architecture, the proportions have been changed resulting in the new Grand Sport having an appearance that is not only more striking but sportier as well.

The track for example is now wider by 1 centimeter and when paired with the roofline being lowered by 3 centimeters, Opel’s new flagship acquires a more spirited presence. Meanwhile, even if the overhangs, for both the front and the rear, were made shorter, by making the wheelbase longer by at least 9 centimeters, the overall result is that the new Grand Sport is longer when compared to the previous version by 5.5 centimeters.

However, the athleticism of the Grand Sport is all for show and it offers some practical benefits as well. The engineering team made sure that it would not only have lower weight but be space efficient as well. Thus through the use of an optimized packaging, it made it possible for the interior to offer ample space in addition to having a wide selection of excellent technologies. In terms of weight, the use of lightweight materials resulted in the Grand Sport being lower by 175 kilograms.

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