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Opel releases first details of the Meriva EV (electric vehicle)

Opel has inked a research project agreement with the MeRegioMobil consortium to develop three demo versions of the Meriva electric vehicle, with funding from the German Ministry of Economics and Technology. This research project is aimed at integrating EVs as mobile energy storage units in the intelligent power grid (smart grid) of the future.

As part of the project, Opel will have access to MeRegioMobil to research new intelligent charging technologies that could be used on future models. The demo Meriva EVs are equipped with electronic controls that allow high-power recharging either via a 230-volt household current or through a 400-volt three-phase AC.

Moreover, Meriva's charging system is designed to fit into a smart grid as well as allow the recharging of the battery from renewable sources like wind or solar energy. On the other hand, the project will look into the capability of the Meriva to feed electrical power into the smart grid using bi-directional charging system -- when the vehicle is not in use and when the driver allows it.

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Opel/Vauxhall Meriva EV in the works

Vauxhall/Opel will be joining MeRegio (Minimum Emission Region), a project that is meant to integrate electric vehicles into modern networks and infrastructures. During a charging cycle last week, two plug-in Merivas were spied. This fueled internet rumors that Vauxhall/Opel is working on a fully electric version of its mini-MPV.

However, a Vauxhall spokesman asserted that this does not mean that the company is planning to produce a hybrid or electric powertrain for the Meriva. Instead, these cars are related to Opel’s role in the new partnership, which includes seven other partners including Bosch, Daimler (through the Smart brand) and data management firm SAP.

The project aims to integrate the next generation of electric vehicles into the network, intelligently managing load and charging phases, feeding back energy into the grid when necessary (and crediting the car user with this), and facilitating cross-border roaming standards.

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2011 Opel Meriva interior revealed

These are the official details and images of the new 2011 Meriva, which German carmaker Opel released recently. We have yet to get information on the engine choices but what we know is that Opel has detailed all the "Flexes" it associated with the car: FlexDoors, FlexSpace, FlexRail and FlexFix.

To access the interior, you would have to get pass through the rear-hinged FlexDoors, a first in the segment.

The size of the door aperture has been optimized by using the space which is occupied by the rear wheel-arch with a front-hinged door. By placing the rear door hinges on the C-pillar, entry and exit space is wider.

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Opel says its 2011 Meriva has everything to be Europe’s best-selling small minivan

For Opel/Vauxhall's new Meriva to still be Europe's best-selling small minivan, the company has fitted several innovations on the vehicle. The new Meriva will have rear-hinged rear doors -- a first in the segment.

These doors can open up to nearly 90 degrees, much wider than conventional doors. As a result, it offers easier access as well as easier cargo storage.

Opel has dubbed this in-house door system as FlexDoors. The company's engineers created a safety system that ensures that the doors are latched and locked if the vehicle is moving at speeds above 4kph.

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The latest version of Vauxhall / Opel's people-carrier, the 2011 Meriva five-seater MPV which was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show is priced from GBP 15,495 (15,900 euros in Germany for the entry-level 1.4-liter gasoline engine which delivers 74 kW/100 hp) and will go on sale in the UK at the middle of the year. The carmaker has made the vehicle longer, wider, taller and with more style.

For the first time, the MPV is based on the Astra/Zafira platform, which has adopted the "flex doors" (similar to the Rolls-Royce's coach doors).

The Meriva has been leading the small MPV class since launch in 2003, with more than a million sales It actually halves (to around 20cm) the difference in overall length between its seven-seater brother, the Zafira, mostly due to the demands of new crash and pedestrian protection legislation.

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This is the second generation Opel Meriva, a new MPV which will make its official debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show! "Innovative, versatile and elegant": these are the words from the manufacturer to describe this new vehicle which will set a new standard for automotive versatility with a multitude of innovative features engineered to optimize the flexible use of space.

Ok, now let's see what's new at this second generation Meriva. First of all, the vehicle introduces the new rear-hinged rear doors, called FlexDoors, which is a first from a volume manufacturer in the industry.

That is really special about these doors, is that they open independently without the need for a clamshell overlap by the front doors.

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