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Opel to build next Zafira at PSA plant in Sochaux, France

Opel will build the next generation Zafira minivan at PSA/Peugeot-Citroen's plant in Sochaux, France, Les Echos has reported. Opel is currently producing the Zafira at its Bochum site in Germany, which is set to be shut down by the end of 2014. Zafira’s production at Sochaux is part of an agreement inked in early 2012 between Opel and PSA, according to the French newspaper, citing unidentified sources privy to the matter.

General Motors invested EUR320 million ($418 million) in 2012 to acquire a 7 percent stake in PSA as part of an alliance that entails joint purchasing and vehicle development aimed at improving their results in Europe.

Les Echos added that the agreement could also entail Opel’s Zaragoza site in Spain building Citroen’s C3 Picasso small minivan. The site currently builds the Meriva small minivan, Corsa subcompact and Mokka small SUV.

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Opel to halt Astra output, replace it with Zafira at Ruesselsheim plant in 2015

Opel it will halt building its Astra compact hatchback at its Ruesselsheim site in Germany in 2015 to pave way for the production of the Zafira minivan. Opel is currently building the Zafira at its Bochum site that is set for closure by the end of 2014. Opel’s Gliwice plant in Poland, meanwhile, will hike Astra output to offset the lost volume, according to Opel spokesman Ulrich Weber.

He described the moves as a normal transition from one model to the other and a process that will “evolve step by step." According to Handelsblatt German business daily, the Ruesselsheim site will halt producing the Astra before the second half of 2015. The Ruesselsheim site built around 50,000 Astras in 2012, similar to the number of Zafiras produced in Bochum, Weber said.

The Astra is targeted against the Volkswagen Golf compact. Opel will produce the next-generation Astra in Gliwice and Ellesmere Port, United Kingdom, starting in 2015. Ellesmere Port workers have agreed to wage cuts as part of a labor agreement that lasts until early 2020s.The site, operated by Opel sister-company Vauxhall, employs 2,122 people and builds three types of Astra variants and has an annual capacity of 187,000 vehicles. 

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PSA to build the next-generation Opel Zafira

The changes to be implemented for the European operations of General Motors would be more radical than anticipated, according to a Der Spiegel magazine report. Sources inside Opel told Der Spiegel that the senior General Motors managers in North America have decided to move the production of the Astra from Opel’s main Russelsheim plant in Germany.

The Astra will now be produced at its Polish-based Gelwice factory and Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port operations in the UK. Opel worker’s union representatives became upset. They imply that the production of the Astra is priced 220 euro higher at Ellesmere Port than in Russelsheim. Losing Astra would mean that Russelsheim will only produce one model – the Insignia.

Job reductions of as many as 200 workers are mooted for Opel’s development centre in Russelsheim. It’s also believed that General Motors will very soon announce the closure of Opel’s Bochum plant, which presently produces the Zafira and Astra.

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Opel will sell its new 2012 Zafira Tourer alongside the current model

Opel/Vauxhall will put its new Zafira Tourer medium minivan on sale in the third quarter in Europe together with its smaller current Opel Zafira model. The Tourer, which is a third-generation variant of the Zafira, will have its production debut in September at the IAA in Frankfurt. The company said that this model will offer premium quality just like its Insignia midsized vehicles.

It will compete with other minivan units like the Renault Scenic, Ford C-Max and Volkswagen Touran, and will have a redesigned variant of the Flex7 seating system that is available in the Zafira.

Instead of having a bench in the middle row of seats, the new model will now have three individual seats, which can be folded and moved back and forth. In any of the five different seat configurations, the Tourer now provides 710 liters load volume, which is 65 liters more than the current model.

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A new concept of Opel’s Zafira Tourer will be seen at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. This model, which is built as a precursor of the future production version MPV, will feature Opel’s proven flexible seating with the space provided by an MPV as well as a touch of Insignia quality.

The Zafira Tourer is designed with a front end (wing shaped headlamps and twin trapezoid grille intakes) that is borrowed from the soon-to-be launched Ampera plug-in hybrid.

Opel aimed for the Zafira to have a stunning look as it has been fitted with LED daytime running lights, bi-Xenon AFL and fog lamps, glass roof, 20-inch twin-spoke alloy wheels or horizontal aluminum bar with the Opel logo. The MPV’s interior features a seven-seat Flex7 seating concept.

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Opel/Vauxhall revealed today the first photos with the all-new Zafira Concept, which will make its world debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The new car promises to combine the “lounge-on-wheels” luxury with the same high degree of flexibility and will take the Flex7 seating to a new level. The car can be transformed at a push of a button into a four-seater with limousine levels of space.

A clever new folding mechanism allows the centre section of the second row to fold down, revealing two armrests for occupants in the outer seats.

Regarding the exterior design, the car carries the same design philosophy as the Ampera, which means we see the wing-shaped LED daytime running lights, bi-xenon AFL and fog lamps contained behind a single Plexiglass cover. Like the Astra Sports Tourer, the Zafira’s belt line sweeps upwards and visually helps to propel the vehicle forward.

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Opel announced today that, in March, at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show it will unveil the new Zafira Tourer Concept, a preview of the next-generation Zafira. As you can see from the photos, the new car carries the same design line seen on the Ampera a.k.a. sister model of the Chevrolet Volt, and promises to offer a spacious and sophisticated lounge-style interior embraced by an elegant, sculptured and dynamic exterior.

The car will feature a completely new wing shaped headlamp that creates a very dynamic look. Moreover, the new Zafira Tourer Concept brings Insignia ambition, quality and innovative technologies and according to the German manufacturer it is designed to ensure that every journey is pleasant, safe and relaxing for all aboard.

The Zafira Tourer Concept features an evolved version of the seven-seat Flex7 seating concept. For this usage, the third row could now be completely folded down flush with the floor. Moreover, the Concept’s five-seat interior could be transformed into a four-seat cabin with just a push of a button.

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The most potent natural gas-powered vehicle opens in December when Opel introduces its first Compressed Natural Gas compact van outfitted with a turbo-charger at the Bologna auto show which will be held on December 5 to 14 of the current year.

The latest Zafira 1.6 CNG Turbo can generate 150 hp and reach a peak speed of 200 km/h but utilizes only 5.3 kg of natural gas for every 100 km in the MVEG cycle, discharging just 144 g/km of Carbon Dioxide.

That means and additional 60 percent more power for only a difference of 6 grams in emissions in contrast to the naturally aspirated version. The latest Zafira 1.6 CNG Turbo will become available early next year. With this newest model, Opel once more provides environment-friendly driving without sacrificing performance. And driving a seven-seater does not have to be expensive either.

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