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2019 Geneva Motor Show: Pininfarina Battista is a 1,900-hp elegant electric hyper GT from Italy

It was in 1930 when Battista "Pinin" Farina established and incorporated Societa anonima Carrozzeria Pinin Farina. Nearly 90 years since the world-renowned Italian design and engineering consultancy -- best known for its projects with Ferrari –was formed, Pininfarina is building a car new bearing its name and of its beloved founder.

Pininfarina is introducing a new electric hyper GT that redefines hyper performance with nearly 2,000 hp of motive power – the new Pininfarina Battista. Just as how Battista "Pinin" Farina changed his last name to Pininfarina in 1961, the Italian firm’s own creation can change how people see electric cars. As the most powerful road-legal car designed and built in Italy so far, the Battista marks a new milestone in the company’s rich history. It is the first in a range of all-electric luxury cars solely branded Pininfarina.

That goes to say that Pininfarina’s extensive experience in designing Ferrari cars – numbering more than 60 -- hasn’t go to naught. To marks 90 years of the already legendary Pininfarina SpA design house, the Battista was born, boasting of an elegant form combining with groundbreaking engineering solutions as well as unprecedented performance.

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Vietnamese carmaker VinFast gains traction as two models to debut at 2018 Paris Motor Show

The global automotive market is dominated by several major players from Japan, Europe and the United States. Some companies from South Korea and India are also major players in the automotive world. In the recent years, a few automakers from China are making some noise. How about a carmaker from Vietnam?

Here comes VinFast, a virtually unknown carmaker – at least in the global scene --- based in Ha Noi, Vietnam. Seeing itself as brand for Vietnamese cars, VinFast is a part of the VinGroup, a $10-billion conglomerate in Vietnam that is involve in operating shopping malls, resorts, spas, hospitals and schools as well as apartment complexes in the country. Led by 50-year richest man in Vietnam, billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong, VinGroup is venturing into industrial manufacturing through VinFast.

As part of its plan, VinFast will initially focus on the Vietnamese market, as the country’s GDP growth is expected to grow between six to seven percent annually. Then, the Vietnamese carmaker will set its eyes on other markets, especially in Southeast Asia.

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Pininfarina unveils new H500 electric saloon at 2018 Beijing Motor Show

Following the unveiling of the HK GT Gran Turismo at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Pininfarina is showing off another all-electric car concept. Dubbed as the H500 saloon, this new electric study is being presented at Auto China 2018, also known as the 2018 Beijing Motor Show.

The new H500 saloon is actually one of the two new electric concepts born from the collaboration between Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic Group, a Hong Kong-based high-tech brand. The other is the new K350 four-seat sports utility vehicle.

HK GT Gran Turismo, H500 electric saloon and K350 SUV are the newest products of the companies’ joint effort to develop clean energy vehicles. All three are being shown at the Beijing Motor Show. The new H500 electric saloon was designed to suit customers with a dynamic lifestyle. It exudes both elegance and sportiness, while boasting sophisticated elements and pure forms.

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Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic Group reveal K350 electric SUV at Auto China 2018

Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic Group are not stopping their product concept onslaught as the partners took advantage of the current auto show in Beijing, China to unveil to the global public their latest creations, including the K350 electric 4-seater SUV.

The new K350 electric 4-seater SUV is one of the three concepts being displayed by Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic Group. The other two concepts are the H500 electric saloon and the GT Gran Turismo. The GT Gran Turismo actually made its global debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, while the H500 is making its first public appearance alongside the K350 at the Auto China 2018 (2018 Beijing Motor Show).

These three new models – K350 4-seater SUV, H500 saloon and the HK GT -- share a number of elements, including their electric powertrain that features a range extender. All featuring Pininfarina styling, these three new HK electric vehicles are influenced by the same clear, straightforward design language. They are laden with advanced technology, and boast of better ergonomics as well as sophisticated materials.

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Mahindra group-owned automotive design firm Pininfarina may be commonly noted for its sensational coachbuilding efforts, but now Pininfarina is planning to expand its portfolio. The Italian automaker has possibly signed a deal with Iranian automotive company Iran Khodro following a flurry of electric cars unveiled at Auto Shanghai show. The said deal will see Iran Khodro, which produced vehicles for Iranian Samand, Peugeot and Renault to be sold in Iran, to reportedly produce a new platform.

Previously, Iran Khodro heavily depended on platforms from different automakers, primarily France's PSA Group. Now the said platform that they will be working on will be a modular chassis that is made specifically to be utilized in at least 4 different vehicles. The platform will approximately cost around €70 million ($76 million) to develop.

The first phase is a passenger car that will be made for the midsize category and will take the form of either a small SUV or a sedan, perhaps. A total of 3 years will span for the agreement done between Pininfarina and IKCO, and will not only include the platform development, but will also tackle concept architecture, body design, as well as a product development throughout virtual and physical validation.

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Chinese electronic vehicle startup Hybrid Kinetic (formerly known as HK Motors), introduced the H600 Concept, designed by Pininfarina, earlier this month at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

Carter Yeung, board member of the company announced that 85 to 90 percent of the concept model’s final design will be retained as it enters production soon. The firm declares that they are different compared to most Chinese companies who promise too much to the market, but don’t deliver. Instead, they will do the opposite and will provide as much as they could, or even more than what they have already promised.

And we are not just talking design when it comes to sticking to the concept, but also technical specifications. The H600 has a staggering 804 horsepower (600 kW), giving it enough power to run up to 62 miles per hour from standstill (0-100kph) in as short as 2.9 seconds, and eventually reaching its limit of 155 miles per hour (250 kph).

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The H600 eco-sustainable luxury sedan developed by Pininfarina in cooperation with Hybrid Kinetic Group is now making its world debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

As Italian creators describe it, H600 has harmonious proportions, flowing surfaces, taut lines, and a clear-cut stripe that runs along the entire length of the sides and exalts the dynamic stance of the vehicle. It’s designed to target business people who seek precious materials, exclusive treatments, refined details, and who take satisfaction in perfection and elegance.

The car displays a stylish and muscular look and is dominated by the sloped roofline. H600 features a recognizable front fascia with a large radiator grille, bordered by smooth LED headlights. It can be said that the front end has been inspired by the existing Maserati products. Meanwhile, the back end comes with full-LED taillights and a double chrome strip, incorporated into the boot lid.

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Whenever the name Pininfarina is mentioned, it becomes easy to catch people’s attention. After all, this world-renowned Italian auto designer and coachbuilder is the company behind the designs of famous production cars like the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, and Maserati Quattroporte, as well as concept vehicles such as the BMW Gran Lusso Coupe and the H2 Speed concept car.

Pininfarina’s latest project has something to do with electric propulsion. According to the Italian company, the new project was commissioned by a Hong Kong-based company named Hybrid Kinetic Group. Dubbed as the H600, this new concept for Hybrid Kinetic will be "both elegant and comfortable." As far as Pininfarina is concerned, every concept and product has been elegant.

The famed Italian auto designer hasn’t really divulged anything solid about this new project, except for a single teaser image that shows the rear end of the H600. It seems that the H600 is basically an electric luxury sedan with sleek rear lights running from side to the other, only interrupted by Hybrid Kinetic Group’s basketball-like logo. Mounted underneath are the words “Hybrid Kinetic.” Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic Group called this concept a perfect combination of pure design as well as eco-friendly technology.

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The Geneva Motor Show has always been known as the event where many automakers display their concept cars. This 2016 is no different as Pininfarina has officially unveiled the H2 Speed Concept. This concept car is the company’s pioneering vision of having a high performance track car that utilizes hydrogen fuel cell technology. This technology has undergone severe track testing conducted by Franco-Swiss company GreenGT. GreenGT has been in the business of designing, developing, and manufacturing clean and sustainable systems as far back as 2008.

The H2 Speed thus is not only a vehicle that displays technology, style, and performance, but it is environment-friendly as well. People who love innovation, performance, and speed plus the exclusivity that a Pininfarina-designed vehicle offers will surely be attracted to the H2 Speed. A mix between a production supercar and a racing prototype, the H2 Speed can be considered as the first high performance car that runs on hydrogen.

This is due to GreenGT’s 'Full Hydrogen Power' technology which resulted in an electric-hydrogen fuel cell drive chain. The H2 Speed can go as fast as 300 km/h and has zero CO2 emissions considering that the only thing it does release is water vapor.

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Bmw unveiled the impressive Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe, a concept car that hints at a possible 8-Series. Unveiled in Italy at the Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance, the new Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe is a four-seater powered by a 6.0-liter V12 engine delivering 537 bhp, same found on the 760i. Power is delivered to the rear wheels.

Regarding the design, the Gran Lusso Coupe is quite impressive and comes with a swept-back silhouette that features a long bonnet, shallow glasshouse and a reinterpretation of the well-known Bmw front grille. Although it is described as a one-off, the Gran Lusso Coupe could easily be taken into production with little changes.

The same design theme is continued at the interior where Bmw and Pininfarina used only high-quality materials such as black and tobacco brown leather upholstery from Italian company Foglizzo, but also the trims sourced from kauri wood as well as black chrome.

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Italian design house Pininfarina is considering a plan to build just five or six units of the Sergio Concept, with each being priced at around 3 million euros. At the Geneva Auto Show where Pininfarina presented this car, its CEO Silvio Angori told Automotive News Europe about this possibility. The stunning Sergio is built using the same underpinnings as the Ferrari 458 Spider.

This concept is regarded as a barchetta since it doesn’t have a windshield or side windows. This is a problem since under homologation rules in Europe, those who drive a car with no windshield have to wear a helmet.

Pininfarina chief designer Fabio Filippini told Automotive News Europe that for the Sergio to have more appeal, it has several extreme design details like the height of the rollbar, which serves as a rear spoiler too, as well as the width of the air intakes for the engine bay. Filippini said they know how to tweak the Sergio concept car so that it could become a “compliant, street-legal model."

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After one sketch, Pininfarina revealed the Ferrari Sergio Concept at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Although it I just a concept, the Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina looks amazing and pays tribute to the man who led Pininfarina for 40 years and conceived iconic cars. Based on the Ferrari 458 Spider, the Sergio Pininfarina is a mid-rear-engined two-seater barchetta and evokes the spirit of Pininfarina’s best achievements for Ferrari of the 1960s and 1970s.

This concept is an open air car with an explicit nod to racing cars, in the sense that a cupola is not fitted to protect occupants. For them, two helmets are provided.

According to the manufacturer, this is a real car that can easily be produced in a limited series of a few units. So, if you don’t like the LaFerrari you can buy one of these! Using the same 4.5-liter V8 engine found on the 458 Spider with 570 hp and mated to a sequential 7-speed gearbox, the Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina is able to hit 100 km/h or 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 320 km/h or 200 mph. Moreover, the concept has a total weight of about 1280 kg.

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Pininfarina S.p.A. estimates a return to profit this year, thanks to the lower financial charges from a debt restructuring and the improvement of its engineering and design business. This will be the Italian automotive design company's first profit since 2004. Chairman Paolo Pininfarina explained that the debt restructuring of the company allowed it to "say for the first time in five years" that their "survival is no longer at risk."

Paolo Pininfarina is the grandson of Battista Farina, who is the founder of the family-controlled group. Pininfarina has designed vehicles for Maserati, Ferrari, Cadillac and Rolls-Royce, among other companies. It closed its manufacturing operations to concentrate exclusively on design after a rise in capital in 2009.

A EUR182.6 million-debt restructuring inked in April extended the repayment plan of the company to 2018 from 2015. In a statement, Pininfarina disclosed that it anticipated making an operating loss this year, but will earn a net profit due to the benefit it can get from a one-time gain of about EUR45 million. The first-quarter loss of Pininfarina improved to EUR3.1 million from a previous loss of EUR6.5 million in the same period a year before.

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Pininfarina CEO Silvio Pietro Angori believes that China will be the automaker’s biggest market by the end of 2012, beating Germany. Currently, China and Germany each offers around 35% of the revenue of the Italian design house. Meanwhile, Italy generates around 20% while the remaining percentage is from the other markets.

Having arrived in China in 1996, Pininfarina is the first Western design house to collaborate with Chinese automakers. Several of its Chinese clients are Jianghuai Automobile Co., Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Co., China FAW Group Corp., Chery Automobile Co., Great Wall Motor Co., SAIC Motor Corp. and Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corp. Several Chinese automakers depend heavily on Pininfarina for car design.

At the Beijing show, Angori said that Pininfarina has designed about 80% of the product lineup of Brilliance. Furthermore, Pininfarina held a major role in the design of Chery’s two high-volume models -- the Chery A3 compact and the Chery Tiggo compact SUV. In 2010, Pininfarina established a subsidiary in suburban Shanghai. Angori said that its staffing in China over the next few years will expand considerably in order to support the growth of its business in the country.

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Pininfarina is evaluating whether it will build a limited number of the Cambiano plug-in hybrid coupe concept that it recently launched at the 82nd Geneva Auto Show. Sergio Angori, Pininfarina CEO, told Automotive News Europe on the sidelines of the Geneva auto show that the automaker is looking for companies and private buyers interested in acquiring a high-performance, low-emission luxury model, referring to the Cambiano plug-in hybrid coupe concept. Angori said that if the Pininfarina builds 10 units, each Cambiano would carry a price of around EUR1 million.

Angori, however, said that the price per unit could slide to EUR400,00 if the company increases its production to 70-75 units. The CEO said it would take 24 to 30 months to commence production of the Cambiano, which is named after Pininfarina's home city near Turin.

The Pininfarina Cambiano plug-in hybrid coupe concept is a top of the line model that offers superb performance without harming the environment. The 680-hp concept could reach top speeds of 275kph but only emits 45 grams of Carbon Dioxide per kilometer. 

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Italian firm Pininfarina unveiled the Cambiano plug-in hybrid coupe concept at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show. The inspiration for this diesel plug-in hybrid is the 1957 Lancia Florida II, which is the first concept car ever built by Pininfarina. It’s also the first public work of Pininfarina's new chief creative officer Fabio Filippini, who moved to the company from Renault in April 2011.

Filippini said that they aimed to “create a pure form with a strong impact, which is Pininfarina's DNA.” He said that he hoped to give the Cambiano a “strong visual impact,” using the least number of lines while eliminating decoration. A single long door can be found on the driver's side of this sleek four-seat sports car concept. It has two doors on the passenger side, which includes a rear-hinged rear door.

It doesn’t have a B-pillar. To make the design of the Cambiano even simpler, Filippini made headlights that are tiny LED (light emitting diode) blades incorporated into the grille shape. Its rear lamps are hidden behind a gray bar and these reflect light on the vehicle’s body. Carbon fiber is used for the passenger compartment while aluminum sub-frames are used in the front and rear to carry powertrain, suspension systems and batteries.

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Pininfarina is set to unveil the four-seat Cambiano coupe at the Geneva Auto Show next month. Aside from the range-extended plug-in diesel hybrid powertrain, the concept also has an electric motor for each wheel. Each of these motors delivers 60kW that peaks at 150kW for short periods, which equates to a maximum of 816 hp.

A small diesel-fueled turbine drives the wheels or recharges the batteries. The drivetrain provides supercar-performance with carbon dioxide emissions of only 45 grams per kilometer. Pininfarina reveals that the vehicle has a range of 800 kilometers, which includes 205 kilometers when running in pure electric mode. It has a top speed of 250 kph with short-time peaks at 275 kph. It can accelerate to 100 kph from a standstill in just 4.2 seconds.

The weight of the Cambiano's turbine is only half of an internal combustion engine providing an equivalent 50kW/68hp power, according to Andrea Maria Benedetto, who is the head of product and process development at Pininfarina.

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As the extended debt restructuring talks are nearing their end, sources have hinted that Italy's Pininfarina family will lose control of the car design company. Pininfarina, which had designed dream cars such as the Ferrari FF, posted a loss of 16.9 million euros in the first nine months of 2011. It had closed its manufacturing operations to re-invent itself as a smaller niche design player.

Sources say that a deal with creditor banks including Intesa Sanpaolo, UniCredit, Mediobanca and Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena to restructure net debt of 76 million euros is on track and will be attained in the upcoming months.

A source said that the debt situation is “stable and the talks are not contentious, so there is no hurry." This agreement will secure the capital structure for the foreseeable future. When this debt accord is finalized, it will give control of the family's 77% stake to its creditor banks. This ends the Pininfarina family's ownership of the influential design house founded by onetime Turin carriage maker Gianbattista "Pinin" Farina in 1930.

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At a transport exhibition in Milan, Italian firm Pininfarina showed off its hybrid diesel-electric bus prototype. This styling firm is best known for having worked on cars like the Ferrari F40 and Maserati GranTurismo. The original inspiration for the Hybus project was Pininfarina’s goal to lessen the pollution in Turin, which is the location of Pininfarina’s headquarters.

The styling company is doing the project with Turinese transport group GTT and FAAM, which makes batteries. A 17-year-old Iveco bus design was converted to accommodate a 1.3-litre Multi-jet diesel power unit mated to an electric generator, which sends energy to the primary lithium-ion battery pack.

The firm retained the original rear axle and drive-line. It also now comes equipped with two Magneti Marelli electric motors coupled to a collector-reduction gearbox. FAAM supplied the lithium-ion battery pack and the battery management system. Meanwhile, the new powerplant and ancillaries management is integrated with the basic original electrical/electronic design.

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We have bad news for Pininfarina fans, as the well-known Italian company will close down its auto production activities. Still, don’t be sad, as the firm will now concentrate on its design and engineering operations, which means that we will still see cars wearing the Pininfarina badge on the side. For those who don’t know, Pininfarina designed almost every Ferrari sports car since 1950s.

Now, that the market is changed, Pininfarina will lay off 127 workers in the production sector and in this way will save EUR2.9 million.

"Unfortunately we are going to stop our production activities, given the way the car market is. So we are focusing on design and engineering," a Pininfarina spokesman said on Tuesday, according to Autonews.

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