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Lilium’s flying car prototype takes its first successful test flight

The future is near. You’ve probably heard that line thousands of times in the past decade. But this time, I have got some pretty awesome news that will make you believe me.

Germany-based company Lilium Aviation just released a video of its newest, and coolest development, a “flying car”. Yes, you heard me right, a car that can fly! Imagine having the ability to fly your own plane (or should I say car?) anytime you want.

In the video, you would see the first flying car take off vertically (for the first time) in an airfield just by Munich. The first prototype was developed and produced by 40 international designers, engineers, and enthusiasts with the same vision. Daniel Wiegand, Co-Founder and CEO of Lilium says that it is all about connectivity. This is the future of on demand air transportation.

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World’s first commercially available flying car will be unveiled by AeroMobil in Monaco

When we were little boys and girls, we would imagine we were flying or riding on a magical broom or even a flying car. Flying has always tickled our imaginations, broadening our perspective of what could be the future of the automotive world. Movies such as the Harry Potter series (the Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia 105E), Star Wars (Luke Skywalker’s Landspeedster), and The Fifth Element (Bruce Willis’ flying taxi) have shown us how convenient it is to fly around in a flying car. Sure enough, flying is more convenient than being on the ground – what with having to deal with traffic, potholes, rude drivers, unruly pedestrians, and what not.

A small advanced engineering company based in Slovakia, called AeroMobil, is one of the few manufacturers that are constantly developing ways on how to make a car fly. Technology has been growing fast, and as hard to believe as it may sound at the moment, companies such as AeroMobil are taking a big leap into the future. For the past few years, this Slovakian firm has developed several unique concepts; none of which have crossed over for production. But all these may change soon enough as AeroMobil is out with yet another new flying car concept that will be unveiled at the Top Marques show in Monaco, which starts on April 20, 2017.

Although there is only a limited amount of information about this soon-to-be true-to-life science fiction based vehicle, there are a few promises that AeroMobil will make for the said vehicle. The new flying car concept is a new and improved version of the 3.0 concept that was first unveiled in 2014. According to AeroMobil, it will receive “hundreds of improvements” that will touch both design and engineering. Two photos of its new flying car concept have been revealed at a press release, which confirms speculations that the car will share various characteristics with the 3.0 concept, but of course, offer a much better (and updated) design.

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