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2016 Ford Focus RS becomes a police car in the UK

Ford recently released a recreation of an iconic image that became well-known three decades ago. The only difference is that while the past photo was a Ford RS200 in full police color stopping a Sierra RS Cosworth, the recreated version has the Focus RS in police regalia pulling over what is clearly the classic RS200.

The original photo was, of course, not a real event but more of the publicity-seeking variety. That time, the RS200 was given the color of the Essex Constabulary. While it has been reported that the model was actually used in police work, official proof has yet to be presented.

The possibility of it being true is rather unlikely considering that since the RS200 was made for Group B rallying, police officers, even the most highly trained ones, would have difficulty getting it to its full potential. The engine, which was made by Cosworth, is a turbo 4-cylinder 1.8-liter unit, which can deliver output of as high as 600 hp under the race trim with the road trim offering power of 200 hp, both impressive figures.

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