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Range Rover SV Coupe will remain as a limited model

If you do get a chance to get your hands on the Range Rover SV Coupe, we would suggest for you to get one because this will remain limited and is likely not going make it into full production.

Earlier this month during the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the SV Coupe was revealed as a limited edition model, and also the most expensive Range Rover with a price tag of $295,995. But recently, we learned that Land Rover has no plans to make production go beyond the 999 units that had been set.

Wayne Darley, senior product marketing manager, stated that to keep the model exclusive, then the best thing they could do is to limit production of the model. By doing so, you are protecting the exclusivity of the model and therefore, these investments are secured. This began with the Project 7 that was inspired by the 250 run Jaguar F-Type which got its roots from the 1950s D Type. That car was once sold for £130,000 (or $183,800), and is now available for over £200,000 (approximately $282,700).

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Jensen’s Range Rover Chieftain delivers superior off-road capability from 560hp V8 engine

When looking at this Range Rover Chieftain that was tuned by Jensen International, the first word that will enter your mind would probably be “classic” or “old school”. But that is before you see how this off roader performs. Yup, it is not just like any truck out there as it is built to conquer Mt. Everest, and you can totally rely on its skills.

Thanks to Jensen International for giving its CTS-V a little more push. Yes, the same 6.2 liter V8 had been supercharged, now giving it an output of 560 horsepower and it now comes with 556 pound-feet of torque. This engine then works with a six speed automatic transmission that is connected to a GM-sourced transfer box.

But the modern engine is not the only thing that has been added into the Chieftain’s retro body, as it now sits on Land Rover Discovery’s third generation platform and a ladder-frame chassis. This enables the Chieftain to have the necessary chops for superb off-road capability.

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Land Rover teases fancy interior of Range Rover SV Coupe, debut is set for 2018 Geneva Motor Show

We are aware that Land Rover is currently working on a two-door Range Rover, and it was just recently that the first official teaser of the new Range Rover SV Coupe came out. This includes images of the high end SUV’s luxurious cabin. And before you ask, the latest model will make its debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in March.

With the images we saw online, we could already tell that the Range Rover SV Coupe would be a highly pleasant vehicle to ride in. Up front, the seats are covered in quite, diamond quilted leather, with the same materials covering the dashboard. And in the rear, the same chairs are covered in a dark navy blue shade instead, giving it contrast, and at the same time, a luxurious feel. The center console has a wood trim that stretches to the entire length of the cabin, and this is paired with metallic trim that gives it a high-end appearance and feel.

It seems like the infotainment system will get the design of the Range Rover Velar. There is also a dial on the center console that probably controls off-road settings in the Range Rover, suggesting that it will have the ability to drive on different surfaces.

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2019 Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography will debut at 2017 LA Auto Show

At the upcoming 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, Jaguar Land Rover plans to introduce a few interesting models. These include the newly refreshed Range Rover in SVAutobiography and SVAutobiography Dynamic trims - the range-topping models in the lineup. While the company promises to take refinement and luxury to new levels, there haven’t been many details revealed just yet.

Apart from the vehicles mentioned earlier, the company will also be showcasing a number of products that that will surely be of interest to fans like the inaugural presentation in the country of the 2019 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport PHEV variants.

Both of these would be equipped with a 2.0 liter four-cylinder gas-fueled engine that works together with an electric motor. With these two equipped on the car, it is able to achieve a total rating of 398 horsepower (297 kilowatts), with an estimated 31 miles (50 kilometers) that come purely from electric power. If you are wondering where the plus is, it is camouflaged just behind the front grille.

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Land Rover’s Range Rover luxury sports utility vehicle is greeting the 2018 model year with various visual and technical updates and upgrades, essentially making the latest iteration a facelifted version. Aside from major tweaks, the new Range Rover would be soon available as a plug-in hybrid.

Even at a glance, the visual changes implemented on the exterior of the new Range Rover are easily recognizable. For instance, the new Range Rover now features a new front fascia as well as a revised grille.

It also features Pixel-laser LED headlights on the front as well as new taillights on the rear. Pixel-laser LED headlights offers brighter illumination, while its intelligent blank LED sections prevent oncoming drivers from being bothered by bright light.

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The uber-luxurious sports utility vehicle market is definitely growing quickly, Bentley has its own Bentayga and Rolls-Royce is now prepping the Cullinan. And now, it seems that Land Rover wants a piece of the action by possibly expanding their lineup with a SUV that will sit on top of the current range topper, the Range Rover SV Autobiography.

The juicy details are not really that crystal clear at this point in time due to the fact that it is still a question mark if the Land Rover "SUV" will be a completely different model or just another luxurious trim for the Range Rover. By far, the most expensive and premium Land Rover model was the Range Rover Holland and Holland, which costs around £180,000 in United Kingdom and $244,500 in United States.

Unfortunately, the SUV is no longer available as it was only released for a limited time only. The Tata Motors-owned company does not have a vehicle to rival the Bentley Bentayga as of the moment, but this could possibly change in the following years as this uber-premium range topper is being planned. Furthermore, a Mercedes-Maybach marked SUV will supposedly be produced in the next years to come.

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Land Rover Range Rover customers have now one more shop to go to if they want their rides to be personalized according to taste and preferences. They could now approach Clive Sutton and avail of the luxury car specialist’s recently launched tailor-made personalization program especially for latest versions of Range Rover models.

Unveiled at the 2017 London Motor Show at the Bettersea Park, the personalization program boasts of upgrades, as made available and implemented through the luxury car specialist’s Sutton Bespoke division. Sutton’s new personalization program for the latest Range Rover models -- Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Evoque -- involves an array of available styling packages for both the exterior and the interior.

For instance, Range Rover’s latest models could be fitted with refinished bumpers and mirrors. They could also be equipped with an exterior trim as well as grilles, which could be specified in carbon fiber or be finished in high-quality paint. Likewise, customers could avail of Sutton Bespoke’s full 'aero' body kit for their Range Rover. When availed, this package gives the Range Rover a new front bumper and roof spoiler as well as flared arches with a wide-track wheel kit. Also include in the full aero body kit are custom brake calipers and new exhaust finishers.

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Manhattan is considered as the financial capital of the world. London, on the other hand, is regarded as one of the leading financial centers in the world. Thus, Leeds-based customization shop Overfinch is paying tribute to these places by having the latest highly exclusive special edition Range Rovers named after them – the Range Rover Manhattan Edition and the Range Rover London Edition.

Overfinch started the project with what is considered as the peak of Range Rover luxury -- the Range Rover Autobiography V8 L that comes with base price of £112,150 ($142,838) in the United Kingdom. This range-topping Range Rover is powered by a 5.0-liter, supercharged V8 engine that delivers up to 510 hp (380 kilowatts) of output that allows the vehicle to sprint terrifically from zero to 60 miles per hour (100 km per hour) in just five seconds and achieve a top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h).

Usually, Overfinch tunes the engines of its projects before adding exclusive touches and finishes to both the exterior and the interior. However, Overfinch decided not to tinker with the configuration of the Manhattan Edition and the London Edition, which means these special models are still mechanically identical to the Range Rover Autobiography V8 L they were based on.

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There are various ways to get through lost love. There are some who talk it out with friends (or shrinks for some) and drown all hard feelings with booze just to feel numb from within, keeping out all emotional pain swimming in alcohol.

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In a showcase of British heritage and pioneering efforts in their respective industries, a Range Rover Autobiography from Land Rover was prominently featured in the global reveal and naming ceremony for Virgin Galactic’s newest spaceship, the SpaceShipTwo.

The new SpaceShipTwo, officially christened VSS Unity in the ceremony, is the latest spacecraft for the British firm Virgin Galactic, one of the pioneers in civilian space exploration. Seen towing the VSS Unity during the ceremony is the Autobiography, the impressive top-of-the-line SUV offering from pioneering British car manufacturer Land Rover.

According to Stephen Attenborough, Commercial Director at Virgin Galactic, the partnership between the two world-famous companies began in 2014 and highlights the spirit of adventure that both companies seem to cultivate with their uncompromising efforts to deliver innovative technology to their customers. Attenborough added that both companies plan to collaborate in the future in terms of product initiatives, design and engineering as well as collaborations in STEM programs.

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Have you ever driven a luxury vehicle over a bridge made, not of concrete or steel, but of paper? Someone sure has, and very recently. In celebration of 45 years of the Range Rover family as well as to highlight the same number of years of Range Rover innovation, Land Rover's flagship Range Rover luxury SUV – piloted by Land Rover Experience Chief Instructor Chris Zhou -- crossed a bridge made of paper in Suzhou, China.

The event was held ahead of the Guangzhou Motor Show in the country. It surprised everyone to know that this Land Rover-commissioned bridge – made from high quality paper from specialist British manufacturer James Cropper PLC -- features no glue or bolts to hold it in place.

It took around three days to construct and complete the hand-built paper bridge in Suzhou, an ancient water city known for its bridges and is even dubbed as ‘Venice of the East’. After the event was completed, the Range Rover became the first premium SUV to cross such bridge, just as it became the world’s first luxury SUV when it was launched in 1970.

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The latest Range Rover model has all the trademark elements seen in the previous versions but somehow, its designers were able to build on them and create a fresh style while keeping its elegant nature.

Land Rover Design Director and Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern said that with the passing of four decades, the brand felt the need to preserve the icon’s DNA in creating the next-gen model. He shared that the group that handled its design sought to retain its classy measurements and untainted surfaces in order to keep its identity as a Range Rover.

Every aspect of the new model’s engineering was revamped with the primary goal of making the most capable model yet. At the center of this undertaking is the next-generation Land Rover's Terrain Response system that is a pioneer in the industry.

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While the 4th generation Range Rover can’t be mistaken for any other model, merely glancing at it makes the viewer detect a certain freshness about it. At the Paris Show in September 2012 where it was launched, countless people visited the automaker’s booth to see just how the first SUV in the world to have a lightweight all-aluminum monocoque body structure would look.

They were not disappointed since the Range Rover still has its original iconic design and its adventurous essence; however, it was built from the ground up. Its lines remain elegant and clean but it’s apparent that its design elements were given a new twist.

This Range Rover reflects the brand’s intention to bring its look a step forward in its evolution timeline. If anyone were to ask an expert or an avid fan on what makes the Range Rover distinctive, the answer would probably be its trio of lines on the lower accent graphic, its unbroken midline, and a ‘floating’ roofline.

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No other sport utility vehicle in history can claim that it is as tough as it is luxurious. Only the Range Rover model built by British automaker Land Rover holds a reputation of providing unrivalled off-road capabilities from a four-wheel drive SUV while offering the highest level of comfort and convenience.

The motoring industry has not been the same ever since the first-generation Range Rover was launched in 1970. Unsurprisingly, production of this model only ended in 1996. The second generation arrived 25 years after the first model rolled out.

It came with improved Rover V8 engines as well as with a 2.5 BMW turbo diesel. Upgrades were made just so it could be successful in rising above its competition, which includes several Japan-produced models and the G Klasse.

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Land Rover introduced its new flagship, the 2016 Range Rover SVAutobiography, at the 2015 New York International Auto Show. Described as the most powerful production Range Rover, the new SVAutobiography is powered by an all-aluminum 5.0-liter V8 supercharged engine re-tuned especially for this model.

The engine produces 550 hp and 680 Nm of torque, an increase of 40 hp and 55 Nm of torque when compared to the standard V8 supercharged Range Rover derivates. Moreover, the engine is bolted to a sophisticated ZF 8-speed automatic transmission.

Still, Land Rover says that Range Rover SVAutobiography customers are able to order other powertrains such as the TDV6, SDV6 Hybrid, SDV8 and SCV6 supercharged derivatives.

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If you are a fan of Range Rover vehicles you will be happy to know that the first ever model with the chassis number #001 will be auction at The Salon Prive Sale. The auction will take place on September 4th in London and the first ever Range Rover is expected to fetch between 100,000 to 140,000.

According to the press release, the car was built between 24th November and 17th December 1969 and was registered on 2nd January 1970. This means that the vehicle was actually registered six months before the official launch date of the Range Rover and the first owner was Michael Furlong a.k.a. the producer of two promotional films for the model.

In 1975, the vehicle received a new Bahama Gold color as well as a new owner and the model was lost, passing through another owner until it was discovered by the current vendor in the early 1990s.

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The world’s most popular SUVs a.k.a. the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models have just been updated for 2015 model year. As a result, the vehicles arrive with an extensive selection of in-car technology, including the Land Rover InControl but also an uprated SDV8 engine as well as an enhanced 8-speed transmission.

According to the official press release, the 4.4-liter SDV8 engine now produces 339 hp and 740 Nm of torque (40 Nm increase), while the ZF 8HP70 8-speed automatic gearbox was re-engineered with a revised torque converter that incorporates a twin-spring damper. Fuel consumption remains unchanged: 32.5mpg (8.7 l/100 km) which translates into 229 g/km of CO2 emissions.

Regarding the performances, you should know that the 2015 Range Rover (2410 kg) powered by the 4.4-liter SDV8 diesel engine accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.9 seconds, while the LWB (2488 kg) hits the same speed in 7.2 seconds.

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Land Rover has unveiled its Range Rover Hybrid Long Wheelbase at the 2014 Beijing auto show. The vehicle is touted to offer an excellent combination of premium luxury, interior space, outstanding fuel and emission numbers as well as Range Rover’s trademarked all-around capability. The Range Rover Hybrid Long Wheelbase, along with the Range Rover Sport Hybrid, will the first diesel hybrid model to be offered in China.

The Range Rover Hybrid Long Wheelbase cements Range Rover’s reputation as one of the most successful premium vehicle ranges in the world – as proven by over 100 awards accolades received by the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport in the past 18 months.

The derivative will benefit from the insights that Land Rover learning from its Silk Trail expedition last year, when a fleet of hybrids travelled 16,000 km from Solihull, United Kingdom to Mumbai, India – proving their durability and all-terrain capability. The hybrids were then stripped down and examined by Land Rover engineers to improve understanding of how their designs and technologies could be further fine-tuned.

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If you liked Eterniti Motors’ Artemis based on Porsche Cayenne, today we have a new British bespoke design and engineering business for you, Alcraft Motor Company. The new company is planning to make its debut on the market with a custom version of the 2013 Range Rover. As you can see from the photos, the new SUV comes with a redesigned front end consisting of a new front bumper, grille and a new set of headlights.

Some of you folks will not like the front end very much, but will definitely fell in love with the rear end. The SUV comes with redesigned tail lamps, which make the rear view sexier than ever. The interior is also expected to be upgraded, but currently there are no photos available.

According to the official press release, Alcraft is benefiting from the input of students at the world’s leading vehicle design school, in London’s Royal College of Art. The car has been developed further by Alcraft design consultant Matthew Humphries, who was chief designer at Morgan Cars until this year and is now also on the RCA teaching staff.

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Land Rover may offer a new Range Rover model underpinned by the new aluminium platform developed by parent Jaguar Land Rover.  A source told Automotive News Europe that the new Range Rover model would fill a gap between the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. Jaguar Land Rover’s new modular aluminum platform, announced at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show in September, would form the basis of a new Jaguar sedan due in 2015 that will target the BMW 3-series and 5-series.

The carmaker also revealed the Jaguar C-X17 crossover concept that is underpinned by the platform. According to analyst Max Warburton at Bernstein Research, the new Range Rover will be vital in making the aluminium platform profitable. He wrote in a recent report on Jaguar Land Rover that the new Range Rover will have higher pricing, higher volumes and higher contribution margins than any of the carmaker’s variants.

He added that they believe that the JLR’s product planners expect the L560 – the new Range Rover model -- to sell up to 80,000 units. Jaguar Land Rover is making a £1.5-billion investment (EUR1.79 billion) to develop the new platform. Warburton predicts that the new Range Rover will be assembled alongside a production version of the Jaguar crossover concept – the C-X17 -- on the same platform.

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