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Renault presents ‘Iconic’ Special Editions of Twingo, Clio and Captur

Expect a new high-specification special edition for each of the Twingo, Clio and Captur small cars – all featuring interior and exterior elements and specification upgrades distinct to each model.

These special editions -- dubbed as "Renault Iconic Special Editions "— can be availed in an array of available engine options like the Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) automatic transmission for Twingo TCe90.

First off is the new Renault Twingo Iconic available from £11,845, which is derived from the Dynamique version of the Renault Twingo city car. Customers can choose from four available colors, including two new distinct metallic paints: Ultraviolet and Lunar Grey.

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EDC Transmission is now available on 2016 Renault Twingo

The five-door, four-seater Renault Twingo will now be available with French carmaker’s innovative gearbox, the Efficient Dual Clutch transmission (EDC). This transmission, which will be paired with the vehicle’s TCe90 engine, is basically an automatic dual dry clutch transmission dispensing that requires a clutch pedal.

It features the PRND gearshift control with an 'up/down' shift mode. An electronic control unit is tasked to select the ideal gear. In addition, the gearshifts are automatic. The availability of the EDC transmission on Twingo should mean that this gearbox can now be fitted on majority of the range, for just £900 more than the equivalent manual version.

With a very quick shift time of 290ms, the EDC transmission allows for comfortable and smooth trips. This transmission features a ‘creep’ control, which should prove to be a great help during crawling traffic, as it helps pull the vehicle away gradually when the driver steps off from brake pedal.

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Renault considering a high-performance version of the Twingo

After confirming an RS version of the Dacia Sandero, Renaultsport boss Patrice Ratti also told the reporters that the French manufacturer is considering a high-performance version of the Renault Twingo. According to Ratti, Renault’s main problems are the small engines found on the Twingo.

For those who don’t know, the 2014 Renault Twingo is available only with three-cylinder engines, a 1.0-liter normally aspirated unit that produces 69bhp and a smaller 0.9-liter three-cylinder turbocharged powerplant.

Apparently, in order to install a more potent four-cylinder engine, the rear-wheel-drive Twingo needs several modifications. Still, it would be nice to see a successor to the iconic Renault 5 Sport. One other solution is to badge the upcoming Twingo as a GT and not as an RS version.

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Renault wants Twingo to be No 2 in Europe’s minicar sgement

Renault is aiming to catapult its Twingo offering into the No. 2 spot in the minicar segment, chairman Stefan Mueller told Automotive News Europe in an interview. Currently holding the title as the Europe's selling minicar is the Fiat 500. It is followed by the Fiat Panda and third-placed Volkswagen Up. However, to surpass the Panda and Up, Renault needs to sell twice as much Twingos it sold in 2013.

Mueller remarked that Renault will not be offering the minicar at a low price to win sales. "We won’t do anything just for the sake of volume,” he said. Renault unveiled the Twingo at the 2014 Geneva auto show and will start selling it this summer. The Twingo car features a rear-mounted engine, allowing it to offer more space than its rivals in the segment.

The rear-wheel-drive Twingo boasts of being able to turn in a very tight space, which is an advantage for drivers trying to park in Europe’s overcrowded cities. Competition in the minicar segment has been getting stiffer as a third of the top 20 minicar models will be either all-new or new-generation vehicles by the end of 2014.

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Renault, officially introduced today the 2014 Twingo, its latest city car that promises to bring an impressive design as well as some really interesting features. Developed in association with Daimer, the 2014 Renault Twingo takes its inspiration from the legacy left by the original Twingo and the Renault 5.

Of course, many of you will not be surprised as the new Twingo design was actually previewed by the Twin’Z and Twin’Run concept cars that Renault presented in 2013.

What is really interesting is that the new Twingo comes with a rear-mounted engine, for agile handling and extra cabin space. Moreover, the new Twingo is rear-wheel-drive (RWD), which is actually surprising.

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Renault will transform its Twingo minicar into a five-door model from the current three-door vehicle. The move is a huge part of Renault's plan to appeal to more male buyers, Chief Operating Officer Carlos Tavares told Automotive News Europe, since the current three-door Twingo is largely acquired by female buyers.

Tavares remarked that through the Twingo, they could show that Renault could address female and male customers with the same product. The five-door Twingo is also part of the carmaker's bid to win customers downsizing from larger vehicles.

IHS Automotive analyst Ian Fletcher told Automotive News Europe that the five-door Twingo could help customers switching to smaller models, since having five doors will likely "help the decision-making process.

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Renault received a 400 million euro ($517 million) loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and according to Automotive News it will use the money to finish developing the new Twingo minicar.

Set to be launched in 2014, the new Renault Twingo will share a rear-wheel-drive platform with the new Smart ForFour as part of an alliance between Smart's parent, Daimler, and Renault-Nissan.

An electric version of the Twingo will also be produced and will be inspired by the Twin’Z Concept.

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Renault Sport is now offering a limited edition version of the Twingo R.S., to celebrate Red Bull-Renault’s capture of the 2011 Formula 1 Constructors' world title. The limited edition version of the Twingo R.S., the Twingo R.S. Red Bull Racing RB7 features Cup chassis, black 17-inch Gana wheels, Renault Sport checkered-pattern roof decal, as well as an optional on-board telemetry system called R.S. Monitor.

The Twingo R.S. Red Bull Racing RB7is only available in more than 10 countries, which include Austria, Belgium/Luxemburg, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Poland, Slovakia, and Switzerland. Interested buyers could book their orders early June 2012, while order books will open in France only in early September. Olivier Tschanhenz, Twingo Renault Sport Product Manager, described the limited edition car as “a pocket rocket packed with performance-enhancing features,” which were developed by Renault Sport Technologies.

Tschanhenz noted that the limited edition car’s “great looks” is the result of Renault Sport F1's association with Red Bull Racing. True enough, the Twingo R.S. Red Bull Racing RB7 mirrors Renault Sport’s racing expertise.  It is powered by a 1.6 16V engine that provides 133 horsepower (98kW) at 6,750rpm and maximum torque of 160Nm at 4,400rpm.

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Renault is introducing the Twingo Renaultsport 133 this spring. On April 2, the French automaker will open the order books for this enhanced model that has a price tag of £13,565 on-the-road. The revisions to the facelifted Renaultsport version of the Twingo are instantly obvious at the front (such as the new Renault visual identity of its more modest sibling).

Its appearance is improved with a new dynamic grille design with four lights and a front bumper that uses an F1-style blade. This particular detail, which can be seen throughout the entire Renaultsport range, is inspired by Renault’s prowess in Formula 1.

This halo model in the city car lineup gets some model-specific details at the back such as a black rear spoiler, a special rear bumper that uses a diffuser and aerodynamic extensions on the rear wheel arches.

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By April, the facelifted Renault Twingo R.S. and Gordini R.S. will start selling. These two models have the same basic styling as the standard Renault Twingo, which was launched last January. They were also both developed by RenaultSport and feature a “sporting interpretation of Renault’s new styling identity”.

When compared to the standard car, the front bumper of the Twingo R.S. and Twingo Gordini models is deeper. It also has an “F1-style blade”. Added to the rear are a tailgate-mounted spoiler, rear wheel arch extensions and a diffuser attached to the rear bumper.

On the interior, both Twingo RenaultSport models get yellow stitching and gloss black inserts in the dashboard. White detailing is seen on the steering wheel, seat backs, dial surrounds and heater controls.

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UK pricing and specifications for Renault’s New Twingo have been announced before the model’s launch in February 2012. A price tag of £10,350 has been attached to the Dynamique 1.2 16V 75 version. This latest model from Renault has better styling and has a cheekier front end. It also gets the new Renault design identity, plus revised bumper, tailgate and new rear lights.

All the new Twingos qualify for the Renault 4+ program valued at £900, to be launched on February 1.

This package consists of a comprehensive four-year/100,000 mile warranty, free routine servicing for four years/48,000 miles, four years roadside cover and up to four years finance (lease or PCP, subject to status). Just like the first-generation Twingo, the new model has an expressive, appealing front end and its dynamic, playful character is highlighted by its fog lights and round sidelights that have been placed next to the grille.

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Renault SA is set to reveal a redesigned Twingo minicar this September in an attempt to refresh the company’s styling to revive sales. The new Twingo will be the first test for the company’s new head of design to impact sales since he joined the company in 2009. According to Renault’s top designer, Laurens van den Acker, during an interview last week, the upgraded Twingo is a "quick and dirty" mid-life facelift instead of a brand new vehicle.

For the four-year-old Twingo model, production in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, has declined 14 percent to 153,599 units in 2010. This is almost thrice the rate of the drop in the overall vehicle market in Europe.

The redesigned Twingo is limited to upgrades of the rear end and front "because the investments are otherwise too high" according to van den Acker, who joined Renault from Mazda Motor Corp.

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During the second half of 2014, Renault S.A. will introduce an electric version of its Twingo minicar – the Twingo Z.E., which will be the company's fifth battery-powered model. The head of Renault’s Italy division, Jacques Bousquet, said Renault’s alliance with Daimler AG had helped speed up the Twingo Z.E. launch.

In 2010, an industrial partnership entered by Renault and Daimler includes the sharing of a new platform for a new four-seat car for Daimler’s Smart division and the Twingo. Bosquet also said in Rome that Renault will expand its EV range beyond the battery-powered Kangoo due to launch later in 2011.

Bosquet said the Kangoo Z.E. is the first of a wide range of battery-powered light commercial vehicles Renault is currently developing. He also gave a rundown for the carmaker's current plan for EV launches and pricing.

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Renault has partnered with Miss Sixty to design the “first all-feminine Twingo,” which is intended to balance out the very masculine Twingo model. According to the press release, the collaboration between Renault and Miss Sixty work because they share the same values.

It also stated that the team-up is uniquely marked as “cheekiness for one, irony for the other,” giving off a “positive attitude!" The world premiere of the Twingo Miss Sixty was today at the Paris Auto Show.

Buyers have to choose between Bohemian Pink or Pearlescent Black as well as from a broad range of equipment. A pink and black theme is apparent on both the exterior and the interior.

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Finally, Renault revealed today the brand new Twingo Gordini R.S., a brand new vehicle that marks the revival of the legendary Gordini brand from the French manufacturer. As you can see from the photos, the new vehicle features a Malte Blue lacquered metallic finish, plus two white racing stripes, keeping with tradition.

Also, the front and rear bumpers by black details, in contrast with the foglamps surroundings, exterior mirror housings and the lip spoiler, all in white finish. The kit is completed by a choice of either blue or black diamond effect 17-inch aluminium alloy wheels.

Inside we have Renault sport buckets which deliver extra lateral support and have a black quilted Gordinig badge, blue leather door panel inserts, blue and black leather steeringwheel with two white stripes to indicate the centre point, blue gearlever bellows and Gordini-badged gearlever knob, blue rev-counter with white surround, trimmed dashboard cowl with visible stitching.

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Competing with the likes of the MINI Cooper and Fiat 500 currently raising the bar on diminutive styling, the Renault Twingo is demonstrating that it has what it takes to stay abreast. Renault will be showcasing the wide-ranging customization possibilities of the Twingo at the upcoming Paris Personalization, Technology and Mechanical Sports (PTS) Show.

Two themed Twingos dubbed Angel and Devil, representing the opposite ends of the customization spectrum, will be the highlight of Renault's display. Both cars will come with 17-inch wheels and brake calipers that are paint finished.

External paint finish will be contrasting in the two cars while including matte and satin color blocks that highlight the Twingo's lines. The Angel version will come in pearlescent white with black and red trim, while the Devil comes in glossy black with satin red and bare-metal trim.

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The speedster set will not only be joined by MINI as the two-seat Renault Twingo CC, ready to hit the streets in a year's time, is described as the spiritual successor of the famous Ford Puma and is the French carmaker's reply to the successful Peugeot 207 CC. Spy shots provide the initial indication of the latest model's ingenious one-piece hardtop in addition to its spectacular front section.

Codenamed the X33, the car measures 3.70 meters long and will provide users two engine choices. The new model comes with a 14,000 beginning price tag. The entry-level model is planned currently to be equipped with the 100bhp, 1.2-liter TCE powerplant employed in the Twingo GT.

Under development is a flagship version which would utilize the 131bhp 1.6-liter unit from the Twingo RS. Engine range is still uncertain because of Renault's plan to reduce emissions of its whole vehicle line.

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The Renault Twingo CC (coupe-cabrio), which was initially showcased as a concept car at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, was expected to hit production last year. The development of the compact car was hit by one too many delays but the carmaker insists it will be released by the end of 2010.

The carmaker revealed that it's working on a compact convertible due for next year and it's going to be a niche vehicle which aims to be distinct and aims to provide the brand a better image. Of course, this clearly implies that the car will have its own special styling and will not just be a regular variant of the Twingo minicar.

Images show a car that is reminiscent of the 2007 original concept in both proportion and in what can be observed under the guise. Since the concept looks like its near production-ready, it's not all that hard to envisage this car.

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If you had any doubts that the Renault Twingo Dolce Vita wasn´t intended for women drivers, then you can now put that thought to rest. We´ve received confirmation that it is for women and that it is priced at 11,050 euros.

That's after France's 700 euros eco-bonus subsidy has been deducted. The model can be equipped with eco-friendly engines -- the 1.2 LEV 16V 75 or the dCi 65 -- as they emit 119g and 113g of CO2/km respectively.

Two new body colors, namely Cajou Brown (metallic) and Vanille White (non-metallic), will be available starting early November.

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A new version of the RS Twingo 133 Cup has been unveiled by Renault, which made adjustments on the features primarily to reduce the car's price. Based on the popular Twingo Renaultsport, the new model is powered by the same 1.6-liter engine that develops 131 bhp. The new model has the same suspension system.

However, to cut costs, it now has no air conditioning, automatic headlamp and wipers or extra tinted rear windows. In addition, a single bench has replaced the sliding rear seats.

The car is equipped with 17-inch aluminum wheels and it rides a further 4mm lower than the standard setting.

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