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2017 CES: Eli Zero electric city car -- a cross between Renault Twizy and smart fortwo

What happens when you fuse Renault’s Twizy and smart fortwo electric drive city cars together? One possible outcome is the Eli Zero electric city car, a creation of Eli Electric Vehicles.

Eli Electric Vehicles is all set to display its flagship product – the Eli Zero electric city car – at the 2017 iteration of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. At first glance, some people may confuse the Eli Zero with the Renault Twizy electric city car. Both electric city cars feature similar shapes, similar sloping roofs and similar sides. But while they may appear identical, there are quite a number of major differences between the two electric cars.

For instance, the wheels of the Renault Twizy extend outward of the body to the front end. This results to a longer wheelbase with no front overhang and a very short rear overhand. The wheels of the Eli Zero, meanwhile, are still within the length of the body, although this electric city car features very short front and rear overhangs – just like that of the smart fortwo electric drive. However, the Eli Zero is visibly shorter than the smart fortwo electric drive, with a size that is similar to the Renault Twizy.

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2013 IAA: Renault Twizy F1 zooms through Frankfurt [Live Photos]

Renault brought the Twizy Renaultsport F1 concept car – a one-off that is the product of the cooperation between Renaultsport and Renaultsport F1 engineers - at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). What they accomplished was to turn the Renault Twizy electric city car into a quasi-Formula 1 car. A Renault F1-supplied KERS is used on the Twizy Renaultsport F1 concept car.

As a result, it can match the 0-62mph sprint time of 6.0sec of the Renaultport Mégane 265, which is Renault’s fastest road car. This project was started to prove that F1 technology can be used on road cars via the integration of a KERS in the Twizy that duplicates those used on Renault-powered F1 cars.

The 30kg-in-weight KERS system uses an electric motor, lithium-ion batteries and a control unit. It takes the place of the rear seat in the Twizy, making the concept a one-seater.

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Nissan is developing new urban EV like Renault Twizy

Nissan is developing a new urban electric vehicle that is an improvement of the Twizy model of its alliance partner Renault, according to Etienne Henry, Nissan's head of product strategy and planning. Henry told Automotive News Europe that the new urban EV will merge the compactness and agility of a motorcycle with the protective covering of a conventional car.

Henry remarked that while the Twizy is also trying to combine these attributes, optimization are possible on Nissan's new urban EV. Renault targets the Twizy, which it rolled out in 2012, as a good option to scooters in crowded cities in Europe.

The Renault Twizy is powered by either of the two electric motor options -- a 4kW/5-hp version that returns a top speed of 45kph, which can be driven in most European countries without a driver's license; and a version that returns a top speed of 80kph. The Twizy boasts of maximum driving range of 100 km.

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Twizy Renault Sport F1 Concept is as fast as the Megane RS

Renault’s Twizy electric city car has been modified and has become a quasi-Formula 1 car. Equipped with a Renault F1-supplied KERS, the Twizy Renaultsport F1 concept car is now able to accelerate from zero to 62mph in 6.0sec – matching the record set by Renault’s fastest road car, the Renaultport Mégane 265.

For now, this concept is strictly a one-off. This concept is the product of the partnership between Renaultsport and Renaultsport F1 engineers. It is meant to demonstrate that road cars can feature F1 technology, via the integration of a KERS in the Twizy in a way that’s identical to those used on Renault-powered F1 cars.

The 30kg-in-weight KERS system is composed of an electric motor, lithium-ion batteries and a control unit. This concept is a one-seater as the system is located where the Twizy’s rear seat used to be.

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The Swindon franchise of pizza chain Domino’s will be delivering fresh-from-oven goods with a pair of Renault Twizy electric compact vehicles. The Swindon franchise is using the Renault Twizys – draped in dazzling Domino’s colors -- to ensure that that their local customers will receive their pizzas while still hot and complete.

Since Domino’s delivers until 5am all over Swindon and nearby areas, the ever silent-but-very economical Twizy is the ideal vehicle for driving around residential areas without disturbing the entire neighborhood with noise.

The Twizy also allows Domino’s drivers to deliver in any area in Swindon without worrying about finding a large parking space, since the vehicle has small dimensions of just two-and-a-half meters (length) by one-and-a-half meters (width).

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Renault is hoping that it could grab a piece of the fast-growing European car-sharing market with its new groovy Twizy electric vehicle. The market is currently dominated by carmakers Peugeot, Smart, Volkswagen and BMW. Car sharing is an individual mobility option for people who cannot afford to acquire a personal car in a city due to environmental, space or financial reasons.

According to Frost & Sullivan, it is expected that the number of people using car-sharing services will grow from zero  just a few years ago to around 15 million in Europe and 32 million worldwide by 2020.

Many auto manufacturers view their car-sharing programs as a good venue to attract young people. Renault believes the Twizy could employ a similar program since the battery-powered vehicle offers features distinct from what other car-sharing players could provide.

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Instead of scooters, Europe's packed cities may soon be crammed with Renault’s Twizy electric vehicle. At the very least, this is how Renault envisions the future. Renault product manager Yvan Capelle said that the Twizy is expected to create high-volume sales with full-scale industrial production similar to its other mainstream cars.

The Twizy is a four-wheeled vehicle but with a narrow body where the passenger could sit at the back of the driver. Renault thinks that this slim bodystyle means that the Twizy will appeal to buyers in Europe's full cities, which are looking for safer alternatives.

Capelle said that its scooters are the “only” feasible option to public transport for travellers who frequently go to several areas around the city. The Twizy can be easily controlled through traffic.

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The UK government is finalizing the details of a new light-vehicle category that enables 16-year-olds to drive without a license. Renault is preparing to launch a 28mph-max Twizy 45 in the UK in 2013 to benefit from this new rule. According to Andy Heiron, the EV program chief at Renault UK, the new type-approval category would begin in January 2013.

It includes quadricycles that have a limited 28mph top speed and have a lower weight than 350kg unladen. Heiron said that before the new rule could be implemented, a basic practical and theory test has to be conducted and the issue of insurance has to be resolved too.

Heiron said that insurance companies have so far given estimates that drivers younger than 18 may have to pay premiums of as high as £4000 but this figure declines significantly with age. In the UK, the Twizy 45 will be priced at around £6200.

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Renault will display two versions of Twizy at the auto show in Barcelona. These are Technic and Urban, which are both powered by a 17hp motor. With prices in the United Kingdom starting from only £6,690 on-the-road for arguably one of the most anticipated vehicles this year, Renault seems ready to send shockwaves through the automobile industry, including its competitors in the city car and scooter segments. For the Technic version, which has higher specification, the price will be at £7,400.

The monthly cost for the battery lease of both versions is tagged at £40 including VAT for a 36 month/4,800 miles per year deal.

Those who are interested on obtaining Twizy can make their reservation at, and place a deposit of £20 through a secure online payment module. Customers will be contacted on a priority basis when the vehicle becomes available for sale to confirm their order.

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Renault’s quirky ad for the Twizy two-seat electric car is targeted at millions of Apple iPhone and iPod touch users. It is Europe's first "iAd" using Apple's new mobile advertising network. Renault is hoping to attract young “early adopter” urban buyers to the Twizy, a four-wheel scooter-style vehicle that has the passenger seated behind the driver.

In a statement, Renault said that with Renault’s move to launch Twizy's mobile marketing with iAd, it is recognizing Apple users as being “at the forefront of mobility.” The iAd addresses worries of a potential customer such as the electric car running out of power.

Those who use the iAd can gauge how much to charge up during any of their daily activities. A Renault spokeswoman said that the Twizy will be launched in Europe in December 2011. The Twizy is priced between 5,000 euros and 10,000 euros (about $6,650 to $13,290).

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Renault’s Twizy mini city car is currently on display at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. One of the models to be included in the company’s electric range, the Twizy is an ultra compact vehicle that has room for two passengers.

The model measures 2,33 meters in length, 1,91 meters in width, and is 1,46 meters tall. It has a 1,684 mm wheelbase and weighs 450 kg (including the 100 kg battery).

The vehicle rides on 13 inch rims and it has a luggage space that measures 31 liters but can be expanded to 55 liters. Powering the car is an electric motor that has an output of 9 hp or 20 hp and a peak torque of 57 Nm. The 9hp variant has a maximum speed of 28 mph (45 km/h), while the 20hp version can go as fast as 47 mph (75 km/h).

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It can finally be said that Renault's all-electric Twizy ZE city car will go into production in 2011. The company confirmed this report and said that the production version will remain relatively unchanged from the concept unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Moreover, the Twizy will be built at the firm's Valladolid plant in Spain.

The facility was chosen because of its experience in building small cars such as the Modus and some Clio models. Meanwhile, Valladolid sister plant in Flins, France will be used to build a production version of the Zoe ZE supermini concept in 2012.

The Zoe ZE however, won´t bear much resemblance to the concept seen at Frankfurt. The Flins site will be producing the company's core electric supermini as well as manufacturing and recycling EV batteries.

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