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Rinspeed offers refreshing self-driven mobility solution through Oasis Concept

Every time Swiss think tank and renowned mobility Rinspeed unveils a new concept, it always brings a unique excitement to anyone who sees it.

After all, their creations have been outrageous but are still within this world. Now, at the upcoming 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Rinspeed is unveiling another concept vehicle that is entirely unique from what we have seen so far – the Rinspeed Oasis concept.

Essentially, the Rinspeed Oasis Concept is an electric vehicle in a hatchback form powered by two in-wheel electric motors with torque vectoring that have been sourced from ZF. However, that is not what makes the Rinspeed Oasis concept a unique and outrageous vehicle. While full of technologies – most of them now existing – the fascinating thing about the Rinspeed Oasis concept is how it employs them to ensure that its user-passengers could relax while on the move and be able to do things usually not viable in today’s passenger cars.

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Rinspeed previews Budii Concept ahead of 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Rinspeed is planning to surprise us again with a new concept for the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed Budii, the new concept promises to redefine the relationship between man and machine. Rinspeed says that the Budii Concept will be a “friend on wheels” as the electric vehicle will become “driver’s buddy” and its autopilot will adapt to the habits and preferences of its owner.

The company also said that the Budii will take data from its environment and the “experiences” of other vehicles. The interior will show an ingenious twist as the steering wheel will be supported by a sensitive robot arm, which will enable both the driver and the passenger to steer.

When not used by the passengers, the steering wheel will be parked in center position.

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Rinspeed XchangE Concept revealed ahead of 2014 Geneva Motor Show

The 2014 Geneva Motor Show will also see the Rinspeed XchangE Concept, a vehicle that redefines the business-class style traveling thanks to an innovative Harman infotainment concept. Moreover, the Rinspeed XchangE Concept is the proof that autonomous driving will become reality in the near future.

Based on the Tesla Model S, the concept car rides on 20-inch Borbet alloy wheels with glistening “Reflectic” finish, new Plexiglass elements made by tuning specialist Mansory. Still, the interior of the car is the real attraction. The first visual impact shows all-new seats inspired by the business-class seats of major airlines and according to the official press release, the basic ide was to offer a host of adjustment, tilting and swiveling options.

The interior comes with a TRW steering wheel that is fitted with with hands-on recognition, drive-mode-manager display in the rim and transparent multifunction keys. What’s more interesting is that the steering wheel can be “parked” in the middle of the instrument panel together with the innovative lightweight steering column with bionic design from Georg Fischer Automotive.

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2013 Geneva Motor Show: Rinspeed microMAX Concept is a network swarm car

The microMAX Concept from Swiss manufacturer Rinspeed will be launched at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. The microMAX is described as a 'network swarm car', which chooses the finest parts of public and private transport and combines them to have the ultimate commuter vehicle. Rinspeed said that urban travel will be reformed because of this new app that Harmon developed for the microMAX using cloud technology.

The travel information (such as routes, speed and passengers) of any microMAX can be accessed by the 'urbanSWARM' community members. They can plan out their trip by using the Harmon app and by accessing the microMAX community.

The microMAX comes with a coffee machine, fridge and wi-fi connectivity. Upright seats will be used by passengers while Harman NFC (Near Field Communication) could recognize the drivers as well as the passengers. A 19-inch touchscreen controls most of the vehicle’s functions. An all-electric forklift drive system powers the microMAX.

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Swiss company Rinspeed has built an amazing concept vehicle that could change the carpooling process as we know it. This tiny four-seater dubbed the microMAX allows as many as three strangers to access a smartphone app to book a ride in your microMAX. This vehicle is scheduled to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show next spring.

Rinspeed has created bizarre concept cars in the previous Geneva shows such as the Dock+Go concept that looks like a backpack and the BamBoo concept that seems to be a golf car. Meanwhile, the microMax has the appearance of a scaled-down bus. It’s comparable to the size of a Mini Cooper, with a length of 141.7 inches and a height of 86.6 inches that results to a much bigger headroom compared to other compact cars.

Sitting at the center of the front of the vehicle is the driver. The rear compartment would then be occupied by three passengers (or two adults and two children). The all-electric car would be linked to a smartphone app that permits strangers to ask for a ride. This app is similar to currently available car-sharing apps in the U.S.

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Rinspeed uses new images and videos to give the public a clearer idea of what its “backpack on wheels" concept is about before it makes its debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6. This is a major improvement over its previous release of two pictures of the model. The Rinspeed Dock+Go Concept is based on a two-seater electric smart fortwo that has received a docking station at the rear so that it could carry an additional battery pack or more cargo.

This innovation with the docking station is how the axle linked to the third row of wheels charges the battery so that the electric smart could get a longer range on one charge. This third axle also drives the rotating second axle so that the smart's onboard battery could be recharged too. This docking station is available in several pack types depending on the user's needs.

Rinspeed made one that’s meant to be a Pizza delivery vehicle and so it gets a built-in isothermal box. In addition, Rinspeed presented a pack that converts the smart car into a pickup truck. However, it’s probable that the option that will get the most interest is the sound pack. Harman, a multimedia and infotainment specialist, installed a high-end sound solution that’s sure to appeal to the younger crowd. Rinspeed has prepared separate videos for these packs.

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The new Rinspeed Dock+Go Concept will be introduced at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Swiss company Rinspeed is convinced that this concept will put to rest the issue of range anxiety that has hounded sales of electric city cars. The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive-based concept comes with a detachable trailer axle dubbed as a ‘backpack on wheels’. This could accommodate a combustion engine or range extender and it could also have batteries or a fuel cell.

The rear wheels of the Fortwo are powered by this ‘backpack’. This could raise the otherwise limited range of the electric Fortwo. If a trip is short, the ‘backpack’ can be taken out and what’s left is the car’s standard all-electric range.

This charging range-extending system is referred to by Rinspeed’s creator Frank M Rinderknecht as a ‘vario-hybrid’. This trailer is available in different sizes and styles to fit a variety of purposes. Among those that Rinspeed included are a heated box for pizza delivery drivers and a mobile toolbox for craftsman. It can also be modified to store items like golf clubs or camping equipment.

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Rinspeed unveiled two modified versions of the Mitsubishi iMiEV at the Geneva Motor Show. Specifically, the visitors to Rinspeed’s booth will get to see customized iMiEV twins, a bright yellow one and a matte red one, with Akzo Nobel supplying the exterior colors. The vehicles will also feature Foliatec carbon-fiber films on the front, roof and rear.

Furthermore, the Swiss company has added a H&R lowering suspension and a set of three-piece Works rims that are covered with Goodyear Eagle F1 tires.

Its interior features colorful topstitching and playful variations, using black, red and yellow, combining masculine and feminine notes. It also has been fitted with several sporty features including Sparco shifter and pedals and Recaro Cross Sporster CS seats.

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Rinspeed, the well-known Switzerland-based coach builder revealed today its latest work called Bamboo, a new car that will be unveiled in March at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. As you can see from the photos, the new car looks like a beach buggy and it is inspired by the ‘70s, wearing colors from salmon to lobster and yellow, shimmering in the sunlight.

And if you thought that this is only a toy car, think again as the Bamboo is fitted with the latest technologies available. One of these is the innovative ‘Identiface’, a screen-based section developed by Daimler subsidiary MBtech in Stuttgart which replaces the radiator grille and can display the occupants’ Facebook pages, news from around the world, the manufacturer’s logo or an offer for a ride from A to B.

In combination with the famous color-changing “Rizzi bird“ on the rollover bar (green = I am single; blue = I am in party mood; orange = I need a break) it creates an entirely new automotive form of communication beyond deafening noise attacks.

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Swiss company Rinspeed is introducing the Bamboo concept, an open top vehicle that features simple lines and offers an eco-conscious motoring alternative. It will debut at next year’s Geneva Auto Show.

Typically, Rinspeed’s concept cars are given names that are related to certain assets. And this creation is no different. In fact, many of its interior components are made from bamboo fibers. This four-seater is terrific for getting a free-air ride.

Rinspeed claims that this creation is inspired by the free spirit of the 70s’. According to the press release, the open-top vehicle “awakens the longing for sun, summer, for lightness and easiness, the desire to be at the beach.” It also asserted that the vehicle reminds people of the south of France and St. Tropez as well as the combined images of Brigitte Bardot, Gunther Sachs, and Tahiti beach.

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Rinspeed AG’s Porsche refining division became officially a part of Mansory Coorporation GmbH as of November 1, 2008. According to Rinspeed CEO and founder Frank M. Rinderknecht, the sale of its tune-up division means that the company can now focus on its core competencies which are to develop project vehicles and offer services to the end consumer and the automotive industry as a whole.

The new company will be called Mansory (Switzerland) AG and will operate at Rinspeed’s headquarters in Zumikon, Switzerland, just near Zürich lake. The company will be concentrating on developing and marketing customization programs for different Porsche models around the world. Mansory (Switzerland) will also be the one responsible for distributing the parent company’s customization programs in Switzerland.

These includes programs for a variety of product lines like the Rolls Royce, McLaren SLR, Ferrari, Bentley, and Aston Martin, all of which Mansory had already done work on. To know more about this new company and the individualization programs that they offer, just go online and visit www.mansory.ch.

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Rinspeed, the Swiss tuning and engineering company famous for its impressively strange creations such as the James Bond esque underwater sQuba and eXasis glass car, just to name a few, is currently dabbling into 'shape-shifting' or 'adaptive' cars like their iChange concept, that has the ability to adapt to the number of passengers on board, and which is set to be shown next month at the Geneva Motor Show.

The fundamental concept of the iChange is the fact that a vehicle demands energy contingent on weight, type of engine and aerodynamics.

Since weight and engines are fixed part of the equation, Rinspeed saw that a car's shape, and therefore its aerodynamic properties, can be transformed. This implies that Rinspeed has created a car that can change its shape to adapt to different conditions.

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Rinspeed has unveiled its Rinspeed iChange Concept at the Geneva International Motor Show, as styled and constructed by renowned automotive jack-of-all-trades Frank M. Rinderknecht and his team of designers.

Rinspeed “iChange” concept -- a “1-2-3-seater” powered by a 130kw-electric motor – features a stunning body structure that adapts to the number of passengers using “electronic trick-tail.” The concept car could only seat the driver but it may accommodate two more passengers once its rear end rises to transform it from a sports car into a compact sportsvan.

This variable vehicle from Rinspeend and Rinderknecht is aimed at offering thought-provoking products for the auto industry. Rinderknecht remarked that the iChange concept is an extremely flexible vehicle, considering variability and the constantly changing energy demand.

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