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Toyota drops Scion iQ in the US after dismal sales performance

Toyota Motor Corp. is planning to stop selling the Scion iQ after the size, price and fuel economy of its smallest car didn’t get the attention of buyers in the United States. In fact, Toyota only sold 2,040 iQs in the US in 2014 for a 50-percent drop, as the carmaker allowed its dealers to submit orders based on demand, according to Scion’s brand chief Doug Murtha.

He told Bloomberg at the Detroit auto show that the iQ won’t be “staying in the lineup too much longer.” Scion currently offers four models, after stopping output of the the xD ended in July 2014. Toyota, however, is planning to roll out three Scion models in the next three years, including two this year as it tries to revive the now struggling brand which sales dropped 15 percent in 2014 to just 58,009.

Murtha remarked that the iQ was a “healthy experiment” that allowed Toyota to learned important lessons about US consumers’ preferences. Customers found the small size of the iQ non-appealing, even if Toyota tried to assured them that the vehicle was engineered to achieve a four-star crash rating and even features 11 airbags.

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Scion iQ will be axed

The Scion iQ won’t be sticking around for long, according to an Autocar report. Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez supposedly said that the iQ-based Aston Martin Cygnet is being cancelled because production of the Toyota iQ will stop next year. Japan produces both the Scion and Toyota versions of the iQ. Toyota went on record to say that Bez’s statements were false.

A U.S. Toyota spokesman declined to make a comment. The Toyota iQ, which became available in the U.S. as a Scion in 2011, is a small city car that made its worldwide debut in 2009. It has impressive looks and is a four-seater despite being just a bit bigger than a Smart ForTwo. Sales of the Scion iQ in the U.S. were disappointing.

It reached its peak in 2012, which is when it sold just 8879 units. From January to September 2013, just 3365 Scion iQ models were sold, which means that it’s on pace to incur an almost 50% drop from last year. With these figures, the Scion iQ Toyota would be the third worst-selling vehicle in the U.S. in 2013.

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Scion iQ can be leased for $99 per month

Scion’s iQ mini car can be leased for a bargain $99 per month. Scion wants to increase deliveries as the segment becomes more competitive, especially with rival Chevrolet Spark getting a good start. The two cars are marketed similarly. They appeal to buyers who want an entry-level car. The automakers hope that they later opt for a bigger purchase.

But then, the sales trends of the two brands are very different. So far, Chevrolet has sold over 4,800 Sparks in the U.S. since its launch in late July. Since January, Scion has sold nearly 6,200 iQs. But for the month of September, it only sold 548 units.

Presently, the micro car is offered through a 36-month lease that costs $99 per month with $1,969 to be paid at signing. Chevrolet Spokesperson Annalisa Bluhm couldn’t help but be smug when said that the Spark is “eating [the iQ] for lunch.”

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Scion wants to use the iQ in car sharing programs

After Scion launched the iQ nationally, it is now thinking about using the micro sub-compact in car sharing programs. Scion vice president Jack Hollis told Wards Auto that his division is a “lab” that brings new buyers” to the Toyota brand. It’s clearly effective; about 60% of Scion iQ buyers are new to Toyota.

Scion is perceived as a brand catering to the youth and so this is why the possibility of a car sharing partnership is being studied. Hollis said that it would be “stupid” to reject the idea that the youth see some value in car sharing.

He favors a more committed initial step into the car-sharing arena to any type of short-term trial program. Zipcar, one of the most in-demand and famous car-sharing programs, is one of the names cited by the article at Wards Auto. It’s obvious that Hollis has been in negotiations with Zipcar so it can’t be too farfetched for a Scion iQ to appear in the car-sharing fleet.

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The 2012 Scion iQ was revealed back in July and represents firm’s new entry in the minicars segment. Based on the Toyota iQ, the Scion is only 59 inches tall, 66 inches wide and 10 feet long, and it is powered by a 1.3-liter, four-cylinder engine that has an output of 94hp and 89 lb.-ft (120 Nm) of torque, mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Due to the fact that it is a minicar, the Scion iQ doesn’t offer plenty of space inside and comes with a “3+1” offset seating arrangement that permits one adult to sit behind the front passenger and a child or small package could be positioned at the back of the driver.

Still, the car offers all the safety systems seen on a larger car such as 11 standard airbags, a tire-pressure monitoring system, and the Star Safety System, which consists of ABS, EBD, BA, TRAC, VSC and mart Stop Technology brake-override.

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Scion, the youth brand of Toyota, is adding a subcompact city car to its lineup as consumers face the challenge of unstable fuel prices and limited parking spaces in urban markets.

When compared to the Fiat 500, the Scion iQ is shorter by 2 feet and its wheelbase is a foot shorter. However, the iQ’s width is the same as that of a compact and its elbow room between the front seats is comparable with that of a Toyota Corolla.

To widen its space for the passengers, the heater blower was transferred and the glove compartment was removed from the passenger foot well. What Scion did instead was to put a cargo tray under the front passenger seat.

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The full details of the Scion iQ, the world’s smallest four-seater, were recently released by Toyota North America. It can be recalled that immediately after the premium micro-subcompact debuted in California, its initial pricing information leaked. The most remarkable design features are a compact front-mounted differential, a high-mount steering rack with electronic power-steering, and a compact air-conditioning unit.

Furthermore, the iQ has a flat gas tank positioned under the floor that lessens rear overhang. Rear legroom is bigger with the use of slim-back front seats.

Meanwhile, the “3+1” offset seating arrangement permits one adult to sit behind the front passenger and a child or small package could be positioned at the back of the driver.

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Scion has prepared a short series of TV commercials to launch the iQ minicar, the world's smallest four-seat car. These ads will play up its small size as well as its practicality. However, the core of the campaign would be found online. What will be featured are parking spots and the pranks that take place in the parking lot.

Scion Vice President Jack Hollis said that as the iQ is a new segment entry for Scion, it will have to be presented on a bigger scale to the public. Scion will employ methods in addition to its old ones. The first TV commercial for the iQ shows a drape, which is raised and then reveals two iQs back to back.

The tag line is then revealed: "I am going to be big." In another TV spot, a group of engineers are shown becoming more uncomfortable as the narrow turning radius of the iQ wedges them closer. What’s emphasized on the last spot is its key safety feature: its 11 airbags.

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Due to the struggles related to disruptions among autoparts suppliers in Japan that Toyota Motor Corp. faces, the company disclosed that the scheduled launch of its compact Scion iQ vehicle model this summer could be delayed this year. According to Scion vice president Jack Hollis at an interview during the New York motor show, details of the schedule are expected after Japan’s "Golden Week" holidays, which run from April 28 to May 9.

The disaster that hit Japan last March 11 forced the company to suspend production at all its plants in the country. The disaster also forced the company to limit production in its North American operations.

Moreover, carmakers have to search for suppliers of vehicle components especially electronic parts and semiconductors as their inventories diminish. The company plans to resume operations in its factories in Japan at their normal production rates on May 10.

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As expected due to the iQ Concept revealed last year, Scion unveiled today at the New York Auto Show the production version of the show car dubbed 2011 iQ premium micro-subcompact. Set to go on sale in early 2011, the new Scion iQ succeeds at taking big ideas and concentrating them into a small package.

Just like the Aston Martin Cygnet, the all-new Scion is based on the Toyota iQ and promises to make quite a buzz on the market.

Its overall length of only 120.1-inches and width of 66.1-inches makes it the perfect car for a crowded city. If you expect that a small car like this is not safe you´d better think again!

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When everybody was thinking that Scion will never shine again as once, the producer surprised us at the New York Auto Show with the today's reveal: the new iQ concept. Inspired on the Toyota iQ microcompact, Scion reworked both the interior and the exterior of the iQ with the help of Five Axis design company and obtained spectacular results.

The new model of just 126.9 inch long is fitted out to the corners with 18-inch wheels, making it look more like roller-skate rather than a vehicle.

The exterior points out a wide bodykit and front spoiler, HID driving lights and a central trapezoidal exhaust system. The interior is all about high quality materials and a good looking ten inch LCD screen assures the perfect match for the entertainment system and the navigation controls.

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