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BMW Concept Link is a sneak peek to our future mode of transportation

One thing a lot of countries have in common is the increasing number of vehicles every year. As automotive companies come up with new vehicles every few months, people continue to upgrade their rides by purchasing new cars. This definitely does not help countries in terms of traffic. But one thing people are considering now to avoid being late for a meeting would be buying alternatives, in this case, that would be scooters or motorcycles since these are easier to drive around crowded streets.

So to tackle this issue, BMW came about with the new Concept Link from BMW Motorrad. The concept is not just like any other motorcycles - offering the agility of a motorcycle accompanied by the convenience only a car can give. Firstly, it is designed to give comfort to the riders, the Concept Link has a stretched body that is totally different from the current models of the company’s motorcycle division. The overall height is reduced which makes hopping on to the seats much easier. The seats are then finished in Liquid Metal Titanium and sits two passengers.

To say more about the seats, it’s not like your regular seat. It can be adjusted to cater to the rider’s needs. For instance, the bench can be configured so that the scooter only sits one person, but it can also be extended lengthwise to comfortably sit two people. These seats are functional too as underneath the bench is a spacious storage compartment that is also quite easy to access as it opens via a sliding door.

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Hyundai unveils smart house and Ioniq Scooter concepts

The concept of the vehicle nowadays takes primary consideration of the transition from one place to another, most commonly from home to work or any other destination. There is also another transition that takes place – from the living space to the driving space. Typically, you have to leave your living space and proceed to the garage where the vehicle is parked before you could take off and go where you want to.

Now, at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, South Korean carmaker Hyundai is showing off a concept in which there is virtually no interval between the living space and the driving space. This concept is the Hyundai Mobility Vision smart house concept, in which the car becomes part of the house’s living space.

You may have seen this in TV or movies -- a seemingly ordinary chair turns out to be a high-tech seat that when activated, takes the user to a hidden laboratory inside the house (see Despicable Me), or to a crime-fighting car or robot.

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Electric Vespa Elettrica scooter will arrive much sooner than you think

Scooters powered by electricity are not rare nowadays. You can find them almost everywhere. But if you are trying to find an electric scooter from the famous Italian scooter maker Vespa, perhaps you shouldn’t push your luck. After all, electric scooters from Vespa are not only rare, there are none currently available. But that should change in the near future, as the famed Italian company has finally ventured into electric scooters.

This is what Vespa – a member of the Piaggio Group -- recently revealed at the 2016 EICMA (Esposizione internazionale ciclo e motociclo) motorcycle show in Milan, Italy. Dubbed as the Vespa Elettrica project, this venture aims to deliver the classic Vespa style and maneuverability but sans the carbon dioxide emissions and higher fuel cost. The Italian company called the Vespa Elettrica project as the new mobility solution that allows it to step into the future consistent with its inherent values.

According to the scooter maker, the Vespa Elettrica will be a true Vespa that combines the latest in electric technology and all features that have been vital to the company’s success. It added that the Vespa Elettrica will still bear the style, agility, ease of use and riding pleasure typical of a Vespa scooter, plus a number of technological and innovative connectivity solutions. Vespa disclosed that the Vespa Elettrica concept being shown at the 74th edition of the EICMA show should have its version ready for production and sales in the second half of 2017.

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2014 LA Auto Show: MINI Citysurfer Concept is a foldable scooter that weighs only 40 pounds

MINI’s Citysurfer is an interesting concept that promises to increase flexibility for individual mobility for young drivers. The Citysurfer Cocnept combined the properties of a kick scooter with an electric drive and a stylish design, which is a signature of the British premium brand.

With a total weight of just 18 kg (40 lbs), the Citysurfer Concept is easy to transport and perfectly fits in the luggage compartment of the new 2014 MINI Cooper. Moreover, it comes with a thumb-operated accelerator as well as a gearless hub motor located in the rear wheel.

The concept uses a lithium-ion battery installed in the frame, which can be charged via a 12-volt automobile socket or any household socket. The Citysurfer Concept offers a range between 15 to 25 km (10-15 miles), while top speed achieved is 25 km/h or 15 mph.

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There may soon be a ‘premium’ people carrier from Audi, according to its sales and marketing chief Peter Schwarzenbauer who spoke to reporters at London during the opening of its new digital showroom. He described the traditional MPV as a “boring concept” but that an Audi with six or seven seats is very possible.

He said that the company was thinking about developing a sportier rival to Ford’s S-Max. Ford has been saying that the S-Max appealed to numerous buyers who owned premium-brand cars. He also said that a two-wheel Audi is likely.

He said that there won’t ever be a ‘Ducati wearing an Audi badge’ but he believes that the Ducati brand will have a key role in ‘future mobility solutions’ for urban travellers, implying that Audi’s two-wheel know-how would be utilized as it develops a future Audi scooter or motorcycle.

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Daimler AG’s microcar-making unit Smart GmbH plans to roll out its escooter product to the market in 2014. This was disclosed by Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars on the sidelines of the international dealer meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Mercedes-Benz and smart GmbH are both Daimler units.

Schmidt said the decision to launch the escooter in 2014 was an important step to implement its smart mobility concept for urban mobility in the future. The escooter was part of comprehensive portfolio of electric urban transport products that smart unveiled in the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

The portfolio includes smart fortwo electric drive, both in coupé and convertible variants, the escooter, and the smart ebike. The company has begun delivering the first of the ebikes to customers and will roll out the fortwo electric drive this summer. When the company rolls out the escooter in 2014, the company would have turned the concept all into reality.

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The Burgman Fuel-Cell Scooter from Suzuki Motor Corporation is the first fuel-cell vehicle in the world to earn Whole Vehicle Type Approval1 in the European Union. The Burgman Fuel-Cell Scooter made its debut at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show in October 2009

. Suzuki and British company Intelligent Energy, which developed the Burgman Fuel-Cell Scooter’s fuel-cell system, have been jointly participating in trials since February 2010.

The trials are being conducted on public roads under the aegis of the British government’s Technology Strategy Board2. Specifically, a single Burgman Fuel-Cell Scooter unit is being driven in the area around Loughborough University in central England.

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The decision on whether DaimlerAG's Smart subsidiary will expand its lineup by launching an electric motorcycle and an electric scooter will be made this summer, according to the unit's boss, Annette Winkler. The decline in Smart’s car sales is likely to be a factor on whether the business case would be deemed a positive one.

On the sidelines of the Detroit auto show, Winkler told Automotive News Europe that currently, the business case is looking positive. Talks are underway between Smart and potential production partners, but Winkler didn’t name the motorcycle makers that Smart is negotiating with. Smart revealed the concepts for the two-wheelers at the Paris auto show in October 2010.

For 2011, Smart predicts that sales will exceed 90,000 units, compared with 97,500 in 2010 and about 134,000 in 2008. Smart’s biggest markets were Germany, Italy, the UK, France and the U.S. In 2010, U.S. sales fell to 5,930, compared with 24,000 units in 2008, its first year of sales in the country.

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At a recent trade show in Italy, BMW’s motorcycle division showcased a new scooter concept, dubbed the Concept C. It appears that BMW is refocusing its energies on selling scooters. BMW had displayed a Mini-branded electric scooter at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The “C” nomenclature isn’t just a reference to the C1, BMW's previous scooter venture.

The company said that the “C” stands for commuters. BMW considers these small, efficient two-wheelers as a terrific means for personal transportation in congested urban areas.

Scooters have actually been around for at least 50 years, providing mobility to users throughout the world. But typically, scooters aren’t known for excelling in performance or design.

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Right on the heels of smart’s electric scooter debut, MINI also has chosen to release details and images of its Scooter E concept. MINI will actually display three retro-inspired scooter concepts to the upcoming show.

The first one (in white and blue) is aptly named “Ego,” as it offers mobility for a single person. The second (in blue and lime green) is called “E” as it is focused on environmental issues.

The third is a British Racing green two-wheeler -- the ultra-retro member of the family. Powering the scooters is a rear hub-mounted electric motor that also works as a kinetic energy recovery system during the braking phase.

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At Daimler’s booth at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, visitors can take a look at the smart ebike concept right beside the escooter. The ebike concept is a high-tech bicycle that offers four electric boost levels from an electric drive system. Unlike that of the scooter, the throttle grip isn’t used to control the drive. Rather, the extra power is delivered via the rider pedals.

The front headlamp is integrated in the handlebar, giving the same result as active curve illumination on cars going along each steering movement.

In a statement, Annette Winkler, head of smart, said that the brand smart is “even more electric with the ebike.” She explained that with the introduction of the fortwo and the escooter, it’s likely that fans will decide on how “they move in the city even more individually and adapt it better to their individual life, the weather and their personal mood.”

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Daimler unveiled the smart escooter at the Paris Motor Show. This two-wheeler is claimed to offer the same benefits of the electric smart fortwo: compact dimensions, emissions-free and fun to drive.

The vehicle is offered with numerous safety functions that give protection in the crowded city traffic. The features include a special airbag, ABS and Blind Spot Assist.

Daimler aims to entice new customers to buy into the brand since a car driving license isn’t required to drive the escooter. Powering the escooter is a disc-shaped wheel hub motor placed in the rear wheel.

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If yesterday we showed you the leaked photos with the MINI Scooter E Concepts, today we were lucky enough to receive the full details, photos and specs with the new scooters from MINI.

Set to make their debut at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, the new concepts incorporate the current changes in urban mobility requirements offering seats for up to two people and keeping its compact dimensions.

As expected, the concepts are powered by an electric motor integrated in the rear wheel. The motor’s lithium battery can be recharged via any conventional power socket using an on-board retractable charging cable.

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Smart revealed today the Escooter, its latest innovative two-wheel study that will be introduced at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Just like the Smart ForTwo, the new Escooter was designed for big cities and as an alternative to the car.

Furthermore, the new scooter concept is more advanced than other choices on the market and includes an airbag, ABS anti-lock brake system and a Blind Spot Assist.

Regarding the design, this new Escooter introduces a fresh and surprising element into urban traffic. It is dynamic, elegant and underlined by its composition of complete surfaces and accentuated lines. What is really interesting is that it is manufactured using steel and aluminum frame and comes with interchangeable plastic body panels.

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After we saw the Smart Escooter Concept, it’s time to see the new retro-styled scooter concepts from MINI, which will be revealed next week, at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Dubbed Mini Scooter E Concepts, the new scooters will be displayed in three liveries: Mini E, British Racing Green and a look inspired by the Mod era.

Powering each concept is a an electric motor mounted in the rear wheel (just like the Smart Escooter), but more details regarding its performances are set to be unveiled later.

Furthermore, the concepts use a lithium-on battery, which can be recharged using an on-board retractable charging cable. The design is borrowed from the MINI lineup and is seen on the front light as well as on the central speedometer.

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Smart revealed the fact that is currently working on a new two-wheel concept in the form of a plug-in electric scooter which will make its debut at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Although the brand released just three sketches and no details, sources confirm the fact that the new electric scooter will use a lithium-ion battery capable to deliver a total range of 60 miles of 96 km/h on a single charge.

Also, it appears that the new concept will protect the rider by using a specially adapted airbag.

Although it’s just a concept, Daimler’s Smart says that a possible production version will be on its way, only after it will receive some positive feedback from the visitors attending this year’s Paris Motor Show.

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Earlier today we told you about the Smart Electric Scooter Concept which will be unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, but it seems that things will not stop here with the premieres from the French capital. MINI, owned by Bmw AG, will also unveil a plug-in scooter concept at this year’s auto show in Paris.

Dubbed MINI E Scooter Concept, it is expected to feature the MINI design cues, including the large speedometer found on the MINI cars, oval wing mirrors as well as squared off rear lights.

The concept will be recognizable due to the chromed accessories and other materials. The colour scheme chose for this concept will be grey and luminous, found also on the MINI E electric car and as expected, it will be powered by an electric motor integrated into the rear wheel.

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Honda Motor Co.'s all-electric scooter will soon arrive in the Chinese market in its first attempt to mass-market its zero-emission motorbikes. Honda, the world's top motorcycle maker, claims that the EV-neo has a range of more than 30 km on a full charge.

Honda wants its EV-neo, which is similar in size to a 50cc scooter, to appeal to commercial users in Japan. Lease sales for the scooter will start in December in Japan.

Toshiyuki Inuma, general manager of Honda's motorcycle operations, said that there were no immediate plans to release the scooter outside Japan.

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