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Infiniti FX50 S Sebastian Vettel Edition will cost more than €120,000 in Europe

Production will start in October for Sebastian Vettel’s special edition Infiniti FX50 S. Its price tag says that it costs more than £100,000, according to an Autocar report. Deliveries of the Vettel FX50 S will begin early next year. The company plans for this car to be priced slightly higher than 120,000 euros in mainland Europe, which is equivalent to a UK price of just higher than £100,000.

Only 50 units will arrive in Europe. The company will decide on the UK application as soon as the expressions of interest are received. To date, the company has received eight orders from European customers that have already confirmed. It’s nine if Vettel is included. He will get the first unit that rolls off the production line.

It will be mostly unchanged from the concept unveiled last year at the Frankfurt motor show. The only apparent change is that instead of being painted matt white, it will use pearlescent white paint. It will be powered by the same 414bhp 5.0-litre V8 that could bring the car to a top speed of 186mph.

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Official: Infiniti confirms the FX Vettel Edition

The Infiniti FX Vettel Edition Concept, which was designed and developed for two-time Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel, is set for production, Infiniti has confirmed. The FX Sebastian Vettel variant was the highlight at the company's stand at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The presented engineering, aerodynamics and design upgrades were motivated by the Infiniti Global Brand Ambassador and Red Bull Racing champion.

Andy Palmer, Infiniti's executive vice president, commented that creating the FX Sebastian Vettel variant for Frankfurt "was fun, but it’s also a kind of pilot."

He added that the variant is about their equivalent of Mercedes-Benz's AMG or BMW's M Cars. He further stated that they wanted to test the organization and "see if it could cope with this type of special version." With Sebastian’s FX, they were able to do low volume specials, he continued, adding that the FX Sebastian Vettel variant is one of the first that will go to market.

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2011 Frankfurt Motor Show: Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version

Infiniti has confirmed that the special edition FX that was developed according to Sebastian Vettel’s vision has been created. This 414hp vehicle has enhanced aerodynamics, 21-inch wheels, and carbon fiber parts that reduce the weight of the FX by 101-lbs.

Infiniti built this vehicle, which is based on the V8 FX50S Premium, in only six months. What Infiniti and Vettel came up with doesn’t just look good, it has received brilliant aerodynamic changes.

Infiniti designers and engineers closely collaborated with Vettel and Red Bull Racing personnel for this version. To help Infiniti with this project, the RB7 was sent by Red Bull Racing to Japan. This FX edition has been lowered by about 0.8 inch compared to the standard FX. It also gets an Essence-inspired grille and a carbon fiber rear wing.

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