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2018 Paris Motor Show: Skoda Vision RS previews looks of future Skoda RS models

The RS designation at Skoda has been used to call model versions that bear the Czech brand’s sporty genes. Emotive and sporty in nature, these versions have been the result of the brand’s rich history of motorsport, which has already reached 117 years. Now, at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, Skoda is presenting a new study that provides a glimpse into its future RS models – the new Skoda Vision RS.

According to Skoda, the new Vision RS demonstrates how its RS could appear in future, conveying a good blend of sportiness, sustainability and functionality. After all, the new Vision RS isn't just an ordinary RS as its core is served by an electrified drivetrain – a combination of a conventional engine and an electric motor. Furthermore, the new Vision RS also foreshadows a new model in the compact car segment, where the Skoda Rapid and Rapid Spaceback is currently competing.

The new Vision RS essentially represents a completely new form of RS DNA. Its front end is defined by a sculptural bonnet with a Skoda logo made from illuminated crystal glass. The radiator grille features illuminated high-gloss black carbon-fiber slats, which comes in a new distinctive shape. The air inlet and spoiler mirror are shaped like the radiator grille, which is flanked by headlights consisting of four glass stones. The frontal lighting system of the Vision RS also includes narrow daytime running lights and fog lights. The side air outlets, air inlet grille and front spoiler are all made of carbon fiber.

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Skoda launches new Kodiaq

Skoda is marking the commencement of its extensive SUV campaign with the unveiling of the new Skoda Kodiaq. Slated for release in early 2017, this new large SUV should allow Skoda to establish a name in new markets by floating the brand's key strengths like its distinctive design, practical intelligence and superior interior space, as well as technologies typically found in vehicles in higher classes.

Its length of 4,697 mm allows this large SUV to accommodate seven people and boast of having the largest boot in its class. Riding on a wheelbase that measures 2,791 mm, the new Skoda Kodiaq features dimensions of 1,882 mm in width and 1,676 mm in height, including roof rails. It is underpinned by Volkswagen Group's modular transverse matrix (MQB) that makes use strict of lightweight construction.

Its body is made from hot-stamped metal sheets. Sans the driver, a front-wheel drive Skoda Kodiaq powered by the entry-level TSI engine features a weight of just 1,452 kg, while an all-wheel drive unit running on the 1.4 TSI engine weighs 1,540 kg.

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2015 Skoda Fabia Combi gets official prior to 2014 Paris Motor Show

Few leaked photos made Skoda officially unveil its all-new 2015 Fabia Combi ahead of the 2014 Paris Motor Show. According to Skoda, the 2015 Fabia Combi will offer a 530 liters boot capacity and an impressive 1,395 liters with the back seat folded down, which is the largest in its segment. Compared with the previous version, the volume increased by 25 liters.

Moreover, the 2015 Fabia Combi is 10 mm longer, 90 mm wider and 31 mm lower than its predecessor. When it comes to design, the front end is identical to the hatchback model while the rear is completely new and features the typical Skoda C shape taillights with contrasting dark edging. The 2015 Fabia Combi will be offered with a choice of three petrol and three diesel engines.

Power output of the petrol engines ranges from 75 hp (55 kW) to 110 hp (81 kW). Meanwhile the new three-cylinder diesel range offers between 75 hp (55 kW) and 105 hp (77 kW). Engines are offered as standard with a manual transmission, while as an option Skoda offers the DSG gearbox. All engines meet the EU6 emission standards and come with Start-Stop System and brake energy recovery.

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2015 Skoda Fabia at the Paris Motor Show

The latest generation of the Skoda Fabia gives a new meaning to the brand’s design language by blending a more dynamic styling with features not usually seen in the small car segment. Essentially, the third generation of the Skoda Fabia features an emotional uptake with its precise lines and sharp edges, balanced proportions, and an impressive interplay between light and shade.

Compared to its predecessor, the new Skoda Fabia dons a front that seems more aggressive as the vehicle is now 8 mm shorter, 90 mm wider and 31 mm lower. Likewise, the aggressiveness of the Skoda Fabia’s front is reinforced by wide yet razor-sharp headlights, crystalline glass and a distinctive slatted grille.

Skoda’s logo also appears on the bonnet's 'nose'. To further emphasize the visual unity of the grille and the lights, the Skoda Fabia’s features marked out lines and edges like the two unique beadings that run from the outside to the inside of the bonnet.

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The latest generation of the Skoda Fabia does not only feature the brand’s evolved design language, but also comes with the comfort, safety and cabin technologies usually not available for small cars. Likewise, the new Skoda Fabia is now powered by a choice of seven engines that are all compliant with EU6 emission standards. Buyers can select from four petrol and three diesel engines to power their own Fabias.

All featuring Start-Stop System and brake energy recovery systems, the petrol engines offer outputs ranging from 44 kW (60 PS) to 81 kW (110 PS) while the new three-cylinder diesel offers outputs of 55 kW (75 PS) and 77 kW (105 PS).

All engines are mated to either a modern manual gearbox or an automatic DSG transmission. These new generations of engines, along with improved aerodynamics and reduced weight (now only 980 kg), allow the new Skoda Fabia to become more fuel efficient and more eco-friendly. In fact, the Skoda Fabia Greenline variant, which will be available in 2015, features fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission numbers of 3.1 l/100 km and 82 g/km, respectively.

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first official sketch with the 2015 Skoda Fabia! Set to arrive at the 2014 Paris Motor Show in October, the third-generation Fabia borrows the same design line found on the new Skoda Octavia and promises to be a big step forward for the Czech manufacturer owned by the Volkswagen Group.

The interior will show a revamped dashboard, larger touchscreens and the Mirror Link system that offers a clone of your smartphone on the vehicle’s display. Skoda’s new Fabia is expected to receive the 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine that powers the smaller Citigo, that delivers 60 hp or 75 hp.

Still, we will also see the 1.4-liter three-cylinder engine that delivers 75 hp or 90 hp. The 1.4-liter TDI engine replaces the 1.2- and 1.6-liter powerplants. Skoda is expected to offer also the 1.2-liter four-cylinder TSI engine with 90 hp and 110 hp.

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Skoda unveiled today at the 2010 Paris Motor Show the Octavia Green E Line Concept, its first electric-powered vehicle built do demonstrate firm’s electric-powered vehicle. Skoda already confirmed the fact that the first fleet of test vehicles is planned for 2011.

The Green E Line Concept is based on the Skoda Octavia Combi and uses an electric engine capable to deliver a constant power of 60 kW and max. power of 85 kW, as well as a maximum torque of 270 Nm.

This means that it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 12.0 seconds and has a top speed of 135 km/h or 80 mph. The car has a total range of 140 kilometres, which means more than enough for almost everyone leaving in Europe.

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As expected Skoda revealed today the details of its second-generation environmentally-friendly GreenLine cars, which will be revealed next week at the Paris Motor Show. The new 1.6 TDI CR 105bhp (Octavia, Yeti and Superb) and 1.2 TDI CR 75bhp (Fabia and Roomster) engines received the latest technologies in order to be as economical as possible.

We have to mention that for the Yeti crossover and the Superb Estate, the introduction of ecological technology is a premiere. The new diesel engines are available with diesel particulate filters (DPF).

Regarding the fuel consumption, the Fabia GreenLine and the Fabia Estate GreenLine deliver an impressive of 83.1 mpg or 3.39 l/100 km, with CO2 emissions of 89g/km. The Skoda Roomster delivers a fuel consumption of 67.3 mpg or 4.19 l/100 km (a record in the MPV segment) with CO2 emissions of 109g/km.

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Škoda Auto demonstrated its commitment to helping drivers make their vehicles more fuel-efficient and more environmentally friendly with products displayed during the 2010 Paris Motor Show. In that event, the company unveiled the second generation of its highly popular GreenLine diesel engines.

These are but updates to the company’s efforts in giving drivers the tools they need to reduce their own carbon footprint. The second-generation GreenLine engines feature interesting technologies that allow for safety and fuel efficiency. One of these technologies is the Start-Stop system.

The system acts as a means for the driver to save fuel and reduce carbon footprint by automatically turning the engine off when the car is idling or is stuck on traffic. The system is coupled with an energy recovering mechanism whose centerpieces are the brakes in the car.

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Skoda Auto reveals that it will be premiering a redesigned Octavia at the Paris Motor Show slated for October 2-19, 2008. Currently the brand’s bestseller, this model has been either produced or assembled in a total of 8 countries. This newest version will have a more powerful design.

BOD Member in-charge of technological development Dr. Eckhard Scholz shared that the Octavia continues to be very popular around the world as it is the most successful model of the brand. As such it will have a special place in Škoda's line.

Dr. Scholz added that the latest model shows that it has undergone a complete transformation and this is seen in the technology used and even the exterior and interior components. On its front, the improvements include the headlamps which have a new shape and that are made even bolder, the one-piece bumper, and the stronger radiator grille.

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In transforming the Octavia, the designers and engineers at Škoda Auto put extra attention to it considering that it was a challenge to upgrade what was already a well-engineered car. One of the basic changes done on the look of the Octavia ensures that the latest model is current with regards to the modern design principle of the brand.

Examples of the improvements done are the headlamps with its new shape on the front part of the car including the one-piece bumper and the radiator grille. On the rear are the dynamic bumper with the ‘cat eyes’ and the new tail lamp covers. Features on the interior underwent redesign like the center console, the dashboard, the steering wheel, and the air conditioning controls.

Even the trim inserts on its doors were redesigned. The interior is also equipped with the latest satellite navigations systems from Škoda and the most advanced audio systems. The brand made sure as well to put in new upholstery fabrics.

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Hyundai i30 N is the South Korean carmaker’s very first high-performance hatchback. As one of the N performance models, the i30 N boasts of a number of sporty elements that help highlight its potent nature. Of course, there are some i30 N customers who may think that these elements aren’t enough. To show its consideration for these customers, the carmaker has unveiled the new Hyundai i30 N ‘N Option’ at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

Even with its sporty looks, a standard Hyundai i30 N might not satisfy some customers who wanted to further personalize their ride and make them look sportier. Good thing is that Hyundai is all bent on creating a number of customization features that would allow these customers to create their own version of the hot hatch. Essentially, the Hyundai i30 N ‘N Option’

Hyundai described the i30 N ‘N Option’ being shown at the Paris Motor Show as the ultimate performance show car. The show car provides a glimpse of the possible accessories that will be made available for the N models – including the i30 N, i30 N Fastback and Veloster N – in the future. It is basically a representation of an evolved N model in terms of looks.

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Toyota Yaris had the privilege of being the first model from the Japanese carmaker to be included in the GR sports car series. The Yaris received the GRMN top-level treatment in 2017, resulting to the birth of the Yaris GRMN. Now, the Yaris is getting its second model in the GR sports car series – the all-new Toyota Yaris GR Sport.

Unveiled to the global public at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, the Toyota Yaris GR Sport takes inspiration from the Yaris GRMN. In terms of performance, the new Yaris GR Sport is no match for Yaris GRMN, which is a true high-performance version of the Yaris under the GR series. Nonetheless, the Yaris GR Sport is laden with suspension modifications and well as styling changes inspired by the Yaris GRMN.

GR sports car series – which stands for Gazoo Racing that is being positioned by Toyota as its performance brand – is divided into three tiers: GR Sport, GR and GRMN. The top-level GRMN has a more powerful tuned engine and related modifications. The mid-level GR offers the essence of the GRMN. The GR Sport, meanwhile, offers casual sports car driving experience as achieved through suspension tweaks, which is the case for the new Toyota Yaris GR Sport.

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It has already been months since Czech carmaker Skoda unveiled the comprehensively refreshed – both in terms of design and engineering -- Fabia hatchback. Now, the car company will be taking the wraps off the newest variant of the Fabia that boasts of rugged, off-road looks -- the new Skoda Fabia Combi Scoutline.

Aside from all the improvement introduced on the newly revised Fabia model series – like its more distinctive exterior, new upholstery and a new instrument panel -- the new Skoda Fabia Combi Scoutline features an appearance that seems ready for an adventure off the road. This is made possible by a number of bodywork elements matt black and silver as well as by distinctive 16- and 17-inch alloy wheels.

For instance, the new Fabia Combi Scoutline is fitted with special front spoiler in matt black with silver trim, as well as wheel arch linings and side sills in matt black. Likewise, the Fabia Combi Scoutline features wing mirrors and roof rails in silver. In addition, the vehicle’s new rear bumper with diffuser is finished in combination of matt black and silver. A customer can have his or her new Skoda Fabia Combi Scoutline finished in any of the regular colors available for the Fabia Combi.

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At the 2018 Paris Motor Show earlier this month, Czech carmaker Skoda unveiled the Vision RS Concept. According to Skoda, the new Vision RS doesn’t just show how its RS models could appear in future, but also foreshadows a new model in the compact car segment. Now, Skoda has finally confirmed the name of that new compact model – the all-new Skoda Scala.

Skoda reveals that the newest nameplate in its lineup derives its name from Latin word ‘scala’, which when translated would mean ‘stairs’ or ‘ladder.’ Thus, Scala signifies the next step forward for Skoda in the compact segment. Furthermore, the Skoda is taking a leap forward in terms of technology, providing the new Scala with innovative features that so far only offered in vehicles belonging to higher segments. Moreover, the Czech brand has also taken a number of several major development steps forward.

Interestingly, the Scala is the first Skoda series production model in Europe to feature the “Skoda” lettering -- instead of the Skoda logo -- in the center of tailgate.

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That was fast! It was only a few days ago when Skoda teased its newest creation – the new all-new Skoda Kodiaq GT coupe-SUV -- through three sketched images. Now, the Czech carmaker is formally introducing online the coupe version of its Kodiaq SUV, revealing a number of details that should excite potential buyers in China.

According to Skoda, the exterior of the new Kodiaq GT coupe SUVis wrapped in sporty proportions. With a length of around 4.63 meters, it is slightly shorter than the Kodiaq SUV. On the front, the new Kodiaq GT is marked by a black-framed grille with chrome-plated dual ribs, as bordered on top by a wide bonnet, on the sides by LED headlights, and on the bottom by a three-dimensional bumper. The new Kodiaq SUV also features a front spoiler with wide air inlets.

When viewed from the sides, the new Skoda Kodiaq GT reveals coupe-like flanks, clear precise lines and a gently sloping roofline, which slope starts from behind the front doors. The coupe SUV also features dynamic wheel arches as well as body-colored chiseled side skirts.

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Finally, Skoda is entering the coupe-SUV segment. However, motorists in Europe or United States won't be able to get a piece of it. This is because Skoda is marketing the all-new coupe version of Kodiaq – the Skoda Kodiaq GT -- exclusive in China. It may arrive in other markets around the world, but for now, plans only involves exclusive sale in the Chinese market.

Skoda has yet to disclose important details about the all-new Kodiaq GT. Nonetheless, the fact that the Czech carmaker has released three design sketches, Skoda is all-bent to deliver a new coupe-SUV – as based on the Kodiaq SUV – for the Chinese market. This means that China will the only market in the world in which Skoda will be selling four SUV models: Kamiq, Karoq, Kodiaq and Kodiaq GT.

The new Kodiaq GT will be Skoda’s fourth SUV in China, and will be second exclusive model made just for the Chinese market, after the Kamiq. It will also be replacing the Kamiq as the brand’s most expensive SUV and its new flagship in China. According to the Czech carmaker, the Kodiaq GT coupe SUV is a demonstration of its commitment to the Chinese market, expecting the new model to be a key driver of the brand’s image.

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Honda is moving forward with its electrification plans in Europe after unveiling the production-ready version of the new 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. It was part of a number of creations that the Japanese carmaker is displaying in Paris, including the refreshed Honda HR-V SUV, and a specially-commissioned Civic Type R ‘Art Car’.

In September 2017, Honda took the wraps off a near-production Euros-spec prototype of the CR-V Hybrid at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, with plans to sell the production version exclusively in Europe. By then, it was believed that the Euro-spec CR-V Hybrid will be the replacement for the 160hp i-DTEC diesel version of the SUV, as part of the carmaker’s answer to the regulations affecting the market of diesel engines.

Back then, Honda was tight-lipped about the technical details of the prototype. The carmaker only revealed that its electrified powertrain will feature an electric motor and a 2.0-liter four cylinder i-Vtec gasoline engine.

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It was only in June this year when Porsche unveiled the 911 Speedster Concept. Perhaps due to overwhelming response or just a part of its plans, the German sports maker has disclosed at the 2018 Paris Motor Show that it will be putting the Porsche 911 Speedster into production.

At the same time, Porsche unveiled at the event the second concept of the 911 Speedster. Essentially, the 911 Speedster Concept II and the 911 Speedster Concept are identical, with the differences being their paintwork and finishes as well as their wheels.

Both 911 Speedster concepts feature shorter window frame with a more inclined windscreen as well as shortened side windows – resulting to a stockier profile. Both concepts also come with a special rear cover made from carbon fiber, featuring a double bubble cover behind the front seats.

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We all saw this coming, but the all-new seventh generation of the 2019 BMW 3-Series (G20) is virtually stunning in several elements as it was unveiled in metal at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

It boasts of a new generation of design, engines and suspensions as well as modern technologies. Available in three equipment lines or variants -- Sport Line, Luxury Line and M Sport -- the new BMW 3 Series luxury sports sedan certainly lives up to expectations.

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