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Continental Ac2ated Sound system uses absolutely zero speakers but offers a 3D experience

We often think that more speakers mean better sound. A lot of luxury vehicles are even equipped with 15 or more speakers. But as technology improves, manufacturers are introducing great quality audio with zero speakers. Yup, you won’t see any of them, but the music will sound very impressive. Continental just announced that they have a system called Ac2ated Sound, that will turn the car’s interior surroundings into a speaker. Now, that is proper surround sound.

Johann Hiebl, Continental’s head of business unit infotainment and connectivity, said that car manufacturers have been looking into surround sound systems that weigh less for the overall car to be lighter in weight, while providing more space for passengers and new technologies. Furthermore, he said they can use compact actuators and use surfaces to generate a natural, 3D sound - using the car itself and its walls as an instrument.

Certain parts of the car, from the A-pillars to the door panels are naturally suited for varying frequencies. For instance, the A-pillars can handle higher frequencies, which can be the audio system’s tweeters. On the other hand, mid-range frequencies can be perfectly handled by door panels, and the roof an rear shelf can act like subwoofers. Normally, a car would have speakers in some of these areas, but according to Continental, the actuators that will replace the actual coil and magnet can deliver vibrations in these areas and as a reaction, the car itself can produce the sound. Sounds technical, huh? The company even provided an illustration of a violin comparing it to a car’s door panel to further explain how this works.

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Cadillac offers Bose Panaray system on new 2016 CT6 sedan

Cadillac will offer its new flagship sedan – the CT6 rear-wheel-drive sedan – with the Bose Panaray system. Cadillac designed this new sound system exclusively for its new model, marking the debut of the latest line of Bose Automotive’s Advanced Technology Series sound systems. This system utilizes the technologies and design elements that are seen in Bose’s home entertainment and professional audio products.

The CT6 cabin will have 34 speakers, with nearly all of them having diameters of less than four inches. Last month in Detroit, General Motors CEO Mary Barra pointed out that this Bose system is a product of the joint development of innovations by the company and its supplier. Barra said that Cadillac has worked with Bose so that the technology can be integrated into the floor.

This system doesn’t need several stand-alone high-fi elements so it’s able to provide “great acoustics and greater efficiency.” In addition, the Bose system features articulated arrays, which are several small speakers positioned in alternating directions. Listeners will appreciate that its setup offers sound at a wider angle, resulting to a sound stage that’s more consistent and broader.

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Harman JBL sound system finds its way into 2015 Smart ForTwo and ForFour

The 2015 smart fortwo and forfour cars will feature HARMAN’s JBL sound. This marks that HARMAN, a premium global audio and infotainment group, has provided in-vehicle audio for smart, deepening its relations with the Daimler Group in the field of in-car infotainment. The JBL-equipped smart fortwo and forfour cars made their global debut on July 16 in Berlin and will hit the roads later this year.

The JBL sound system is expected to allow drivers and passengers of the fortwo and the forfour to obtain an ultimate listening experience while on the go. Designers and engineers at both JBL and smart worked together to develop a customized audio system that would surely pave way for an optimal sound in the compact interior of the cars.

For example, JBL and smart rendered the subwoofer removable to make the trunk more spacious when drivers need to carry extra baggage. Likewise, the well-defined JBL sound supports the illusion of driving in a spacious car.

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Jaguar XJ Ultimate gets Meridian Audio’s latest surround sound system

Jaguar introduced the new top-of-the-line XJ Ultimate at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. This model comes with the Meridian Surround Sound System that offers unmatched music reproduction in a luxury saloon. To make this possible, Jaguar partnered with Meridian Audio, the leading specialist manufacturer of high-end audio and video entertainment systems in the UK.

The XJ Ultimate is the range-topping version of Jaguar’s XJ saloon. According to Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar, the XJ Ultimate has been fitted with the best audio system available to add to its exclusive specification.

Jaguar determined that Meridian would be the ideal partner in its objective. Jaguar’s customers will be getting a great listening experience.

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The new Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System Audi A6 has recently been announced. This makes the A6 as the eighth Audi model to feature a Bang & Olufsen in-car audio system.

The new Advanced Sound System Audi A6 appears to have been inspired by Audi's A7 Sportback and A8 models and features the same organic petal-and-leaf loudspeaker grille design. The A6 models are fitted with the largest front door grilles ever produced by Bang & Olufsen.

The polished and anodized aluminum grilles in the A6 model are finished in a metal-look platinum color. Upon activating the system, two acoustic lenses rise silently from the dashboard in line with the windshield.

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Beginning at the latter part of 2007, Aston Martin and Bang & Olufsen have been collaborating to create some of the most outstanding and technologically advanced car audio systems the world has ever experienced.

At present, the two firms have combined forces once more to develop a new system for the DB9 of Aston Martin. The new system, which is dubbed the BeoSound DB9, brings the art of high-performance audio to a whole new level.

The new system focuses on aesthetics as much as it does on performance, elements around which Aston martin and Bang & Olufsen have built a strong reputation through constant innovation.

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