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Startech has a solution to that off-center rear plate on the Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery’s rear is definitely not a calming sight for people with obsessive compulsive disorder. Why you ask? Because of the offset number plate design that is positioned more on the left, as opposed to being centered. If you have this car and been bothered by its design, Startech has found the perfect solution for you.

Startech offers a new tailgate insert, also known as item number LR5-410-00, that will bring the plate back to where it should really be, and that is the center of the rear. It’s quite awesome for Startech to think of this. Now, the only issue you will have is seeing other people’s Land Rovers. But at least you got yours covered.

If you have already decided on getting Startech’s add-on referred to as the “Discovery of Symmetry”, you must be willing to shell out 809 euros (approximately $954). Do you think it is worth paying that much just to change the positioning of the number plate by a few inches? The price is a bit steep; owners might decide instead to get additional tech instead of stressing about the uncentered plate. Or perhaps even spend a few extra hundreds for a split spoke 22 inch wheels that cost 3,700 pounds.

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Get starstruck with this Startech-styled Bentley Bentayga in Shadow Gold

A Startech-tuned Bentley Bentayga by far is the most lavishly styled exhibit from the sea of aftermarket specialists that graced the IAA. An affiliate of Brabus, Startech has actually brought us the first ever customized variant of the British brand’s highly expensive sport utility vehicle. Since then, over a handful of Bentayga owners have been captivated by Startech’s tuning products and availed the German tuner’s special upgrades despite the incredible price.

What we have here is yet another Bentayga dressed with the tuner’s custom body kit but it seems to stand out more from the rest of them. Featuring the ultra-luxurious Shadow Gold paint finish, this SUV comes equipped with Startech’s huge 23-inch forged Monostar S wheels, valve controlled exhaust, lowering kit, an extended body and the Startech-exclusive front and rear bumpers.

Some of the features special to this brand are the Bentayga’s unique carbon fiber diffuser at the rear section and the honeycomb lower grille inserts at the front. The very distinct Shadow Gold paint finish could be seen throughout the roof, C-Pillars, bonnet and all around the grille. This same finish is also seen on the SUV’s trunk lid badge, air vent surrounds and forged wheels.

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Startech makes 2017 Land Rover Discovery 5 look sportier

The fifth generation of the Land Rover Discovery has been making waves since it was launched. Calling the Land Rover Discovery sporty in terms of design, however, might be farfetched. That is, unless customers could avail of a range of styling options from Startech for the Land Rover Discovery.

The Land Rover Discovery is designed not just to tackle the paved roads, but also to challenge the off-road terrain. This is the reason why the Land Rover Discovery is a sports utility vehicle that comes with a rugged and dominant look. But of course, it couldn’t be helped that most customers of the Land Rover Discovery spend most of their time on the road, and they may want to bestow their beloved SUV with a sporty look. This is something that Startech, a company that is part of the Brabus Group, could offer. In fact, Startech is bound to unveil its exclusive accessories range for the Land Rover Discovery at the upcoming 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show this month.

Startech will be offering an array of exclusive accessories that could make the Land Rover Discovery look sportier. These include sporty yet elegant styling kit for the body, bespoke 22-inch and a high-quality interior design that could be personalized according to customers’ preferences.

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Startech takes the Land Rover Defender to another level

A couple of days ago, we saw a 1958 Land Rover with tracks on it. This is one muscle truck that can drive on all road and weather conditions, but it didn’t have that much to offer in the interior. Now, we have got here a Land Rover Defender that looks perfectly rugged on the outside, but has a luxurious interior that totally contrasts the exterior design. This was made possible by the tuners from Startech.

Normally, the German tuners would give the Autobiography trim to higher end models like the Evoque, Range Rover, and Range Rover Sport. But they probably thought that it would look awesome if they combine the Defender’s rugged nature with the Autobiography’s luxurious feel. So they decided to give the Defender the overall treatment.

Beginning from the car’s exterior, the front end has been customized with aluminum running boards, a new grille, dirt flaps and a new hood. The “Defender” logo had been blacked out to blend into the all black exterior finish. A new pair of lights has also been added, combined with a set of 18-inch Monostar D Black wheels that finish off the whole look.

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STARTECH revealed that it has come up with styling program for the Maserati Levante. Owned by BRABUS, STARTECH is an aftermarket tuning company and under this program, it has made some interesting modifications to Maserati’s all-wheel drive unit, which was mainly designed to be driven on the road.

Changes include both bumpers, in the front and the rear, having new attachments that were made using the highly advanced CAD technology. With many of the company’s components utilizing the same mounting technology, it made it possible to replace the bumpers’ lower sections with parts that are easy to install.

On the front section, the addition of a spoiler helps the Levante have a more unique profile. Then there is the wing profile that has been integrated to it. While this does help with the overall look, this component also enhances the aerodynamics.

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On the surface, a luxurious Bentley with a Startech body kit may seem to be an unlikely combination. But on second thought, a heavily customized Bentley Bentayga in special Verdant Green body color ticks all the boxes of what you’d look for in an unconventional high performance vehicle.

Startech is a subsidiary of the more popular Brabus after-market tuning company. Brabus has been specializing in high end brands such as Maybach and Mercedes-Benz. The company has also ventured into tuning Smart Automobiles which is the compact car division of Daimler AG. On the other side, Startech has been known for customizing off-road vehicles like those coming from Range Rover, Land Rover and Jaguar. The Bentley Bentayga as we know is the most expensive and luxurious sport utility vehicle in the UK.

In case you’re wondering how it all went, the odd combination of a Bentley in green color and Startech’s exterior upgrades has turned into something marvelous. By all means, the owner of this Verdant Green Bentayga would be more than pleased to see the final result.

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The Bentley Bentayga is the most expensive luxury SUV there is in the market today with a price tag of about $230,000. But this luxury SUV has a polarizing look that seems to be a bit off for a Bentley ensemble. Many share the opinion that the Bentayga is able to (somewhat) make up for its appearance by packing 600 horsepower inside its twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 as well as accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds with a 184 mph top speed.

However, there are just some who wish that Bentley should’ve invested more on the Bentayga’s appearance than make it look like one of their coupes but in a SUV’s body. Good thing there are auto tuners around the world who for some reason, like a bit of a challenge. For those Bentayga owners who wish for a better looking Bentayga, then Startech can do the magic for you.

Startech is part of German high-performance auto tuning company Brabus and specializes in tuning Bentleys, Jaguars, Land Rovers and Range Rovers. Just recently, Startech released a “refined” version of the Bentayga focusing mostly on retaining its sporty elegance while improving aerodynamics and some of its physical features.

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Startech has finally divulged some information about the tuning program created for the 2013 Range Rover. Instead of the production bumper, the vehicle now has the STARTECH front fascia. This gives the SUV a front that’s more dynamic and more remarkable. At high speeds, its integrated spoiler decreases the lift on the front axle.

As a result, directional stability is optimized. Active safety is boosted further with the inventive STARTECH lighting system. The STARTECH front element could be installed with either completely integrated LED daytime running lights or with LED position lights that use the same design.

The choice depends on the country’s national certification requirements. Furthermore, the new front fascia is able to accommodate the tiniest LED fog lights presently offered in the market. The 2013 Range Rover’s front is made even more stunning due to the vibrant styling of the aerodynamic-boosting component.

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Startech has introduced its modification package for the British crossover, the Range Rover Evoque. The tuning firm based in Germany actually presented an Evoque kit at the Dubai International Motor Show earlier this month but it has shown off a new one that has a totally different approach. Startech concentrated on just the on-road side of the Evoque, overlooking the other side.

It received a new front fascia, a new rear bumper that accommodates a diffuser, quadruple tailpipes, and a roof wing. It was also given some custom lightweight alloy rims that range between 20 and 22 inches. Moreover, the crossovover even has a suspension that lowers the car by up to 30 mm. Startech significantly improved on the interior. Its seats and door panels use a quilted leather finish.

The custom Evoque also comes with an Alcantara headliner, new trimming, a sports steering wheel and aluminum for the gear shifter and pedals.

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Startech’s latest project is a program for the Range Rover Evoque that will be introduced at the 2011 Dubai International Motor Show. Startech reduced the ride height of the five-door version. It also fitted it with a set of 21-inch two-tone wheels.

The exterior has received a modified bumper and a new set of exhaust tips that came from stainless steel. But Startech did an even more incredible job inside. It has a new steering wheel, aluminum pedals, and foot rest and shifter.

Startech used black and white leather and its accents are built from real carbon fiber. The Evoque is powered by a 2.0-liter SI4 gasoline engine. Startech didn’t boost its power but then the vehicle already delivers an impressive 240hp. Startech has revealed that this engine kit is nearly ready. There’s no denying that the interiors of this package are indeed outstanding but then, there’s a very steep price to pay.

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Are you in the market for a luxury 4x4 with an unusual theme? Then you just might like the Land Rover Defender 90 Yachting Edition – a Land Rover Defender with a maritime theme.

The special edition vehicle comes from Brabus affiliate Startech and is on display at this year’s Essen Motor Show. Like any luxury yacht, the finish on this car is that of a bright white.

Defender 90 Yachting Edition features 16-inch alloys covered in wider tires that measure 267/75 R16. The running boards were changed to new integrated ones with entrance lights. The driver can access the car by opening one of the doors or through a keyless fob.

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For those who own a Range Rover vehicle but want to do more to further customize their rides, they just need to approach STARTECH and the know tuner is more than willing to take up the challenge.

When it comes to customizing the exterior of any Range Rover, STARTECH has more to offer. For instance, the front of the Range Rover could be fitted with LED daytime running lights that do not only make the vehicle more stunning but also improves active safety.

Instead of getting expensive paint, owners can have STARTECH install light inserts in the same color as the door handles and the front grille. The company could also make the sides of the Range Rover more appealing by fitting new five-spoke 10Jx22 STARTECH Monostar IV light-alloy wheels, which feature an elegant blend of grey and polished surfaces with a matte lacquer finish.

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STARTECH has created an enhancement program for the new 2010 Jaguar XJ that involves both the interior and the exterior. There is a high level of difficulty in tuning this car due to its exquisite design. Needless to say, the car targets premium buyers.

STARTECH wants to give the car an appearance that tells people how good its performance is. The front of the car has a bumper add-on that features large air intakes and LED daytime running lights. The sedan's front fenders were also replaced with a set of front quarter panels that integrate new air outlets.

STARTECH modified the front and the rear arches through the use of new rocker panel trimming. At the rear of the vehicle, there is a redesigned apron that integrates an air diffuser and quadruple, angular exhaust tips.

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STARTECH's accessories packages created for Jaguar XK and XKR models may have attracted much interest at the Frankfurt Motor Show but the tuners also presented its version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee with aplomb. STARTECH worked on design and styling elements as well as its performance.

The stock version had 218 hp and a maximum torque of 510 Nm but the tuners managed to boost the 3.0 CRD engine to 262 hp and maximum torque of 580 Nm.

Using a special suspension kit, STARTECH lowered the ride height by 30 millimeters, improving handling and cornering. The Cherokee also rides on 22-inch 'STARTECH Monostar IV 22' wheels wrapped in low-profile Pirelli Scorpion tires. The front axle features size 9Jx22 wheels with tires in size 265/35 R 22, while the wider rear axle uses a combination of size 10Jx22 wheels and size 295/30 R 22 tires.

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In 2010, the STARTECH program came up with great accessories that were meant to be used in coupe and convertible models of the Jaguar XK and XKR. STARTECH came up with exclusive and innovative modifications to a Jaguar XK Coupe to demonstrate what its range of accessories can do in order to personalize any Jaguar vehicle.

In this example, the engineers employed custom-made 21-inch forged wheels together with customizations to the XK Coupe’s riding height. Functionality and aesthetics do go hand in hand, so STARTECH’s stylists employed subtle modifications to the exterior of the already-elegantly designed XK Coupe.

These include spoiler flaps placed strategically on the front apron, reducing lift and improving aerodynamics in addition to making the car eye-catching. All of the enhancements to the XK Coupe were done using ultra light carbon fiber materials.

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