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Acura NSX, Honda CR-V ads for Super Bowl will feature Seinfeld, Ferris Bueller

American Honda Motor Co. will feature comedy and popular celebrities in a pair of 1-minute TV advertisements to be aired during the Super Bowl. An Acura spot will have comedian Jerry Seinfeld who commits the most outrageous acts to bribe the person who has the rights to the first 2015 Acura NSX supercar. This spot is the first Super Bowl appearance for the brand.

Meanwhile, Matthew Broderick will be seen resuming his role as high school truant Ferris Bueller, calling in sick to an acting performance but spending the day driving around in a Honda CR-V crossover. The two commercials will have 30-second variants that will be aired on TV through spring. There will also be links to social media and "Easter egg" prize hunts.

Extended variants and outtakes will be available on Honda's YouTube channel. The automaker is attempting to drive traffic to Acura and Honda websites and showrooms in an effort to bounce back from the earthquake-related inventory shortages last year. American Honda's chief marketing officer Mike Accavitti related that they want to entertain and engage the audience into the brand as well as generate "buzz and excitement." He added that the advertisements communicate the product, brand and message "in a memorable way" to their target audience "in a relevant way."

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