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The Grand Tour may not have a fourth series, says Mail Online report

The second series of The Grand Tour has just ended and the motoring TV show is expected to return for the third series later this year (2018). However, a report from the online version British newspaper Daily Mail – citing a source privy with the show – is saying there won't be a fourth series of The Grand Tour.

Quoting its own sources, Mail Online reported that it could be the end for the road soon for The Grand Tour after Amazon didn’t sign anyone, including its trio of hosts: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. The source told Daily Mail that there is nothing that suggests that Amazon is going to do another series. The source added that no one has signed anything, with employees wondering where they would go once filming finishes.

The speculations of The Grand Tour receiving an axe got a boost after news broke out that Clarkson has already been hired to host a revamped version of ITV quiz show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.” It is of note that Clarkson deal for “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” lasts for only seven episodes. According to the report from Mail Online, Clarkson didn’t receive any offer from Amazon for the fourth series of The Grand Tour.

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The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson catches pneumonia in Majorca, Spain

Two months ago, we heard about the accident Richard Hammond got into while taping for a segment for the Grand Tour TV series. This accident forced the Hamster to spend some time off from the show, while James May co-hosts with Jeremy Clarkson.

A couple of days ago, we heard another bad news, but it involves Jeremy Clarkson this time. The 57-year-old TV personality and host had been admitted to a hospital located in Majorca, Spain, during a family vacation. He was diagnosed with a serious case of pneumonia.

We learned about this as Clarkson posted a photo on Instagram of his arm hooked up to an IV. He even makes a joke about it saying that the IV is not his usual accessory when on holiday. According to BBC, he also messaged his friend Jemima Goldsmith on Twitter saying that he is connected to tubes and is seated on a wheelchair in the hospital. Following that tweet was a post on his Drivetribe account as he thanks those who sent him well wishes.

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The Grand Tour trio made over £8 million pre-tax profit, accounts show

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May had set up their own TV company, W Chump & Sons, following the signing of a three-year contract with Amazon reportedly amounting to £160 million. The newly established TV firm of former Top Gear hotshots has earned more than £8 million in profit after the first season production of The Grand Tour went online.

A total of £8.39 million (or £6.7 million after tax) was made between November 2015 and towards the end of 2016 based on the filed accounts. This only proves that The Grand Tour founders have enticed many viewers to sign up for Amazon Prime’s streaming service with a subscription rate of £79 a year. The first series, which has 13 episodes, has broken the viewership records on Amazon Prime from November to February.

It can be recalled that Clarkson left BBC in 2015 after an altercation with Oisin Tymon over the lack of hot food on the set. His co-presenters, Hammond and May had also quit Top Gear soon after Clarkson left the network.

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The Grand Tour season 2 will be delayed due to Hammond’s condition

You must have heard of Richard Hammond’s accident on Saturday, June 10 while shooting a segment for The Grand Tour. The accident occurred after he lost control of the Rimac Concept One, a Croatian electric hypercar worth £2 million just after passing the finish line. The car then flipped down the hill and caught on fire.

Luckily, the 47-year-old host was able to bail out of the car before it burst into flames. As James May arrived, he saw the marshals pull Hammond away from the car in case it explodes. The accident left Hammond with a fractured left knee. Notably, he was conscious immediately after the crash. Jeremy Clarkson, on the other hand, revealed that his legs “turned to jelly” when he saw the crash site.

After the serious car accident Richard Hammond got into, The Grand Tour season 2 will have to be delayed, says Jeremy Clarkson. For the meantime, Clarkson and James May will be filling in for Hammond for the next couple of shoots. However, there has been no update on whether the premiere date in October will be moved due to the postponement.

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TV celebrity and a member of the much-loved hosting trio behind the Amazon's The Grand Tour series, Richard Hammond, was immediately airlifted to a hospital following a close call when he was involved in a fiery car crash in a Swiss mountain race. The 47-year-old TV personality was maneuvering a rare Rimac Concept_One during the Bregrennen Hemberg, a mountainside hillclimb event held in St Gallen, while shooting for a feature video set that will be part of the series' second season.

A bystander caught the shocking accident on film and it showed Hammond driving the all-electric supercar when without warning something went terribly wrong as he failed to complete a left turn and skidded off road and into the side of the hill. He freed himself off the vehicle and got out of the car before the Concept_One went up in flames, according to a statement posted in The Grand Tour's official Facebook page.

He was then quickly transported via helicopter to the St Gallen hospital to assess his condition. It looks like he will continue to live another day, as he did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. Rimac Concept_One is an all-electric car that was produced by the Croatian firm Rimac Automobili. It was not known how fast Hammond's car was travelling when it veered off course.

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The Grand Tour wrapped up its first season after 13 fiery and amusing episodes in the early part of this year. The show was considered an overall success for Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond's first series on Amazon Prime since departing from Top Gear. Amazon has disclosed to Digital Spy that The Grand Tour will be back for its second season in the latter part of this year.

The trinity consisting of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will entertain the car followers again for their Amazon Prime comeback that is scheduled this October for the 2nd season of the highly anticipated show, The Grand Tour. When they first signed their deal with Amazon, they concurred to 36 episodes over 3 years. As the first season had 13 episodes, we will expect Season 2 to dish out at least 11 or 12 episodes.

As reported by Drivetribe, the follow-up endeavour vowed to be just as costly but there have been no additional details regarding the motoring trio and what they will do in the 2nd season. James May, in an interview with BBC's The One Show, was in his usual timid self about the specific details, however he did disclose that the allocated budget for the show is probably "still the same" with the previous season.

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During the The Grand Tour’s final episode, host Richard Hammond did what few people expected him to do. He had a Porsche 918 Spyder race against what appears to be standard Nissan Patrol.

You would think you know the result of this battle but the thing is, this is not your typical Nissan SUV. It is fitted with a turbocharged engine, like the one inside the GT-R. Rather than the usual 285 hp (212 kW), this engine is capable of 1,900 hp (1,416 kW). As such, it resulted in a maximum speed of 205 mph (329 km/h).

You probably know where we are going with this so it won’t be surprising then to know that when the race was done on the streets of Dubai, the Nissan Patrol dominated and left the Porsche 918 far behind. No wonder the internet is now calling it as the “918 Killer.”

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The Grand Tour, a motoring TV series at Amazon Prime, has just aired its series finale. While it was set in one of the most affluent cities in the world – Dubai – the final lap in the first season was less intriguing, less entertaining and has less fireworks than when The Grand Tour went online the first time.

In the last episode of the first season, The Grand Tour saw the battle- and gag-hardened trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May pitching their tent in Dubai. Each of them drove a hypercar on the way -- a McLaren P1 GTR, a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and a Lykan Hypersport. These hypercars are usually an extraordinary spectacle. In Dubai, however, these hypercars are your average rides.

It is not easy to overlook the extraordinary affluence of the people living in Dubai. In fact, even police officers are driving luxury sports cars in Dubai. Clarkson even remarked that for the first time at The Grand Tour, they are the poorest people in the tent. The final episode showed a drag race -- at an airstrip – between Clarkson’s Volkswagen Golf GTI and May's BMW i3, with the two comparing their personal rides against the other.

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Yes, you read it right! James May has plans on leaving “The Grand Tour” in the next 5 years. This was according to his latest interview with the Radio Times for its Holiday issue. We know this is quite hard to imagine but it is not as if he, along with Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson are going to live forever. We’re all getting old inevitably.

At this point, there are still a lot of shows in store as Clarkson, May and Hammond have just signed a deal for 3 straight seasons. That means that Amazon will be featuring 36 episodes of “The Grand Tour” within the next 3 years.

Nevertheless, May doesn’t feel the need to be part of the show for the longest time or is obliged to do more than what he’s willing give. The guy also wants to encourage people to learn when it’s time to step back and be in total control of their lives.

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By now, car enthusiasts around the world have just watched the first episode of Amazon Video’s “The Grand Tour”. This British television show looks into the motoring world and is produced by Andy Wilman and hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. These four names are likely to be familiar as they were all part of the celebrated Top Gear show in the past.

If anything, the three hosts are known to utilize airfields to tests cars. That said, the trio knows that they will always be unable to keep fans from finding out where the courses are located. In the first episode that aired on November 27, 2016, the hosts unveiled their course which Clarkson lovingly dubbed as the “Ebola-Drome”. The name itself refers to the virus bearing the same name due to their resemblance. While the show did not explicitly say where the airfield was, a hint was given in that it was in the vicinity of Swindon, a town in Wiltshire, South West England.

However for Jalopnik, a website which talks about the automotive industry and car culture in general, this small clue was enough. Jalopnik managed to trace the actual location to Wroughton, a former base for the Royal Air Force. The fact that the website managed to get a specific location is an interesting story by itself.

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People who have long been part of the automotive world were in for a treat last week as Amazon Prime Video official premiered its newest offering, The Grand Tour. Publicity surrounding the first episode itself was so massive that you’d have to be hiding under a rock not to have heard about this show.

Top management at Amazon are likely patting each other in the back considering that everything that was put into this show paid off, making it the biggest debut so far in the brand’s history. These included the various stunts, trailers, and different teasers.

To start off, the first episode was a strong critical success with the London Evening Standard stating that the show was “stunningly beautiful”. Meanwhile Digital Spy shared that while The Grand Tour can be considered as the first factual comedy show, albeit scripted, the result is that it works really well.

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With a premiere date set for November 18, The Grand Tour has revealed some interesting tidbits for its initial season. The show has released a number of figures related to filming the initial run and it appears that the figures are indeed high. Through a 15-second teaser video, it revealed that a total of 27 cars have been destroyed while a total of 1,474,546,320 miles were driven.

Jeremy Clarkson, one of the hosts of the show, also shared that in relation to coffee, a total of 14,951 cups were consumed. For those who have followed Clarkson’s career, the star has been known to make some rather over-the-top statements. Thus while the number of cars destroyed may be true, the figures related to the miles driven and coffee drank should be taken with a grain of salt.

Set to be shown on Amazon Prime Exclusive, the show also stars, in addition to Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. The show is produced by Andy Wilman, well-known for Top Gear and who, along with Clarkson, were responsible for the show’s humor and style. In addition to being involved in the auto industry by initially being part of Autocar, May is also known for his science-related shows. Hammond himself, like Clarkson and May, have been part of Top Gear as well and had his own foray into science shows.

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After more than a year of being off-air, the former Top Gear trio is now on The Grand Tour. Yes, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May -- three personalities who had been the life of British Broadcasting Corp.’s Top Gear – are making a TV comeback, but not on BBC.

The trio had received various criticisms on the way they handled Top Gear. However, they had some kind of charming magic that made TV audience stick to BBC’s auto show. After their departure, BBC started implementing a new format, hiring Chris Evans, Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan, Matt LeBlanc, Rory Reid and Sabine Schmitz as new presenters. These new hosts – while lauded for their potential – failed to charm the target audience at the same level as Clarkson, Hammond and May. This resulted to the dipping ratings of the show.

On the other hand, there has been a good chunk of audience who has been waiting for the TV return of the Clarkson, Hammond and May. And they are returning – but on Amazon Video’s Amazon Prime. Along with former Top Gear executive producer Andy Wilman, Clarkson, Hammond and May inked a three-year agreement with Amazon Prime for a total of 36 episodes – or three seasons of 12 episodes each. The Grand Tour will be released concurrently in the United States and United Kingdom on Amazon Prime on a weekly basis starting later this year 2016.

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It was just a year ago when Jeremy Clarkson was kicked off BBC’s “Top Gear” due to some issues and controversies in 2014 that had the show (and its crew) on the rocks. First was the anti-Asian racist “joke” from the show’s Burma special. Another was an off-air rehearsal footage that showed Clarkson saying the N-word. And then there was this fiasco in Argentina where the Top Gear crew was kicked out from the country – this was because of the license plate on Clarkson’s Porsche 928 that the locals claimed to have mocked the country’s defeat during the 1982 Falklands War. The controversy that was probably the last straw for BBC was Clarkson’s involvement in a “fracas” with a BBC producer, resulting to his suspension from the show and eventual firing.

Not to worry though because the infamous ex Top Gear host will soon be back in action alongside his buddies Richard Hammond and James May. Clutching an approximately $15 million contract with Amazon, Clarkson, Hammond and May will soon be running a new car show set to debut somewhere in August on Amazon Prime.

The trio had a hard time deciding what to name the show. “Gear Knobs” was previously rumoured to be the show’s title but as it turns out, the said title has already been taken by another show with the same theme. What made it even harder to figure out a catchy name for the show is that BBC has owned rights to various titles such as “the Stig and the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car and the Cool Wall” and every other name that can be attributed to “Top Gear”. It has cost Clarkson thousands of British pounds for lawyers to check for copyrights.

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