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Top 10 Porsche models that you can afford

In a perfect world, supercars aren’t only expected to evolve into something better; in time, there must be something similar and more affordable. However, owning a Porsche is now a possibility due to various reasons that have made the prices reasonable.

Here are the top 10 Porsches that most car guys should probably be able to afford by now.

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Top 10 super saloons from the '90s

Any car that boasts a two-decade lifespan is quite an impressive feat ---- not only for the brand, but also for those who still have them. With blazing horsepower hiding beneath the surface, these four-door Super saloons continue to be the most practical cars to use every single day.

And the top 10 goes to...

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10 of the Most Bizarre Off-road Vehicles to Ever Be Built

The wheel is considered as one of the great early inventions known to man. The wheel allowed man to travel across distances faster. Still, it was mainly dependent on animals. All of these changed with the introduction of the internal combustion engine. This gave mankind the edge as it now had a faster and more powerful means of travel.

With vehicles, this also meant making new roads. Thus the wheel and the engine gave humans total dominance over nature. Even with new roads being built and new cars manufactured, this has not stopped some people from going the extra mile and wanting to drive off-road. Driving off-road can either be a necessity in the case of not yet having paved roads, or it can be done purely for fun and the adrenaline rush.

We list below the 10 weirdest vehicles to tackle the problem of off-road travel. Military vehicles are not included as many of them are in fact designed to travel off-road. It is a little different when it comes to off-road vehicles made by commercial companies. The list will tell you that when it comes to crazy, all you need is some imagination and lots of time.

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2016 Consumer Reports Survey of the 10 Least Reliable Cars

There are many reasons why customers purchase a brand-new car. It could be the likelihood of no-hassle ownership or the fewer instances of service problems over time. But while there’s no guarantee of perfection, we all still want to get the most value for our money.

Consumer Reports recently released its 2016 Annual Auto Survey, which lists the 10 least reliable vehicles. These car owners face the highest risk of visiting their dealerships sooner and more frequently than others.

The same survey considers the different factors that can go wrong, specifically in 17 trouble areas. These include simple nuisances like an interior trim that is broken or noisy brakes, all the way to major problem areas like issues with the 4-wheel drive systems or transmission repairs no longer covered with warranty.

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Even though Jeremy Clarkson was kicked out of Top Gear for various reasons, we cannot deny that the guy has been very influential in the automotive world. He knows what he’s saying so people trust him and his reviews even when there are times when he lets his emotions get in the way. Clarkson has a reputation of being one of the best presenters for car review shows and so people give him the credit for which he is due. Aside from his shows, the presenter also has a car review column in The Sunday Times.

Just recently, he shared his top 10 favorite cars of the past year or so. Although there are some who would strongly disagree with these choices, let’s just say it’s all because Clarkson is trying his best to become a “fair and balanced” reporter. Let’s go take a quick glance at each of his picks and decide if there were models for which he had missed and if there are some questionable models on his list.

Clarkson mentions in his article that his co-presenter James May likes to call the certain sensation of driving a really good car “the fizz”. He describes it as something like a manifestation of a car’s excellence on the road through a fizzing sensation down the root of their manhood.

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Cars such as the McLaren F1 and the P1, the Bugatti Veyron, the Ferrari LaFerrari, the 918 Spyder from Porsche and the Lamborghini Reventon (to mention just a few) are all hypercars that you should have probably heard of at least a few times.

‘‘Hypercars’’ is a relatively new term adopted by the automotive industry. Cars in this category have a huge amount of horsepower, are extremely expensive and offer much more than the average ‘‘super car’’ in every category.

Cars within the ‘‘Hypercars’’ category are equipped with the very best and the latest in technology and engineering, blowing up all the charts with their incredible stats (and prices).

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When people want to know the full performance of a car, there are multiple different factors to consider. Regardless, in many of these cases it is the top speed that true auto fans will consider as the deciding factor whether they admit it or not.

No matter how good the exterior looks are or how comfortable riding in it is, if it is not able to reach a certain speed, then it wouldn't even be considered. It is not just about how fast it is though; but also how fun it is to drive. Below is our list of the 10 fastest production cars.

The term "production" is significant as it means that these cars can be legally driven on the streets. Though race cars, and some customized vehicles, are indeed fast, they are limited to the areas where they can be driven. In addition, we only listed cars that have had their top speeds validated by different media outlets as well as sanctioning groups.

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When buying a new car nowadays, a number of customers will typically look first at engine performance as well as fuel efficiency and carbon emissions. This is not surprising as people are now more environmentally conscious than before.

Once they are satisfied with the engine though, it is then that they look at the interior and the exterior features. However there was a time in automobile history when people treated cars as more than vehicles. People treated them as works of art.

While they may not be at the same level as the masterpieces many are familiar with, these cars are on a level of their own. For some, there is no need to look inside as the design itself is often associated with astounding performance. Not arranged in any order, here are the 10 cars that will show you that art is possible in the auto world.

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The major benefits of driving a car is that you get to cruise down the road, enjoy the scenery, and get to where you want to be. Unfortunately, it comes with the risk of being involved in an accident.

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 1.24 million people in the world die annually on the road while 20 to 50 million suffer from non-fatal injuries.

While there are ways to minimize the risk of road accidents like improving one’s driving skills or enhancing the safety features of the car, there are still roads where one may need to have more than that. Here are roads that you should avoid driving in if you can help it.

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