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2012 Paris Motor Show Preview: Toyota iQ EV

Toyota iQ EV is set to debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. It’s actually the second all-electric vehicle in the lineup. The electric version is longer by five inches and is heavier by 275 lbs compared to the gasoline version while having the same storage capacity due to a flat underbody. The iQ EV is equipped with a 47-kilowatt air-cooled electric motor that produces 120 lb-ft of torque sent instantly to the front wheel.

iQ EV can accelerate to 62 mph in 14 seconds and has a top speed of 77 mph. It is targeted nearly exclusively at city driving. On a full charge, the car runs for 52 miles. But with the use of a quick charger for only 15 minutes, the car already acquires 80% battery power. It takes three hours to get a full charge when using a 230-volt outlet.

Toyota had to minimize power usage on the EV so it has been equipped with a low power consumption heat pump air conditioning system, optimized seat heaters, a new heated windscreen defroster that helps in keeping the windshield fog free without having to turn on the AC or heat.

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Toyota launches customization programme for the iQ city car

Showing off your personality through your Toyota iQ is now easier and more exciting with the customization options that were recently presented. The Toyota iQ is already a head-turner on its own due to its smart design – as it is the world's first four-seater in a body that’s shorter than three metres. Toyota has introduced a colorful body and roof decals and several vibrant leather upholstery options to choose from. There are multiple patterns and shades available that may be mixed and matched.

The variations are numerous as there are eight external paint colors, six leather combinations and six roof and body decals. What Toyota set out to do was for customers to be able to express themselves using these personalization options. The decals may be as simple as a classic monochrome Check or as complex as a psychedelic multicolor Swirl.

Its other options include Box (a scattering of colorful quadrilaterals), Bloom (retro daisies), Pulse (a swoosh of grey strokes) and Aqua (a flow of bubbles). Best of all, every decal design may be specified separately when it comes to the roof and sides of the car.

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2011 Geneva Motor Show: Toyota iQ EV makes its quiet debut

Toyota’s EV Prototype debuted in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show. It is the latest model in an electric vehicle research and development program that started 40 years ago. Based on the existing iQ, the new car is intended to address key issues around the production of all-electric vehicles for emissions-free urban mobility, like driving range and performance and battery technology.

The compact size of iQ and its innovative design and packaging helped demonstrate its basically urban-friendly driving character. It becomes a stronger proposition with the introduction of an all-electric powertrain, which has zero tailpipe emissions.

It offers silent driving in a car with room for four on board. The front wheels are driven by a 47kW permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, which is powered by an 11kWh, 270V lithium-ion battery positioned beneath the seats. The use of a new, flat battery design, placed where the iQ’s flat fuel tank usually is, means that it doesn’t affect the room for passengers or load-carrying.

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2011 Geneva Motor Show Preview: Toyota iQ EV (Electric Vehicle)

Toyota’s latest prototype of an electric vehicle will have its European premiere at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The electric drive train of the vehicle is based on the versatile adaptable Hybrid Synergy Drive from Toyota. Toyota said that the new electric vehicle (EV) represents its long-term vision for sustainable mobility, alongside with the developed parallel full hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell hybrid vehicles.

The EV prototype features an all-electric drive, which was integrated into the Toyota iQ package. This car is as agile as a compact city car but it doesn’t emit any pollution.

It can be driven up to 105 kilometers (measured in the Japanese test cycle C08). The use of a newly developed, extremely flat and compact lithium-ion battery provides an exceptionally intelligent vehicle packaging that doesn’t reduce the space for four passengers and the cargo capacity.

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According to the latest reports from Automotive News, it appears that Toyota will launch an all-electric version of the iQ minicar in 2012, and offer a reliable car for customers who drive short distances in crowded cities.

Toyota says that the new iQ electric vehicle will be cheaper that rival cars such as the Mitsubishi I or the Nissan Leaf.

Still, both cars are larger, while the iQ offers 3+1-seats. Prices were not revealed by Toyota, but we do know that the prices for the gasoline-powered engine start at 12,900 euros in Germany.

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Although it is considered the world’s smallest four-seater car, the Toyota iQ is not short on style. The 2011 model year Toyota iQ received some changes in order to raise the quality factor and give customers more choice. A new grey interior color has been introduced, featuring contrasting black upper trims on the doors and toning fabric upholstery.

The new cabin will be available with Eclipse Black, Pearl White, Island Blue and Tyrol Silver exterior finishes, while the plum interior will be available with Deep Amethyst, Chilli Red and Decuma Grey.

According to Toyota, new soft-touch materials have been introduced and the “manta ray” motif panels on the door and centre console adopt a new black finish. Customers can choose as an option, the Kuru black leather upholstery on models with the new grey interior.

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The Japanese carmaker Toyota is extending the range of the mini for the very first time since the iQ was released with a new 1.33-liter gasoline powerplant that we previewed at the Geneva Motor Show.

Coming with a Dual VVT-I control of both intake and exhaust valves, the four-cylinder unit generates 100hp maximum power output attained at 6000rpm and top torque of 125Nm attained at 4,400rpm enough to propel the iQ3 from 0-62mph (100km/h) in 11.8 seconds when equipped with the standard 6-speed manual gearbox.

This is lowered to 11.6 seconds when the car is equipped with the optional Multidrive CVT transmission.

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Being small certainly isn´t synonymous to being insignificant as proven by the Toyota iQ, which attracted a lot of attention at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Shown were two bold new designs that made everyone conclude that responsible, sub-100g/km motoring can be exciting as well. The iQ, the world's smallest four-seat production car, already gets plenty of attention due to its contemporary and compact styling.

Now that Toyota is displaying how the iQ could be customized with street-cool body kits and vibrant interiors, it is bound to attract even more interest. The Toyota iQ Collection is focused mainly on the cabin. The body's white pearl finish is seen as well on the trim details such as the center console, instrument binnacle and door panels.

A matching white shade is seen on the leather upholstery. Exclusive to the show model is a central seat panel design. Since the roof is fully glazed, it makes for an exceptionally light and bright interior.

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