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Toyota announces pricing for 2013 Camry, Prius C, Scion xB

Toyota Motor Sales has announced the pricing information for several of its 2013 models. A $795 freight charge is included in all Toyota prices while for Scion, there’s a $755 charge. The Camry gasoline-powered versions have a starting price of $23,030 with the L grade four-cylinder automatic being priced as much as $31,260 for the Camry XLE V6 automatic, which means that on average, the price rose by $150 for the six gasoline-powered models.

The two Camry Hybrids cost higher with an average of $165. Prices start at $26,935 and could go as high as $28,465. The 2013 Camry will begin to arrive in dealerships this January. The pricing range for the Prius c hybrid subcompact is from $19,875 for the Prius c One to $24,155 for the Prius c Four.

This means that the four Prius c models are more expensive by an average of $130. The 2013 Prius c will make its debut in early January.

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Scion partners with 686 to build the xB 686 Parklan Edition

Scion proudly announces that it has partnered with snowboard technical apparel manufacturer 686 to come up with its latest offering, the 2015 xB 686 Parklan Edition. This offering is anticipated to excite customers as this is Scion’s first attempt to take the road less travelled.

Going to where the street meets the mountain, the xB 686 Parklan comes at a time when its iconic xB is expected to finish with its run. The company and 686 had previously worked back in 2011 with the Numeric xB.

The Numeric xB was a show car that was designed based on snowboarders. This partnership has continued and is capped with the xB 686 Parklan. On its exterior, the xB 686 Parklan is painted with Cocoa Bean Metallic and highlighted with red lines on its front portion, rear part, and side mirrors.

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2015 Scion xB introduced, starts at $17,120

Toyota has just unveiled the 2015 Scion xB, an updated version of its well-known boxy vehicle, that will start at $17,120 for the model equipped with the 5-speed manual transmission and at $18,070 for the version using the four-speed automatic gearbox. Pricing doesn’t include the $770 destination charge.

Under the hood, there is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder petrol engine producing 158 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque. According to Scion, the 2015 xB is rated by EPA at 22 mpg city and 28 mpg on the highway with both the manual and automatic transmissions.

The vehicle is offered as standard with 16-inch wheels and customers will be able to choose between three standard wheel covers with 5, 6 or 7 spokes. As an option, Scion offers 16-inch or 17-inch alloy wheels. Inside, there is a three-spoke steering wheel featuring audio controls right at the fingertips as well as power windows with driver side auto down and electric power steering and remote keyless entry.

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Scion to unveil xB Release Series 10.0 at 2014 New York Auto Show

Scion is planning to unveil the xB Release Series 10.0 at the 2014 New York International Auto Show on April 16, bringing together the inspiration and functionality of modern technology. According to Scion Vice President Doug Murtha, the xB Release Series 10.0 gets “a fun, technology influence” with features like wireless charging, a backup camera and an exclusive contemporary design.

Scion plans to build just 1,500 examples of the xB Release Series 10.0 – all of which will feature Electric Quartz paint, a pearl white with subtle green highlights. The green highlights can also be seen inside the cabin, complemented by custom colored seats with accent stitching and door inserts. The limited edition models will feature three distinct projections.

Two of them are a Scion logo from the rear bumper to the ground and “xB RS 10.0” on the driver’s side interior carpet.

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Consumer Reports may have criticized the Toyota Prius C but it can’t be denied that it has the best fuel economy average in the Toyota lineup. It’s rumored that Lexus will create a small hybrid based on the diminutive car. Paultan, an automotive news publication from Malaysia, said that the little Lexus would feature the same 1.5 liter Synergy Drive, the hybrid drivetrain in the Prius C.

The Malaysian news source refers to this car as the AS150. Notably, the letter “h” is used in all of the Lexus hybrids. This car would be positioned under the CT200h which is based on the Prius.

Toyota has experienced failures with badge-engineered hybrids before such as the HS250h, which has been discontinued. In addition, the AS150t will be using a 1.2 liter, direct-injection turbo engine. There’s no confirmation yet but there’s high potential, considering the success of the CT200h and the increasing sales of the Lexus in Europe.

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Scion has announced that the highly popular xB will finally end its run. When the brand was initially launched in 2003, it had emphasized that each model would be terminated after one life cycle.

Scion ahd wanted its models to use the “one and done” philosophy. But Scion named exceptions because of the rising demand for a few of its models like the xB and tC.

The company now reveals that the xB will be saying goodbye and will take its place alongside the xA and the disliked xD at the graveyard. Scion specifically said that the xB and xD won’t have a new generation and will make way for new models under the Scion name.

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An almost $7,000 price adjustment on the most popular and most anticipated hybrid of 2012 is a bit much, don’t you think? Not many will turn away though since the 2013 Toyota Prius C really is a very attractive vehicle. It offers subcompact style and hybrid gas mileage and it’s packed with many exciting features too.

We already know that Toyota had raised production volumes at its Japan factory. However, dealers wish to capitalize on the high demand for the model by adding to the sticker price. A photo was sent in by Miami4me2C about just how much a dealer named Al Hendrickson Toyota of Coconut Creek, Florida, had priced a Prius C Two -- $27,834 (including a $6,995 “Market Value Adjustment”).

This is more than $2,000 higher than the MSRP of a mid-range 2012 Toyota Prius hatchback. The practice of inflating prices (also known as price-gouging) is common and it is legal.

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Toyota Motor Corp. is producing only 6,000 units monthly of its Prius C small hybrid for North America due to the supply constraints and the increasing demand in Japan. However, more automobiles should be on their way in the middle of the year. The vehicle was launched for sale in Japan on December 26 as the Aqua. It arrives in U.S. showrooms this month.

However, an initial backlog of 120,000 orders for Japan has brought U.S. allocation at risk. In addition, the yen's exchange rate versus the dollar has crimped profits on vehicles manufactured in Japan. It is also pushing Toyota to make domestic sales a priority.

The vehicle is made in an Iwate plant in Japan. This facility is operated by Kanto Auto Works Ltd., the assembly affiliate of Toyota. It had exported around 60% of its output in 2007, prior to the yen's four-year rise versus the dollar.

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Toyota's recently launched "city" variant of its hybrid Prius will be featured in a multi-pronged advertising campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi L.A. that focuses on games and fun in an effort to attract the Millennial Generation. The campaign combines a tie-in with Hasbro's Game of Life just like in the esteemed board game that dates back to 1860.

This will be launched across various platforms that include a pair of TV spots beginning this month as well as digital programming in partnership with Pandora, YouTube and Hulu, among others. Also ongoing is a novel vehicle configurator online for potential owners. It will also provide financing advice and plans for broad-based print and out-of-home spending. 

Even if some may relate board games such as the Game of Life with an older generation, Toyota finds it suitable with the digital-savvy millennials. Strategic planning director Sara Bamossy for the Saatchi office related that their research revealed that their target group who are 25 to 35 years old sees "life as a game...not fun and frivolous, but purposeful."  

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Toyota Motor Corp. will start selling the subcompact Prius C hatchback in March, further expanding its hybrid vehicle lineup. Toyota claims that in city driving, the Prius C could achieve 53 mpg – the highest fuel economy rating being claimed by a vehicle that isn’t a plug-in. When driving in the highway, the Prius C could achieve a rating of 46 mpg.

Meanwhile, the Prius C is said to offer a combined rating of 50 mpg. The Prius C is based on the Yaris platform and has a price tag that’s lower than $19,000 (excluding destination charges). Its wheel is six inches shorter.

It is also shorter by 19 inches overall and its weight is around 550 pounds lower than the standard Prius. It has a similar hybrid operating system as the one used on the standard Prius.

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Toyota said that pricing for the Prius c will be more accessible. The latest fuel-efficient hybrid will be introduced in the spring of 2012. The Prius c will debut in the U.S. at the 2012 North American International Auto Show this January in Detroit. It’s quite surprising that the Prius c offers a high level of convenience, technology, and capability, from a compact hybrid-electric at a very good price.

The standard features for the 2012 Prius c include Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity, steering-wheel audio controls, and nine airbags.

Furthermore, it will feature the Toyota Entune multimedia system, which makes use of the mobile smartphone to have a richer in-vehicle infotainment experience with fully integrated access to navigation, entertainment, and information services.

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As you may know already, Toyota unveiled the Prius C Concept back in January, at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show and made quite a buzz as everybody was expecting a coupe version of the Prius. Although sources confirmed the fact that the production version of the Prius C will not be based on the concept we didn’t want to believe them… but it appears that they were right, as we saw today the first brochure with the production version. Honestly to tell you, we are quite disappointed because the car is not a coupe, in fact it is a smaller Prius model designed

for crowded cities. 3.995mm x 1.695mm x 1.445mm, with a wheelbase of 2.550mm – these are the dimensions of the car, which makes it a little larger than the new Yaris.

Still, the new Prius C is a hybrid and it is powered by a 1.4-liter gasoline engine delivering 74 hp and 111 Nm of torque but also by an electric motor which produces 61 hp and 169 Nm.

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Scion will only produce 1,500 units of the 2012 xB Release Series 9.0. This limited edition model has an MSRP of $18,110 for the manual version and $19,060 for the one that has an automatic transmission. A delivery, processing and handling fee of $730 hasn’t been included yet in these prices.

This vehicle will surely attract plenty of attention with its Hot Lava paint. Its exterior has a unique honeycomb patterned lower grille that smartly displays the Scion brand name.

It’s easy to spot this vehicle in a parking lot as the front and rear Scion badges illuminate when the driver remotely locks or unlocks the doors. The xB RS 9.0 comes with an exclusive perforated synthetic suede front and rear seat covers that have an embossed Scion logo and Hot Lava color-tuned highlights.

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There’s plenty of excitement as the Prius lineup grows. The Prius v is the first new addition and it will be followed by the Coupe, and the Prius c. The v, a larger, five-seat Prius, will have larger brakes and it will have its handling modified. It will arrive in the U.S. showrooms soon. Last May, the company unveiled the Prius Coupe concept, a two-door that’s expected to be launched in 2015.

The third new variant of the Prius lineup is the Prius c, a five-door hybrid hatch that will be built on the same platform as the Toyota Rush. It features all-wheel drive and it’s likely to rival Nissan's Juke.

Sources say that the Prius c concept that was seen in auto shows isn’t related to the upcoming production version Prius c. The production Prius has dimensions that are comparable to the Prius v.

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The pricing information for Scion’s 2012 xB, tC, and special-edition tC RS 7.0 has been announced. The 2012 model year models are being offered with a new set of standard equipment. The boxy xB will be getting a new Pioneer audio system with Bluetooth and HD radio capabilities as well as USB and auxiliary audio inputs.

A 200-watt Pioneer audio system is available as an option, featuring a touch-screen interface, Pandora internet radio, and iTunes song tagging.

The 2012 Scion xB has a starting price of $17,020 (inclusive of a $720 destination charge) with a five-speed manual transmission. But when equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission, the starting price is $17,970.

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If you liked the Prius C Concept unveiled last week at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show and you live in Europe we have bad news for you… it appears that the new hybrid supermini capable to deliver a fuel consumption of almost 80 mpg will not make it there due to the strength of the Japanese yen.

For those who don’t know, the Prius C Concept was designed by company’s ED2 design studio found in Nice, France and Toyota chosen this team because of its ability to breathe a European design flavor into a car that has to show impressive sales in Japan and US.

Set to be launched in 2012, the new Prius supermini will definitely surpass Prius’ hatch fuel consumption, and it is expected to deliver a combined figure of close to 80 mpg, says Autocar.

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Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., has expanded the Prius family, adding the Prius c Concept and the Prius v midsize hybrid-electric vehicle to the third-generation Prius and the Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle. These were all unveiled by the company during the 2011 North American International Auto Show.

These new additions carry the company’s core values when it comes to proven technology, low emissions, environmental-friendliness, and high fuel economy. As such, it not only helps broaden Prius’ appeal to all types of lifestyles and ages but hopefully, it will expand consumer acceptance of hybrids.

Toyota Division group vice president and general manager Bob Carter said that this is not any ordinary family as it is a modern family that has a Prius for each and every one. Mr. Carter further said that the Prius v, being its latest dedicated hybrid vehicle, will be what all possible future Prius family members will become. While all will have the attributes Prius is known for, each model will remain to be unique and is expected to appeal to different consumers, Mr. Carter continued.

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The tuning specialists at Cartel King have turned a regular Scion xB into a stretch limo. The car measures 48 inches longer and it now has suicide-style doors. The xB’s powertrain was tweaked to include an AEM Air Intake, Cartel Straight Exhaust and a STRUP Performance Header. The chassis was made more rigid with the addition of a TRD Strut Bar in the engine bay.

The limo offers a softer ride due to the Cartel Custom Air Bag system. The rear factory suspension has been re-engineered to fit the new stretched body. The vehicle features a set of 20 inch Demoda Aviator wheels, covered in TOYO Proxes 4 235/30/20 tires.

To expand the vehicle by 48 inches, Cartel King used a custom Coachworks Stretch, new suicide doors and a new glass window. For this one-off model, fresh interior and exterior panels had to be fabricated from scratch.

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The new MY2011 Scion xB urban utility vehicle will have a starting MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) of $16,000 for the manual transmission version, which is just around $150 higher than the cost of its predecessor.

The automatic transmission model, meanwhile, has an MSRP of $16,950. The slight increase in price comes as the new Scion xB is provided with more features inside and out. Even at first glance, it is fairly easy to notice the exterior changes on the refreshed xB, including revisions on its front and rear bumpers, headlights and taillights and its grill.

Likewise, the new xB features a new front bumper with enlarged outer vents, which work to enhance the appearance of the vehicle’s stance. Also very noticeable is the xB’s front grille that dons a new honeycomb pattern as well as its improved headlamp design.

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At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Toyota's Scion division will be showcasing the 2010 xB Release Series 7.0. Be warned though that the xB RS 7.0 is not a performance model and does in fact retain the standard xB's 158-horsepower 2.4-liter engine.

It's notable that the xB RS 7.0 has a distinct purple exterior finish combined with a four-piece DAMD body kit that includes front and rear lower lips along with side skirts and an optional rear spoiler.

The xB RS 7.0 also has a sport exhaust system with twin double-walled tips. Bringing down the car by more than an inch is the presence of TRD lowering springs, emphasizing the car's stance and handling.

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