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Volvo unveils 2014 S60, V60, XC60 SUV, V70, XC70 and S80

Volvo has revamped the majority of the models in its lineup in what is said to be the “most extensive development” of current models in its history. The performance of the S60 saloon, V60 estate, XC60 SUV, V70 estate, XC70 4x4 estate and S80 saloon won’t be sacrificed as it gets a fresh family appearance, enhanced equipment levels, improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions.

However, these modifications won’t be just to the exterior. The S60 models get a new interior trim, which is believed to offer the updated car’s cabin the essence of a Swedish house, while adaptive cornering lights are now on hand. A new luxury "Executive" interior package is offered on the S80 saloon, giving it some bespoke trim options. The XC60, which is the top-selling model of the Volvo brand, doesn’t anymore have black trim of a "more urban look."

The torque vectoring comes as standard. The only models that won’t be changed are the newly presented V40 hatchback and the XC90 SUV, which is set to have a replacement in 2014. Last year, Volvo stopped production of the S40 saloon, V50 wagon, C30 hatch and C70 convertible. The appearance of the new models makes use of styling elements from the Volvo Concept You, a big saloon concept presented at the Frankfurt motor show in 2011.

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Volvo introduces new Chauffeur package for S60, V60, V70 and S80 models

Business users would most likely take interest in the launch of a Chauffeur package on Volvo’s S60, V60, V70 and S80 models. Volvo aims to offer even more value for every chauffeur car, which is available with a range of purchasing and finance options.

It gets a three-year 120,000 mile extended warranty that takes into account the major mileages that some chauffeur driver companies cover annually. In addition, Volvo is offering free metallic paint on each chauffeur car.

Volvo's new S80 is the newest addition to the chauffeur program. It’s on Business Contract Hire for only £369* (+VAT) per month. Selwyn Cooper, Volvo Car UK's National Corporate Operations Manager, said, “Volvo is at the forefront of the chauffeur market with its ground breaking relationship with Tristar Worldwide who service the Virgin Airways' Upper Class chauffeur contract.”

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Volvo S60, V60, V70 and S80 DRIVe models now available with dual-clutch automatic option

Volvo’s economical DRIVe diesel variants of the Volvo S60, V60, V70 and S80 are now available with a new dual-clutch automatic option. They have the same fuel economy and emissions figures as the manual versions. This marks the first time that consumers can order the DRIVe models with Volvo’s six-speed Powershift auto ’box.

Volvo asserts that when the V60, V70 and S80 DRIVe models are equipped with the new automatic gearbox and Volvo's latest four-cylinder 1.6-litre turbodiesel engine, they all return 62.8mpg and 119g/km. It claims that the S60 that has the same transmission offers 65.7mpg and 114g/km on the combined cycle.

Volvo engineers made several technological enhancements so that it can attain the same economy and emissions figures as the manual-equipped DRIVe range. Volvo was able to reduce the friction between gearbox components.

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2011 Volvo S80 Executive, V70 R-Design: details, photos and specs

Volvo Cars’ British division announced that it will introduce the new top-of-the-line saloon and sporty estate models, in the guise of the Volvo S80 Executive and the Volvo V70 R-Design. Obviously, the Volvo S80 Executive and the Volvo V70 R-Design are refined special versions of the Volvo S80 saloon and the Volvo V70 estate models, respectively.

According to Volvo, the S80 Executive and the V70 R-Design have been installed with the latest Volvo Sensus infotainment system. In Volvo Sensus, nearly everything that is being sought is presented on a five-inch or seven-inch color screen that can be seen in the upper part of the center stack. In April, the screen is placed high so that the driver is able to keep the eyes on the road.

The new Volvo S80 Executive is the first Volvo model to be given an instrument panel top in leather, offered in either espresso brown or off black.

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What’s up for the Chinese market’s consideration this December is the Volvo S80L T4. It features Volvo’s new 2.0-liter GTDi turbocharged, direct injection, four-cylinder engine and is expected to be priced at CNY300,000 ($45,000).

Its engine produces 203hp and 287 Nm (211 lb-ft) of torque at just 1,750 rpm. It features variable valve timing on both camshafts, further improving efficiency.

The model uses a PowerShift dual-clutch automatic transmission as its gearbox. If you’re wondering what the ‘ L’ in the S80L T4 means, it actually refers to the long wheelbase version of the standard S80.

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Introduced back in 2006, the second generation Volvo S80 saloon has not experienced lots of major modifications except for the long-wheelbase variant introduced late last year intended for the Chinese market. With the announcement by Volvo for its intentions of a slightly refreshed variant set for sale in the near future, things could significantly change for the S80 saloon.

The car will be updated in time for the 2010 model year and the updates consist of visible modifications to the body, an enhanced interior and a stiffer chassis and updated powerplant lineup. From what can be observed, the new saloon appears to be lower, longer and broader due partly to a new grill and rocker panels.

In the interior, the high-end feel of the car has been further enhanced, featuring leather seats and leather trimmed door panels. A silk metal frame that matches the more modern models like the XC60 is the upgraded version of the floating center stack. A brand new 5-cylinder diesel powerplant, which is Euro 5 compliant, will join the range.

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With Volvo’s introduction of the £500 R-Design interior pack on the S80 executive saloon, it is testing customers’ reaction before it announces a full-blown, standalone version. The R-Design traditionally includes tweaked suspension, body styling and a sports interior. Volvo has given the R-Design treatment to the other models in the range but it has not done so for the S80.

If there is enough interest in a sports-themed S80, Volvo will create a bodykit, with downforce-inducing rear spoiler, a deeper, more aggressive front bumper, and possibly sculpted side sills.

The S80 range has recently been treated to a “lowered dynamic’ chassis which would negate the need for an R-Design suspension.

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