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2008 Essen Motor Show: Vw Scirocco by Rieger

A striking fresh body kit for Volkswagen's athletic Scirocco coupe, a vehicle that is proving totally famous with tuners from Europe, was revealed by Rieger, the German tuning firm. The objective of the new body kit is to put in some extra aggressiveness and flair to the already stunning Scirocco, and even throws in Lamborghini-style doors for spectacular access. The vehicle's frontage bears some apparent likeness to the Audi R8 supercar, with the front air intakes decorated with the same strakes as the German supercar.

Parts of the body kit are sold individually, and tags for each separate component ranges from €119 to €620.

It will be offered by Rieger a selection of two custom rear bumpers with air inlet openings for a price of €499, a rear bumper spoiler grill, two kinds of side skirts and a twin-exhaust rear end. A "carbon-look" version will also be available for all the items mentioned above, together with all these there will also be available an up-rated muffler made from stainless steel.

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