How much would you pay for a rare and almost brand new 1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution?

Article by Christian A., on April 26, 2017

Remember the E30 BMW M3? Yes, the one from 1990. If you remember it right, it was also the company’s most iconic car and probably one of the best BMW of all.

Today, a 1990 E30 M3 would range from $40,000 to $50,000 - it is quite expensive for its age, but if you were once considered the best car, then don’t be surprised. But before you say anything, lets talk about the 1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution, with only 74 miles (119 kilometers) on its odometer. Sounds pretty new for a 27 year old huh? This car was originally purchased in Europe and has gone around and outside the continent, but how can someone resist driving this?

Enthusiast Auto Group, a used car dealer based in Ohio were the ones who got there hands on this beauty. And just a few days ago, they posted an ad for the E30 series with “call for price” written on the footnote, and earlier this week, it was marked as “sale pending”. Well, we don’t know if this is just a gimmick, or an advertisement, or if someone actually bought the product so quickly - though I would not be surprised if it was the latter.

Based on the dealer’s listings, they priced a regular, base 2.3 liter 1988 M3 E30 with 8,445 miles (13,590 kilometers) for $199,990, which is still up for grabs. But imagine, how much more will they ask for a rare (one of the rarest BMWs) 2.5 liter engine with almost zero mileage.

From 1988 to 1991, BMW built a number of limited run E30 M3 specials. But this one, the Sport Evolution, is the most special and most powerful amongst all of them - with only 600 units. These 600 units were all built with 2.5-liter straight-four that features special nozzles that sprayed oil under the pistons to avoid them from overheating. Though it had a reduced torque of 177 pound feet (240 Newton metres) compared to the Evolution II, it came with a 235 horsepower engine, thus making it more powerful.

In EAG’s post, the two-wheel-drive was described as a the “Crown Jewel”, finished in Brilliantrot over Black Nappa Leather interior, and a Brilliant Red exterior paint. And with very minimal improvement, the next owner will have a “new car buying experience”.

Another M3 that was extensively modified was a track special that has noticeable improvements over the other E30s. The front part of the car received a unique front apron, new grille, and wider fenders. Cooling ducts replaced the regular M3 fog lights. Alongside these are an adjustable rear wing extension, lighter trunk and bumpers, and 16-inch wheels with cross spokes.

If you were to name the price of this car, how much would it cost?

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