2010 Bmw 550i xDrive Gran Turismo makes its debut at the Beijing Auto Show

Article by Christian A., on August 27, 2010

At the Beijing Auto Show, BMW introduced the all-wheel drive system xDrive on its 7-Series based crossover and the 5 Series Gran Turismo. Powering the BMW 550i xDrive Gran Turismo is a V8 featuring BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and high precision injection. It utilizes the same xDrive system as the BMW 7 Series.

The complex 4WD system, which was initially conceived for the BMW X models and subsequently launched in the BMW 5 and the BMW 3 Series, offers a high level of precision on rough surfaces, but especially on the road. The 550i, which features the largest engine available for this model, was the first version of the GT to get the xDrive.

The xDrive boasts of providing exclusive qualities, including intelligent all-wheel drive that offers optimum grip on the road in every situation.

Under normal conditions, the power is distributed on 40 : 60 ratio front to rear. The system can vary the distribution of drive power when necessary, within fractions of a second.

For instance, the rear wheels get more power on dry fast roads so as to increase agility and avoid understeer. In fact, up to 80% of the drive power goes to the rear wheels.

Unlike a conventional all-wheel-drive system, BMW xDrive doesn't only respond when a wheel begins to spin.

It stabilizes the car even before the driver sees any need for action. This is targeted specifically for the US market, where the Mercedes-Benz R-Class is already offered with 4WD.

The 550i Gran Turismo xDrive will go on sale starting June. There are rumors that in September, BMW will introduce all-wheel drive on the 535i and 530d GT models.

Press Release

BMW xDrive on All Engine Variants of the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo and the BMW 740d

BMW, the world's leading manufacturer of premium cars, is consistently enlarging its wide range of all-wheel-drive models. Starting in June and, respectively, September 2010, all engine variants of the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo will also be available with intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive technology. And also starting in September, the BMW 740d xDrive will become the top diesel in the luxury sedan class to feature this innovative drive system.

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo combines elegance, spaciousness, comfort and variability in a truly unique car concept – and now this combination offering supreme motoring comfort is becoming even more thrilling and overwhelming. First, starting in June 2010, customers will have the choice of two versions of the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo featuring BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive technology. In both the BMW 530d xDrive Gran Turismo and the BMW 550i xDrive Gran Turismo, permanent, electronically masterminded all-wheel drive ensures the appropriate distribution of drive power front-to-rear in every situation. Then, following in September 2010, the BMW 535d xDrive Gran Turismo and the BMW 535i xDrive Gran Turismo will round off the engine range, helping to give the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo even greater and more versatile character within the premium segment through BMW xDrive technology.

Making its debut in April at Auto China Beijing 2010, the BMW 550i xDrive Gran Turismo is powered by a supreme V8 boasting BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology and High Precision Injection. Displacing 4.4 litres, this outstanding eight-cylinder delivers maximum output of 300 kW/407 hp all the way from 5,500 – 6,400 rpm as well as peak torque of 600 Newton-metres/442 lb-ft maintained consistently between 1,750 and 4,500 rpm.

This superior torque coming in at an early point and maintained throughout a broad speed range is now converted into supreme driving dynamics even more precisely and in even more superior style through BMW xDrive technology, accelerating the car to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds. Top speed is cut off by the engine's electronic control unit at 250 km/h or 155 mph. Average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle, finally, is 11.8 litres/100 km, equal to 23.9 mpg imp, with CO2 emissions amounting to 275 grams per kilometre.

The BMW 550i xDrive Gran Turismo is the first model to combine such intelligent all-wheel drive with the supreme driving dynamics, motoring comfort and efficiency of an eight-speed automatic transmission.
The straight-six diesel engine in the BMW 530d xDrive Gran Turismo likewise represents the latest state-of-the-art in BMW engine development. Displacing 3.0 litres, the engine comes with an all-aluminium crankcase, its turbocharger system featuring variable intake geometry ensuring a superior surge of power and performance tailored harmoniously to all kinds of driving conditions.

Fuel is delivered by the latest generation of piezo-injectors operating at a maximum pressure of 1,800 bar. This gives the engine maximum peak output of 180 kW/245 hp at 4,000 rpm, with torque reaching its peak of 540 Newton-metres/398 lb-ft at just 1,750 rpm.

Benefiting from this kind of power, the BMW 530d xDrive Gran Turismo accelerates from a standstill to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 235 km/h or 146 mph.

At the same time the car combines this sporting performance with average fuel consumption of 6.9 litres/100 kilometres, equal to 40.9 mpg imp, in the EU test cycle. The CO2 rating, finally, is 183 grams per kilometre.

The BMW 535d xDrive Gran Turismo features a second even more powerful representative of the new generation of straight-six BMW diesels. Boasting BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology and common rail direct fuel injection, the all-aluminium power unit in this equally outstanding model develops maximum output of 220 kW/300 hp at 4,400 rpm as well as peak torque of 600 Newton-metres/442 lb-ft maintained consistently between 1,500 and 2,500 rpm.

The straight-six gasoline power unit in the BMW 535i xDrive Gran Turismo combines turbocharging, High Precision Injection and variable VALVETRONIC valve management with one another. This unique combination gives the BMW TwinPower Turbo an extremely spontaneous and direct response to the gas pedal. This outstanding response is then further optimised by VALVETRONIC valve management as well as the turbocharger system applying the twin-scroll principle both in the exhaust manifold and the turbocharger to separate the ducts and flow channels of three cylinders at a time.

With its high-tech injection nozzles, High Precision Injection doses fuel with maximum precision, delivering the fuel required into the combustion chambers at a pressure of up to 200 bar.

Displacing 3.0 litres, this outstanding six-cylinder delivers maximum output of 225 kW/306 hp at 5,800 rpm. Peak torque of 400 Newton metres/295 lb-ft, in turn, comes between 1,200 and 5,000 rpm.
With the top-of-the-range BMW 750i xDrive and BMW 750Li xDrive already introducing BMW's intelligent all-wheel-drive system in the 2010 model year in the 7 Series, the BMW 740d xDrive is making its appearance in September.

With its all-aluminium power unit, the BMW 740d xDrive boasts BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology as well as common-rail direct fuel injection with its piezo-injectors operating at a pressure of up to 2,000 bar. Maximum output, as a result, is 225 kW/306 hp, with peak torque of 600 Newton-metres/442 lb-ft maintained consistently between 1,500 and 2,500 rpm.

Permanent, electronically controlled all-wheel drive ensures exactly the right distribution of engine power under all driving conditions. Precise and quick drive power control, finally, gives this supreme luxury sedan absolutely safe and incomparable driving behaviour at all times.

Originally BMW's intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive technology was conceived for the BMW X models, then being introduced step-by-step in the BMW 5 Series, the BMW 3 Series, and the BMW 7 Series. The big forte of this superior technology is its uniquely precise control and engine management helping to optimise traction on rough surfaces and at the same time deliver supreme driving dynamics to the road.
The system stands out as a particularly intelligent all-wheel-drive technology by distributing drive power through a power divider with an electronically controlled multiple-plate clutch in exactly the right way and properly dosed to the correct axle and wheels with optimum road contact at any given point in time.
Featuring this superior system, BMW xDrive enhances driving stability also in dynamic bends by recognising even the slightest tendency to over- and understeer at an early point and taking appropriate counter-action right away.

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