2010 Jaguar XF: new power upgrades available

Article by Christian A., on August 26, 2010

The XF has received a facelift from Jaguar and presented a fresh model with a diesel engine, the Jaguar XF S, which makes the saloon provide 24 mpg. The new engine of the Jaguar XF is an enhancement of the 2.7-liter AJ V6 that was mutually engineered with PSA and is also the power behind the Land Rover Discovery.

Enhanced capacity has reached 3.0-liter, and potency is boosted by about 33 per cent, from the original 207 hp to the new 272 hp. Increases in torque has reached 420 lb.ft from the original 320lb ft, a 66 percent boost.

This torque figure is higher than all of its rival except from the Bmw 535d. With the new engine the Jaguar XF S, which will be available to dealers by March, can accelerate from standstill to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds, 1.8 seconds quicker than the old 2.7-liter diesel engine. The vehicle's CO2 emissions have significantly decreased from 199 g/km to 179g/km.

The engineers of Jaguar have uprated the powerplant's forced induction system. Reaching 2800 rpm, the bigger of the two turbos does all the labor, at which point the smaller unit begins to operate.

It is claimed by Jaguar that this system enhanced efficiency and decreases fuel utilization. Together with the 272 hp powerplant, there will also be a 237 hp variant with identical fuel usage and CO2 discharge, however, that model's acceleration time from 0-60 mph is increased to 6.7 seconds. The latest diesel Jaguar XF S receives 20-inch rims and a boot lid lip spoiler to make it distinct from other XFs

A Portfolio model is going to be added by Jaguar to the XF lineup, which will get identical treatment to the XK and XF Portfolios; anticipate bespoke interior trim and colors, as well as lots of leather, and exterior touches such as shiny aluminum wing vents.

Its petrol V8s will be uprated by Jaguar in 2009, starting with a new 5.0-liter powerplant that's scheduled to be revealed in the XFR super-saloon at the Detroit Auto Show next month. This powerplant, which comes with a supercharger, will provide 503 hp.

The Jaguar XF’s cabin has undergone a complete update and now utilizes high-quality materials in a modern manner; thus offering a unique style with a welcoming feel.

Regardless of whether one is the passenger or the driver, the interior offers a place where one would certainly like to spend time in. The new model remains to have what are known as the 'surprise and delight' elements like the Jaguar Drive Selector. What happens is that once the starter button has been pressed, the Jaguar Drive Selector comes out and rises from the air vents and center console before rotating to the expected open position. While there are indeed various technologies fitted inside, these have been effortlessly incorporated.

These technologies are managed through the 7-inch touchscreen in the center and since they come with a polarizing filter, contrast viewing is guaranteed. To make sure that the workload of the driver is lowered, the company made sure to put in extra switches just under the touchscreen. This allows immediate and faster switches between the various functions.

In addition, the graphics used is based on the flagship XJ. To make sure that clarity and resolution are improved, the main driver instrument cluster is now offered in full color TFT. Redesigned as well are the seats for both the front and the rear sections. The squab, and even the backrest, now has a “hoop” feature which not only enhances the look but also heightens the profile of the seat to make it even more supportive.

The company is offering customers the chance to have better personalization with the headlining, veneers, and hide color combinations. However all models will experience a change in the color theme particularly on the steering wheel, fascia, and center console. While the previous version had a 'Tungsten' finish, the new model makes use of the more modern 'Aurora' theme.

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