2011 Aston Martin Cygnet enters Bridgestone Eco-Rally

Article by Christian A., on July 30, 2011

Two new Cygnets from Aston Martin are set to enter the fifth annual Bridgestone Eco-Rally, marking their debut. The Cygnets are intended to be the ultimate city cars and are set to be tailor-fit for urban driving. The Bridgestone Eco-Rally gives spectators and fans the chance to view the Cygnets as they are driven from the heart of Oxford to central London.

This rally displays the best eco-friendly vehicles in the world in association with ‘Start’, an initiative whose inspiration came from HRH The Prince of Wales for the celebration of eco-friendly living.

The Cygnet is built to be driven in the city with the best-quality materials and focus on detail. The Cygnet is bespoke and is highly exclusive as it provides options that had not been offered in a small package.

Aston Martin claims that the Cygnet emits 116 g/km of carbon emissions and offers a fuel economy rating of 56.5 mpg. Seychelles Blue is the color of the paint for one of the Cygnets that will be seen in this event. This is the same shade as the Aston Martin DB6 Mark II Volante that carried the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their wedding day.

There will also be a third Cygnet that will support the event in ‘Flouro Orange’, which is associated with designer Tom Dixon.

The two Cygnets will be driven by Darren Turner, Aston Martin Racing regular, and David King, Aston Martin’s Director of Special Projects and Motorsport. These two Cygnets will be on the extended route that starts from Exeter College, Oxford to The Mall, London.

Aston Martin comes out with a new compact vehicle to bring city driving to a whole new level. The Aston Martin Cygnet may be an everyday car, but it is built on the standards of the famous British luxury sports car manufacturer at the very least.

Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Bez likewise said in a statement how the company doesn’t want to compromise the brand’s authenticity. And for that reason, the new Cygnet embodies its philosophy and how it is committed to deliver innovation with integrity.

Bez also stressed how the Cygnet caters to the modern-day consumer demands such as more space and fewer emissions. Even if that’s the case, the new compact car is built to perform.

In fact, the CEO knows the significance of a smaller vehicle for daily use but it doesn’t mean that they had sacrificed the brand’s identity, artistry and intelligence just to create the new Cygnet.

The new Aston Martin compact car looks modest but it can serve its ultimate purpose when going through the hustle and bustle around the city. Measuring only 3 metres long, the Cygnet can provide a whole new level of driving freedom.

Drivers can clearly see the difference based on the new level of comfort and quality it brings to the table. The Aston Martin Cygnet can fit into the smallest parking spaces and move its way through a very tight traffic situations.

Meanwhile, Aston Martin’s Design Director Marek Reichman described the car as small yet luxurious and perfectly designed for the city --- And that luxury is not defined by its measurement. On the other hand, every car is hand-finished to perfection and has a variety of colours and textures to suit individual styling.

With Aston Martin’s unparalleled expertise in design, technology and manufacturing, the Cygnet will forever change the landscape of luxury and city driving. It only goes to show how the brand is evolving and will continue to endure all the challenges of modern-day lifestyle.

At last, Aston Martin has found the answer for those who are looking for a premium commuter compact vehicle. Justifying the company’s on-going commitment to car manufacturing, the Cygnet is one of Aston Martin’s eight major productions since 2004.

Aston Martin CEO once again emphasised that the heart, soul and personality of the brand are already in one luxurious package. He also believes that the Cygnet will uphold Aston Martin’s sport vehicles by showing to the world that the company can also provide great amounts of freedom even outside the racetracks.

Press Release


Aston Martin enters two new Cygnets into the fifth annual Bridgestone Eco-Rally this weekend. In the marque’s debut appearance at the event, the Cygnets will cement their place as the ultimate city cars, a tailor-fit solution for urban driving.

The Bridgestone Eco-Rally will allow spectators and enthusiasts a chance to see the Cygnets as they pass from the heart of Oxford to central London. The rally showcases the world’s best eco-friendly vehicles in association with ‘Start’, an initiative inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales to celebrate eco-friendly living.

Hand-crafted for the city with the highest quality materials and attention to detail, Cygnet is bespoke, exclusive, and offers a degree of choice not previously available in a small package, coupled with carbon emissions of just 116 g/km and fuel economy of 56.5 mpg.

One of the Cygnets entering the event will be dressed in Seychelles Blue, the paint colour of the Aston Martin DB6 Mark II Volante recently driven by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their wedding day. Aside from the two formal entries, a third Cygnet will also be supporting the event in eye-catching ‘Flouro Orange’, the hallmark of London-based designer Tom Dixon.

Driven by Aston Martin Racing regular, Darren Turner and David King, Aston Martin’s Director of Special Projects and Motorsport, the two Cygnets will be on the extended route from Exeter College, Oxford to The Mall, London.

Darren Turner is looking forward to the prospect of driving the Cygnet at the weekend: “I have been a fan of Cygnet from the start. It’s a great city car, easy to manoeuvreand park and a lot of fun to drive.”

David King said: “To drive Cygnet in a busy city is to experience a car ideally suited to its environment. Cygnet is tiny, with impressively low emissions but with all the style and craftsmanship of the finest luxury cars.”

“I’m looking forward to demonstrating Cygnet on the Bridgestone Eco-Rally, maybe it’s my one and only chance to beat Darren Turner!”

The rally begins on Broad Street, Oxford at 10:00 and concludes at 14:30 on the 31st July.

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