2011 Opel Corsa LPC ecoFLEX: details, photos and specs

Article by Christian A., on July 5, 2011

Opel seeks to address the difficulties that consumers have had with fluctuating fuel prices and has decided to offer tempting alternatives with its LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) models. The German auto brand will first offer the Corsa LPG ecoFLEX. Variants of the Meriva, Astra, Zafira Tourer and Insignia will follow.

Opel asserts that this complete LPG solution has numerous advantages. It represents a 40% drop in fuel costs and its CO2 emissions level is lower by 15% when compared to gasoline models. For example, the new Corsa 1.2 LPG ecoFLEX delivers 83 hp in LPG mode (but produces 85 hp in gasoline operation).

In three-door form, it produces just 110 g/km of CO2 emissions. A five-door version only has 115 g/km of CO2 emissions. The four LPG ecoFLEX models that are slated to follow are based on the 1.4-liter turbo gasoline engine.

With full gasoline and LPG tanks, it offers an operating range of between 1,100 km and 1,500 km (684 and 932 miles). Switching between modes (LPG to gasoline or gasoline to LPG) takes place either automatically or through manual preset buttons.

The vehicle tax is also an upside to using LPG. If you own a gasoline Corsa in Germany, you’d have to pay a tax of 44 euro annually but it’s only 26 euro for the LPG version.

This represents 40% in tax savings. Opel aims to quash worries about its safety. It claims that there’s no increased risk of fire as standard test procedures and inspections were used for the LPG systems. Opel also conducted comprehensive testing and crash tests that comply with its stringent criteria.

The Opel Corsa has received significant chassis improvements in 2010 for better ride comfort, more directional stability, and improved steering feedback. And all the improvements have retained the driving fun and agility that Opel fans have come to love.

Experience smoother rides on the Opel Corsa, thanks mainly to the steering gear, dampers, anti-roll bars, springs, the rear axle and the Electric Power Steering software. The Corsa could easily rival the smooth rides that you experience from more expensive cars. Moreover, the ESPPlus and ABS systems found on the Corsa give ample support to the front disk brakes, as well as other functions such as the activation of brake controls during an emergency. It also provides electronic brake force distribution and brake assist.

And if the Opel Corsa’s unparalleled driving experience and beautiful styling is not enough, you will surely appreciate the high production quality. According to the Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein Quality Report 2010, the Corsa is the overall quality winner due to having the least number of defects among all the tested vehicles. DEKRA is a German independent technical expert group.

Is it any wonder that the Opel Corsa remains a popular choice in the European small car market? The model is also responsible for around 30 percent of all Vauxhall and Opel sales. Furthermore, it is one of the leaders in its segment, having sold at least 400,000 units yearly.

Developed and designed in Rüsselsheim, Germany, the Opel Corsa was then built in two Opel facilities in Eisenach, also in Germany, and Zaragoza, Spain.

The Opel Corsa’s New Looks

The Opel Corsa has been given a facelift. While you can still appreciate its friendly and dynamic character, you will also love its new sporty and bold feel.

Opel has made the lower grille taller and wider, making the car appear bigger. Meanwhile, the upper grille now sports a three dimensional mesh instead of the horizontal bars. It takes its design cues from an earlier Astra model. The re-proportioned lower and upper grilles feature the company’s new logo that is placed on a sculpted chrome bar that has a new design and is bigger in size than previous models. All of these elements have given the Corsa a highly dynamic stance.

The new headlamps are framed by Opel’s signature chiseled eagle eyes. The wing-shaped daylight running lamp that we first saw on the Insignia is now featured on all Opel cars, including the Corsa. The German carmaker also tweaked the internals of the lamps so that it would look like a jewel glistening in the sun, further highlighting the Opel Corsa’s athletic looks.

The Corsa’s new look is further enhanced by new fog lamps fitted into the chrome blade, as well as the new wheel designs and a big redesigned Opel insignia at the rear end. You can choose from three different colors: Grasshopper green, warm Henna, and off-white Guacamole.

Looking at the Opel Corsa from the side, you would find much of the same charms that have made it a fan favorite. You still have the curved silhouettes regardless of whether you choose the five-door or the three-door variations. Check out the body-to-wheel proportion and the distinct upswept waistline, enhancing the rear and front styling, and lending an air of sleekness to the Opel Corsa. Other design elements that you should take note of include the V-shaped rear end that has the center crease, which is familiar to all Opel car lovers.

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